Monday, May 31, 2010

Masreen's inspirational blog

Today D just found a new great weight loss blog, its really interesting & inspiring!!!, its belong to Masreen, a sweet lady from Penang, i was amazed with her achievement..really i am..she really did it...from 104.2 kg to 73.5kg = 30.7 kg loss.....OMG...its so impressive...selama ni kita dok talk about the biggest loser hallmark channel je all the time, yup mmg tak dpt nafikan diorang punya achievement sgt membanggakan ,however the fact is ramai lagi silent TBL,our local kat luar sana can lose weight too..antaranya is Masreen, Ezza, Abg Sher Khan, Kak Rahimah and ramai lagi.

For me, kisah Masreen sangat memberi ilham & inspirasi to people want to lose weight, esp me, the blog its all about her determination  & passion in losing weight and becoming a new person. or like her blog tittle- ugly duckling to swan, she already 'swan' to me..she looks great, hot and fit and even she completed about 90% of her journey..another 13kg je to go.. yeah this is all about power of discipline and consistency....consistency perhaps the most boring principal in our life, but the truth is that being consistent make the biggest difference when it comes to success..hurmm i would consider myself still lack of discipline and consistent. Kena ubah ni..huhuhu

Kuat nyer semangat you Masreen, i hope can become like you....and D purposely post her picture here (selepas ask fr her permission k) supaya can inspire me each and everyday and to stay motivated in losing weight and continue exercise. I believe no matter how little doing something every day (exercise and control ur food intake) towards our goal will bring us one step closer to our dream. 



Last but not least , tq for sharing Masreen n tqvm fr the permission given. You looks great, awesome,hot and fit now.. n the most important thing, u really inspiring...

till then...

Friends buzzing each other.

Doing the right thing, but sometimes the barber needs to get cut too… friend who just got shaved, why don’t you force him to get the same cut as he gave you?

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Tanpa Jemu..I keep on cycling...

Today pagi, D do admin work form home....later pergi indoor cycling class at mid valley,again one of my favorite instructor is RPM class, oh ya RPM berbeza sikit dgn free style yg biasa D attend tu...its more laa,its quite tough dari free style..RPM more structured cycling style tu more pd instructor routine,apa pun both sgt penat laa..n no doubt i like both very much...paling penting both can burn up to 500 cal or more per session, impressive kan, u still can burn more fat n calories,and in the same time u feel happy, energetic and tak sedar masa berlalu begitu pantas..really i tell u, kisah benar, i really addicted with indoor cycling nih...always can't wait fr the next class / session...tomorrow is Kannan class at Lot 10...yeayyyyyy...burn more n more fat in fun & exciting wayyyyyyyyyy......

Later masuk office ,and late evening diana still pergi to the same gym, got another RPM class with the same instructor..i like Azmy class so much..he really energetic and always communicate with the 'students' during the class, from start till  end of session,I wonder apa la our instructor eat till have so much much energy..bukan senang nk ckp sambil cycling,mengah siut...hehhehe

Klah to time to go to bed,.one of weight lose tips ni,mmg kena tidur awal n mesti dapat kan quality sleep at least 6 jam,lagi banyak berjaga.lagi lapar perut pun..hehehe

Today my diet & workout journal
Hot Milo
2 slice of wholemeal bread

RPM Class - 45 Min

Morning Snacks After Workout
Nenas & Manggo  - Cut Fruits kat Mid Valley food court 

Masak kat umah
Bihun kuah - I dunno la wat to call actually tp sedap la jugak..hehehe
Plain Water
nyum nyumm

look simple tapi sedap la jugak tau

Put more vege ,vege n vege k

Tea O limau panas
Ada ratah lauk kembung 3 rasa masa teman kawan kat kedai mkn..hehee

Hit the gym again, RPM class - 50 min. datang awal,warm up 10min...
Terus solat magrib kat JJ surau. and terus dapat kan 100 Plus

One slice of whole meal bread
One spoon of tuna 
2 spoon of baked beans
Cut fruits

Sleep at 12 mid nite...