Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oval Office Speech of Obama Has Been Criticized!

It is not uncommon for political leaders to be criticized just like what happened to Pres. Barrack Obama's oval office address recently from where he earned a few negative and bunch of positive comments from the other side of the government aspiring individual. According to reports, he's on the good timing for his speech from where he tried to show some patriotism centered in the life of American people in times of war as well how he will going to satisfy them in their needs within and out of the country.

There are few speculations that he made a few tribute to the former president George W. Bush, giving him a lot of credit on his statement but there are some additional meaning which is quite hard to accept or understand by a simple citizen living in the harmony of the community.

Brandon Spikes Controversy Could Lead to His Suspension

You may start to wonder what's with Brandon Spikes now, a controversy which now reach to the attention of NFL governing body because of Personal Conduct Policy rule which he probably cross few days ago because of a controversial video tape of him that already rounds on the Internet. According to Boston Globe, they are confident enough to identify that the man in that clips was the LB rookie and Patriots star.

Brandon Spikes Controversial Video Tape Report

However, further investigation was still ongoing to confirmed the mess from where Spikes involved with. This could lead to his suspension and probably affect his career in football. He might not aware of this video tape for now but the moment they find it out, he will probably face a serious sanctions because of his offense from the rule book of morality in sports.

Troy Polamalu's $1-Million Cost of Hair Insurance

At first, we doesn't consider that this news is a serious one because you might going to wonder why Troy Polamalu need to preserve his hair and even insured it for about $1-million. Until we heard that "Head and Shoulder" able to bring up an issue from Procter and Gamble new insurance policy and probably just for the man. Although he never tried to cut it for almost 10-years it's because, he would like to bring tributes to his ancestors, the Samoan.

Troy Polamalu Hair Insurance Photo

However, Polamalu is not the first star player to acquire an insurance for their body parts, the legs of Critanio Ronaldo as well David Beckham play a similar thing with him although it is pretty hard to imagine why he need to do that. Will the product endorser could revive his hair if someone will gonna cut it like Samson?

Running Back Mark Ingram Arthroscopic Surgery

The first Alabama's football opening game for this season will be missed by Mark Ingram due to his knee injury which need to undergone an arthroscopic surgery according to reports. Sad to say, the man is one of the teams Heisman Trophy award sweeper but currently under a medical observation. Nick Saban, his team coach, recently stated that he need to take a rest for now and overcome the problem face by his left leg.

Mark Ingram Arthroscopic Surgery Report

Suppose to be, they are about to face San Jose State but their practice cause him to lost the season opening for now. However, Ingram's squad members are looking forward on his fast recovery for the next match and could retain his good standing as an award winning athlete.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cast of Dancing With the Stars Season 11

The new season of Dancing With the Stars is about to kick-off this coming September 20 and recently they recently revealed their upcoming dancing cast which can view on the following list below. There might be some certain changes in regards with the number of participants as the complete pairing will be announced soon by ABC. It has been officially announced before of Bachelor Pad according to People few moments ago.

Here are the list of participants you can expect to arrive in the show later:

  • David Hasselhoff
  • Michael Sorrentino
  • Kurt Warner
  • Bristol Palin
  • Michael Bolton
  • Jennifer Grey
  • Brooke Burke
  • Tom Bergeron
  • Florence Henderson
  • Audrina Patridge
  • Rick Fox
  • Brandy
  • Margaret Cho
  • Kyle Massey
You can check some more soon for DWTS as the show started to be aired on the above mention date.

Edgar Valdez Villareal Was Reportedly Caught in Mexico

After of few months of search and investigation operation, Edgar Valdez Villareal or known as "La Barbie" was recently caught as noted by the local authority based on Mexico. According to report, he is one of the most-wanted criminal and currently on the list of highly prized person marked for his arrest. He was the head of Beltran Leyva Cartel with $2-million pot money from the United States authorities.

Furthermore, he is a notorious leader in drug trafficking in Acapulco resort and he is indicted for huge amount of cocaine transported to eastern part of the U.S. noted since the year 2004 up to 2006. However, the man was born in Texas and currently on his mid-30's and will probably face a multiple count of serious case which will let him serve his time in prison for the rest of his life.

Paris Hilton Was Arrested Due to Possession of Cocaine

Last Friday, Paris Hilton was arrested due primarily of cocaine possession but another allegedly related controlled drug was reportedly discovered from the purse of the actress. According to report, authorities found a broken tablet of albuterol along with marijuana wrappers. Although it is a well known additives of bronchospasm medicine and other pulmonary illness.

Paris Hilton Arrest Due to Cocaine Issue

Hilton's car has been pulled by police due to an unusual odor of her Cadillac Escalade window. However, the woman tried to asked for a bathroom as they have been pulled for further inspection. The person who attended the situation noticed a small packaging from where he immediately suspects a cocaine stuff.

LiLo Driving a Maserati GranTurismo Pulled by Police!

Few days after of her released from rehab, Lindsay Lohan returns coupled with another story. DUI charges is not uncommon thing for her because right now, according to reports, she was recently pulled by police from the road while driving a Maserati GranTurismo, a well known expensive car which could run to near speed of Ferrari. However, there are few speculations that she tried to run on a red-light trying to keep away from the paparazzi following her.

Lindsay Lohan Maserati GranTurismo Pulled by Police

It was her brand new car but somehow brings her a new misfortune again although it is quite far from the previous case which threatened her to prison before. X17 Online noted that the woman was on her way to Chateau Marmont Hotel when the incident was happened.

Lynn Turner Was Found Dead in Prison!

She is not common to those folks who already heard her name from the multiple-killing she made during her time outside of prison. Murdering her husband and boyfriend way back in 1995 and 2001 respectively using an anti-freeze chemicals. Lynn Turner was known as a dangerous woman who's been part of the life of these two man but unexpectedly lost their lives from her hands.

Lynn Turner Found Dead in Prison

According to the latest news about her, Turner has been found dead at around 6:00 A.M. this Monday at Metro State Prison from where she serving a life-sentence from her cases. According to source, although medical teams based on the said penitentiary facilities tried to revived her, they doesn't able to make it anymore. Further investigation was still ongoing to know the cause of her death.

John Marvin, Jr. Killed 2-Police Officers in Hoonah

The Saturday evening shooting incident happened in Hoonah, Alaska left two-police officers dead while on they way patrolling at the small area covered by a small town. According to reports, the victims was identified as Tony Wallace and Matt Tokuoka which are all identified immediately by a small number of people living in the small village with about less than one-thousand population. Although they tried to call for a nearby assistance, they never make it before the suspect gone away from the area.

The suspect was only identified as John Marvin, Jr., a 45-years old resident of the same village but the shooting cause was still unknown. Investigation was currently ongoing to unlock the motive of this man to kill the patrolling authority members.

Mormon Bishop Clay Sanner was Killed in Visalia

It was one of the tragic incident happened to Church of Latter Day Saints witness by its followers in Visalia, California last Sunday when Bishop Clay Sanner has been shot dead while on service. According to reports, the man was only identified as a person who would like or wish to talk to the church leader but ends with a bloody shoot-outs along with the authorities.

The suspect was still unknown and the odds of the story is that, he able to call the police after he shot Clay Sanner. There is no clear reports that would determine the cause of this incident but somehow, authorities are now doing their further investigation. The killing left a surviving six kids of a church man and his wife. Let us offer our prayer to the man who was debuted and has been part of our belief.

Melanie Oudin Made the First Break in U.S. Open

Olga Savchuk and Melanie Oudin workout for the first round of U.S. Open 2010 and heats-up the tennis court with a very little indifference in scores. Both of them might looking forward to enter the finals and we can still continue to follow their standing in sports channel scoreboard to know the ongoing tournament with your expectation and odds of th game.

Melanie Oudin in U.S. Open 2010 Photo

Melanie got her first break in a score of 4-3 although they start with a very close match but at the mids of the game turns slightly giving the fortune to her with easiness of winning in just a few minutes. They ended in 6-3 from where Savchuk has been left few more strike. Let us check the second upcoming round for more.

Hurricane Earl is Now Headed to East Coast

The tropical depression which is now turned to hurricane Earl is now threatening the East Cost of United States as recently noted by National Weather Service (NWS). It is now on Category 3 which has been strengthen yesterday at the Caribbean sea and now projected to the north. According to the latest updates, this phenomena will probably bring a heavy droplets of rain to the affected area added with its strong wind.

Hurricane Earl Projected Path Photo

Although the path of hurricane Earl is quite difficult to determine for now because of a several changes affected by its condition, this will probably hit the seaboard by the middle of the week. See "The Weather Channel" for more updates and advisory for a clear map direction of the storm.

Another Splendid Day for a Saturday Tour...

August 14th proved to be another beautiful day for Pristine Chapel to welcome 30 guests for a comprehensive tour of the facility. After the mock wedding and dancing in the reception hall, all enjoyed a special cake tasting of wedding cake, followed by bouquet toss and over $1,500 in prize giveaways.

Congratulations to our winners:
Keisha Givens- 1/2 Hour of Reception Time,
Sheila Hatcher- Chocolate Fountain,
Milan Johnson- Portable Bar, and
Arnetra Fashaw- Chapel Decor.

Our next Saturday Tour is scheduled for September 11, 2010...hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fresh Blood Recap of TB Season 3 Episode 11

This August 29, 2010, the True Blood Season 3 Episode 11 kick-off! Entitled "Fresh Blood" and you can check the following video below for a sneak preview. The HBO's blockbuster show has been patronized by thousands of the series fanatics because probably of the story the lies within the rest of its season. According to source, the finale is about to come next month and there will be two more remaining segments to come next from today.

True Blood Season 3 Episode 11 Photo

However, spoilers and recaps brings us a little idea about the next thing within the story but somehow, it is good to keep an eye to the upcoming big finale. There are some more series to come but probably enjoined with the other season.

Randy Couture Defeated James Toney in No Time!

It was the first attempt of a boxer to enter the eight-corner of UFC ring but somehow, the hall of fame MMA manage to take him down in just a matter of minutes. Randy Couture defeated James Toney in half-a-minute before the next round. We are looking for a fight video of this two different skilled fighters but for now, we landed to a page full of promotional stuff. You can wait for a couple of days or three because someone might bring it in YouTube soon.

According to reports, Randy Couture rules the ring with his lock-down technique along with his strong punch which leave Toney choked with his arm. The match ended but viewers are not totally inspired by the main event because probably, they are still trying to look for the best action they can get not only on TD Garden but they tried to engaged in the game as they know who's on the UFC 118.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nicole Richie's New Hairstyle (Photo)

Why people learn how to change their look? Specially in hairstyle? Of course we have our certain reason why we have to do that. Just like Nicole Richie new look now, she shortened her previously long and brown hair and make a little makeover to a blonde thing. Although we never heard a new project of her, probably a few appearances in television series as a special guest or a couple of interview, her new look inspired others. Especially to those who would like to get a short haircut rather than having a long treatment sensitive one.

According to a celebrity gossip site, Nicole Richie is now joining the rest of those hair models like Maggie Gyllenhaal as well Alexa Chung and the other celebrity who do a little experimentation of themselves. However, Andy Lecompte is behind of her first fashionable attempt.

UFC 118 Penn vs Edgar Stakes and Odds

This evening, the TD Garden is about to bring you the highlights of UFC 118 for B.J. Penn vs Frankie Edgar fight along with the most awaited main event match and that is only in Boston. Weigh-ins and other promotional video of the game was already been sent few weeks ago just to teased thousands and even millions of MMA fanatics to catch the August 28, 2010 series of the octagon ring hero.

UFC 118 B.J. Penn vs Frankie Edgar Photo

From the previous UFC 112, Penn losses the fight to Edgar but now, he is ready to accept the challenge to own his lightweight belt again. According to odds and stakes from sports enthusiasts following the entire show, one of them already earned the courage of viewers to win but if the story goes far from what we expect to happen, B.J. could probably rules the ring.

Their skills vary in terms of speed and agility but the few months of rest and practice, the upcoming result is much exiting soon.

Joe Lauzon vs Gabe Ruediger Fight Predictions

The strength of Joe Lauzon might be his true advantage to take over the game soon over Gabe Ruediger although according to previous report, the two has been match-up because of Terry Etim injury. Although we cannot confirm anything from their story, the upcoming match will bring a great deal for this fighter to left his career to another level.

Joe Lauzon vs Gabe Ruediger UFC 118 Prediction

After losing the fight to Sam Stout, this is the next match and the true one before his previous opponent doesn't appear on the ring. According to UFC sports enthusiasts and speculations, Lauzon could probably finish Ruediger through submission of the game but no one can predict the power of the other fighter cause the chance for them are just hanging around as they face soon.

Taylor Swift's Mine Music Video is Up!

A big surprise from Taylor Swift is about to cross the record store again and you don't have to catch it in iTunes for now instead, you need to have a little patients from now because her "Speak Now" album is getting up live with her latest single, "Mine". Although we could not find at least one sneak or preview for her official music video, we hope this details could bring you a little idea about it.

Taylor Swift Speak Now Album Cover

The love story told by Taylor becomes a blockbuster hits from her previous album but now, a teasing new original compilation is about to bring a new color to her career which will include "Back to December", "Story of Us", and "Sparks Fly". It was the third record of the young awesome artist of our time bringing us the best of alternative music. Keep an eye and hear the latest updates about it soon.

However, try to check for Taylor's "Mine" music video as we make a little more round to bring at least one short preview of that clip after.

Cy Waits Saves Paris Hilton from a House Intruder!

Few days ago, we heard how Paris Hilton boyfriend Cy Waits saves his woman from a house intruder who is only known as Nathan Lee Parada. The man was currently at the hands of authorities but the scene has been full of action drama according to reports. The Twitter immediate message cross in the Internet faster than the police to arrive and get the man who attempt to pound the actress house. Her man is brave enough to let the intruders dropped his weapon while pointed with Cy's gun.

Cy Waits Saves Paris Hilton Report

Parada has been charged with felony and never been granted a bail because of his case. There is no other details coupled to the suspect for now but police might already know the background of this man from their initial investigation. However, in addition to report, he is currently on the psychiatric custody as noted by TMZ and other celebrity gossip sites.

8/28 Restoring Honor Rally Stir Lots of Controversy

There might be a certain reason why Glenn Beck and the others are now on their way, not only to mark the history of U.S. but to express the freedom of speech. Before anything else, recently, "Restoring Honor" rally has been covered live by few news channel in your television but if you're one of those folks looking for the latest updates about the happening in Lincoln Memorial, you can still catch it in few video source on the web. You can still watch playback in YouTube soon and other source in the Internet.

8-28 Restoring Honor Rally Photo

Glenn Beck earned a hero's welcome from his fans as he step up the stage. The criticisms we heard from him could bring a little turn around with our point of view especially in the government circle but the controversy could not be hidden due to the mix words of thrown by the political speakers. Those harsh and powerful convincing speeches could actually bring a specific meaning but few stirs a negative impact to the other side.

James Toney Weigh-in Result Hits 237-Pounds!

The recent UFC 118 weigh-ins ends but earned a lot of criticisms from bloggers and sports enthusiast following the game odds and stakes. James Toney becomes the centerfold of an issue which could somehow disgrace the former boxer and now an MMA fighter that will face Randy Couture. Bunch of his photo is currently on the web waiting for anyone to look upon him during the pre-match event.

James Toney Weigh-in Photos Issue

According to reports, he totally reach a weight of 237-pounds, big enough for a heavyweight title plus his punches learned from boxing. Although he played in 160 to 170-pounds before, the upcoming game has been slightly ruined by those writer taking advantage of the funny stuff captured in photos of Toney. In addition, the crowd also noticed the extra thing they have seen during the show.

New Avatar Creatures Showed-out in Special Edition

There might be a certain reason why James Cameron need to showcase her new creatures only in Special Edition of Avatar the movie. They called it "Talioang" in a Na'vi language as noted by news source but this animal could only be seen at IMAX theaters as well in 3D version. While others are looking forward to the next episode of the film, it is good to know this thing first as a sneak while waiting if there will be series for it.

Avatar Talioang Creature Photo

However, the Talioang is an exclusive creatures for viewers and as you can see on the above photo, it looks like a big fat dinosaur but pretty similar to the size of a cow. With a single horn, blue in nature, and according to source, it is a harmless living animal along with the native characters of the movie.

Julio Iglesias and Miranda Rijnsburger Secret Wedding

The long-timed couple could not hide their wedding rite anymore because according to People, Julio Iglesias and Miranda Rijnsburger has been married in Virgen del Carmen this Tuesday but for now, evidence and wedding photos is not yet available in the Internet. There experienced as a mother and father of their children is already good for both of them to tie a knot for last.

Julio Iglesias and Miranda Rijnsburger Photo

For about 20-years of companionship, the two already decided to bring their relationship to the rest of their life. But before that, they already have a five kids from which one and their youngest boy was born last 2007. Although it is a secret thing, the story could not be hide from the celebrity gossip sites after all.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Nicki Minaj and Drake is Getting Married?

We are trying to figure out this issue since we heard that Nicki Minaj and Drake tied a knot far from what we know about them. Their Twitter message brought a big thing not only for them but their followers will never hesitate to share in a private story they can get. We make a little round to check what is going on between them and landed to a celebrity site which is confident enough to open everything they know about the two artist.

According to their history, they have been crossed together by their path in music as well in few prestigious occasions. On the other side, we also heard a few rumors about the relationship that binds after them. And the most tough story we earned few moments ago, they are now getting married? Although no one can confirm the entire thing for now or connect the dot from the line.

WWE Gertrude Vachon Passed Away at 48

If you're one of 90's World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fanatics, the face of a white woman inside the ring you've seen before might still fresh until now. Gertrude "Luna" Vachon is one those stunning performers who was recently passed away at the age of 48 in Florida. The cause of her death was still unknown for now but we will make a little more round soon to check the latest updates about her.

WWE Gertrude Luna Vachon Photo

The WWE extends their gratitude to the late member of their squad in a few statement which confirmed the death of Luna giving their condolences to her surviving family member. According to her history in wrestling, she's been in the ring since early 1990's and retired way back in the year 2000.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Best Viewing Experience of International Space Station (ISS)

Few days ago, a new report from space enthusiasts came across to our attention. When they publicly announced the best viewing time schedule of the International Space Station and guess what, you don't have to use a piece of telescope or any magnifying equipments just to experience the glossy object flying outside of your homes. According to Duluth News Tribune, the ISS is currently hovering to the nearby axis outside of the Earth surface which can be visibly seen by our natural eyes.

Here are the list of available shuttle schedule which can give you an idea during its continuous rotation:

  • 8:31 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. (Wednesday) passes at the southern portion of the planet hemisphere
  • 8:57 P.M. (Thursday) still on the south
  • 9:20 P.M. (Friday) straight at the nearby topmost of the Earth position
  • 8:16 P.M. to 9:50 P.M. across the Altair to Big Dipper
  • 8:40 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. best view in North-Western
There will be a tricky stuff which is possible to appear along with the International Space Station when the craft unload the waste water used within which will look like a tail of a comet when it turns into ice as noted by space center veterans.

Bruckner Chase Jellyfish Swarms Taken From Monterey Bay

It is a painful end of Bruckner Chase successful attempt to cross the 25-miles Monterey Bay with a lot of stalking jellyfish in the water. According to report, the man get a lot of swarms and finish his campaign with few welts. We know how hard to do this stuff but somehow, there are few speculations that he is pretty ironic on his statements on the other side of the bay.

There are other attempts which carried out this problem in Monterey but somehow, his story isn't far but ended with criticisms rather than praising him. It was an adventure which drive him to prepare for a long run swim which take him an about 14-hours to finish.

Macaulay Culkin is Now a Full Grown Man!

The famous "Home Alone" child star is about to hit the age of 30 tomorrow as noted by celebrity sites. Macaulay Culkin is now a full grown man far from what we know about him in the former blockbuster movie which captured the heart of millions worldwide. He's been married way back in 1998 but ended his relationship with Rachel Miner in the year 2002 but currently with his long-time girlfriend Mila Kunis.

Macaulay Culkin Full Grown Man Photo

In 1990, Culkin play the role of Kevin McCallister in the film along with the famous action star and it was one of the Hollywood top grossing movie written on their history of existence. Although he tried to live isolated from the camera and mass media, the man has been spotted again.

Beck's Rally in Lincoln Memorial Speech Anniversary

Glenn Beck has been thrown with a lot of criticisms from his television show commentaries because somehow, the man tried to shot someone who are concern with few of those issue he tackled while on air. It's not a surprise anymore since then and he is about to give a statements as the counter stuff for all of those probably negative angle of his ideology in government and to the people who's been hit by a provocative words from him.

Glenn Beck Rally in Lincoln Memorial

He was scheduled to deliver his speech in Washington, D.C. rally from where the famous Martin Luther King "I Have a Dream" oration takes place. It is one of the country's historical event and will turn the heads of everyone as he answer those allegedly serious questions from his career.

Woods Starts the Lead in The Barclays PGA Tour

Few days ago, we just heard that the court is now finalizing his divorce from a long time-story which become one of the Internet talks centerfolds since his intimate affairs to others has been discovered by his wife. But everything seems mends already and Tiger Woods is now ready for a new start of his life living separately from his legal partner. It's because he start the lead like what we know about him, as the number one golfer of our time in the world.

Tiger Woods in Ridgewood Country Club Tournament

According to reports, The Barclays is now giving Woods an opportunity to show his real talent. He is currently on his way to maintain the momentum of his game at Ridgewood Country Club as part of PGA Tour this year. Although before, he's been quite far from what we expect taking a little probably mistake from his swing or drives in each hole. And at these game, he might already full of energy to cope up the topmost price soon.

Myers Family Photo Shoot Captured a Rubber

The family of Myers accidentally capture a theft trying to rubbed their bag. A good contribution of our digital world with an impact not only at the time we need to review some of our precious moments. According to report from Gizmodo, it was a clear shoot which provide a sneak preview of a crime happening at their back while on their possed in front of the camera.

Meyers Family Photo and the Theft

In addition to report, an email has been shared for us to know about the little but interesting story of their family in Wisconsin while on their way to get a souvenir in one of the Madison landmark. Police immediately identify the man behind them from a the evidence taken by their cam.

That was a good timing for Myers to captured the other side of their special moments and for authorities to know what is going on while the family doesn't feel anything about the rubbery happening on their back.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston Announced Their New Baby Boy!

Good for John Travolta which is now on his late 50's and the 47-years old Kelly Preston because a greatest gift has been sent unto them, a baby boy. Few months ago, we heard that the couple expect for a new child and at these time, they are proud to tell the world that there will be a new member coming to their family circle. From their past, they lost their beloved Jett but they are now probably on their way for another challenge of life and already moved-on as they mend before.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston Baby Boy Issue

Their new upcoming baby will join them along with Ella Bleu who is now at her early teens. According to reports, they called it a "healing baby" because it was the answer of what they are trying to asked after of the sad incident happened to their one and only son before.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

konsep IP routing

outing dari kata dasar route yang diserap dalam bahasa indonesia sebagai rute, definisinya adalah rute dari paket IP didalam jaringan dengan serangkaian tugas untuk mengirimkan paket IP dari router ke router sampai ke tujuan akhir sebagaimana sudah ditentukan didalam bagian IP Header. adalah mirip konsep routing antara jaringan IP dengan system transportasi, disini kami akan menerangkan bahwa konsep routing didalam jaringan IP juga mirip dengan pengoperasian pengiriman mail. dan kami akan membandingkan konsep routing IP dengan konsep konsep system lainnya.

a router has directly attached networks that are immediately accessible (in
other words, that do not require any specific routing mechanism to discover). Consider
router R, in the following example. Networks,, and
are directly connected to the router:
hostname R
interface Ethernet0
ip address
interface Ethernet1
ip address
interface Ethernet2
ip address

In fact, the moment these networks are connected to the router they are visible in R’s
routing table. Note in the following output that the command to display the routing
table is show ip route (in EXEC mode). Also note the “C” that is prepended to the
entries in the routing table, indicating that the routes were discovered as directly
connected to the router:
R#show ip route
Codes: C – connected, S – static, I – IGRP, R – RIP, M – mobile, B – BGP
D – EIGRP, EX – EIGRP external, O – OSPF, IA – OSPF inter area
N1 – OSPF NSSA external type 1, N2 – OSPF NSSA external type 2
E1 – OSPF external type 1, E2 – OSPF external type 2, E – EGP
i – IS-IS, L1 – IS-IS level-1, L2 – IS-IS level-2, * – candidate default
Gateway of last resort is to network
C is directly connected, Ethernet0 is subnetted, 2 subnets
C is directly connected, Ethernet1
C is directly connected, Ethernet2
Directly connected networks are automatically installed in the routing table if the
interface to the network is up. Figure 1-2 shows router R with its directly connected
networks. (The EXEC command show interface will show the state of the interfaces).
In the previous example, it is assumed that all three interfaces to the directly connected
networks are up. If an interface to a directly connected network goes down,
the corresponding route is removed from the routing table.
If multiple IP addresses are attached to an interface (using secondary addresses), all
the associated networks are installed in the routing table.
Static Routing
ip route
R#sh ip route

1 S [1/0] via
ip route
The syntax of the static route command is:
ip route network [mask] {address | interface} [distance]
where network and mask specify the IP address and mask of the destination. The
next hop may be specified by its IP address or by the interface on which to send the
packet. To point a static route to an interface (Ethernet0 in this case), use:
ip route interface Ethernet0
Static routes are smart to the extent that if the next hop (interface or IP address)
specified goes down, the router will remove the static route entry from the routing
Dynamic Routing
we spoke of the “shorter” or “shortest” path in the context
of both DV and Link State algorithms. Since a router may know of multiple
paths to a destination, each routing protocol must provide a mechanism to discover
the “shorter” or “shortest” path based on one or more of the following criteria: number
of hops, delay, throughput, traffic, reliability, etc. A metric is usually attached to
this combination; lower metric values indicate “shorter” paths. For each routing protocol
discussed in the chapters that follow, we will describe how the route metric is
A network under a single administrative authority is described as an autonomous system
(AS) in routing parlance. Interior gateway protocols (IGPs) are designed to support
the task of routing internal to an AS. IGPs have no concept of political boundaries
between ASs or the metrics that may be used to select paths between ASs. RIP, IGRP,
EIGRP, and OSPF are IGPs. Exterior gateway protocols (EGPs) are designed to support
routing between ASs. EGPs deploy metrics to select one inter-AS path over
another. BGP is the most commonly used EGP.
The Routing Table
At Grand Central Terminal, a big wall lists all the destinations and their corresponding
track numbers (see Figure 1-4). Passengers find their destination on this wall and
then proceed to the indicated platforms. Similarly, a routing table must contain at
least two pieces of information: the destination network and the next hop toward
that destination. This reflects a fundamental paradigm of IP routing: hop-by-hop
routing. In other words, a router does not know the full path to a destination, but
only the next hop to reach the destination.
Destination #####time#####tracknumber
New Haven 9:21 22
Cos Cob 9:24 11
Valhalla 9:31 19
Dover Plains 9:42 12
Bronxville 9:18 17

Routes are installed in the routing table as they are learned through the mechanisms
we have been discussing: directly connected networks, static routes, and dynamic
routing protocols. A typical routing table in a Cisco router looks like this:
Router>show ip route
Codes: C – connected, S – static, I – IGRP, R – RIP, M – mobile, B – BGP
D – EIGRP, EX – EIGRP external, O – OSPF, IA – OSPF inter area
N1 – OSPF NSSA external type 1, N2 – OSPF NSSA external type 2
E1 – OSPF external type 1, E2 – OSPF external type 2, E – EGP
i – IS-IS, L1 – IS-IS level-1, L2 – IS-IS level-2, * – candidate default
Gateway of last resort is to network
2 is subnetted, 2 subnets
C is directly connected, Serial1
C is directly connected, Serial0
3 is variably subnetted, 2 subnets, 2 masks
4 S [1/0] via
5 S [1/0] via
6 is subnetted, 2 subnets
O IA [110/3137] via, 02:16:02, Ethernet0
[110/3137] via, 02:16:02, Ethernet0
O IA [110/3127] via, 02:25:43, Ethernet0
[110/3127] via, 02:25:43, Ethernet0
7 O E2 [110/20] via, 20:49:59, Ethernet0

Note that the first few lines of the output attach a code to the source of the routing
information: “C” and “S” denote “connected” and “static”, respectively, as we saw
earlier, “I” denotes IGRP, etc. This code is prepended to each routing entry in the
routing table, signifying the source of that route.
The body of the routing table essentially contains two pieces of information: the destination
and the next hop. So, (line 2) has two subnets, each with a 30-bit
mask. The two subnets are listed in the following two lines.
Line 3 shows an interesting case. has two subnets: and 10.254.
101.0/24. Not only are the subnet masks different, but the subnets are overlapping. A
destination address of would match both route entries! So, should a
packet for be routed to or Routing table
lookups follow the rule of longest prefix match. matches 8 bits on line 4
and 24 bits on line 5—the longer prefix wins, and the packet is forwarded to 160.4.
101.4. (line 6) has two subnets, each of which is known via two paths. (line 7) is not subnetted.
What if a route is learnt via multiple sources—say, via OSPF and as a static entry?
Each source of routing information has an attached measure of its trustworthiness,
called administrative distance in Cisco parlance. The lower the administrative distance,
the more trustworthy the source.
Table 1-1 shows the default administrative distances.
Table 1-1. Default administrative distances
Route source Default distance
Connected interface 0
Static route 1
External BGP 20
IGRP 100
OSPF 110
IS-IS 115
RIP 120
EGP 140
Internal BGP 200
Unknown 255

Thus, if a route is known both via OSPF and as a static entry, the static entry, not the
entry known via OSPF, will be installed in the routing table.
Note that distance information and the route metric appear in the output of show ip
route inside square brackets with the distance information first, followed by a “/”
and the route metric: [distance/metric].
Administrative distance is only considered internally within a router; distance information
is not exchanged in routing updates.

to be continued..

What’s Wrong with IT Strategy

By definition, every organization has an IT Strategy – some have it clearly articulated and the others are working to one without knowing it. The question is: Is the IT Strategy producing results? One can also ask the same question a different way: What must one do to make IT Strategy produce results? Or, perhaps, what is wrong with this IT Strategy? The strength of an IT Strategy does not come from it being articulated. It lies along its entire lifecycle – from the vision to the underlying policies, framework, process design, including management and control mechanisms, and execution. Each of them must be carefully thought through and designed. Vision, principles and policies set the direction for an IT Strategy. They are the first step to designing and defining an IT Strategy but, more importantly, they reflect the stakeholders’ beliefs. It is critical that the strategy evolve from these beliefs, otherwise execution will be “half hearted”. It is also absolutely essential to realize that “stakeholders” include both the designers and the executers of this strategy. A framework provides structure to IT Strategy. It enables rapid, repeatable results by ensuring that we have a complete “picture” and made the key connections. Frameworks might not guarantee success, but they sure help sustain and repeat it. Sometime, they can also salvage a floundering effort by identifying root cause of failure. Without a framework success or failure are a black box. More often than not, success comes from tinkering with an initial failure. Frameworks are invaluable in this tinkering. Sometimes we forget that IT Strategy is a process not a point in time event. Like any other process, IT Strategy process must also be designed and have an “owner”. It must also be integrated with other processes such as Budget, Portfolio Rationalization, Enterprise Architecture Planning and Systems Implementation. It must also be managed – monitored and controlled – using clearly defined metrics and mechanisms. Execution makes all the difference between success and failure of an IT Strategy. An IT Strategy might look good on paper. However, implementation is where the rubber meets the road and for the first time we know, for sure, if things are working as planned. As much as strategy drives execution, the reverse is also equally true. A good IT Strategy is one that is built factoring in “practical” considerations or execution “constraints”. Also, on an ongoing basis, real data from execution must be used to “fine tune” strategy. For the sake of brevity, we cannot delve into all that issues affecting IT Strategy. So let us look at 10 key reasons why IT Strategies fail to, well, sizzle: Show me the alignment? IT Strategy and alignment are such very nebulous terms that most people have difficulty defining them in a manner that is actionable. It is fine to say that an IT Strategy is going to align IT with business but it is another matter that most people cannot prove this alignment. Most CIOs cannot say for sure if their IT is aligned with business. Show me the value? Another area of concern is whether an IT Strategy will create verifiable and sustainable results. One of the reasons for business leaders’ dissatisfaction with IT in general, and IT Strategy in particular, is that one cannot verify results. We know that IT Alignment creates shareholder value. However, if one cannot verify alignment itself, they cannot expect to be taken seriously, when they claim, that it resulted in shareholder value creation. What is the ROI of NPV? It is hard to argue with Peter Drucker, when he says, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it”. However, is measurement is not restricted to financial measures such as NPV. It is not synonymous with “dollar-denominated”. IT is different. Its value cannot be measured only through NPV or other financial measures. Its measure does not have to be dollar denominated. There are other, better, means of measuring IT Value. How does this decision impact IT Value? An IT Strategy is not an end in itself. Organizations’ need to keep it updated. For example, unanticipated events require a response that might not have been considered in the original strategy. It is critical to understand how these decisions, in response to these events, affect the IT Strategy. Also, how do they impact value creation originally identified? How does this business decision impact IT? Stuff happens. In a business, it happens frequently and, more often than not, without warning. Speed and agility of response, differentiate businesses that succeed. Quickly, one would like to know the impact of a business event on its IT. Also, how can IT help respond to them – efficiently and effectively. IT Strategy framework must, seamlessly, traverse the business and IT boundaries to quickly assess the impact of an event across the entire organization. It should allow for quick decision making in response to these events – by assessing the impact on of each decision on shareholder value. One big leap or baby steps? Success, often, is a multi step process, especially, in uncharted territory. Our response to an initial stumble, determines if it is a minor glitch or a decisive blow. A good framework, process with a feedback loop and metrics help in this endeavor. IT Strategy’s success is no different. Our first foray might result in some problems. We should be able to know when we have faltered; if it is a glitch or a blunder; quickly assess the reason for our stumble. We must also be able to quickly devise a response. Can I learn from my experience? The classic definition of insanity is: repeating the same steps expecting different results. Why do IT organizations behave insanely? Because most organizations do not spend the time to analyze, document, incorporate, disseminate or teach their “lessons learnt”. Best practices are not disseminated from one part of the organization to the other. Failures are hidden. New team members are not taught “what works” and “what doesn’t”. Processes are not modified to incorporate lessons learnt. Your “next” IT Strategy is bound to deliver the same results and this one – nothing less; nothing more Is this a steering committee or a team? Often, IT Strategy is delegated to a steering committee comprised of participants from different functions. Each participant brings excellent, relevant and complementary skills to the table. However, this is a great idea that fails during execution. A successful team must have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Each member of the team must understand how the different pieces of the puzzle fit together. Each member must “deliver” something. Together, then, the team delivers results. Steering committees result in the right people showing up for all the right meetings. However, they do not focus on role definition. They also fail to assign responsibility for deliverables. More often than not, these committees turn into debating societies where a lot of good stuff is discussed but very little, if anything, of value is ever delivered. Who will lose their job if this fails? Accountability is critical to the success of an IT Strategy. One can create a very “good” IT Strategy that either stays on the shelf or fails miserably when executed. Till success or failure is linked to executive compensation and/or career, such strategies and/or failures will continue to occur. Are we in compliance? IT standards are a critical enabler of IT Strategy because they help lower cost of operations. Organizations invest in standards teams that take great pains in defining standards. Often, IT Strategy process is not linked to a compliance process. Hence, projects that do not adhere to technical standards get implemented. Thus a great IT Strategy results in higher than desirable cost of operations.This is by no means an exhaustive list. However, addressing these will take us many steps closer to the solution.

Sejarah Terciptanya Virus Komputer

Virus komputer pertama kalinya tercipta bersamaan dengan komputer. Pada tahun 1949, salah seorang pencipta komputer, John von Newman, yang menciptakan Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer (EDVAC), memaparkan suatu makalahnya yang berjudul “Theory and Organization of Complicated Automata”. Dalam makalahnya dibahas kemungkinan program yang dapat menyebar dengan sendirinya. Perkembangan virus komputer selanjutnya terjadi di AT&T Bell Laboratory salah satu laboratorium komputer terbesar di dunia yang telah menghasilkan banyak hal, seperti bahasa C dan C++.1 Di laboratorium ini, sekitar tahun 1960-an, setiap waktu istirahat para peneliti membuat permainan dengan suatu program yang dapat memusnahkan kemampuan membetulkan dirinya dan balik menyerang kedudukan lawan. Selain itu, program permainan dapat memperbanyak dirinya secara otomatis. Perang program ini disebut Core War, yaitu pemenangnya adalah pemilik program sisa terbanyak dalam selang waktu tertentu. Karena sadar akan bahaya program tersebut, terutama bila bocor keluar laboratorium tersebut, maka setiap selesai permainan, program tersebut selalu dimusnahkan. Sekitar tahun 1970-an , perusahaan Xerox memperkenalkan suatu program yang digunakan untuk membantu kelancaran kerja. Struktur programnya menyerupai virus, namun program ini adalah untuk memanfaatkan waktu semaksimal mungkin dan pada waktu yang bersamaan dua tugas dapat dilakukan. Pada tahun 1980-an, perang virus di dunia terbuka bermula atas pemaparan Fred Cohen, seorang peneliti dan asisten profesor di Universitas Cincinati, Ohio. Dalam pemaparannya, Fred juga mendemonstrasikan sebuah program ciptaannya, yaitu suatu virus yang dapat menyebar secara cepat pada sejumlah komputer. Sementara virus berkembang, Indonesia juga mulai terkena wabah virus. Virus komputer ini pertama menyebar di Indonesia juga pada
tahun 1988. Virus yang begitu menggemparkan seluruh pemakai komputer di Indonesia, saat itu, adalah virus ©Brain yang dikenal dengan nama virus Pakistan.

Pengertian Virus Komputer

Istilah virus komputer tak asing lagi bagi kalangan pengguna komputer saat ini. Padahal, sekitar 12 tahun yang lalu, istilah ini telah dikenal oleh masyarakat pengguna komputer. Baru pada tahun 1988, muncul artikel-artikel di media massa yang dengan gencar memberitakan mengenai ancaman baru bagi para pemakai komputer yang kemudian dikenal dengan sebutan ‘virus komputer’. Virus yang terdapat pada komputer hanyalah berupa program biasa, sebagaimana layaknya program-program lain. Tetapi terdapat perbedaan yang sangat mendasar pada virus komputer dan program lainnya. Virus dibuat oleh seseorang dengan tujuan yang bermacam-macam, tetapi umumnya para pembuat virus hanyalah ingin mengejar popularitas dan juga hanya demi kesenangan semata. Tetapi apabila seseorang membuat virus dengan tujuan merusak maka tentu saja
akan mengacaukan komputer yang ditularinya.

Kemampuan Dasar Virus Komputer

Definisi umum virus komputer adalah program komputer yang biasanya berukuran kecil yang dapat meyebabkan gangguan atau kerusakan pada sistem komputer dan memiliki beberapa kemampuan dasar, diantaranya adalah :

Kemampuan untuk memperbanyak diri
Yakni kemampuan untuk membuat duplikat dirinya pada file-file atau disk-disk yang belum ditularinya, sehingga lama-kelamaan wilayah penyebarannya semakin luas.

Kemampuan untuk menyembunyikan diri
Yakni kemampuan untuk menyembunyikan dirinya dari perhatian user, antara lain dengan cara-cara berikut :
a. Menghadang keluaran ke layar selama virus bekerja, sehingga pekerjaan virus tak tampak oleh user.
b. Program virus ditempatkan diluar track2 yang dibuat DOS (misalkan track 41)
c. Ukuran virus dibuat sekecil mungkin sehingga tidak menarik kecurigaan.

Kemampuan untuk mengadakan manipulasi
Sebenarnya rutin manipulasi tak terlalu penting. Tetapi inilah yang sering mengganggu. Biasanya rutin ini dibuat untuk :
a. Membuat tampilan atau pesan yang menggangu pada layer monitor
b. Mengganti volume label disket
c. Merusak struktur disk, menghapus file-file
d. Mengacaukan kerja alat-alat I/O, seperti keyboard dan printer

Kemampuan untuk mendapatkan informasi
Yakni kemampuan untuk mendapatkan informasi tentang struktur media penyimpanan seperti letak boot record asli, letak table partisi, letak FAT3, posisi suatu file, dan sebagainya.

Kemampuan untuk memeriksa keberadaan dirinya
Sebelum menyusipi suati file virus memeriksa keberadaan dirinya dalam file itu dengan mencari ID (tanda pengenal) dirinya di dalam file itu. File yang belum tertular suatu virus tentunya tidak mengandung ID dari virus yang bersangkutan. Kemampuan ini mencegah penyusupan yang berkali-kali pada suatu file yang sama.

2.4 Jenis-jenis virus komputer

Berikut ini akan dibahas jenis-jenis virus yang penulis simpulkan dari berbagai sumber, baik sumber pustaka maupun sumber dari internet.

2.4.1 Berdasarkan Teknik Pembuatannya

a. Virus yang dibuat dengan compiler
Adalah virus yang dapat dieksekusi karena merupakan virus yang telah di compile sehingga menjadi dapat dieksekusi langsung. Virus jenis ini adalah virus yang pertama kali muncul di dunia komputer, dan sampai sekarang terus berkembang pesat. Biasanya virus jenis ini dibuat dengan bahasa pemrograman tingkat rendah yang disebut dengan assembler, karena dengan menggunakan assembler program yang dihasilkan lebih kecil dan cepat, sehingga sangat cocok untuk membuat virus. Tetapi tidak tertutup kemungkinan untuk membuat virus dengan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman lainnya seperti C dan Pascal baik dilingkungan DOS maupun Windows .
Mungkin virus jenis ini adalah virus yang paling sulit untuk dibuat tetapi karena dibuat dengan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman dan berbentuk bahasa mesin maka keunggulan dari virus ini adalah mampu melakukan hampir seluruh manipulasi yang mana hal ini tidak selalu dapat dilakukan oleh virus jenis lain karena lebih terbatas.

b. Virus Macro

Banyak orang salah kaprah dengan jenis virus ini, mereka menganggap bahwa virus Macro adalah virus yang terdapat pada program Microsoft Word. Memang hampir seluruh virus Macro yang ditemui merupakan virus Microsoft Word. Sebenarnya virus Macro adalah virus yang memanfaatkan fasilitas pemrograman modular pada suatu program aplikasi tertentu seperti Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowePoint, Corel WordPerfect, dan sebagainya. Tujuan dari fasilitas pemrograman modular ini adalah untuk memberikan suatu kemudahan serta membuat jalan pintas bagi
aplikasi tersebut. Sayangnya fungsi ini dimanfaatkan oleh pembuat-pembuat virus untuk membuat virus didalam aplikasi tersebut. Walaupun virus ini terdapat didalam aplikasi tertentu tetapi bahaya yang ditimbulkan tidak kalah berbahanya dari virus-virus yang lain.

c. Virus Script/ Batch

Pada awalnya virus ini lebih dikenal dengan virus batch karena dulu terdapat pada file batch yang terdapat pada DOS, sekarang hal ini telah berganti menjadi script. Virus script biasanya sering didapat dari Internet karena kelebihannya yang fleksibel dan bisa berjalan pada saat kita bermain internet, virus jenis ini biasanya menumpang pada file HTML (Hype Text Markup Language) dibuat dengan menggunakan fasilitas script seperti Javascript, VBscript,4 maupun gabungan antara script yang mengaktifkan program Active-X dari Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Berdasarkan yang dilakukan

a. Virus Boot Sector
Virus Boot Sector adalah virus yang memanfaatkan gerbang hubungan antara komputer dan media penyimpan sebagai tempat untuk menularkan virus. Apabila pada boot sector terdapat suatu program yang mampu menyebarkan diri dan mampu tinggal di memory selama komputer bekerja, maka program tersebut dapat disebut virus. Virus boot sector terbagi dua yaitu virus yang menyerang disket dan virus yang menyerang disket dan tabel partisi.
b. Virus File
Virus file merupakan virus yang memafaatkan suatu file yang dapat diproses langsung pada editor DOS, seperti file berekstensi COM, EXE, beberapa file overlay, dan file BATCH. Virus umumnya tidak memiliki kemampuan untuk menyerang di semua file tersebut. Virus file juga dikelompokkan berdasarkan dapat atau tidaknya tingga di memory.
c. Virus System
Virus sistem merupakan virus yang memanfaatkan file-file yang dipakai untuk membuat suatu sistem komputer. Contohnya adalah file dengan berekstensi SYS, file IBMBIO.COM, IBMDOS.COM, atau COMMAND.COM.
d. Virus Hybrid
Virus ini merupakan virus yang mempunyai dua kemampuan biasanya dapat masuk ke boot sector dan juga dapat masuk ke file. Salah satu contoh virus ini adalah virus Mystic yang dibuat di Indonesia.
e. Virus Registry WIndows
Virus ini menginfeksi operating system yang menggunakan Windows 95/98/NT biasanya akan mengadakan infeksi dan manipulasi pada bagian registry Windows sebab registry adalah tempat menampung seluruh informasi komputer baik hardware maupun software. Sehingga setiap kali kita menjalankan Windows maka virus akan dijalankan oleh registry tersebut.
f. Virus Program Aplikasi
Virus ini merupakan virus Macro, menginfeksi pada data suatu program aplikasi tertentu. Virus ini baru akan beraksi apabila kita menjalankan program aplikasi tersebut dan membuka data yang mengandung virus.

Berdasarkan media penyebarannya

a. Penyebaran dengan media fisik
Media yang dimaksudkan bisa dengan disket, CD-ROM (Compact Disc Read Only Memory), harddisk, dan sebagainya. Untuk CD-ROM, walaupun media ini tidak dapat dibaca tetapi ada kemungkinan suatu CD-ROM mengandung virus tertentu, walaupun kemungkinannya kecil, tetapi seiring dengan berkembangnya alat CD-R/CD-RW yang beredar dipasaran maka kemungkinan adanya virus didalam CD-ROM akan bertambah pula. Untuk saat ini virus jenis ini yang menjadi dominan dari seluruh virus yang ada. Virus ini akan menular pada komputer yang masih belum tertular apabila terjadi pengaksesan pada file/media yang mengandung virus yang diikuti dengan pengaksesan file/media yang masih bersih, dapat juga dengan mengakes file/media yang masih bersih sedangkan di memori komputer terdapat virus yang aktif.

b. Penyebaran dengan Media Internet
Akhir-akhir ini virus yang menyebar dengan media sudah semakin banyak, virus ini biasanya menyebar lewat e-mail ataupun pada saat kita mendownload suatu file yang mengandung virus. Juga ada beberapa virus yang secara otomatis akan menyebarkan dirinya lewat e-mail apabila komputer memiliki hubungan ke jalur internet

Jennifer Griffin Returned as Fox News Correspondent!

The interview of Gen. David Petraeus who is formerly assigned and become the centerfold of the Afghanistan U.S. military forces issues is the first major tasked tackled by Jennifer Griffin as she returned to Fox News as a correspondents covering the story of the complex life of those folks in the wild side of the world. According to source, it is good to see him again from the past few months because she was diagnosed with a serious illness from where she need to keep up her time with medical treatment.

Jennifer Griffin Returns to Fox News Photo

The inner thought what we are trying to point-out is that, the interview of Petraus brings a little questionable answer in the faith of others especially to those folks with love ones currently on the battle fields of the above mentioned country. We've been overcome with few information war before but now, we are trying to cope up the truth behind why the casualties are continue to rise as unexpected.

Greg Camarillo is Joining the Squad of Vikings

Another restructuring moves for Vikings brings Greg Camarillo to their squad. But somehow, if we look back to the past few season, the teams manage to make a little turn around due to their player injuries and a little serious illnesses. He might be assigned to do the task of Sidney Rice for the meantime because of his hip as well taking over the headaches suffered by Percy Harvin.

Greg Camarillo Joins the Vikings

Camarillo shows a good standing on his records, from the number of catch, passes, and everything from him shows a big potential to cover up the weakness of his new team. The Dolphins might be aware of this stuff but we cannot find a certain reason why they have to give up their stunning member for now.

Stan Kroenke is Now the New St. Louis Rams Owner!

Now that Stan Kroenke has been confirmed as the new owner of St. Louis Rams, will he give a chance to his son to manage the teams from NBA as well in NHL? It's another question we need to follow after as a new management is about to take over the control of those squads. The family of Rosenbloom is another set of option for him for the additional 60-percent which will cost him for about $750-million.

Stan Kroenke St Louis New Owner Photo

According to Associated Press, Kroenke needs to learn and practice the ownership of the team as a part of his franchise in regards with the professional league rules. Nuggets and Avalanche of Colorado was already the two other teams which could bring him a good experience to run the Rams. But in addition to reports, the NHL is asking him to give his son a chance to do the business of this teams.

Although for now, we cannot totally determine if he really observed what the governing sports body trying to point out for the new responsibility that could challenge him.

Jackie Chan Twitter Message Praised by Filipinos!

It is good to hear this story from a well known personality in Hollywood and in the whole world which could help the Filipino people to recover from the grief and anxiety from last Monday hostage stand-out in Manila. Jackie Chan recently extend his grief to the Philippines and the people of Hong Kong from the incident which could leave a trauma to those folks involved. The Internet give way to everyone to express our thoughts and ideas about the unwanted things like of what happened recently.

While others are keep on talking about the epic of the issue around the world, there are still open minded folks who can reunite our faith from each other through we are divided by race or nationality. We do not lose our hope for all of these, time could mend everything like an old story written in the history of the Philippines.

Miss Jimena Navarrete Facial Hair Captured in Photos

The Miss Universe 2010 brought out a lot of issue since then. From the participants body tattoo shoots to the interview questions controversial experiences. Everything has been followed by celebrity and gossip sites just to bring out the latest stuff from the prestigious event in the world. Jimena Navarrete earned the attention of everyone this Monday evening as the crown goes home to Mexico because of her. But aside from this, you might new from this another odd story brought up in the web by someone else, her facial hair which is according to some, it was a lucky charm and can inspired other women that share a little similarity with the beauty queen.

Jimena Navarrete Facial Hair Captured in Photo

Jimena Navarrete appeared so good with that in a photo shoot taken from the segment of the pageant but somehow, others could not hold their breath anymore, speculations starts to round like no one knows it before. There are few of these stuff waiting for anyone to make a little sneak about it. Although she has a beard like hair, she still possess the characteristics of a real woman not only at that evening she was crowned but in her lifestyle too.

Soulja Boy and Kat Stacks Video Tape Issues

People are now talking about this stuff, a controversial thing that cause someone on his camp to heats up an issue. It's because of Kat Stacks and of course Soulja Boy controversial video tape which is probably on a one side of the Internet just like with those other celebrities who's been on the centerfold from the similar story. Although we haven't tried or attempt to get a copy of it, those Twitter message of the young man earned our attention recently. From the response he thrown back to everything that the woman would like to spread on the line.

Soulja Boy and Kat Stacks Controversial Video Issue

According to a celebrity gossip site, that stuff came from the Atlanta-based hotel from where Soulja Boy cocaine issue entered the scene. His tweets doesn't really good to hear for anyone concerned or the things that linked their way together. Although for now, we kept up our time waiting for the latest updates we can get from the story of these two different personality, from music industry and the other one name just popped-up few hours ago.

Sonic Restaurant Swallowed by a Sinkhole in Georgia

It is an uncommon phenomenal incident that could happen in any part of the Earth surface but somehow, the case of a Georgia's restaurant was cause by a heavy rains and flood. The Sonic fast food place has been swallowed by a big sinkhole which actually surprised the owner and those folks living on the nearby area. According to Associated Press, Cleveland has been struck by a flash-flood which has been blamed because of the huge opening of the ground.

Cleveland Georgia Sinkhole Photo

There are few other related incident that surfaced in the Internet like what happened to Guatemala recently. That is probably much deeper than the Georgia's sinkhole which could be viewed on top like a big hole in the middle of the road. You can check the following video below for more taken by an AP who get a chance to tape the evidence.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Adolf Hitler's DNA Revealed His Jewish Possible Ancestors

Through the long-term study and analysis of Adolf Hitler's ancestry, Marc Vermeeren and Jean Paul Mulders recently published their new research taken from the specimen samples, a saliva to reveal the man's possible ancestors. Surprisingly, a Jewish line has been discovered as well an African relatives. But for now, we are still waiting for the rest of this new breakthrough in the life of the infamous terrorist.

Adolf Hitlers Jewish and African Ancestry Issue

Haplogroup E1b1b chromosome discovered in Hitler is uncommon in the country where he grew up but not rare in either Morocco as well in Tunisia. We know how his story goes far from the history of the world, the man who leads his army to kill millions for the unknown glory.

Erica Blasberg's Cause of Death Ruled Out?

Few months ago, we've been surprised by the young LPGA's tour member Erica Blasberg by her death report. Now, the latest updates about her includes the toxicology result taken from her body after. According to source, the cause of her death isn't clear until the discovery of those harmful substance found on her system provides a lot and strong clue that the woman tried to kill herself by a medical prescribed drugs.

Erica Blasberg Suicide Rumor Photo

On the other side of Blasberg's story, Dr. Thomas Hess received an arrest warrant because of obstruction of justice and his involvement in the scene from where the young woman's body was found dead. The doctor manage to call the 911 helpline but kept his presence by the time the medical team and authorities arrived. However, he doesn't deny everything about the suicide note and other evidence from the area.

Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj Controversy Rounded Up!

Why people keeps on asking those odds stuff about our very own Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj? It's because probably, they need to know something which could turn her down? Or something which could help her to promote her true identity. According to source, the there is Facebook fan page starts throw a lot of issue to the 22-years old beauty of our country but somehow, the government make a serious move to declare her citizenship.

Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj Photo

Maria Venus Raj born in Doha, Qatar from an Indian father. She grew up in a remote area of Bato and become one of the local pageant controversial candidate because probably of a clerical error in her birth certificate. But our local folks doesn't lose their hope, make a much bigger campaign just to clarify everything for her legality.

In terms of educational background, he graduated cum laude in college and she possess a potential for Miss Universe although she wins as the prestigious pageant 4th runner up.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kacey Louisa Barnfield New Photo Shoots is Up!

The "Resident Evil" star is up with her latest photo shoots showing her gorgeous appearances nearly good like of what we saw in her film. Kacey Louisa Barnfield probably do a posed for a Maxim magazine because it is pretty spectacular for a regular one we can buy in a news stands. Although nobody confirmed where it will going to showed-out soon but there are bunch of that pics on the line waiting for anyone and might already gained the attention of other folks who are following her.

Kacey Louisa Barnfield New Photo Shoots

Celebrity sites are now talking about her photos, how she handles and managed to appear like a woman of anyone's dream. In what she used to wear and where is that stuff came from? We are still wondering for that mind bending shoots we expect to land in our hands soon.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Divorce Settlement is Final

Few months ago, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren crossed again following the issue that rounds on the world famous golfer, in a divorce court matter which will bring the rest of their story to an end for them to do whatever they want after. According to previous reports, the woman expect a big fund from the settlement and now, their paper is already final but on behalf of all, there is no terms binded within.

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren Divorce Settlement

The Florida's circuit court finalized the entire thing but needs to share the responsibility to raised their two kids. At these moment, the couple are now ready to start a new life far away from each other as their married was already over for a certain reason to hate one another from another thing that could ruin their vow.

Tropical Storm Danielle Struck Cape Verde Island

The tropical storm Danielle is currently on its way hitting the Cape Verde Island moving at about 65-mph headed to the Caribbean. In regards with the latest updates for the weather phenomena, this would probably turn to a complete hurricane level in the next few hours. People on the affected area may now start checking the live news from a respective agency carrying the announcement of its level to prepare.

Tropical Storm Danielle Map Direction Photo

It brings thunderstorms while moving forward to western-northern direction and has been expected to bring a much stronger wind although according to source, this will not hit the landmass of the affected area of responsibility. For now, other than Danielle, on the other side, Mindulle is currently observed in South China Sea.

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco is Dating?

There might be a certain reason why the 32-years old Chad Ochocinco take a little rest to take his time with someone he loves. According to report, the wide-receiver of Bangals is dating the Basketball Wives personality and that is no other than Evelyn Lozada. Although for now, the man was still part of a reality television show in VH1 where other woman are still working on their way for his attention.

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco Issue

The producer of "The Ultimate Catch" might hauling now of what happened to their star and the ending of their story is not good as what they expect to be. Ochocinco recently sent a few message in his own Twitter account telling anyone following him that he already found someone in behalf of the struggle of those participants competing just for him.

According to source, he even sent a photo showing that they have been together for a couple of months already and we cannot hold it back or tell his show director to stop filming the VH1 stuff.

Manila Bus Hostage Taker Released the Driver

The Philippine television is aired live the hot pursuit operation of the bus hostage taker where SWAT member is currently on their way working to penetrate the position of Rolando Mendoza. Authorities are now taking advantage of the situation, opening the front door of the vehicle to unveil what's inside but they are carefully moving around to assure their safety from the gunman within.

Recently, the bus driver has been released by the hostage taker where he suddenly run out of the bus. According to him, the hostage are all dead already as noted by ABS-CBN report. But recently, there are several shots heard from the truck denoting that the suspect is still alive. Although for now, most of us are following the current live coverage straight from the scene.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jesse Metcalfe is Up in Jennifer Johnson's Chase

The man of "John Tucker Must Die" is up to regain a new role in action, now in "Chase". The television series was directed by Jerry Bruckheimer and under the production of Jennifer Johnson. Jesse Metcalfe recently talked about his experiences during the filming from where he needs to learn an additional knowledge about how authorities manage to cater their services in manhunts and weaponry. According to him, an additional workout is needed to play his role along with the other adjustments.

Jesse Metcalfe New Role in Chase

In addition to report, the story goes around in southern Texas from where marshals are taking their time chasing criminals, tracing, and getting involve in a problem solving plans just to bring him down. Annie Frost is a deputy officer in Chase which is the centerfold of everything. The premier night was scheduled to reached the television this coming 20th of September, 2010. Try to check some more soon after this break.

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Wedding Takes Place in Malibu

Behind of those rumors that came across to our attention doesn't stopped the two star to tie their knots and far from what we know about the television series. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer has been married in California last Saturday according to US Weekly in a Malibu beach side. We try to look for an evidence photo but we failed to get at least one of it and you can check it up soon.

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Photo

These vampires fall in-love together not only a television series but at the back of their scenes far from what we can experience with their show. The 28-years old actress take a rest at the hands of the actor. The wedding ceremony has been attended with their co-stars and other personality behind of their success. The engagement ring we saw with Anna Paquin before isn't just a rumor and now a true stuff as their destiny.

Carrie Preston of True Blood Season 3 Interview

Another stunning female star of True Blood Season 3 includes Carrie Preston who recently appeared in TV Guide's interview telling what she feels as part of the blockbuster television series which getting a lot of attention to the national viewers. According to her, she used to have an authentic souvenirs in her previous film which helped her to play his role.

Carrie Preston of True Blood Season 3

She talk about the wonderful things came over on her as an actress and the inspiration that takes him up who is no other than her husband Michael. She also stated that he do a little but with a big impact transformation just for the HBO's show. Try to check the following video after this cut for more about Preston's interview:

Baseball Broadcaster Vin Scully's Retirement Rumor

Vin Scully has been in his field for more than six-decade and he is about to celebrate the 62nd year of service by 2011 season. The 82-years old baseball broadcaster is now on the centerfold of retirement issue but nobody confirmed that he is leaving his career. He started in Dodgers but has been raised in the land of the Giants and he expressed himself in few statements coming from his side how he loved the game since then.

Vin Scully Retirement Rumor in Baseball

According to the history, Vin Scully is another name written in the Hall of Fame who still served as the voice behind the uprising shouts of the diamond fans. His comments, ideology, and other contribution in sports can still be remembered by those people who knows so much of him. Let us check some more news and updates about the man of baseball decision after this break.

Lake Havasu is the Home of Piranha 3D?

The possible another blockbuster film that capture the hearts of big screen viewers this summer not only for its three-dimensional features but the scenes of Lake Havasu in Arizona, the "Piranha 3D" earned an enormous speculations and boasted with a lot of good example where to spend your vacation. Although everything within the movie is just a fictional stuff, in their, you can experience the great ambiance of the place, in foods and cool pleasures you can get.

Lake Havasu Piranha 3D Map Photo

The Lake Havasu City community might talks about piranha but according to the history, the old county story isn't new for anyone aware of it. There is no species exist in their like with the Amazon river and other water boy part found on the other side of the Earth. Try to check the place if you want at anytime of this summer season taking for granted the film photography and boating experiences people trying to talk about rather than to think of the said dangerous fish.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Matthew Palazzolo Sentenced to Write a Report

At first we heard Matthew Palazzolo's sentence downed by Nevada judge, we tried to look for another source of news about his mess and we landed to AP confirming that he need to spend his 90-days to write a certain report about his case. It is an understandable charges by keeping up what he knows about the selling of marijuana to one of authorities informant from where he was caught. According to report, he was tasked to tell everything in three months time.

He is working in a law firm based in Sacramento and recently arrested in Stateline from selling a pot of marijuana and probably pleaded guilty for his mess. But the unique sentence he served for now could lead to a mass arrest soon as police determined the source and those other person involved in his case.

Strikeforce Houston Heats Up by Stakes and Odds!

This Saturday evening, the Toyota Center in Houston is about to bring the actual fight for another series of Strikeforce but before that, stakes and odds of the game heats up everything you can experience with Jorge Gurgel and Gilbert Melendez for the lightweight category belt. KJ Noons returned for his next rising career in MMA facing one the toughest man in boxing.

Strikeforce Houston Stakes and Odds Report

Sports enthusiasts are now busy working for the highlights of the game and we are here to catch the rest of the Strikeforce results soon. You can tune to online live streaming pay-per-view source to experience the live matches straight from Texas now.

CBS Correspondent Harold Dow Died at 62

Harold Dow passed away today at the age of 62. He's been in CBS News for about 40-years according to Associate Press. He is the former correspondent of the network "48 Hours" program and one of the reputable television personality from his handful contribution in media. Louise Bashi confirmed his death at New Jersey but the cause of his death was still unknown for now. We can check some more news about him few moments from now.

According to reports, Harold Dow becomes a legendary man behind the September 11, 2001 terrorists attack in World Trade Center as well with the other top breaking news that captures our attention during his time. He has been awarded with Emmy prestigious achievements in his field covering the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing and Patricia Hearst kidnapping case.

These are just the few top reports he used to brought out in public and there are bunch of this from his four-decades of service in CBS News.