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Piers Gibbon Debuted in The Colbert Report

This Thursday, March 31, 2011, don't forget to keep up your time with Piers Gibbon in The Colbert Report. This might be the first appearances of the actor in one of United States prestigious television show, right? Don't missed him and join the toughest conversation that will probably mark your evening.

Piers Gibbon Debuted in The Colbert Report

And if you missed to catch him this evening, you can watch the replay of this evening episode of the show in other local or cable channel soon. We heard his voice in some well known shows on TV already but to speak in front of us, that is the most exciting appearances of Piers which will probably let you ask for more.

Witness the hilarious punches of words and other funny moments with him and the man who's been with us, a tireless host that will rock your world again.

The Comedy Central will give us the opportunity to follow him in some other ways. Don't forget the day as he visit The Colbert Report and be a part of his special participation as the guest star. For more, join us every week as we keep on giving you the best of the show after of this break. Before we can forget, you can visit the official website of Colbert Nation for additional details.

Best Actor 1971: Topol in Fiddler on the Roof

Topol received his only Oscar nomination to date for portraying Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof.

Fiddler on the Roof is a musical that tells the story of Tevye the poor Jewish milkman and the marriages of his daughters that go further and further away from Jewish tradition. Fiddler on the Roof has some good moments and songs, but it goes on for a little too long.

Fiddler on the Roof is a musical, and certianly old fashioned in many ways, one way being the very obvious acting that often goes with a musical. After all it is pretty hard to break into song in any subtle fashion. Throughout the film there are several overacted performances, or underacted performances. I must say the overacted performances tend to work better for the musical, rather than some of the dull underacted ones. Topol portrays the center of all of these performances.

Tevye is a character that is hard to not portray in at least partially flamboyant fashion. After all he is a character who directly talks to God (the camera) in many scenes. Topol actually handles these particularly well. He is quite convincing in his character's constant questioning, telling or asking God about what is happening to him currently. Topol does in fact make this aspect of the film and Tevye's character aspect pretty natural.

Topol actually handles all the more flamboyant parts of Tevye well. Topol conveys well just the distinct enjoyment, and his distinct jovial attitude Tevye takes toward life. He really throws the right energy into the role that is perfect for Tevye, and do to the fact that he instantly sets up this manner of the character he actually makes breaking out into song for the character pretty natural, well as natural as it can be anyways.

Topol of course sings the songs well enough, but that really does not matter precisely, what I care more about is indeed how they perform the song. He always throws either the right heart or energy into his performances of the songs. I think "If I were a rich man" shows this quality the best, he just completely throws himself into the performance, which is terrific.

I won't say there is a lot of subtle moments in his performance, but he does show more of Tevye than just external colorfulness of the character. He does develop a core of the character showing his character's honest love for his family, sadness for the way the world treats him, and his reluctance to lose the Jewish tradition. It is not a lot but Topol makes sure it is there, and does weave it along with the more flamboyancy of the character. Overall Topol gives the best performance in the film because it appropriately expresses the usual aspects of a musical performance well, without being an excessively over the top performance.

Fabulous Fendi designer handbags, totes and wallets

Fabulous Fendi Designer Handbags, Totes, and Walletsby Marcia McNamaraA Little Fendi HistoryFendi is an Italian high fashion house best known for its "baguette" handbags.It was launched in 1925 as a fur and leather shop in Rome, but today is amultinational luxury goods brand owned by LVMH. Karl Lagerfeld is the creativedirector.LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton S.A. usually shortened to LVMH, is

Urumi Review

Urumi Santosh Sivan is a mini-masterpiece of mood, emotion, ruled out fears of a thirst for revenge. The film unfolds like a fairy tale and the song is sweet and simple. 170 minutes the film works largely to the perfect casting, and offers an impressive, the result is soothing and technical intelligence.

Santosh made and how it should be like a period drama without talking too much about the struggle for freedom, not bombastic dialogues or playing to the gallery of the tournament. Vision and concept gives the feel of this epic Braveheart or Gladiator.

And give us a new vision in the hearts and minds of the ancient heroes, and shot in locations that reflect the period and everything looks new, clean and green, and one can even feel the fog. Another major plus is that there are no effects of the Special Advisory Group that one can associate with the war film.

Shankar Ramakrishnan script is a simple and direct and maintains the narrative absorbing and inspiring. Film begins in present day with modern young people do not care Krishna Das (Prithviraj) and his friend (Prabhu Deva) having a good time Jolie. There are great offers for companies Krishna Das bomb to his ancestral property in Kerala.

Upon his arrival in Kerala to sign the papers, he learns the truth about the home and grandparents, he said in a flashback. Brave Warrior (Arya), wants to kill the Vasco da Gama, the governor of the Portuguese empire in India. But the brutality by the invaders and his son Chirakkal Kelu Naynar (Prithviraj) is out on revenge with Urumi golden, it makes with the ornaments of the dead included women and children who were burned alive in a ship bound for Mecca. He set it on fire and sank under the instructions of the Vasco da Gama.

And spread this film between the second and third visit of the gamma logs to India and issued a variety of how gamma can be met with a bloody death in 1524. Supported by Kelu Vavvali childhood friends for a Muslim (Prabhu Deva). On a trip to meet Warrior Princess Aisha (Genelia), which her own ax to grind against foreign invaders. Will be able to kill the Vasco da Gama?

Highlight of the film is the performance of lead actors. Prithviraj as Naynar Kelu dashing. You can not take your eyes with him, it's a difficult role and he has come out with flying colors, especially in the scene of the peak. Prabhu Deva there in the tires up to Prithviraj, a real treat to watch. Do comedy and romance with the ease and chat with the song Nithya is screaming.

However, it goes without saying that this is the show for Genelia. Has shed its image is the champagne out of the performance of the world to control and action scenes are exciting Kalaripayattu. Nithya Menen looks beautiful and is the scene stealer, while Jagathy outstanding. Amol Gupte, Alex Rubin, and others are vibrant. There is also a walk in the cameo appearances by Arya, Vidya Balan, and Tabu.

Music Deepak Dev enriches the film with aaro Ni Aaro, Chimmi Chimmiand in the haunting theme music. Shankar Ramakrishnan is to put God scenario is complex, and editing Super Prasad Sreekar without any tricks of the eye catching and beautiful camera work Sevan and his assistant Shukla, Anjuli.

Santosh Sivan has come out with a story of valor with admiration degree of professionalism and clarity. And producers can Santosh, Prithviraj and Natesan Shaji be proud of this epic.

Urumi is a fantasy fiction story that contains the heart and the technical. Go for it.

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Bags with Bright Colors Brighten Your Fashion Look

Bags with Bright Colors Brighten Your Fashion LookAuthor: bags hunterIt is every fashionista's dream to look fashionable. Sometimes, we depend on the fashion clothing to look fashionable while for other times, the fashion accessories including the fashion jewelries and the fashion handbags are very important in create a sharp fashion look. As the sharp color fashion is popular in this spring and

Wankhede Stadium New Look

Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, is preparing to host the World Cup Cricket 2011 April 2, 2011.

Wankhede Stadium is a cricket stadium in the Indian city of Mumbai. This land was built after disputes between the Cricket Club of India, which owns the Stadium Brabourne, Mumbai Cricket Association and through the allocation of tickets for cricket matches.

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Thursday Gadgets: Gadgets for Guys - Most Preferred and Loved Gadgets

Gadgets for Guys - Most Preferred and Loved GadgetsBy Howard CusatoThe best gift men would like to receive in life is gadgets. It is one of the best methods to keep your men happy. There are many special gadgets for guys available in the market. Men like to use all kind of gizmos especially the adventurous ones. It is common that guys have passion to gadgets similar to the passions of girls

What You Should Look for When Choosing a Volumizing Conditioner?

What You Should Look for When Choosing a Volumizing Conditioner?By Pauline MilksIf you want to have beautiful hair, you should be ready to give it some tender loving care. And beautiful hair needs some maintenance to keep it healthy, so you need to ensure that you do everything to keep it that way. One proven way of keeping hair healthy, beautiful and full of life is by using hair conditioners

Puja Gupta

Puja Gupta is an Indian Model and actress. She was the winner of Miss India Universe in 2007 and later went to Mexico to participate in Miss Universe 2007, finishing in 9th place. Born in New Delhi on January 30, 1985, Gupta came to the spotlight after winning the Pantaloons Femina Miss India Universe in 2007 organized by Pantaloons, a clothing line and Femina, a women's magazine in India. n aspiring actress and former Miss India Puja Gupta is making her film debut in Puja films upcoming movie FALTU She encouraged tourism in Germany as an Indian ambassador. Find here puja gupta photo gallery, puja gupta faltu heroine images, Miss India 2007 Universe Puja Gupta latest stills, miss india puja gupta new pictures, faltu hindi movie actress pooja gupta cute photoshoot pics.

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Uco Bank Recruitment 2011

UCO Bank has given details of the announcement for the recruitment of information technology - employee MMGS II: UCO Bank employment. Candidates should applicants for the following positions have all the basic qualifications as stated in the Declaration's main Therefore, candidates must meet the standard required to go the opportunity to get a job in the bank. Regularly open recruitment every year. This time they are going to hire an information technology officer - MMGS II.

The exam will be held this year, according to the method given in the notification issued by the Bank. It will be a selection process that goes through written test followed by interview. The following information to see if you qualify or not. For full details on the vacancy / Jobs Go main advertisement for the employment of any UCO Bank in 2011.
Key details about the UCO Bank Recruitment 2011

UCO Bank

(Government of India and pledged)

Head of the Office of Personnel Management Services, 3, 4 DD Block, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700 064

Information technology employees in the second MMGS

    * Number of Vacancies: 43 posts
    * Salary scales and compensation in the second MMGS: 19400 -700 / 1 up to 20 100 - 800 / 10 --28,100

DA will be paid, the law of human rights and the common country assessment in accordance with the rules in force from time to time and depending on the place of publication. Medical, LFC, benefits and perquisites other terminal as the prevailing rule in

    * Age: minimum 25 years. Maximum of 40 years, with relaxation to / OBC SC ST and others, according to the rules

Important dates

   1. Pay the application fee and stamp duty from: 30/04/2011 to 05/14/2011
   2. The date of opening the door Online Registration: 30/04/2011
   3. Deadline for online registration: 05/15/2011
   4. The last date for receipt of applications: 25/05/2011

Choose an action: the procedure will be selected through group discussion and / or personal interview.

Complete information go to: Advertising in

Non-refundable application fee and postage:

   1. STs / PC candidates Rs. 50 / - (postage only)
   2. All others including OBC Rs. 400 / - (application fee 350 / - plus 50 / - stamp duty)

Pakistan Newspaper

Mohali, India: More than a dream. Sachin Tendulkar Pakistan dropped four times and paid the price because they had succumbed to India by 29 runs in the high-octane semi-final at the World Cup before the Permanent Court of Arbitration packed stadium here on Wednesday.
Living dangerously, and 85 were Sachin to guide India to 260-9 by Pakistan in chaos-run chase to put an end to an otherwise bright for the World Cup on a disappointing note.
Sachin - Looking for tons of his international 100 - dropped by lamp Zia ul-Haq in 27.45 in Khan Younis, Kamran completed in 70 and finished at the age of 81, Pakistan has failed to live up to the event and crashed to the loss of the fifth World Cup against arch-rivals.
Wahab Riaz chose five wickets, but all his hard work went in vain as Pakistan collapsed under pressure, chasing 261 - gettable target consider the fact that the wicket held no demons, while others in the pitch and lightening fast.
Pakistan fell terribly short on many fronts. Umar Gul, the star pacer, which was a poor, milking 69 runs from 8 overs.
He missed a good start openers, while the top were not able to click when to order more than others. Younis Khan flopped again during the Misbah was unable to lift really rounds although it scored the highest with 56 from 76 balls. It was a sad spectacle such as Pakistan Vice Captain to try to achieve the miracle that Pakistan is in dire need at the end of rounds, but fell short of painful. And throw them if Greenshirts 231 in 49.5 overs.
Shahid Afridi went wicketless for the first time in the tournament and then failed to take advantage of a good start with the bat. Abdul Razzaq al-flopped with the bat and ball both.
Pakistan have no one else but themselves to blame. It was started in the beginning of a fine by the openers fell, playing poor shots.
Kamran started completed (19 from 21 balls) Pakistan innings with a superb drive for four off Zaheer Khan first ball. But fell in trying to drive slower and only one to reach it directly to Yuvraj Singh at point.
Raced Hafeez, who hit fifty, who are unbeaten in the tenth wicket victory over the islands of the West Indies in the quarter-final effort to almost 43, to reach to the borders of seven delicious in this process. But in a moment of madness, try to paddle sweep of the delivery of Munaf Patel, who was out of the trunk of the management only to edge to Dhoni.
The Asad Shafiq (30) Next to move before trying to cut the Khan Younis Yuvraj failed again and tried to get the left-armer to only a spoon to Raina at cover. Pakistan had been in 26106-4 is an urgent need to rescue law.
Umar Akmal returned briefly to provide it with the ball breezy 24-29, which included two from Philadelphia. And threw away his wicket, playing volley ball awful as the arm of [Herbahjn] Singh smashed his stumps.
Afridi decided to promote Abdul Razzaq up in the system, but the move did not click with the allrounder back to the dressing room hit by a slow leg cutter from Munaf Patel.
Pakistan captain joined his deputy and his team hoped for a miracle. He added that the partnership Afridi 34 of the lamp 33 to the total, but only when things were starting to improve respect for Greenshirts, Afridi went for a big one off [Herbahjn] However, the marsupial, which Virender Sehwag.
Pakistan has been unable to get any worthwhile partnerships with the open position of 44 being the best rounds of their own. And set up all the Indian bowlers five wickets two apiece.
Earlier, and it seems that when Virender Tendulkar and smashed Gul all over the park to take India to 47-0 in the amounts the first five, as if they were set with the host team, which won a crucial toss, the last thing a large group it seems wickets apartment. Struggling for rhythm, and exude Gul for a period of 41 from the opening four overs, which included nine boundaries.
It was Virender elegant watch that he withdrew, cut and drove with enviable ease. But it has led the introduction of the fall-Wahab opened strong with one that skidded and caught him plumb before the wicket. Virender request for review, but stressed that the rule of Simon Taufel was on the spot. Virender Sehwag hit nine in four veil his 25 - ball fun.
Gautam Gambhir then added 68 of 68 balls with Tendulkar also keep ticking even Duo Motherboard Pakistan started to apply some pressure with Wahab, bowling superbly beautiful Hafeez.
Hafeez, who had got Pakistan, which penetrate the much-needed, and beating Gambhir Aviation and Kamran did the rest. Gambhir hit two boundaries ball --3,227.
Tendulkar then took India to 141-2 in 25 payments before the got rid of Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh Wahab of successive births. It has been recognized by the impoverished fishing Cooley, who was arrested at a point back by completed age. The next one of the very one that crashed swinging their trunks in full throttle.
Sachin and Dhoni then put on 46 of 69 balls before Pakistan has finally decided to get rid of the former. The Afridi, who took over fishing in the short extra cover off the most beautiful. Tendulkar hits for 161 minutes, faced 11 511 balls and hit the border. Dhoni fell 18 runs later Wahab and even referral to save it to the commander of the Indian Ocean.
Suresh Raina played a vital blow 36 (not out) to make sure that India has up to a total of fighting. He faced 39 balls and hit three boundaries. Fell [Herbahjn] (12) for the best-Wahab scalped while Zaheer Khan (9) before running out of Nehra (1) and India ended in the amounts of 50 260-9. With the end of 5-46 while Wahab took 2-44 beautiful.
Earlier, Pakistan has decided against making any changes to the squad which helped to crush the West Indies by four wickets in the quarter-finals last week in Dhaka. The temptation to bring Shoaib Akhtar was there, but in the end she chose to keep Wahab. India has remained surprisingly, in the form of rotor Ravichandran Ashwin Ashish Nehra to bring in a tenth game.
The Board record
India won toss
LBW b Virender V W Riad 38
S R S Tendulkar c Afridi b s 85 most beautiful
P K u Gambhir completed Hafeez b M-27
U V Kohli c Akmal b Riaz W 9
W. Riad Yuvraj b Singh 0
* MSN † LBW b DENIS W. Riad 25
SK Raina not out 36
[Herbahjn k] st Akmal b Singh s 12 most beautiful
Z Khan c Akmal b Riaz K. W. 9
Nehra and ran out of a
M. M. Patel not out 0
Extras (lb 8.8 W, Note 2) 18
Total (9 wickets; amounts 50) 260
Fall: 1-48 from 0.2 to 116 0.3 to 141 0.4 to 141 0.5 to 187 0.6 to 205 0.7 to 236 0.8 to 256 0.9 to 258
Bowling: U Gul 8-0-69-0 (2nb, 1W), and Razzaq 2-0-14-0; Riad W. 10-0-46-5 (4W); s Best 10-0-44-2 (2W ); s Afridi 10-0-45-0; Hafeez 10-0-34-1 M.
† Khan, Kamran Akmal c Yuvraj 19
Mohammad Hafeez c Patel b Dhoni 43
Shafiq al-Assad of 30 Yuvraj
Younis Khan c Raina Yuvraj 13
Lamp - Ejaz ul Haq c Kohli Khan 56
Omar [Herbahjn] B-29 Complete
Abdul Razzaq 3 Patel
* Virender Sehwag c Afridi Shahid [Herbahjn] 19
Wahab Riaz c Tendulkar b Nehra 8
Umar Gul LBW b Nehra 2
Said Best not out 1
Additives (w 8) 8
Total (including; amounts 49.5) 231
Fall: 1-44 from 0.2 to 70 0.3 to 103 0.4 to 106 0.5 to 142 0.6 to 150 0.7 to 184 0.8 to 199 0.9 to 208 0.10 to 231
Bowling: Khan 9.5-0-58-2 (2W); Nehra 10-0-33-2 (1W); Patel 10-1-40-2 (1W); 10-0-43-2 [Herbahjn]; Yuvraj 10 - 1-57-2
Result: India win by 29 runs
Man of the Match: Sachin Tendulkar (India)
Referees: J. Gould (England) and SJA Taufel (Australia). TV arbitrator: AFP Bowden (New Zealand). Match Referee: RS Madugalle (Sri Lanka)

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Welcome To All Entry

 Welcome To All Entry
Hello Friends Welcome  to the we provided the all entry of the world like as Fashion, Mehndi Designed,  Dress Designed, Funny Pictures, and all kind of news of the world like as Breaking News, US News, World News, Sport News, Entertainment News  

Choosing The Correct Cosmetics For Women Over 50 Years of Age for Skin Glowing and Problem-Free

Choosing The Correct Cosmetics For Women Over 50 Years of Age for Skin Glowing and Problem-FreeAuthor: makeupsExperimentation was easy during yore days. You bought a handful of cosmetics belonging to brands you never cared about, and started playing a makeup stylist right there. It really didn't matter which brand name you chose. What actually mattered, was the thrill every kind of beauty product

Leonor Greyl Treats Every Crown Like Royalty

While royal wedding watchers may be speculating about Kate Middleton’s dress, there are others keeping tabs on the hairline of the next heir apparent.Stressful events (like planning the biggest royal nuptials since Posh and Becks) can cause hair loss, but the groom can thank genetics for the state of his crown. And he’s not alone: The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that 80 million men

Best Actor 1971

And the Nominees Were:

Peter Finch in Sunday Bloody Sunday

Walter Matthau in Kotch

Gene Hackman in The French Connection

George C. Scott in The Hospital

Topol in Fiddler on the Roof


sourceHello Beautiful Ones,I know it's only been a few days since I've started this "new thing" but I have to admit that I've got some pretty strong feelings for it already. "For what", you might be asking. Oil cleansing.I swear I've been a sitting skeptic on this for about a year now. Despite all the talk, I expected to see pimples & blemishes galore if I tried it out. But alas, I had to let my Fuses New Technology with the City's Tastemakers!

fusing new technology with the city’s tastemakers—iDealDay.combrings a personal touch to the world of online social buying sites Forget the stresses of boutique bargain-hunting…social buying daily deal sites are the must-shop stop for everything from spa getaways to chic fashion designs. Daily ‘deal’ social buying companies have transformed the way in which consumers purchase from local

Jennifer Aniston - Signature Perfume Launched

Jennifer Aniston - Signature Perfume LaunchedBy B G GreenJennifer Aniston, the famous actress from Hollywood launched her signature scent in United Kingdom for the first time in June 2010; later on she launched the same perfume in USA on 10th of March 2011. The event took place at St. Regis Hotel, Mexico. The actress was wearing a golden dress full of beautiful beads and sequence work. She was

Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy Line

Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy LineBy Darryl G GreenBy the time he was 19 years of age Christian Audigier was celebrated as the "king of jeans." He was designing jeans in a whole new way. He definitely paid his dues working for a number of large clothing labels, and obviously learning very much that he was able to later apply to his own label. His popularity grew and the elaborate parties that he

Furla Handbags - Woman's Best Accessory

Furla Handbags - Woman's Best AccessoryBy Mohammad Yasir NaseemHandbags have always been an important accessory to enhance the look of a woman. It does not matter if you are an out-and-out party lover, a social person or a simple person with a simple lifestyle; fashion lanes have something for everyone. Handbags can be used as a style statement that can put you apart from everyone. Leather-bags

Summer Skin Care: Avoiding Burns and Bites

Summer Skin Care: Avoiding Burns and BitesBy Victor VelescuAfter being cooped up all winter with the cold and all spring with the rain, we look forward to those long, lazy, sun-filled summer days. But if you are not prepared to protect yourself from sunburn and insect bites, you may find the summer season something to avoid rather than enjoy.Sunlight generates ultraviolet radiation that can lead

Goes Viral, SmartWater

Jennifer AnistonShe Goes Viral, for SmartWaterJennifer Aniston Goes Viral", for SmartWaterSince 2007, Jennifer Aniston has worked in a publicity campaign for the drink SmartWater; On March 7, 2011, she released a YouTube video, titled "Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral", for SmartWater, tripling online interest in the product within 24 hours of the release.Recently, Jennifer Aniston to direct short

Best Actor 1980: Results

5. Jack Lemmon in Tribute- Lemmon's whole performance seems like Oscar baiting at its worst. It is hammy all the way, which might be okay if it worked, but it does not.
4. Peter O'Toole in The Stunt Man- I actually upped O'Toole rating because I thought about my main criticism, that I wanted more of him, that is hardly a criticism. His performance is pretty much a supporting, and a very funny and effective one as a crazed director.
3. Robert Duvall in The Great Santini- I genuinely liked Duvall portrait of the abusive Bull Meechum. He created an interesting family dynamic through his performance, and never turned his character into a one dimensional figure which it easily could have been.
2. John Hurt in The Elephant Man- I can easily see the philosophy behind giving Hurt the win here. He certainly is by far the most pleasant of the characters here, which is funny since it shows how low the other characters are since Merrick is such a nice man despite being given such a hindering deformity. Also Hurt's performance is brilliant in how much emotion he conveys through only his eyes and his voice, and also how honestly human he is as John Merrick.
1. Robert De Niro in Raging Bull- De Niro performance is quite a remarkable achievement. He creates a fascinating complex portrait of a man who at heart is simple thug. He takes this thug though a realizes a complete human being, who is made by De Niro to be both frighteningly effective in his exterior anger and jealousy, and subtly honest in Lamotta's hidden sensitivity and vulnerability. Simply a great performance.
Deserving Performances:
Donald Sutherland in Ordinary People

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Create A Better Space By Organizing Your Pocketbook

Create A Better Space By Organizing Your PocketbookBy Audrey CupoSo, you want to get organized. Have you ever thought that one of the best places to start is your handbag, pocketbook or purse? Call it what you may, but they are all intended for the same purpose. When you leave the house each day, this bag tends to be your life line. It contains all the things you need and then some. For a lot of

LWC - Easy Cheesy Asparagus Bake and Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto

Lisa's Weekly CoffeeEasy Cheesy Asparagus Bake and Mushroom and Asparagus RisottoAsparagus are in Season and you will love these two recipes I've chosen to feature. The Easy cheesy asparagus bake is a delish, it's easy and fun to make. I like the combination of red peppers with asparagus I feel it completely brings out the sweetness in the asparagus. Then we have the cheese, which I feel makes

Who Can Get Away With An Orange Tie?

Who Can Get Away With An Orange Tie?By Sue MitchellTies are preferred accessories by men and often times they create their signature look. If you are into ties, you probably want to wear all kinds of different ones, because the market is full of extraordinary and unique patterns and colors. Of course, not every color is suitable for every occasion. Some people are in love with the color orange

Best Actor 1980: Robert De Niro in Raging Bull

Robert De Niro won his second Oscar from his fourth nomination for portraying Jake Lamotta in Raging Bull.

Raging Bull tells the story of the degradation of professional boxer Jake Lamotta.

Here is a performance that I really do not need to say anything about that really has not already been said. It certainly a heavily praised performance. So perhaps I should examine this particular performance by how one could attempt to criticize the performance.

The main criticism of the performance, from the few instances I have seen of it criticize it generally state that it is a one note performance. Well this certainly could be misinterpreted as one note, but it is an incredibly complex performance. The other criticisms stem usually from the performance being not all sympathetic, this again is exactly as Lamotta should be portrayed. De Niro actually refuses to actually ever make him a charming guy, leaving him as the unintelligent, low life he should be portrayed as. I still though would not say he is entirely unsympathetic, but he only ever gains sympathy by being such a pathetic character.

So yes I disagree with the criticism, even though for awhile I never rated De Niro as one of my favorite winners. This time watching it though his performance really has grown on me, even more so, since I still believed it to be great. Watching this time around though I really began to notice the subtle, introverted aspects De Niro managed to weave with the exterior facade of Lamotta that he always presents often quite loudly.

Lamotta is presented as De Niro as certainly an angry man, constantly filled with jealousy. De Niro shows this as an anger that has developed with Lamotta his entire life, something that he really cannot lose. He presents it really as a defense mechanism for Lamotta to usually hide his own insecurities. The rapid fire, sometimes almost unexpected way he breaks out into his angry fits is especially well handled by De Niro, showing as almost an animalistic tendency.

De Niro really shows these tendencies well in the boxing scenes. Boxing scenes usually are not really moments to allow for great acting. One really generally will not notice if the person is believable as a boxer, it only really is noticeable if they are not believable. De Niro is not only overwhelming believable in the boxing scenes, but more importantly it shows the nature of Lamotta. De Niro's has the full force of an animal in his boxing scenes, and properly conveys both the pleasure and the power that he has inside of the ring. The one place where Lamotta really can be in full command, and unleash his full emotional force.

It is interesting to note that De Niro is a domineering presence throughout the film, despite not really being charming or charismatic. De Niro though has the right ability to be interesting, very interesting, despite portraying the uncharismatic Lamotta. I think De Niro is particularly strong in his moments with Lamotta wife Vicki. It is strong acting by De Niro, in that I did not doubt his ability to pick her up, because of his certian presence, despite lacking an innate charm. It is interesting relationship, but De Niro conveys his uncharismatic sway that he does have over her at times entirely convincing.

To me the best part of De Niro's performance is when he actually does show the sensitivity Lamotta has, which he does try to hide behind his rage. It is the combination he has between these aspects of Lamotta that is so fascinating which De Niro pulls off magnificently. De Niro always has the right undercurrent of the sensitivity and a certian nervousness of Lamotta underneath his angry exterior.

His jealous fits over his wife, are shown through De Niro his inability to ever really think she could really be completely devoted to him. Even more interesting though is his sensitivity over his boxing achievement and ability. De Niro earnestly shows Lamotta want to achieve greatness, and how he becomes truly disheartened from his set backs, such as when he cries like a baby after throwing the fight. That scene could have been easily all wrong, but De Niro really show the true nature of Lamotta in that scene.

De Niro exceeds well in every aspect of Lamotta, fully realizing the man, finding depth always even when it seems like there is very little of it in the man. De Niro does not make Lamotta's slow descent a physical one, but also a mental and psychological one. He shows that Lamotta slowly becomes less and less able in his abilities as a boxer, but also grows even more desperate, and even more sensitive creating eventually his biggest jealous rages, and his loss of his title.

It is incredible to see De Niro at the end of the film. He no longer is a champ, or at all a special man. He has lost any talent he once had, but still attempts to keep his time in the sun through his terrible comedy routines. This complete loss of everything he ever had, is striking because De Niro slowly brought Lamotta to his end. It interesting to see though that he does show that has Lamotta has learned a little, a very little do to his free fall from the top. Overall De Niro is an intense performance as well as subtle and complex performance that is completely deserving of its reputation it has received.

5 Cool Ways to Decorate a Room

5 Cool Ways to Decorate a RoomBy Ralphele TaylorHave you ever wondered how it would feel to decorate your dream room? Or how it would feel to have that high-class feeling in the comfort of your own home? With 5 simple key points you can be a potential expert. With this knowledge you will gain the ability to decorate any room in any house. The most important step to follow is to get over

Versace Sunglasses - For Those Who Bask In Style

Versace Sunglasses - For Those Who Bask In StyleBy Sanjana AntonyThe brand Versace has been one of the top most names with the fashionistas worldwide and why wouldn't it be? Check the handbags, fragrances or even sunglasses, the brand knows exactly the frame of mind and needs of every individual customer that comes calling. Ever since the late 1970's, the brand has been filling the coffers with a

The Hottest Hair Trends of 2011: Will You Be Bold?

The Hottest Hair Trends of 2011: Will You Be Bold?By Krystyna TrushynaIt's my belief that you should always be able to look at old photos and distinguish one year from another by just looking at your hairstyle: "Oh look! My hair was dark and in a funky angular bob, so that was 2009!" What are the hottest hair trends and ideas for 2011? What hair colors are top and in?So far, it appears that the

Best Instructions On How To Do Beach Makeup

Best Instructions On How To Do Beach MakeupAuthor: makeupsWouldn't you like to flaunt a bikini at the beach with a toned body? Well, if your body is ready for the beach, why shouldn't your face be? Even when you are going out in the sun to play some beach volley ball or just to get sun tanned, you have to look presentable and gorgeous. Like you wear your daily makeup in the most simplest manner

10 Orang Paling Misterius di Dunia

Selama berabad-abad, sejarah dipenuhi oleh cerita tentang orang-orang misterius. Banyak diantaranya tidak pernah berhasil diidentifikasi atau dikenali. Daftar berikut berisi 10 orang misterius yang paling signifikan keberadaannya di dunia. Jika anda mengetahui sosok orang misterius lainnya, silahkan jangan ragu-ragu untuk menuliskannya di komentar ya?!

10. Monsieur Chouchani
Monsieur Chouchani (meninggal pada tahun 1968) adalah nickname atau nama julukan yang diberikan pada sosok pengajar Yahudi yang mengajar beberapa siswa di Eropa setelah Perang Dunia ke-2. Kebanyakan siswanya kemudian berhasil menjadi tokoh ternama, diantaranya adalah Emanuel Levinas (Filsuf dari Perancis, foto seperti terlihat di samping), dan Elie Wiesel (Penulis Yahudi, Peraih nobel perdamaian pada tahun 1986). Sangat sedikit yang diketahui tentang Chouchani, termasuk siapakah nama sebenarnya juga masih misterius.

Tidak ada hasil karya fisik (seperti tulisan, publikasi, buku, dll) dari Chouchani, tapi ia meninggalkan warisan intelektual yang sangat luar biasa melalui murid-muridnya. Chouchani merupakan sosok nyentrik, berpenampilan seperti gelandangan, namun memiliki pengetahuan yang sangat luas di antaranya di bidang science, matematika, filosofi dan khususnya Talmud. Pada umumnya, detail mengenai kehidupan Chouchani didapatkan melalui tulisan dan hasil wawancara dengan murid-muridnya.

9. The Poe Toaster
The Poe Toaster (Orang yang bersulang dengan Poe) adalah julukan yang diberikan kepada sosok misterius yang memberikan penghormatan kepada penulis ternama dari Amerika, Edgar Allan Poe dengan cara mengunjungi makamnya, setiap tahun, di hari ultah Poe (19 Januari). Tradisi penghormatan tersebut dimulai sejak tahun 1949, satu abad setelah kematian Edgar Allan Poe (1849).
Setiap pagi di tanggal 19 Januari, sesosok dengan pakaian awut-awutan berwarna gelap mengunjungi makam Poe di Baltimore, Maryland. Sosok tersebut lalu mengangkat segelas cognac untuk melakukan toast (bersulang). Sebelum meninggalkan makam, ia meletakkan 3 tangkai mawar merah, dan botol cognac yang tinggal terisi separuhnya di makam poe. 3 tangkai mawar dipercaya merupakan perlambang penghormatan untuk Poe, Virginia (Istri Poe) dan Maria Clemm (Mertua Poe) yang dikuburkan dalam makam yang sama. Sedangkan maksud dari setengah botol cognac sendiri masih tidak diketahui. Tradisi yang dilakukan oleh Poe Toaster ini masih dilanjutkan sampai sekarang, namun dipercaya bahwa sudah tidak dilakukan oleh orang yang sama (mungkin diwariskan kepada keturunan Poe Toaster yang asli).

8. Babushka Lady
Babushka Lady adalah nama julukan yang diberikan kepada sosok wanita misterius yang terlihat ketika terjadinya pembunuhan presiden Amerika Serikat, John F. Kennedy. Wanita tersebut terlihat memakai jas panjang berwarna coklat, dan scarf di kepala, seperti yang biasa dipakai oleh para wanita lanjut usia di Russia. Scarf tersebutlah yang menjadi awal julukan babushka yang dilekatkan kepadanya (babushka merupakan bahasa Russia untuk nenek atau wanita lanjut usia). Wanita tersebut terlihat memegang sesuatu di depan wajahnya, yang diyakini merupakan kamera. Dia terlihat di beberapa foto yang mengabadikan lokasi kejadian pembunuhan tersebut. Bahkan setelah keramaian telah berakhir, ia masih terlihat di sana dan memotret dengan kameranya. Beberapa saat kemudian, FBI meminta melalui pengumuman publik agar Babushka Lady menyerahkan hasil jepretan kameranya (mungkin untuk keperluan penyelidikan), namun ia tidak pernah muncul lagi ke depan umum.
Pada tahun 1970, seorang wanita bernama Beverly Oliver, mengaku sebagai Babushka Lady. Namun karena ceritanya mengandung banyak kejanggalan dan inkonsistensi, ia dipercaya sebagai sosok palsu yang ingin numpang tenar =P Hingga saat ini tidak ada yang tahu siapa sosok Babushka Lady yang sebenarnya, apa yang ia lakukan di tempat kejadian pembunuhan dan alasan ia tidak mau menyerahkan hasil jepretan kameranya.

7. Kaspar Hauser
Pada 26 Mei 1828, seorang remaja terlihat di jalan di Nuremberg, Jerman. Ia membawa sebuah surat yang ditujukan bagi Kapten Resimen Kavalry ke-6 Jerman. Penulis surat misterius yang dibawa oleh Hauser menyatakan bahwa anak tersebut diberikan kepadanya untuk ditahan sejak ia masih bayi, pada 7 Oktober 1812, dan sejak saat itu anak tersebut dikurung di rumah pria tersebut. Hauser mengklaim bahwa sejak ia dapat mengingat sesuatu, ia telah dikurung sendirian di dalam ruangan gelap berukuran 2?1x1.5 meter dengan ranjang dari jerami sebagai tempat tidur dan kuda-kudaan kayu yang diukir dengan tangan sebagai mainannya. Hauser juga mengklaim bahwa orang pertama yang berinteraksi dengannya adalah pria misterius yang mengunjunginya beberapa saat sebelum ia dibebaskan, yang selalu berhati-hati agar wajahnya tidak terlihat oleh Hauser.
Menurut rumor, Hauser adalah Pangeran dari Baden yang dilahirkan pada 29 September 1812 dan meninggal sebulan kemudian. Dirumorkan bahwa Pangeran tersebut ditukar dengan bayi sekarat, sedangkan pangeran yang Asli adalah Hauser yang muncul 16 tahun kemudian di Nuremberg. Pada tahun 2002, University of Munster melakukan analisa DNA yang membandingkan DNA Hauser dan Stephanie de Beauharnais yang dirumorkan sebagai Ibu dari Hauser (Ratu dari Baden). Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa sekuens DNA tidak identik tapi deviasi yang ditunjukkan tidak terlalu jauh sehingga tidak dapat disimpulkan bahwa keduanya sama sekali tidak mempunyai hubungan darah.

6. Fulcanelli
Fulcanelli adalah nama samaran ahli kimia dari Perancis di akhir abad 19 yang identitasnya masih belum diketahui. Banyak misteri yang menyelubungi dirinya, namun salah satu rumor yang paling terkenal adalah cerita yang menyatakan bagaimana murid kesayangannya (Eugene Canseliet) berhasil mengubah 100 gram timah menjadi emas dengan menggunakan sedikit bubuk yang diberikan kepadanya oleh Fulcanelli.
Dipercaya bahwa pada masa Perang Dunia II intelijen Jerman gencar melakukan pencarian untuk menemukan Fulcanelli karena pengetahuannya dalam bidang senjata nuklir. Fulcanelli pernah menemui seorang pakar atom dari Perancis dan memberikan informasi detail yang berhubungan dengan teknologi nuklir dan mengklaim bahwa senjata atom telah digunakan oleh manusia sejak bertahun-tahun yang lampau.
Menurut Canseliet (murid Fulcanelli), pertemuan terakhirnya dengan Fulcanelli adalah pada tahun 1953 di Spanyol. Pada saat pertemuan itu, Fulcanelli yang seharusnya berumur 80 tahun bertumbuh lebih muda, dan tampak seperti pria berumur 50 tahun (O_o). Pertemuan itu sendiri cukup singkat, lalu Fulcanelli kembali menghilang dari publik untuk selamanya.

5. D. B. Cooper
D.B. Cooper alias Dan Cooper adalah nama samaran yang digunakan oleh seorang pembajak pesawat terkenal dan misterius yang pada 24 November 1971, setelah menerima uang tebusan sebesar $200,000, terjun dari bagian belakang pesawat Boeing 727 yang dibajaknya. Pada aksi pembajakannya, Cooper membawa sebuah tas berisi bom dan mengancam akan meledakkannya, bila ia tidak diberikan uang sejumlah $200,000 dan 2 set parasut.
Cooper tidak terlihat sejak saat itu dan tidak diketahui apakah dia berhasil selamat dari penerjunannya. Pada tahun 1980, seorang anak kecil berumur 8 tahun menemukan uang sebanyak $5,800 dollar dalam pecahan $20 di tepi sungai Columbia di Amerika Serikat. Kode seri uang yang ditemukan tersebut sama dengan uang yang diberikan pada Cooper sebagai uang tebusannya.
Pelarian Cooper dari bagian belakang pesawat dengan menggunakan parasut, menyebabkan airport-airport mulai menggunakan metal detector untuk mencegah hal yang sama terulang kembali.

4. Count of St. Germain
Count of St. Germain, yang diduga meninggal dunia pada 27 Februari 1784 adalah seorang bangsawan, petualang, peneliti amatir, pemain biola, komposer, dan seorang yang misterius. Dia juga menunjukkan beberapa keahlian yang berhubungan dengan ilmu kimia. Mitos, legenda dan spekulasi tentang St. Germain terus berkembang pada akhir abad ke-19 dan awal abad ke-20 dan berlanjut hingga saat ini. Di antaranya terdapat kepercayaan bahwa St. Germain adalah seorang yang immortal (hidup abadi), seorang ahli kimia yang mempunyai ?Elixir of Life? (Cairan Keabadian), dan telah meramalkan terjadinya Revolusi Perancis.
Semenjak kematiannya, banyak organisasi Okultisme yang menjadikannya sebagai tokoh panutan yang dihormati, bahkan ada yang menyembah dirinya. Tidak sedikit pula yang mengaku-ngaku sebagai St. Germain atau merupakan jelmaan dari St. Germain.

3. Man In The Iron Mask
Hmm.. terdengar Familiar ??
Bukan, kita tidak sedang membicarakan Leonardo Di Caprio atau film Man In The Iron Mask yang dimainkan olehnya. Ternyata film tersebut terinspirasi dari seorang tokoh misterius di Perancis.
Man In The Iron Mask (Meninggal November 1973) adalah tahanan yang dikurung di sejumlah penjara di Perancis (termasuk penjara legendaris, Bastille) pada masa pemerintahan Raja Louis XIV. Identitas pria ini tidak pernah diketahui karena tidak ada yang pernah melihat wajahnya yang disembunyikan dalam sebuah topeng kulit berwarna coklat. Sekarang kita tahu, bahwa sejak jaman dahulu, orang suka membesar-besarkan cerita karena pada kisah-kisah yang beredar, diceritakan bahwa topeng tersebut terbuat dari baja yang menjadi awal nama julukan yang diberikan kepadanya.
Menurut surat yang diberikan kepada kepala Penjara di Pignerol (B?nigne Dauvergne de Saint-Mars) tempat pertama pria tersebut dipenjarakan, nama pria tersebut adalah Eustache Dauger. Dalam surat itu juga diinstruksikan agar disiapkan sebuah sel yang dilapisi dengan beberapa pintu (untuk mencegah orang dari luar mendengar suara dari dalam sel). Selain itu, juga dikatakan bahwa bila pria tersebut berbicara kepada orang lain selain untuk hal-hal yang berhubungan dengan kebutuhan pribadinya (contoh: ?sipir.. saya mau be?ol..!!? =P ), dia akan dibunuh seketika. Hingga saat ini tidak ada yang tahu siapa identitas sebenarnya dari pria ini tapi ada beberapa rumor yang mengatakan bahwa Ia adalah saudara dari Louis XIV, Putra dari Raja Charles II, Diplomat dari Italia, dan lain-lain.

2. Gil Perez
Gil Perez adalah seorang tentara Spanyol yang secara tiba-tiba muncul di Meksiko pada 26 Oktober 1593. Ia mengenakan seragam penjaga Istana Del Gobernador di Filipina. Ia mengklaim bahwa ia sama sekali tidak mengetahui bagaimana caranya tiba-tiba dia berada di Meksiko (hmm? mungkin dia adalah Jumper yang pertama di dunia =P ). Ia mengatakan, sebelum tiba-tiba berada di Meksiko, ia sedang bertugas di Istana Del Gobernador dan mengatakan bahwa Gubernur Filipina saat itu, Don G?mez P?rez Dasmari?as baru saja dibunuh.
Dua bulan kemudian, sebuah kapal datang dari Filipina ke Meksiko membawa beberapa penumpang. Para penumpang tersebut membenarkan Cerita dari Gil Perez bahwa Gubernur Filipina memang baru saja terbunuh. Bahkan salah seorang penumpang. Salah seorang penumpang kapal bahkan menyatakan bahwa Ia mengenali Perez dan melihatnya di Filipina pada 23 Oktober (O_o). Setelah itu, Perez kemudian kembali ke Filipina dan melanjutkan hidupnya di sana sampai akhir hayatnya.

1. Green Children of Woolpit
Green Children of Woolpit (2 anak hijau dari Woolpit) adalah dua orang anak yang secara misterius muncul di desa Woolpit di Suffolk, Inggris pada abad ke-12. Kedua anak tersebut bersaudara, dan mempunyai kulit yang berwarna hijau (Hulk ???). Selain kulitnya yang hijau, kedua anak tersebut mempunyai penampilan yang normal seperti manusia kebanyakan. Mereka berbicara dalam bahasa aneh yang tidak dikenali dan tidak mau makan apapun kecuali kacang polong.
Setelah lama kelamaan, kulit kedua anak tersebut kehilangan warna hijaunya dan menjadi warna normal seperti warna kulit manusia pada umumnya. Setelah mempelajari Bahasa Inggris, keduanya menjelaskan bahwa mereka berasal dari suatu desa bernama ?St. Martin? yang merupakan tempat yang gelap karena matahari tidak bersinar di sana. Ketika sedang menggembala ternak milik ayah mereka, mereka menemukan sebuah sungai dari cahaya dan mengikutinya, sampai tiba-tiba mereka telah berada di Woolpit. Beberapa teori menyatakan bahwa kedua anak tersebut adalah anak dari dimensi lain, atau alien dari luar angkasa.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Actor 1980: John Hurt in The Elephant Man

John Hurt received his second Oscar nomination for portraying John Merrick the titular character of The Elephant Man.

The Elephant man is the surprisingly touching story of a deformed man's journey to find human dignity in the 19th century.

John Hurt's performance as John Merrick is just about the pinnacle of the minimalistic acting. Hurt technically has many hindrances to give an effective performance. For example he basically cannot use his face, since it is almost entirely covered up with make up. He also cannot use his body really to do anything more than suggest the movements of the Merrick's disability.

I will say that the make up, and Hurt's manner as  Merrick made me never ever think I was really seeing an actor, but rather just the man himself. The way he walks and moves as Merrick always seem entirely natural, he never seemed like an actor ever doing any of this but just the authentic man himself. He never once overacts with a single mannerism which he could have easily. Although it must be said as well, that make up is incredible, and should have won a special award. Hurt though wears the make up in the right way, and does not let it do the performance for him.

The only assets Hurt really has at completely at his disposal overall, is his eyes and his voice. Hurt's eyes really are quite special here, because they always show the human, and humane quality of Merrick, which works to great effect. He is always able to convey the sad state of Merrick, but never as an entirely sad man. He display with only his eyes his fear of others early on, but also later he expresses the character's honest love and humanity especially well.  I believe his moment near the end of the film where he looks around in the theater, we see only through Hurt's eyes Merrick's true wonderment and happiness in that scene.

Equally special is Hurt's voice as Merrick. He is hindered as well in this aspect due to an imperfect mouth, and bronchitis, but Hurt gives Merrick and tender quiet voice from which he speaks. It is incredibly well used in the film as at first he struggles to speak words that seem meaningless to him. As he grows more comfortable with his surroundings he finally lets his voice out in a clear and meaningful fashion as he quotes his favorite passage from the bible. A striking scene and I think most of the credit, should come to Hurt subtle and moving delivery.

Hurt uses his eyes and his voice well throughout the film, even though still he remains a very withdrawn character, barring two scenes. One where he screams in horror from seeing himself, and another where he lashes out telling everyone that he is a man not an animal. Both well handled by Hurt, but I do believe his best moments, are his quiet tender, and very moving moments.

One scene in particular I think is his best, and most moving scene. It is when a theater actress Madge Kendal (Anne Bancroft) comes to visit him. It is a small, but moving scene as Merrick recites Shakespeare to her, and she recites back to him. It is a wonderful moment, and Hurt is perfectly honest, and loving in this moment, showing the real man behind his disfigurement. A nice subtle performance from Hurt, which although may be simple in some ways, it does not prevent it from being deeply effective.

Opi Nail: The Popularity Unmatched

Opi Nail: The Popularity UnmatchedBy Christine J LaurOpi nail polish is an exclusive brand of high quality polish that is well known to be chip resistant. Its wide range of colors will fit any personality type especially when each of them carry names such as Social Climber, Casting Call, On Stage, Otherwise Engaged, I'm Not Really a Waitress, I Pink I Love You and the like. Being a family owned

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Top Hairstyles For Women With Naturally Curly Hair

Top Hairstyles For Women With Naturally Curly HairBy Sherry BristerWomen with curly hair often think that there is a limited range of hairstyles for them to choose from. It is true that naturally curly hair often gives one limited styling options, but with the advent of different hair styling technologies that allow more flexibility even with curly hair, women with this kind of hair now have more

Berikut 10 kejadian aneh dan misterius dari berbagai pelosok dunia:

1.Rumah Hantu The Amityville
Anda pernah nonton film horror Amityville House? Tahukah Film yang diangkat dari novel horror karangan George dan Kathy Lutz, begitu menyeramkan ketika ditayangkan di layar lebar. Tapi tahukah anda kalau sebenarnya semua kejadian horror itu adalah kisah nyata. George dan Kathy menulisnya dalam novel berdasarkan kejadian sebenarnya yang kemudian diangkat ke layar lebar. Orang percaya bahwa penulis sebenarnya adalah orang yang mengalami kejadian tersebut.
Kisah rumah berhantu itu terungkap tahun 1975 ketika pasangan suami istri pindah ke sebuah rumah di Amityville, New York. Pasangan baru pindah ini tidak tahu kalau rumah itu pada 13 tahun sebelumnya pernah terjadi pembantaian mengerikan. Putra pemilik rumah telah menembak mati semua keluarganya yang berjumlah enam orang. Saat ditangkap, dia mengaku, membunuh karena suruhan suara yang mendengung di kepalanya.

Tapi anehnya, keenam korban di temukan tertelungkup di tempat tidur mereka. Mereka tampak tidur tenang, tidak ada tanda kalau mereka sebelumnya minum obat penenang. Ini memang menjadi misteri yang aneh. Sementara pelaku Ronald DeFeo dijebloskan ke penjara di New York dan mendekam di sana sampai mati.
Kembali ke soal keluarga baru pindah ke rumah horror itu. Selama 28 hari di sana, banyak kejadian misterius dan mengerikan dialami pasangan ini. Bukan hanya soal bau busuk yg tiba-tiba datang, atau suara gedebak-gedebuk yang bising, tapi juga serangan fisik yang tidak diketahui siapa pelakunya. Malah salah satu anggota keluarga melihat penampakan sosok menyeramkan dengan mata merah berpijar. Kathy menemukan sebuah ruang kecil, anjing tidak mau mendekat ke sana. Ada apakah?

2.Misteri Kematian Mary Reeser
Ini kejadian luar biasa yang sampai kini tidak bisa dijelaskan oleh akal sehat. Mary Reeser, lahir pada 1881, ditemukan hampir seluruh badannya hangus dilahap api di rumahnya di Florida pada 1951. Tapi anehnya, meski seluruh tubuhnya gosong, kaki kirinya mulus tanpa cacat sedikitpun. Ini tentu sangat mustahil.
Lebih aneh lagi, sepertinya api hanya menyasar tubuh Mary Reseer saja. Karena ruangan di sekitarnya tempat dia ditemukan, sama sekali tidak terbakar.. Padahal diperkirakan suhu api begitu tinggi sama dengan kremasi mayat, dan harusnya menyambar ke seluruh ruangan bukan hanya tubuh wanita itu..
FBI telah datang untuk melakukan penyelidikan, forensic pun ikut ambil bagian dalam kasus itu, tapi tidak bisas memecahkan kenapa bisa terjadi demikian.
"Saya merasa sulit percaya hal ini. Tubuh manusia yang terbakar dengan suhu tinggi, bisa menyisakan kaki yang mulus tak terbakar sedikitpun. Apa sebenarnya yang terjadi pada malam 1 Juli 1951 itu? Ini sungguh suatu misteri. Seharusnya seluruh ruangan ini hangus terbakar. Ini adalah hal paling luar biasa yang pernah saya lihat. Rambutnya pendek dengan wajah seperti orang ketakutan amat sangat. Saya merasa seperti tinggal di abad pertengahan, di mana orang banyak bicara tentang sihir dan black magic," ungkap Profesor Krogman dari University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine. Ia mengaku tak mampu menjelaskan misteri ini.

3.Misteri Jejak Setan Gentayangan di Devon
The Devil's Footprints adalah nama yang diberikan untuk sebuah fenomena yang aneh terjadi di Devon, Inggris pada tanggal 8 Februari 1855. Setelah salju yg turun di malam hari, keesokannya muncul jejak-jejak di salju berukuran 1,5 inc (4 cm) dan lebar 2,5 inc (6,35 cm). Jejak-jejak itu bertebaran di seluruh desa. Bukan hanya itu jejak -jejak itu juga ada di atap bahkan di dinding bangunan yang tinggi. Penduduk desa menjadi geger dan tak mengerti fenomena apa itu. Karena tak jelas, orang pun mulai berpikir tentang makhluk aneh bahkan setan yang gentayangan di desa mereka. Itu sebabnya muncul istilah Devil's Footprint.**

4. Misteri Zana ‘Manusia Purba'
Kejadian aneh ini terjadi pada abad pertengahan, sekitar abad 18. Ochamchir, seorang pemburu di wilayah Georgia ketika itu masih masuk dalam salah satu provinsi di Rusia. Pemburu ini menangkap seorang perempuan liar di mana lengan, kaki dan jari ditutupi rambut tebal. Perempuan aneh ini diberi nama Zana. Karena liarnya, untuk menjinakkannya pada awalnya dia terpaksa harus dikurung selama bertahun-tahun dengan makanan yang dilemparkan kepadanya. Setelah ia jinak, barulah Zana dibebaskan dan diajari mengerjakan hal-hal ringan. Seperti menggiling jagung, dll.
Uniknya, Zana memiliki daya tahan tubuh yang tinggi lebih dari manusia biasa. Dia tahan pada cuaca dingin luar biasa, namun dia tidak tahan pada udara hangat dalam ruangan. Dia sangat suka makan buah anggur dan tanaman menjalar. Dia adalah peminum berat dan bisa tidur berjam-jam. Yang anehnya, dia bisa memiliki banyak anak dengan ayah yang berbeda-beda. Tapi kebanyakan anak-anaknya tewas karena Zana memandikan mereka di sungai dingin yang hampir beku.
Penduduk desa khawatir dengan ulah aneh Zana, dan mereka pun mengambil anak-anaknya menjauhi ibunya. Anak-anak Zana tidak seperti ibunya, mereka berkembang seperti manusia biasa dan mereka juga telah diangkat anak oleh beberapa penduduk desa. Zana meninggal di desa itu tahun 1890.Sedang anak bungsunya meninggal 1954.
Kisah ini merupakan hasil penelitian Professor Porchnev yang mewawancarai orang-orangtua di desa itu. Zana juga memiliki banyak cucu. Mereka berkulit gelap. Salah satunya adalah Shalikula, ia memiliki mulut yang kuat sehingga ia dapat mengangkat sebuah kursi dengan seorang lelaki duduk di atasnya.
Penelitian tentang Zana menghasilkan dugaan kalau wanita aneh itu merupakan bentuk evolusi manusia yang belum sepenuhnya berubah menjadi manusia modern. ***

5. Misteri Wanita Penyebar Gas
The Mad Gasser dari Mattoon adalah nama yang diberikan kepada orang berada di balik serangkaian serangan gas yang terjadi di Botetourt County, Virginia, pada awal tahun 1930an, dan di Mattoon, Illinois, pada pertengahan tahun 1940-an.Kejadian pertama terjadi di rumah Cal Huffman, di Haymakertown, Botetourt County, di mana terdapat tiga serangan dilaporkan selama satu malam.
Sekitar 10:00 pada 22 Desember 1933, Ibu Huffman melaporkan bau bau yang tidak biasa, dan dengan mengatasi rasa mual. Bau yang mual dan kembali lagi sekitar 10:30, Cal Huffman kemudian menghubungi polisi. Ketiga serangan terjadi sekitar 1:00, saat itu serangan gas memenuhi seluruh rumah. Delapan anggota keluarga Huffman menjadi korban bersama dengan Ashby Henderson, seorang tamu tinggal di rumah.
Berikutnya yang tercatat di Cloverdale insiden terjadi pada 24 Desember. Clarence Hall, istrinya, dan dua anak-anak mereka baru pulang dari gereja 9:00 Mereka pun lemas. Polisi menyelidiki kasus ini, menemukan paku yang diambil dari belakang jendela, di mana bau gas sangat keras. Diduga, lubang itu digunakan untuk memasukkan gas ke dalam rumah itu.
Kejadian ketiga pada 27 Desember, di mana penduduk Troutville, A. Kelly dan ibunya dilaporkan memiliki gejala sama seperti kasus Huffman dan Hall. Insiden keempat dan kelima terjadi pada 10 Januari, ketika Mrs Moore, seorang tamu di rumah penduduk Haymakertown Homer Hylton melaporkan mendengar suara di luar, sebelum gas dimasukkan ke rumah mereka lewat jendela yang rusak. Kedua serangan malam yang dilaporkan dalam Troutville, di rumah Kinzie G..
Sedikitnya 10 kasus lain yang dilaporkan di Botetourt dan dalam 10 tahun kemudian, lebih dari 20 kasus baru dilaporkan di Mattoon. Salah satu saksi mengatakan, dia melihat pelaku penyebar gas ity adalah seperti seorang wanita bertubuh tinggi kurus, berpakaian seperti seorang laki-laki namun jejak kakinya milik seorang perempuan.**

6.Misteri Lampu Hantu di Bridgewater Triangle
Bridgewater Triangle merupakan wilayah sekitar 200 mil persegi (520 km2) di tenggara Massachusetts, Amerika Serikat. Sejak masa colonial, daerah itu dikenal sebagai daerah yang memiliki kekuatan misterius yang sulit dijelaskan. Berbagai laporan tentang daerah itu sempat dicatat di antaran tentang fenomena Poltergeists dan orbs, bola api yang tiba tiba jatuh di sana juga fenomena hantu.
Rumors yang beredar tentang penampakan ‘bigfoot', ular raksasa, burung raksasa, serta ditemukan banyak sisa sisa potongan ternak, dll. Polisi juga wartawan telah berusaha mengungkap kejadian-kejadian aneh di sana.
Area itu menjadi amat sangat misterius dan tak tersentuh sehingga dijuluki Hockomock Swamp, yang berarti " jiwa dwell", atau penduduk setempat menyebutnya sebagai "The Devil's Swamp" .
Salah satu fenomena yang terkenal terjadi di daerah itu adalah munculnya cahaya berkelap-kelip dari rawa-rawa di sekitar situ. Orang menyebut kelap kelip itu sebagai lampu hantu yang biasanya terlihat di daerah berawa.
Fenomena lampu hantu it u terus muncul di sekitar Bridgewater Triangle. Lampu aneh itu juga muncul setiap Januari di sekitar rel kereta yg melintasi daerah itu.***

7. The Clapham Wood Mystery
The Clapham Wood Mystery adalah nama yang diberikan terkait dengan peristiwa-peristiwa aneh yang terjadi di Clapham Wood, West Sussex, Inggris. Peristiwa-peristiwa itu merupakan laporan dari warga setempat yang mengalami fenomena aneh itu. Misalnya, hewan peliharaan keluarga yang hilang tiba-tiba atau orang yang tiba-tiba meninggal tanpa sebab.
Sejak 1960 dilaporkan di kawasan itu sempat terlihat adanya benda terbang aneh (UFO?), juga masyarakat yang tiba tiba merasa suatu yang aneh dan gaib. Jalur yang dilaporkan misterius adalah jalur menuju hutan. Dari penelitian diperoleh hasil bahwa daerah itu memiliki tingkat radiasi tinggi.
Laporan ini mengejutkan, karena daerah tersebut merupakan daerah kapur yang biasanya rendah radiasi.
Dalam foto, pada awalnya masih terlihat pohon-pohon tinggi dan besar. Namun akibat ‘depresi' pohon-pohon itu mati. Kini sangat sulit mencari pohon pohon besar di sana.
Dilaporkan ada empat kematian misterius di dekat hutan. Pertama Juni 1972 dimana seorang polisi, Peter Goldsmith hilang saat hiking di daerah itu. Tubuhnya telah menemukan 6 bulan kemudian. Kematian yang kedua adalah dari Leon Foster, tubuh yang telah ditemukan pada Agustus 1975, setelah 3 bulan hilang.
Yang ketiga adalah kematian dari Reverend Harry Neil Snelling, mantan wakil dari Clapham. Dia menghilang pada Oktober 1978 dan tubuhnya tidak ditemukan sampai 3 tahun kemudian. Kasus-kasus di Clapham ini hingga kini tak terungkap.

8. Mysteri Rumah Hantu Summerwind
Summerwind Mansion, sebelumnya dikenal sebagai Lamont Mansion, merupakan gudang di pantai Barat Teluk Vilas di Lake County, North East Wisconsin. Daerah itu merupakan salah satu daerah paling angker di Wisconsin. Kondisinya kini kumuh dan telantar. Hal ini karena pernah terjadi kebakaran hebat di daerah itu yang nyaris memusnahkan semua gedung di sana.
Summerwind pada awalnya dibangun pada awal abad ke-20 sebagai mes para nelayan. Pada 1916 telah dibeli oleh Robert P. Lamont, yang bekerja sebagai arsitek di perusahaan Tallmadge and Watson. Kemudian dia merenovasi gedung itu dan tinggal di sana. Namun sebelumnya ia sudah diperingatkan bahwa gedung itu angker.
Tapi dia tidak percaya sampai kemudian dia sendiri bertemu dengan ‘penunggu' rumah itu. Kejadian itu terjadi era 1930, Lamont melihat penampakan hantu di dapur rumahnya, membuat dia terbirit birit meninggalkan rumahnya itu.
Setelah kepergian Lamont, rumah itu dibiarkan kosong dan terbengkalai.
Tahun 1970-an, pasangan suami istri, Arnold dan Ginger Hinshaw membeli rumah itu dan tinggal bersama empat anaknya. Sejak mulau tinggal, keluarga ini kerap diganggu berbagai hal aneh.
Hinshaws melaporkan sejumlah kejadian aneh, mulai dari bayangan yang bergerak dari bawah ke atas dengan suara pelan dan berhenti ketika mereka masuk ke kamar, atau jendela yang tiba-tiba terbuka sendiri. Mereka melaporkan beberapa kali melihat hantu wanita di sekitar ruang makan.
Mungkin karena stress, dalam waktu enam bulan setelah pindah ke Summerwind, Arnold jatuh sakit dan Ginger , istrinya, mencoba bunuh diri. Akhirnya Arnold masuk rumah sakit, sedang Ginger pindah dengan orang tuanya di Granton, Wisconsin.
Pada bulan Juni 1988, Summerwind beberapa kali terkena petir yang memicu munculnya api dan membakar rumah. Sehingga banyak bagian gedung itu rusak parah. Yang anehnya, petir menyambar berkali-kali, padahal di sekitarnya banyak pohon tinggi melebihi gedung itu tapi sama sekali tidak ikut tersambar.
Saat ini gedung itu tak berbentuk lagi hanya menyisakan fondasi rumah yang tak terawatt.**

9.Hopkinsville Goblins: Munculnya Makhluk Aneh Bercahaya
Kasus Hopkinsville Goblins dikenal sebagai kasus teraneh dalam sejarah benda-benda terbang yang pernah ada. Kasus ini terdokumentasi dengn baik. Kasus ini terjadi di dekat kota antara Kelly dan Hopkinsville, Kentucky, pada 21 Agustus 1955 malam hingga pagi.
Bermunculan benda terbang aneh dalam tempo yang lama, ada banyak saksi yang melihatnya. " Beberapa sakisi mata mengatakan, benda-benda itu terbang terlihat beberapa jam, memanjang sepanjang malam hingga pagi. Mereka melihat penampakan makhluk-makhluk bercahaya yang tingginya tiga kaki. Saksi melihat lengannya mengeluarkan api yang ditembakkan ke atas.
Pada malam 21 Agustus, 1955, Billy Ray Taylor mengundang teman-temannya gi untuk makan malam. Ketika menengok ke atas, mereka melihat ada cahaya aneh di langit sebelah barat. Kelompok ini juga melihat makhluk terang tingginya setengah kaki berkepala besar, telinga lebar dan mata bercahaya. Tangannya mengeluarkan api.
Makhluk itu mendekati rumah Taylor sampai berjarak 20 kaki. Orang-orang yang melihat mengambil senapan dan bersiap-siap menggunakannya. Namun makhluk itu kemudian melarikan diri kea rah kegelapan malam.
Setelah itu, semua anggota keluarga berulang kali melihat penampakan makhluk itu yang sepertinya bergerak menuju rumah mereka. Ini memang cerita aneh. Untuk lebih jelas anda bisa membaca artikel lengkapnya di Wikipedia.**

10. Manusia Kadal dari Scape Ore Swamp
Kasus ini terjadi di kawasan berawa di daerah Lee Country, Carolina Selatan. Makhluk aneh yang digambarkan memiliki tinggi 7 feed atau lebih dari 2 meter, berbadan tegap dengan kulit yang bersisik berwarna hijau muncul di sana. Matanya menyeramkan sebesar jeruk glowing. Makhluk itu memiliki tiga jari pada tangan dan kakinya. Orang menyebutnya makhluk kadal dari rawa.
Laporan pertama tentang keberadaan mahluk itu disampaikan oleh Christopher Davis, 17 tahun, penduduk setempat. Ia mengatakan, makhluk yang ditemui saat berkendara melewati perbatasan Scape Ore Swamp. Kebetulan saat itu mobilnya mengalami masalah sehingga ia terpaksa berhenti untuk ganti ban. Ketika ia selesai ganti ban, dia mendengar suara berisik di belakangnya.
Saat berpaling, betapa terkejutnya dia melihat mahluk aneh tampak berjalan menuju dirinya. Davis mengaku, makhluk itu mencoba menyerang mobilnya, dengan melompat di atas atap mobil. David berusaha kabur . Sampai di rumah, di lihatnya kaca spion mobinya telah hancur, kerusakan juga pada atap mobil.
Beberapa bulan yang sama, muncul laporan hampir senada dengan kasus David. Dilaporkan, mahluk itu mirip kadal raksasa berada di dekat rawa. Sebagian besar laporkan mengatakan kejadiannya sekitar 3 mil atau 5 km dari Bishopville atau di sekitar dari rawa-rawa. Dua bulan kejadian, beberapa polisi melakukan penyelidikan dan ditemukan jejak kaki berukuran 14 inc panjangnya.
Lalu polisi mengirim laporran itu ke FBI untuk ditelusuri lebih lanjut. Namun analisa menemui jalan buntu, hingga sekarang tak jelas, makhluk apakah yang berperawakan mirip kadal itu.