Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Couple's Death Remains a Mystery in Bones

If you able to watch this evening Bones Season 2 "The Couple in the Cave" episode, you may probably unlock a little clue from the death of a couple which has been found from the National Park. Although, the plot has been added with a mind bending theory that lies behind, authorities could not still determine their killer. Spoilers and reviews gave us a handful of ideas in regards of what happen from the previous episode but according to what we had seen recently, the writer let the TV show viewers to think of the possible stuff that could bring the truth into justice.

Couple Mystery in Bones Season 2

In the other side of the story, the girlfriend of Booth surprisingly visit him while on her way to Afghanistan for her cover as a correspondent. It brings a little dispute of feelings, a little drama that rounds on their relationships from which something will be give up later. Just hang for a while as we continue to watch Bones Season 2 for more soon.

Jules Undersea Lodge in Florida's Key Largo

Anyone living on the nearby area of Florida, especially those folks in Key Largo are already know how good is in Jules Undersea Lodge. A new getaway for anyone looking for a great vacation spot in United States and probably to the world. It is not uncommon to anyone who just heard it from the national television from bunch of advertisement and promotional stuff the management trying to reach our attention.

Jules Undersea Lodge Photo

There is what they call a Romantic Gateway Package for anyone who would like to stay for a pretty long time, good enough for any newlywed couple which will only cost you for about $1,275.00 and $373.00 for each visitors in a single night stay. With that, you can experience the great ambiance of Emerald Lagoon as well the tropical mangroves full of underwater living organisms.

Leo Apotheker Was Appointed as The New HP's CEO

HP is now bringing the latest updates straight from their company restructuring plan of the top employee and decision makers that will drive an additional success not only for these year but of course, for the succeeding time to sustain the growth of their entire business. Leo Apotheker was appointed as their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as noted by ZDNet recently.

CEO Leo Apotheker of HP Photo

Leo Apotheker is a former SAP CEO who's now on a new line of technological advantage, expected by these people working behind as a great new wave on the HP. His 20-years of existence in his previous job can probably cater the requirements and qualifications seek by his new work. A challenge for him and to his subordinates to compete with the other big names in industry.

Best Actor 1939: James Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

James Stewart received his first Oscar nomination for portraying recently selected Junior Senator Jefferson Smith in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. 

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington is a film I enjoy, although it is odd in it has scenes that are a little too hokey such as the scene where he goes around looking at the monuments, but at the same time it has rather dark scenes were the men of the political machines are literally attacking children. Still I do like it anyways, and I find the final scenes of the film are what makes it work.

James Stewart plays Jefferson Smith an old fashioned, well meaning,  upright citizen, and a head of a  local chapter of a fill in for the boy scouts called the boy rangers. He is chosen as the man to fill in for a senator who suddenly died, because political machinists headed by Jim Taylor (Edward Arnold) believe he will just be too simple to see through their schemes, and will be easy to manipulate. I really like Stewart's enthusiasm in his early scenes as Smith, Stewart really is simply perfect for the part as Jefferson Smith. He is perfectly the man he plays, and truly is an actor who was perfectly cast. I actually also liked Stewart because for me he is one actor who can play down the sometimes corny nature of scenes incredibly well. This is because for me I do not think he ever plays it unnaturally and can help even incredibly forced scenes feel much more natural.

He goes along to Washington and is pressured, bothered by many aspects of the Washington scene, but also intrigued by Democracy in action. I think handles the mix of emotions very well. I like his downright honest enthusiasm to see the monuments, and to be an actual United States Senator. He also when meeting the women of Washington, Stewart has the perfect awkward aw shucks. It is the usual Stewart romantic lead reactions, and actions, I do really enjoy them when they add to part of his overall performance. I think a particularly strong scene showing the usual Stewart charm that only Stewart ever had was when he is writing his Bill for a special camp for his Boy Rangers with his secretary Saunders (Jean Arthur). The way Stewart maneuvers himself in this scene is just perfect in that perfect Stewart way that I enjoy a whole lot.

His strongest scenes though is when he introduces his bill. He first introduces his bill, and Stewart is simply great in his manner of Smith's nervousness. But his bill causes him to see find out about a dark side of Washington involving a political machine. Smith is about to be rejected from the Senate on trumped up charged. Stewart's early enthusiasm is properly drained out in these scenes that really show that Smith can barely comprehend that such people could be so bad, and that his Senior Senator (Claude Raines) really was just a stooge the whole time. To prevent from being kicked out Smith starts a filibuster in an attempt to prove his innocence and to reveal the political machine in control. This final part of his performance is what makes it so memorable. Stewart is simply brilliant in his scenes of moving along and along trying to fight for his right, and slowly becoming more and more tired. Stewart is masterful in my opinion, especially in his brilliant final speech that holds true power, that is needed for the ending to succeed which I believe it does very well. I find this performance has the right amount of power, and charm throughout that supports the idea that 1939 is one of if not the greatest year in film.

Resentment Towards Government is Up for Internet Gambling

We cannot deny that our favorite social networking site, the Facebook is also one of these Internet application offering a free poker game for its member. A things that could bring and awaken our awareness of the social media gambling stuff and could open our minds to the new way of playing this game on a real money earning routines. Credit cards companies are probably aware of this rampant and spreading games on the web, earned a lot of followers and subscribers from all over the world.

Resentment Towards Government Reports

The U.S. government tried to bring a resentment towards government probably to the different nation to keep their country safe from the Internet gambling that can cause a lot of trouble soon in our economy according to our own perceptions. It is true that there are few young players who able to reach this game through the credit cards of their parents as what we have heard from the underground sources.

As a parent, try to check what is going on with your home computers as well with your child safety from what our government trying to point out at these time.

The Flintstones Characters Appearing in Google

Recently, Google turn their logo to a cartoon character very familiar to each and everyone of us, it is to commemorate The Flintstones 50th Anniversary which takes place this Thursday. Someone might actually surprise with that next to the 12th birthday celebration of the giant search engine. There are a lot of humorous stuff we can find with them ever since as they follow those special events not only on their own company but also giving their tribute to anyone far from what we know.

The Flintstones Characters in Google

That alerts us and awaken our memories, not taking for granted the special day of those folks and happenings around the world. Because our planet is actually filed with a lot of things that could bring us a lot of wisdom in our future. Thank you so much Google for bringing us our awareness for all of that and more power to all of you who are working hard for the great leap of our technology right now.

Peter Rouse Will Replace Rahm Emanuel in White House

There will be a big and serious turning point to happen in Pres. Barrack Obama administration as Rahm Emanuel recently announce that he is retiring as the chief of staff of the country. According to source, he will probably be replace by Peter Rouse but try to think the upcoming updates in regards with this issue from now because people will going to think something new straight from the top administration decisions.

Peter Rause and Rahm Emanuel Turn Over Report

Peter Rouse might be the right person, qualified to replace Emanuel but the announcement has not been made official since this story starts to develop from political views of the national reporters. Speculations and other rumors are currently making a great leap as they heard the plan of the U.S. president. There are few other changes that will going to happen soon and try stay tune for more after this break.

Did Allan Kustok Really Murdered His Own Wife?

This story probably surprised everyone at Riverside Central Elementary School when Anita Kustok was reportedly killed by his husband recently. But according to our perspective, it was an accident shoot that lead to a homicide which involve Allan Kustok who drove her to the hospital after of the incident. We cannot totally determine the couple previous arguments from source instead, we find a lot of sentiments coming from those people who knows too much of the woman.

Anita Kustok Murder Case Report

Further investigation was currently ongoing were police and crime scene government personnel are now working together to unlock the reason behind. Anita got a shoot on her face which probably cause her immediate death and the previous report told everyone that her family member brought her to the nearby hospital but few minutes after of her arrival, she gave up from the wounds.

According to those statements that round from all over, giving their sympathy to her surviving family member, she is a great teacher who's become a new family member of the school where she was previously working. They are all saddened from his death, an unexpected thing to happen to a beautiful woman who's been with them for a common cause, to teach and molds the young minds of their children.

Tony Curtis Passed Away at 85

The man who's been with 6-different wives passed away last Wednesday due to heart attack that struck him at the age of 85. Tony Curtis was known for his commitment to different women which includes Janet Leigh who departed way back in 2004. Others are Leslie Allen, Jill Vanderberg, Lisa Deutsch, Christine Kaufman, and Andria Savio. What we would like to ask for now is that, will they wife for the lost of their husband?

Tony Curtis Death Report

We are not trying to criticize Tony Curtis but of course, the most important stuff we can share is his contribution to the Hollywood film. He's been with about one-hundred different movies at his time. He also work as a U.S. navy during his younger years. No words for memorial services for now in regards with him but let us wait some more news soon after this break.

Another Splendid Day for a Saturday Tour...

September 11th proved to be another beautiful day for Pristine Chapel to welcome 55 guests for a comprehensive tour of the facility. After the dancing in the reception hall, all enjoyed a special wedding cake tasting, followed by  prize giveaways of over $1,500 in gift certificates.

Congratulations to our winners:
Althea Scott- Extended Reception & Photography Time,
Queneisha Rolen- Groom's Cake Allowance,
Cassandra Terry- Bridal Bouquet Allowance, and
Yolanda Jenkins- Linen/Color Reception Enhancement Pkg.

Our next Saturday Tour is scheduled for November 13, 2010...hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best Actor 1939: Robert Donat in Goobye, Mr. Chips

Robert Donat won his Oscar from his second and final Oscar nomination for portraying school teacher Arthur Chipping in Goodbye, Mr. Chips.

Goodbye, Mr. Chips is a very nice film about a school teacher, and his life with his students, his wife, and the outside world.

Robert Donat's win is never really maligned, but sometimes but it usually not described as the proper winner, probably by many who have not seen his performance. Donat's performance is one of wide scope since it starts at Chip's first day as a school teacher as a young man to his last days of school as a old head master. One big challenge of his performance is the aging of the character, which Donat handles masterfully. I never doubted him for a second, as he aged from younger years to a very old man. A big challenge for any actor since they can either under do the age, or over do it, but Donat nails Chipping at every single age without absolutely no fault. He makes the character's age also make his performance even more effective, he really shows a man as he goes through his life and it is rather amazing.

  He also shows how Chips grows a teacher equally well. He is fantastic as him in his first day, when he is the new school master, and has great troubles with the boys. His awkwardness, and inability is truly well shown by Donat. Later though as time goes on he commands the class room with far more power, and Donat shows Chips has grown greater confidence and control over his room and the students. It is truly a fantastic display of how the man grows in his career. As he becomes more and more attuned with the school, Donat perfectly shows how Chips simply becomes more and more naturalistic in his ways as a teacher and later as the head master.

Donat has another task of having Chips slowly grows as a person. He begins as a rather introverted man who tries to keep to himself, and only tries to seek friendship in incredibly small ways.
Donat though shows his growth as a person incredibly well when he meets his future wife Katherine (Greer Garson). I really like Donat's chemistry with Garson it is just right, since he still stays shy, but Donat allows just the right amount of life and love come from him that really works well. After they marry his wife also makes Chips a slightly more outgoing man so much that he actually makes a joke in his class. Donat never makes it so Chip completely becomes no longer shy, but he adds the right amount of new found liveliness that rings true.

Every single part of Donat's performance works incredibly well, and the scenes of him in the most dramatic scenes are no different. Chips must deal with many tragic events during his life, and Donat brilliantly handles these sequences because he never makes any big dramatic gestures. Instead he internalizes Chips anguish and sadness. Donat because he does this he keeps Chips as a consistent man, and also I found the way he handled the sequences to be truly effective since he used his facial expressions and eyes so perfectly. Overall Donat's performance really is simply great work, it is fantastic piece of acting, and when I watched his performance I really felt I saw a man going through his life which I believe shows the strength of his work here.

James O'Keefe Franks to Abbie Boudreau, Failed!

James O'Keefe tried to seduce Abbie Boudreau while on his boat as well in the place where he gave an exact schedule for his interview. The woman is a CNN correspondents who's trying to get the side of that man from his work of arts as well his contribution in some instance of time. He lose his respect to a woman working in television news segment and keeping up his day just for fun with her.

He would like to embarrassed Abbie Boudreau in several manner we've mentioned above but aside from that, he even brought a lot of stuff which could turn that woman out of the topic she wanted from him. Fox News recently gave their sentiments, unveiled everything they know about James O'Keefe when their conversation surface on the web recently. It is good to hear that the woman survive from his plan as someone gave her an advise before the suppose to be documentary happens.

The woman called him unprofessional it's because, he tried to answer things out of the line. Although it is pretty confusing, try to hear some more updates soon after this break.

Ryder Cup TV 2010 Will Takes Place on Friday!

You can watch Ryder Cup TV 2010 exclusively in NBC as well in ESPN this coming Friday at around 2:00 A.M. (western time) as scheduled. That is on the 1st day of October of this year and east coast viewers can catch it live at around 1:00 P.M. Wales will get a favorable media coverage starting that day which will end on the succeeding Sunday.

Ryder Cup TV 2010 Report

Whether you're an American or British born viewers, it's time for you to take note of the above mentioned schedule for all of you not to missed to watch which is actually comes once a year. Gear up with your favorite player and keep your eye on the game board soon.

Amy Fisher's Controversial Video Tape Issues

We've been surprised by Amy Fisher few moments ago as we read a new story that tells something about her plan for her next upcoming appearances on TV. On the other side, there are few folks keeps on following that controversial video tape which have been leaked by anyone else on the Internet recently. According to reports, because of that, she is about to change her career now, doing an adult film far from what we expect from the beautiful woman who's been on the dream of others before.

Amy Fisher Controversial Video Tape Issue

She's been known as the Long Island Lolita before and she was scheduled to arrived on Maury to talks about those issues she needs to clarify from the developing criticisms, speculations, and other related matter which keep on following her privacy.

And to our new surprise, that video tape which recently surfaced from unknown source is now on Vivid Entertainment and become a blockbuster records of the company. That private stuff she don't mean to leaked before is now about to raise some more additional funds for her now. At these time, we can now consider that video tape legal from the star heartbreaking statements.

The Whole Truth Thicker Than Water is Up!

The next ABC's upcoming show for us to watch is up now, The Whole Truth Season 1 Episode 2 - Thicker Than Water at 10:00 P.M. this evening, Wednesday, September 29, 2010. The story will round on a woman who killed her own father who's currently on his wheelchair when the murder of the poor powerless man happened. And guess what, just like with what we will going to expect, the defense team is about to turn the scene to a great battle in court.

The Whole Truth Season 1 Episode 2

The premier night of The Whole Truth last week shows a lot of humorous stuff to come, a special drama series which involve a woman who able to do that on her own bloodline, a very close relative which gave birth, raise, and love her but something not good drive her to cut the life of that person.

Nicky Diaz Accusations to Meg Whitman

The ex-eBay executive is now facing a tough allegations thrown by her former housekeeper while on the middle of her campaign for California's gubernatorial race. According to Nicky Diaz, the woman behind of this serious story that starts on the house of Meg Whitman, she has been illegally hired by politician to work abroad from Mexico way back in the year 2000.

Nicky Diaz Bad Accusation of Meg Whitman

She has been provided with what she needs to work legally in the U.S., a social security card and other related documents to stand as her passport to move freely in the country. But now, she turn her back from her previous employer, throwing bad allegations that could actually turn her down while asking for a top place in the government office from people who doesn't know too much about her.

Nicky Diaz was supported by few concern groups of people and of course, we cannot deny that the politics could reach to a tough story like of what we are trying to share at these moment, right? We cannot determine who's with them or those with interest as she surfaced just to tell something far from what we expect with Meg Whitman.

Discovery's Deadliest Catch New Season is Up!

The Discovery Channel announces their new upcoming season of the Deadliest Catch and for now, there are three ship captains which has been pulled-out from the show and face a lawsuit against the giant scientific channel. According to source, they are allegedly take a shoot even far from what the network expect to happen, far from fishing scenes which actually involved both of them.

Deadliest Catch New Season is Coming

Time Bandit's Andy Hillstrand and Johnathan along with Sig Hansen tried to pull themselves too because they are both face a case which could turn their basic fishing commodity to a possible turnaround, and that was to serve jail other than making a great moves on the deadly oceanic current. But of course, remember that the month of October will bring you the new season of the Deadliest Catch.

Jessica Marotta and Joseph Cerniglia Issues

The late Joseph Cerniglia who previously appearing on Gordon Ramsay's famous show and earned some more due to the unexpected incident, the Kitchen Nightmares was still coupled with controversies. Jessica Marotta is a woman who's been linked with him which is according to issues, they both have an intimate affair far from the knowledge of the others.

Jessica Marotta and Joseph Cerniglia Reports

The last week suicide report that shook the national viewer of Kitchen Nightmares refreshed the story of Rachel Brown who's been with the same case and probably, they coincidentally appear on the same television reality show.

Go back to Jessica Marotta, the two has been spotted dating together before he was reported found floating on the Hudson River recently. Although for now, we are still waiting for a clear evidence or reports that could confirm the rest of this story for us to share soon.

It's a National Coffee Day 2010 Today!

Coffee drinkers needs to know this stuff today. The entire country is now celebrating the National Coffee Day 2010 from where you can get a free cup of it in Dunkin Donuts as well in LaMars. But how about in Starbucks? Okay, in Facebook, there are few folks trying to show their sentiments from the store's wall, bringing their hatreds for not participating on the national wide celebration. Although, it's a one day event which could not even close the government offices or private institution, they probably asking for a great little stuff from the worldwide franchised shop.

National Coffee Day 2010 Report

There are variety of coffee mix which can complete your day in LaMars as well in Starbucks suppose to be but somehow, the management is not aware of the consequences of this later from their costumer, they can turn their back from what they are trying to offer during later just like what happened when a group of people tried to disgrace the taste of their products. We really admire Starbucks but for now, try to look for the nearest location you can reach for your free coffee from the above participating stores.

Tyler Clementi Says Goodbye in His Facebook

Before of Tyler Clementi's death, he used to post his last message in Facebook, saying "Goodbye" to anyone he can reach. According to the latest updates in regards with his apparent suicide, his ID, driver's license, and wallet has been found in George Washington Bridge from where he allegedly jump off the bridge. He is a Rutgers University 18-years old student, a freshmen, and a victim of videotaping his privacy by his fellow roommates which is suppose for fun only.

Tyler Clementi Facebook Message Report

Sad to say, the body of Tyler Clementi was still missing and the last week report continues to bring the updates for the search of his missing young man. Molly Wei as well Dharun Ravi earned a credit with their taken stuff from him but now face a several charges due to the death of their schoolmate. They even posted this video out in Facebook, making a serious tweet which could turn everybody around to their video.

Na Onka's Argument Continues in Survivor Nicaragua

Today's upcoming Survivor Nicaragua Episode 3 was entitled Glitter in Their Eyes as noted by the TV show spoilers. Na Onka will going to continue her different arguments with her own tribe mates, the La Flor. In there, someone could probably understand what she is trying to point out or she just need a little more attention from what she is doing for all.

Survivor Nicaragua - Glitter In Their Eyes

However, according to Survivor Nicaragua Shrine's prediction, they will probably take it as their weapon to gain an additional strength for the next challenge that will come on their way. And what will the Espada tribe will going to do with their previous immunity defeat?

Those are the challenging stuff you need to follow for this evening's Survivor Season 21 Episode 3 which will arrive in your television by 8:00 P.M. and of course, that is only in CBS. Check some more soon after this break.

Lone Star TV Show Has Been Cancelled!

The Fox Channel officially cancelled their Lone Star TV show program which suppose to run this 2010 up to next year. They totally pulled this segment due to a poor ratings from the views or probably, base on their test, they got a few fanatics who only keep themselves following their favorite casts and stars within. But Lie to Me is about to replace the available time slot which is now on its season 3 and that will kick-off by the succeeding week starting today.

Fox Cancelled Their Lone Star TV Show

However, the previous episodes of Lone Star drive the production management of the show to send their open letter to the national viewers as well to those they can reach outside of the country. They are now planning to make a turning point for a certain reason and according to source, they are also aware of how their viewers starts to lose their taste with the series.

In addition to report, they actually aimed a large number of viewers which starts to flank for the first week of the show in television but fall on the succeeding last evening episode.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Robert Knepper Joins Stargate Universe Season 2

The former star of Heroes as well Prison Break Robert Knepper along with Julie McNiven is now joining Stargate Universe Season 2. This evening episode was entitled, Intervention as noted by reviews and TV shows spoilers on the Internet. The season's premier will start at around 9:00 P.M. in eastern time and you can watch it now for you not to missed the long-run story of the show.

Robert Knepper in Stargate Universe Season 2

Plot will starts with the alliance of Lucian who formerly invade an Ancient craft. However, they are about to face a new problem in regards with binary pulsar system which could turn down the whole ship if they failed to control that can cause to kill everyone on board. For more, try to stay tune for the next upcoming episodes of Stargate Universe Season 2.

Who Are the New Cast of Spider Man Sequel?

You might probably ask this question before going to see the upcoming Spider Man sequel, a franchise that rocks the worldwide theater since the first movie has been release especially in iMax. Who will join May Jane Watson and Peter Parker? Although, we don't hear any statement from the production management of this film. Yahoo recently brought out the four stunning and young ladies which is possible to join the new plot with Andrew Garfield.

Spider Man New Character Photo

Will we expect Gwen Stacy again? Or Bryce Dallas Howard and Kristen Dunst? Both of these star will probably be in the movie but of course, the thrill starts to awake our idea for the next upcoming series. What is more exciting here is that, Parker is now looking for another woman in a love triangle thing that will could add a soft drama.

The above posted photo are the actresses selected by the movie panel from where the possible lady of Spider Man will come.

Jimmy Mislead Jax and Clay in Sons of Anarchy

There are few added story that came over to the new season of Sons of Anarchy, there are scenes that cover the previous plot of the story but the writer has the reason to bring this up for more as what we expect to happen in each episodes. This evening, Clay and Jax is now headed to Canada from the false statements of Jimmy given to Abel.

Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 4 - Home

Expect how the club has been split on as noted by a spoiler recently just for the redneck territory. The pharmaceutical group will face a new challenge, probably a long term one. And on the other line, family matters of Gemma will now be set aside. Watch Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 4 - Home for more only in FX.

Best Actor 1939: Laurence Olivier in Wuthering Heights

Laurence Olivier received his first Oscar nomination for portraying Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights.

Wuthering Heights is a rather dramatic film, although it is a bit  melodramatic, I did in fact find it interesting anyways. I can't describe precisely why, but I certainly did not mind watching it.

Laurence Olivier I will admit, is an actor I enjoy watching a whole lot, especially when he gets a role completely right. He is an actor though that I enjoy most though when he relaxes a bit. Now this does not mean his character has to be a relaxed fellow, but just a character Olivier plays around a little with, and is not just intense the whole time. Heathcliff is an Archetype of a character. The Archetype of the dramatic romantic man, who does anything to try to gain his true love. This stops Olivier from really relaxing in this role, which stops his performance from being an Olivier performance I really enjoy, but this does not stop his performance from being a good if not great one.

Some have described his performance as over the top, and even hammy, but I disagree. See Heathcliff, is a role written incredibly broadly. His emotions in the film are written to be shown this way, his dialogue, and character prevent the character from being played entirely subtly. Olivier has to deal with the big emotions of the character throughout the film, and does not become hammy despite the nature of the character, which quite an achievement. Olivier conveys his emotions certainly through his superb voice, but he never forgets to internalize Heathcliff's feelings through his face, and eyes which always convey emotions in this performance.

 Olivier is just great throughout his performance from his beginning where Heathcliff is a hard working young man being mistreated by the brother of his Adoptive family. Also being mistreated by the rich people in his community being called Gypsy rubbish. Heathcliff though also continues to pursue Kathy (Merle Oberon) his childhood sweetheart who he continues to love, and she continues to love him. She though only shows that secretly at times in order to be intune with the proper way for the community.

Olivier is perfect in these early scenes showing enthusiasm with Oberon when she still shows him love. Oberon and Olivier have an interesting chemistry in this film, since apparently they hated each other during filming. They actually do well together though, even if strangely. They show the mutual love when they need but they really work when Olivier shows love but Oberon stays cold. Olivier is perfect in these scenes especially in his sadness when she talks down to him as a servant and is truly saddened by it. Also when he overhears her talking down to him, his reaction really is made heartbreaking by Olivier.

Later though Olivier is just as effective when Heathcliff comes back to Wuthering Heights after he leaves for a long while in distress. Heathcliff returns though now rich and owning Wuthering Heights by undercutting his cruel adoptive brother. Heathcliff now has become a cold man, and Olivier is simply great at showing the changed Heathcliff. He is effectively chilling in the way he stands and looks, showing how the life has been taken out of him. Olivier is particularly chilling when he tells his adoptive brother to shoot him, and how he cruelly commands over the man who had done the same to him. Heathcliff has not lost all of his heart though and does show it in key scenes showing he still loves Kathy. Olivier really is perfect in these scenes especially in the last scene together. He plays it really well showing how Heathcliff hid the emotions all along, and really making these scenes as natural and powerful as possible. Olivier's entire performance is truly great, never allowing the somewhat simple nature of his character to make his performance simple. Another great performance from Lord Olivier.

Will You Blame Gordon Ramsay?

There are few folks trying to criticize the Gordon Ramsey at these time due to the recent suicide incident that happened to Chef Joseph Cirneglia and guess what, the case of Rachel Brown has been refreshed due to those serious topics that starts to spread after of yesterday's report. We find him good in television show, we admire his criticism's but somehow, there are people who keeps on turning him down from the two personality who's been with the company of him.

Gordon Ramsay of Hells Kitchen Photo

Do we need to blame him or the show that can unlock something from the different case of Hell's Kitchen and the other one is from a restaurant owner? There is no official statement that could turn him as a suspect for this but of course, let us hear his side too, how he will going to feel about this because his name and career could also be affected by your speculations.

Britney Spears is Up in Glee's Season 2 Episode!

By the way, she will not joining the cast of Glee Season 2, instead, Britney Spears will be the guest star of this evening episode from the hallucination of Brittany while on her way to the dentist. They will both sing one of the pop star greatest hits, and it's all become to happen soon in her day dreaming mind. Clubbers will probably think of something not good from her as what the promotional video tells us in YouTube.

Britney Spears on Glee Season 2

It's time for you to pack for now to watch Glee Season 2 to know more about Britney and their very own Brittany along with the other members of the singing squad which can capture your evening today. You can stay tune for more as we bring you the latest updates we can get from online spoilers and reviews.

Pastor Earl Paulk Controversy, Revealed!

Before of Bishop Eddie Long allegedly case, Pastor Earl Paulk of Chapel Hill Harvester Church with about 1,500-members controversy has been brought out to public. His story is pretty similar to another senior spiritual man who's been involved with a sexual abuse case that reach to the national attention. Although both of them works in the same mission, the other was accused of intimate affair with his sister-in-law but no one can actually confirm if that is true or not.

Pastor Earl Paulk Controversy Report

Long and Paulk considered by their member as a spiritual figure but we don't expect this controversy to run out of our knowledge. Because somehow, people are now ruined by the story that keeps on coming out from the other side of this people. Accusation doesn't end in just a matter of hours or days but continues to spread like a good news they are trying to share on everyday's service they gave before.

However, the late Earl Paulk is not actually aware of this new story that came after of his death.

Rachel Brown's Suicide Case Has Been Refreshed

You might going to thing back of Rachel Brown's suicide case because of the recent incident which happened to Joseph Cerniglia yesterday of Kitchen Nightmares. Both of them died through cutting their own lives far from what their love ones was think of it before of their deaths. The man who has been found dead in George Washington Bridge at Hudson River surprised surprised everyone who knows too much about him.

Rachel Brown Suicide Case Updates

However, that man committed a suicide too and people are now talking about his appearances recently before of the incident. According to reports, both of these chef has been with Gordon Ramsey, the man who was allegedly the primary person to blame why these people need to cut their life in a matter of instance after the show.

We tried to look for a single line or criticism from him that could ruin the minds of this reality TV show but somehow, that is just a neutral stuff happening when someone tend to test the contestants. The case of Rachel Brown of Hell's Kitchen from 2007 suicide incident has been refresh again, and there are few folks asking who is going to blame with all of this.

Colton Tooley Was Identified As UT Gunman!

This Tuesday, University of Texas has been shook by a tragic incident when Colton Tooley, a 19-years old student of the same institution starts to open fire in the school library. He just identified later from the latest updates taken by authorities straight from the area. Austin police immediately responds and even make a further search if there is a second gunman at around 12:00 P.M. but find no one involve from the shooters obsession to kill that day.

Colton Tooley UT Gunman Report

Colton Tooley fire with his AK-47, a powerful gun which is only common to U.S. military serviceman and for now, further investigation was still ongoing. UT forced to close the entire school during that day because of the incident. They used to let their students out of their campus along with faculty and staffs which are currently on their duty when it happened.

At these moment, there is no updates from University of Texas that could bring a much clearer report related to the accident. The gunman was already dead as he shoot himself after. Check some more soon after this break as we do our duty.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jennifer Grey and Jamie Lee Curtis in DWTS

Both of these two women came from the same line of industry, dancing in front of cameras. Jennifer Grey's performance with the Dancing With The Stars inspired Jamie Lee Curtis according to Access Hollywood. Although we cannot confirm her decision if she will going to join the next upcoming season of the show, your television set can wait with You Again later.

Jennifer Grey and Jamie Lee Curtis

According to source, the management of DWTS tried to reached Jamie Lee Curtis but she refuse this offer which is suppose to be good for this season. It's all because of a time consuming routine from where she need to adjust to cope up the proper practice and settlements. This might be a clear reason for her, appearing in the reality TV show supporting her long-time friend Jennifer.

Who is Corey Bohan in the Life of Audrina Patridge?

The MTV Music Award's night of this year could not deny the fact that Audrina Patridge is in a relationship. And who's the lucky guy? That is no other than Corey Bohan, a BMX star who's been in X-Games for several times and one of the show's top gold earner according to a celebrity gossip sites. People are probably asking for him to discover something from the life of the beautiful actress.

Audrina Patridge Boyfriend Report

There are bunch of speculations about the man dated by Audrina Patridge, if he will going to stay long at her side or probably, time can tell where their relationship will goes in for the next succeeding years. We find no photos of the couple since we this story awakes our curiosity but you might expect some more soon after this break.

RIM Introduces The BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

There are few of us who are not totally aware of RIM making a tablet PC to bump with the Apple's blockbuster iPad but now, the new story that came across to our attention recently taken straight from San Francisco brings us the reality about the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. At first, we heard a BlackPad is about to join the competition from Research In Motion, Ltd., a 7-inches model, a camera enabled handheld machine, with a stunning design depicted from most of the company's mobile devices.

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet PC

According to report, the availability of BlackBerry PlayBook will start next year but no words for pricing of this for now. We can expect this on the first quarter of 2011 but those specs provided by their CEO is not enough to confirmed the rest of this developing story on the side of technology. Let us hear some more soon after this break as new competing rival of iPad is about to join the biggest sale of tablet computers later.

Chuck Versus the Suitcase is Up in CW Channel

You don't have to ask for the right channel where to watch Chuck Season 4 Episode 2 which is entitled Chuck Versus the Suitcase at these moment cause there are bunch of free video replays now headed to most of television offering sites on the web. The main cast will do an undercover thing on the mission in Milan along with Sarah played by Yvonne Strahovski but he will going to realize something that matters most.

Chuck Season 4 Episode 2 - Chuck Versus the Suitcase

On the other side, Casey will face a several things in Burbank and Buy More will be compromise due to Morgan recent activity from the previous episode. There will be a certain problem that will ruin the mind of Chuck, his relationship will be affected. Try to catch it now on CW Channel for the regular time slot of the TV show.

USS Emmons Stirs Outrage from Underwater

The peaceful remains of USS Emmons has been vandalized by unknown people while underwater. According to reports, the vessel's metal plate as well certificate has been removed for unknown cause. And we cannot deny the fact that theft are just hanging around already for few years taking their time doing their job to get a piece of souvenirs or probably for some business related matter from the ship.

USS Emmons Has Been Vandalized

USS Emmons has a lot of memories can tell during the World War II, serve as a grave yard of 60-naval soldier who's been with the vessel when sank way back in the year 1945 when a Japanese suicide bomber take it down while on its course.

The collectible items within becomes a victim of vandalism, asking for anyone who are concern to keep it safe again from others with a black motive who know the exact location of the object in ocean floor. Although it is not uncommon to most of history filed memorable things, those people who can still remember this vessel will probably bring their sentiments, the war veterans who serve the country more than half-decade ago.

Remembering George Blanda of Oakland Raiders

George Blanda was reportedly passed away recently at 83 but what we are trying to figure out now is how can we remember the former Oakland Raiders finest player. He is the team's well known quarterback during his time doing a great stuff with his field squad and also one their strongest kicker who capture the heart of his fans. Al Davis recently brought out his condolences to the family of his team late star and call him a great one who's been part of their success.

George Blanda Passed Away at 83

He probably inspired everyone in Oakland Raiders because of his professionalism as an athlete and his name is also inlined with those other personality in Pro Football Hall of Fame written way back in 1981. During a game of 1970's, he's been hailed as a miraculous man who brought out a lot of fame to his team as noted by the history of football game.

George Blanda receives recognition to most of his contribution and no one could not remember him from Oakland.

Don Lemon Defends Bishop Eddie Long

The darkness age of this man could actually bring us a new turning point when he recently showed-out in CBS to tell the national viewers about his past. Don Lemon of CNN is actually aware of sexually abused individual because he himself is also a victim of this crime which actually happened on his younger years. And guess what, he actually defended his church leader, Bishop Eddie Long from the controversial case thrown by his allegedly four victims.

Don Lemon told the press about his experience during that time, as a victim of pedophile which could actually help someone to move on because he is currently one the world famous television network now from were we cannot expect that to happened on him. Try to watch the following video below for more about this story of Don:

Artie Lange Returned with Smile in His Face!

The last January report about his tragic effort to kill himself turn him back again with a happy and smiling face, doing good so far as noted by his fellow comedian, Craig Gass. Artie Lange surprised us with a stubbed wound he actually made as he attempted to cut his own life few months ago but his photo along with the above mentioned man tells everyone about his current status.

Artie Lange Returned with a Smile

Artie Lange has been given a second chance to live for a certain reason, to bring a lot of laughter we can never get from anyone else. His unique identity could actually drive our fun to the maximum level and his past could be thrown away not to ruin his stage appearances again. The man has been with the show Howard Stern and take a leave way back in December and has been followed by a surprising suicide attempt report in January.

I Am Not A Human Being Album of Lil Wayne

The full grown up man inlined with Kanye West and other hip hop artist recently announced and released his another album entitled, "I Am Not a Human Being". Then what we will going to expect from Lil Wayne from this album by the way? It's all because of his birthday or probably, he got a good chance to tell the world about the product of his artistry again.

I Am Not a Human Being Album from Lil Wayne

There are 10-songs included with his new album and the only thing we heard from MTV is his "Hold Up" and "Right Above It" single. And of course, a new mix track of "With You" is also added on the list. There are several changes you can expect from his album but we cannot totally determine that stuff without getting a piece of it from the record store.

Try to check some more about "I Am Not a Human Being" of Lil Wayne after this break.

Chef Joseph Cerniglia's Body Was Found Dead

We find this story destructive to anyone who admire Chef Joseph Cerniglia when her body has been found dead floating in Hudson River. No one will probably expect this to happened on him and people might start to ask of the real thing, the cause of his death and why he able to reach the George Washington Bridge with unknown cause. He apparently committed a suicide as what the eyewitness tying to point out saying that someone jump of that place before he was found.

Chef Joseph Cerniglia Was Found Dead

There is no official statement that will confirm this report but further and ongoing investigation will unlock everything that happened recently to Joseph Cerniglia of "Kitchen Nightmare" and the owner of Fair Lawn restaurant but his happy moment in the show along with the contestants ended with a tragic incident he probably choose by his own way.

Jimmy Raye Has Been Fired Due to His Poor Performance?

Probably yes, because according to source, Jimmy Raye's performance from the previous season disappoint the owner of San Francisco 49ers which left their team behind of the other. He previously worked as an offensive coordinator but before the playoff for the next season, his background has been reviewed and the confrontation hits him this Monday.

Jimmy Raye Was Fired by 79ers

It is not a shameful stuff which will couple the career of Jimmy Raye because he actually did his best to manage the part of his team. Although it is an unexpected story that would ruin the minds of the team's player, they have the possible reason to fired him out and the worse scenario of their squad continue if they missed to take for granted the capability of their opponent later.

Greg Giraldo Was Hospitalized Due to Drug Overdose

Fox News reported that Greg Giraldo has been rushed to the hospital because of a prescribed drug overdose this weekend. There is no official statement from the camp of the comedian to confirm the rest of this story but according to source, he was discovered unconsciously in a hotel room situated in New Jersey. Suicide attempt or any related stuff is quite far from what the television network has been reported because according to a few strands on the web, everything was just an accident as admitted by the media.

Greg Giraldo Has Been Hospitalized

The Last Comic Standing star is now probably taking a good rest on the hospital but that incident earned a lot of speculation immediately in the other side of the Internet social networking site like Twitter to bring the latest updates in regards with Greg Giraldo condition.

Gloria Stuart Passed Away at the Age of 100

If you are familiar with an elderly Titanic survivor woman, you can actually recognize Gloria Stuart. And has been noted as the oldest actress nominated in Oscar from her Rose Calvert performance while her age is on the nearby 90's. She passed away recently at the age of 100, probably from a natural cause because she already receive the gift of life to the a century old body.

Gloria Stuarts Death Report

According to BBC, she died at Los Angeles, California, on her own home and not from home of the aged or hospice. We can say that her family is her good people who able to take care of her at her very old age.

Far from probably what we know about Gloria Stuart, she's been with the Universal Studios way back in 1930's. Appeared in "The Invincible Man" as well in "Shirley Temple". She is also a cancer survivor which has been diagnosed 5-years ago. But of course, the most popular and blockbuster film from where she was involve was the Titanic.

James W. Heselden Died in Segway Crash

After of Segway few months in control, James W. Heselden has been drove by his very own company's vehicle to his death. The 62-years old British owner was reportedly dead in an accident that happened at the nearby cliff not too far from his home. The cause was still unknown but the story is now starts to round over the Internet from the initial report taken by Associated Press recently. A much clearer report might now headed to national television for now and you can catch soon as further investigation was ongoing from the crash site.

James W. Heselden Segway Accident

Segway Human Transporter is not uncommon in Europe invented by Dean Kamen way back in year 2002 but unexpected cut the life of its current president, James W. Heselden. The device is actually good enough for big manufacturing company, taking visitors or people around at ease. But no one can expect that the man who drive this mini-car would miss his way. He might probably not taking for granted the safety at the cliff during that time.

Best Actor 1939: Clark Gable in Gone With the Wind

Clark Gable received his third and final Oscar nomination for portraying Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind.

 Gone With The Wind is an incredibly strong epic. It is a long movie, that is actually worth watching the whole. It has a few problems but overall it really is a truly great and grandiose film experience.

Clark Gable performance is certainly is an iconic performance, just about everything about him is a truly iconic performance. Now an iconic performance does not automatically mean a good one or a great one, it can merely be the idea or image of the performance. But there is one thing for sure when speaking of the character there seems that only that person could have ever really be thought as that character.

Clark Gable just is Rhett Butler, and Rhett is Gable. As soon as he appears, he is the character there is no doubt, he just simply is the part. Everything about him only ever insures him as Rhett Butler. I never for a moment in the film questioned him in the part which aided the making his performance as a truly iconic one. His performance as Rhett is one that is essential to the film, and Gable is a character of great impact of the film. This all begins with his initial entrance at the bottom of the stair case looking up at Scarlett (Vivien Leigh). His single look here begins the ease of performance Gable has with this performance. He says nothing but Gable has already suggested more than enough of Butler. Gable look is absolutely perfect there is no question to that look it is as Scarlett describes it, being able to see through her clothes.

For about a third of the film Rhett really does not continuously appear in scenes in comes in and out of the film. Every time though he appears he certainly makes a strong impact, this partially in the way Rhett is written but more fully due to Gable incredibly powerful presence. Gable's presence here is like none other, his natural charisma and strength are never more visible and as strong than as Rhett. Every single moment Gable is on screen his personality is simply magnetic. He always stands out in a scene and always a perfect command in them. Such as his first scene where he questions the abilities of the southern gentlemen to win against the North. He shows Rhett is a man who always has command over his situation. He makes Rhett into a man who knows what he wants and how to get it, and a man who shall not be forgotten, and is not forgotten ever in the film.

Now the most important factor of his performance though that really makes it legendary are his scenes with Vivien Leigh. Vivien Leigh's performance is an astounding performance, one of true brilliance, and Gable being able to stand up along with Leigh performance is a true feat there. Both of the two work wonderfully together. They both are completely in tune with their characters and in each other to make their scenes together scenes of cinematic greatness. I really like Gable way of dealing with Leigh and the way she deals back toward him. They simply could not be better, and both are absolutely brilliantly in showing these two characters who sees things the way they are even if they are of low character at times. They are fantastic in the way they tear at each other down to their true selves. These "romantic" scenes together are fascinating because they really are not tender, but in many ways harsh, yet they still hold tremendous power, because of Leigh and Gable are truly great together.

Gable finally consistently appears in the final fourth of the film, after Rhett marries Scarlett. Gable got along perfectly before that point, excelling as Rhett, while Rhett was always able to stay away partially and never truly become involved with the troublesome Scarlet. Rhett when he does become even more deeply involved with Scarlet including to having a daughter together, Rhett finds great troubles with this relationship, and this really puts Gable performance to the test. Gable is more than up to the task, though and gives truly emotionally honest portrayal as Rhett. He shows Rhett desire to love Scarlet but also his sadness and regret due to her inability to shake her own selfishness. Gable is simply perfect in all of these scenes, and especially the final scene where Scarlet goes to Ashley Wilkes (Leslie Howard) for the last time. His exit and final line delivery are mark of not only an iconic performance, but also of a truly great legendary performance.

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