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Best Actor 1965

And the Nominees Were:

Richard Burton in The Spy Who Came in From The Cold

Oskar Werner in Ship of Fools

Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou

Rod Steiger in The Pawnbroker

Laurence Olivier in Othello

Former NBA Star Nick Van Exel Son Murder Case Updates

This news is pretty unusual for a former NBA player son who's been with Spurs. According to report, Nickey Van Exel is currently facing a murder case in Dallas, the son of Nick, because of the strong evidence leading to open mystical death of Bradley Eyo, a 23-year old friend of Exel who's body has been dumped in the nearby side of Lake Ray Hubbard. Exel is currently facing the toughest case happened to an NBA star son and we cannot deny the fact that the situation of this guy is getting more complicated.

However, according to our source, Nickey Van Exel faced a $1-million bail from his murder case. Guess what, he also admitted this crime to his legal adviser. Here's a story from Zap that will confirm the story talked by anyone else in regards with Nickey Van Exel,
"It's a real sad situation. Emotions are running high, and, obviously, we recognize that some very bad decisions were made on how he responded."
This statement came from Paul Johnson from his recent interview in News Radio 1080 KRLD as Exel confessed everything he knows about of what happened to his friend Bradley Eyo. Furthermore, according to other source, he also admitted that he just accidentally shoot the man far from his intention. Let's keep on following the story of Nickey after of this break.

Remembering Rosie the Riveter or Geraldine Doyle

The iconic face of Geraldine Hoff Doyle is a great inspiration to everyone who knows the goal of the group who's been on the World War II, right? Rosie the Riveter passed away last 26th of December 2010 but her contribution in the history of mankind especially with the group of women who's been on the toughest situation of the world remains in books, minds, and heart of everyone who's been with her.

Remembering Rosie the Riveter or Geraldine Doyle

She is the woman in a slogan named "We can do it!", a poster used by her group to get the attention of those women who would like to participate and to share their goal in life. They are all in the history of the world and Geraldine Hoff Doyle is not just an inspiration but of course, the woman behind the logo that captured the minds of others to be a part of their group.

According to our source, he died at the age of 86 in a hospice. Her early days brought her to a metal factory after she graduated in high school. Later, she give up her job for a certain situation and probably because of the war.

How she ended with a "We can do it!" poster? The following details noted by The Washington Post gave us a little idea about of what happened during that time of her in the metal factory,
"One day, a photographer representing United Press International came to her factory and captured Mrs. Doyle leaning over a piece of machinery and wearing a red and white polka-dot bandanna over her hair."
Although she is not aware of that time when a photographer take a shoot of her, way back in 1982, everything has been unveiled as the truth of that woman who's been with a "We can do it!" slogan. Try to check some more soon as we continue to bring you the highlights and other related details in regards with Geraldine Doyle. Let's remember her once again and treasure the goal of that group who used her photo to inspired those other women during her time.

Related story about Geraldine Doyle

Best Actor 1982: Results

5. Jack Lemmon in Missing- Lemmon has a few moments of strong emotional impact, but the script calls for very little of him most of the time. Also I felt there was a lack in a natural flow in his performance.
4. Peter O'Toole in My Favorite Year- Peter O'Toole is good, and charming as a washed up movie star. His performance is not incredible but it is a nice funny and entertaining performance by O'Toole.
3. Ben Kingsley in Gandhi- Kingsley is quite good in the challenging role of Gandhi. He always seems completely authentic as Gandhi, in every scene and at every age. I never once doubted him as Gandhi, which is a spectacular achievement of Kingsley's.
2. Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie- An incredibly enjoyable performance by Hoffman here. He makes sure every joke hits home with his perfect delivery, and timing. He makes the film also believable despite playing a man playing woman. Many scenes could have come off as just odd, by Hoffman makes them humorous, and also adds even more with the oddly poignant transformation caused by being a woman for awhile. 
1. Paul Newman in The Verdict- Newman gives a full portrait of a man from being tired and broken down, but slowly growing toward a redemption of sorts. I personally finds this performance to be an outstanding and powerful performance which is incredibly true and authentic. A heartbreaking performance which may not have the technical challenges of Kingsley and Hoffman's characters, but Newman is the who made Galvin a truly empathetic man to me which is something a performance rarely does for me, but this one did completely.
Deserving Performances:
I decided to change other deserving performances since rewriting the performances in my ranking in my nominees is rather redundant. For the deserving performances this year I cannot think of any but I am open to suggestions.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Actor 1982: Paul Newman in The Verdict

Paul Newman received his sixth Oscar nomination for portraying Frank Galvin in The Verdict.

I think the Verdict is a very well done court room drama, and personal character study, that I thought was a very emotionally effective film.

Frank Galvin is a incredibly downtrodden Lawyer who is at the bottom of the barrel, he has an office which is a mess, he lacks clients and work, the biggest social event in his life is making the jokes at the bar, heck he cannot do well at pinball. Paul Newman could not be more pathetic and anything but charming or suave here. Nothing like the old Newman image seen in something like Cool Hand Luke.

Newman looks aged, and even his eyes do not even look blue in this film they look like tired old eyes of a tired old man. That is to say I think he is incredible in these early moments as Frank Galvin as just a tired man drifting through life. Newman creates a truly sad portrait of a broken man particularly in his early moments trying to get work by offering legal work to the family of the recently deceased at the individual's funeral, sleeping on the floor of his office, waking up with his hangover, Newman shows Galvin own defeat without fault.

Frank Galvin is given a case by his friend (Jack Warden) that will give him some sort of chance to rehabilitate himself. Galvin initially takes the case seeing at a way to make a fairly quick buck. The case though is a malpractice lawsuit against doctors in a Catholic Hospital who caused  a woman to go into a permanent coma by using the wrong anesthetic while she was giving birth. The case though clearly effects Galvin, and he clearly starts to see as much more.

The start of this is shown in a very quiet moment where Galvin takes pictures of his client for evidence. Newman is absolutely stunning for me in this scene, his quiet expression and reaction clearly deeply effects Galvin, no words instead is all in Newman's reaction. Galvin is given an offer by the Church to avoid a trial, but avoid any justice to the doctors at fault. Newman again outstanding showing how much Galvin is truly effected on a deep level by this case. Galvin's need for justice in this case, is something deeply within something he needs to be able really be a descent person again, this again is not really spoken all that much but is made emotionally true, and incredibly clear by Newman.

Galvin though becomes less tired and slowly gains more confidence as the trial becomes closer. Galvin does not instantly become confidant as a lawyer and a person but Newman slowly portrays a growing strength in the character. He never becomes obviously charming in Newman's old way, but there is a quiet hint to his old charm in a great scene again by Newman in a scene where he picks up a  Laura(Charlotte Rampling). He talks finally with an amount of confidence, not a lot but a little showing Galvin's growth. He also shows this in court, his first days he pauses, and shows a lack of strength, but slowly gains his old abilities once more.

Galvin case though is not easy do to a hostile judge (Milo O'Shea) and an overly competent, corrupt, and confidant opposing lawyer (James Mason) who goes at great lengths to undermine Galvin's case. Newman makes Galvin simply empathetic for me as he struggles to find justice for his client and find his own redemption through the challenges. I thought an especially powerfully scene was when he loses his key expert witness. His sense of a sort of abandonment, and again losing hope, and his confidence once more. An especially striking scene is his moment of defeat where he states his failure to Laura in a heartbreaking scene.

Galvin though finds a witness and still attempts to desperately win the case. Newman made me personally feel Galvin's own desperation, and strive for some sort of justice. I feel Newman's performance simply is that powerful. I felt every single one of his win and loses both in and out of the court room. Newman is to me as authentic as one can be, and as truly powerful as a performance can be. I thought especially in his pivotal speech at the end of the film. His speech is so quiet, honest, and powerful. It is in ways a small speech, not say Atticus Finch's speech in To Kill a Mockingbird, but just a strong if not stronger because Newman makes the speech heartfelt, and a deeply soulful speech that made me not for a second question the outcome of the film. An outcome of the film made powerful, and completely deserved because of Newman's performance.

Best Actor 1982: Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie

Dustin Hoffman received his fifth Oscar nomination for portraying Micheal Dorsey/Dorothy Micheals in Tootsie.

 Tootsie is actually a very enjoyable comedy, which utilizes its situation for all of the comedy it can get basically.

Dustin Hoffman does not play two characters in this film, but plays one man Micheal Dorsey an actor who pretends to be a woman Dorothy Michaels to get an acting job on a soap opera. He first is the struggling actor Micheal who works hard on his art, but perhaps is a little too difficult about it preventing him from getting work as an actor. Hoffman is very energetic, and although the role as the actor may not exactly be a challenge for Hoffman he excels especially well deriving the right amount of humor and charm in his performance.

Hoffman though really does shine as Dorothy though in an incredible performance. Although the viewer is obviously instantly in on the fact that it is Hoffman as the women, but Hoffman is fully believable anyways. His voice, is just perfect with his southern accent, and the way he changes the way he walks, and stands is all brilliantly handled by Hoffman. I never had a doubt that any of the characters would at all believe him to be a woman. This actually is a fairly a big challenge since after all he actually does not wear that much to look like a woman, but Hoffman due to the way he carries himself as a woman both physically and through his voice Dorothy Micheals is simply a perfectly convincing woman.

Hoffman though performance is not only a technical achievement though but is a thoroughly entertaining performance. In just about every scene he finds the right humor with Dorothy, and Micheal, in the double life. Hoffman is clearly working with a funny script but his timing is exceptionally good in this role. The jokes many of them are technically obvious jokes for the situation he is in, but the film and Hoffman really get the most out of them. He is simply hilarious with this performance, that is just a delight to watch. Comedy is always hard to describe why it is funny without over description, so I will just say that what Hoffman does is funny, every situation Dorothy/Micheal get into Hoffman does his best to make them funny, which he succeeds with incredibly well.

The performance actually always stays funny which is something I like but that does not mean his performance is at all simply. He shows a transformation in turning into a better man as Micheal by being a woman, which is strange but well incredibly well handled by Hoffman making it very natural and not at all forced of a transition for the character. Hoffman naturalism in this bizarre role is actually what makes every odd moment in the movie, somehow authentic and funny as well. I would say this is especially true about his "romantic" moments with Jessica Lange and Charles Durning. These scenes are over the top situations technically, but Hoffman makes them somehow play realistically and of course humorously, which is an amazing achievement since the scenes really could have gone all wrong, but instead they go all right.

I would say his best single moment is the reveal scene in the soap opera. This alone shows the brilliance of Hoffman's performance. This scene is both incredibly funny but also has the sentimental ending to his speech which Hoffman portrays wonderfully without taking away the humor from the scene nor does he make that part of the speech at all forced. This scene is just like Hoffman's performance mixing his performance as the man and the woman brilliantly and hilariously but also with the little more to the performance. Simply a great performance from Hoffman.  

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Adrienne Nicole Martin Was Found Dead

It is great to share this news to anyone who knows too much about Adrienne Nicole Martin who's body was found dead recently in the house of August Busch IV. And who is responsible for her death? That's the question you probably need to follow from now because according to reports, it is actually hard for the authority to figure out of what happened during the day she spent her time with the former CEO of few respected companies in United States.

An autopsy is currently ongoing and people are now probably asking for the result of the thorough investigation in regards with her death. Here's a statement from the legal adviser of Busch IV noted by our source recently,
The attorney for Mr. Busch said there was “absolutely nothing suspicious” in regards to the death of Adrienne Nicole Martin.
Try to check some more soon as we continue to follow the latest updates we can get from the case of Adrienne Nicole Martin as the story of her death is currently developing from now. Asking for her personality? Martin is an aspiring model, a 27-years old mom on her one and only child.

After Christmas Day Sale 2010 is Up!

There are variety of products that awaits you before the year ends few days from now. It is great to share this few words of us to anyone who are currently asking for a piece of advice just to get the best stuff they can get from anywhere else. Experience the biggest shopping spree now aside from the past Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale last November 2010 because right now, you can look around from here to check the latest promotional stuff of Macy's, Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and other participating stores which are now on their way giving us the great variety of prices on a several products.

After Christmas Day Sale 2010 is Up

Coupon codes are now rounding up and you can start to look around on the above mentioned sites to see the latest and significant stuff you can get from any online stores around the web. You can make a several rounds in the nearby stores but shopping online is quite different, right? Try to check some more soon as we continue to bring you the highlights and the next upcoming news we can get related to this global celebration, the Christmas Holiday Season 2010!

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Who is the 1999 Time Magazine Person of The Century?

Who is the 1999 Time Magazine Person of The Century and why is it people are now talking about him while on the midst of a holiday season? That's Albert Einstein and no other than because of his prestigious and remarkable contribution on the history of mankind? Probably, a big "Yes" from us and we know too much of his creation way back in 20th century during his time. He lives in 1879 to the middle of 1950's and aside from him, according to the Examiner, Bill Gates and Elvis Presley are also the other contender in this title. We cannot deny the fact that these other personalities have a potential but as we look back to the written history, Albert Einstein is pretty different in terms of his time and the availability of our technology. How much more if he lives on our days?

Who is the 1999 Time Magazine Person of The Century

We think of the possible important stuff he could bring as far as we are concern of his contribution. Your physic subjects might be complicated as we can imagine if he is not aware of his theory, right? That's the most important thing we should remember from Albert Einstein.

However, we try to figure out the exact reason why people are now talking about the Time Magazine Person of The Century 1999 and we guess that Examiner is pretty good for making our wild imagination works because they recently noted a couple of sentence from the prestigious magazine telling everyone that Albert Einstein is a great man during his time. Here's a statement from the contributor who turned our head on recently,
"As for the remaining people who could have been on the top of Time Magazine, Bill Gates and Elvis Presley could be on the top of the magazine but their contributions were not as significant as Einstein's. That's not to say they weren't worthy, but on a scale were towards the bottom."
Try to check some more soon as we continue to bring you the highlights of Albert Einstein, Time Magazine People of The Century and a lots of surprising ideas from the issue.

Merry Christmas Everyone! - from Life Streams

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and be a part of once in a year celebration of life from the birth of Jesus Christ! It's a remarkable day for each and everyone of us and have a joyful moments with your family, friends, and love ones who's been with you for all the time. Let's celebrate Christmas full of joy in each of our heart and not just from the food we will going to take today and the gift that awaits you. People learned how to love this holiday season because of the common thoughts shared by the Roman Catholic and other religions blessings. The night is full of wonderful songs that cross the streets of every neighborhood, Christmas parties, and other happenings that could bring the true spirit of the season.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Be a part of everything that binds your heart this December 25, 2010 and witness the wonderful voice of choirs in each of your church. We are not actually aware of what is going on the other side of the world but of course, the Internet is giving us the opportunity to greet everyone a "Merry Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year!"

Here's a song that could give you a pleasant evening as we celebrate the love and birth of Jesus Christ, hope this could help you to know the exact spirit of Christmas from here.
We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Good tidings we bring to you and your kin;
Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Oh, bring us a figgy pudding;
Oh, bring us a figgy pudding;
Oh, bring us a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer

We won't go until we get some;
We won't go until we get some;
We won't go until we get some, so bring some out here

We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Try to check some more soon as we continue to bring you the highlights of this Christmas Season 2010 after of this break.

Google Corporate Logo Turns to Christmas Wallpapers

It is great to share this idea for anyone who are currently looking for a great wallpapers from anywhere on the Internet  because you don't need to look for a site from here. You can visit Google official website because right now, you will see how the corporate logo of the company turns to animated wallpapers. You can grab the opportunity to get your favorite theme for your computer by making a great change this Christmas Season on your desktop background, right? Try to check now cause there are bunch of photos, images, and graphics that awaits you.

Google Corporate Logo Turns to Christmas Wallpapers

The above photo is a screen shot of what is going on in Google official website. You can have your chosen wallpaper from any source on the web but of course, it is good to have it from the giant search engine who just recently change their corporate logo for anyone of us. The company is also giving us the opportunity to remember the exact thing that is currently going on around the world as people starts to make their day full of fun not just in front of their computers but the neighborhood get the best they can do this Christmas season.

There are only few who are not aware of December 25, 2010 but let's keep our celebration full of spiritual activities rather than keeping up with a can of beers and foods, right? Try to be good to commemorate the life of Jesus Christ by celebrating the Christmas Season with HIM in each of our hearts. Merry Christmas from Life Streams!

Best Actor 1982: Peter O'Toole in My Favorite Year

Peter O'Toole received his seventh Oscar nomination for portraying washed up movie star Alan Swann in My Favorite Year.
My Favorite Year is unfortunately not that funny of a comedy the lead that is not O'Toole gets rather annoying, but there still is O'Toole to make the film enjoyable enough.

Peter O'Toole plays Alan Swann a Erroll Flynn esque movie star who is past his prime and allows his vices to get the best of him quite easily. Peter O'Toole as soon he walks on seem right for the part of Swann. He has the right cocky swagger even when he drunk, the right swagger of a over the top movie star. I like the fashion in which he played Swann as a drunk which is colorful since it is a comedy, but I do not think he over did it. I think his drunken mannerisms worked well, and he really did derive a good amount of humor from Swann's drunkenness.

Alan Swann when he is not drunk is looking for women. O'Toole really walks a careful line with Swann here, because Swann could very easily of been a completely obnoxious character, or seemed a little too slimy. But under O'Toole care Swann comes off a charming even if slimy man that simply is interesting to and rather entertaining to watch. I think he is entertaining to watch in just about every scene he tries to be so, the only problem is the film fails to focus on him enough, and spends a little too much time perhaps with the writer who looks after him played rather impressively by Mark Lynn-Baker, since O'Toole really is the film.

Swann has more than simply his entertaining antics though and has a little more to his character. A lack of a relationship with an estranged daughter that he finds trouble confronting. O'Toole adds the right poignancy to these quiet moments of Swann's without making these scenes seem disconnected with his scenes of antics. I will say the majority of his performance are his antics which are most entertaining at the end when he gets stage fright. O'Toole shows Swann anxiety with a nice amount of humor and delivers the "I'm not and actor, I'm a movie star line" as well as possible. He rounds out his performance with showing the swashbuckler actor part of Swann rather comically at the end, making O'Toole performance a nice comedic turn even if not amazing by any standards. 

Landon Donovan and Bianca Kajlich Divorce Statement

At first, we are not aware of what is going on with Landon Donovan and Bianca Kajlich when a few rumors on the Internet drives us to cover the story that rounds on a divorce issue that coupled with the soccer superstar and her lovely actress wife. According to a celebrity gossip site, the two is now up for a divorce and guess what, the couple recently gave their public announcement from a legal paper which has been submitted to Los Angeles Superior Court that will confirm their plan.

Landon Donovan and Bianca Kajlich Divorce Statement

Here's a statement noted by CNN recently in regards with Landon Donovan and Bianca Kajlich divorce,
"We remain the closest of friends and will always be important parts of each other's lives," the pair say in a joint statement.
However, it is hard for us to determine the cause of their divorce but try to check some more soon as we continue to follow the story that people are now probably talking about on the field of sports and Hollywood.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best Actor 1982: Ben Kingsley in Gandhi

Ben Kingsley won his Oscar from his first nomination for portraying Mohatma Gandhi in Gandhi.

Gandhi I think is a fairly simple biography that really does just follow the man through his life events. I personally prefer a little more. I can read a book on  a completely straight and positive biography, I think there is something lacking in terms of cinematic quality of the film for me anyways. It is not bad, but I actually would rather read a biography of Gandhi than watch the film.

Ben Kingsley portrays Gandhi, and he seemed to have been the perfect choice for Gandhi. I never doubted his portrayal for a single moment as Gandhi. I never thought he was portraying the part in a false or unrealisitc fashion. He always just simply seems to be Gandhi no matter what phase of his life from his young days as a lawyer to his final days. He always seems to be Gandhi, which is quite a feat in itself due to notoriety of Gandhi. It would easy to see faults in his portrayal but he simply has none in being completely Gandhi as a man. At every age he is just as believable, his voice changes adjustments are always completely natural and always are true, also his body language is equally correct. All of his motions from the way he sits and lies, stands in an inward fashion and holds his neck, all seem accurate to the man, and never seem to be calculated Kingsley part just natural.

The portrayal of Gandhi is actually rather complicated early on showing a different side from the usual popular view of Gandhi. A little different side where Kingsley really excels in the role, because the somewhat rougher side and very different side of Gandhi from the man he becomes is well shown by Kingsley because he shows this other aspect of Gandhi showing more to the man without making who he eventually becomes a unnatural transition. Kingsley makes two scenes incredibly interesting showing more depth of Gandhi in his first scene when he does not wish to give up his seat, his reactions are perfectly shown by Kingsley, than later when he wishes to force his wife to clean the toilets. Again it shows a rougher side of Gandhi, and Kingsley handles the scene perfectly.

After his initial scenes though Kingsley becomes the well known image of Gandhi. The guy who knows precisely who is what he stands for, and only wants freedom and peace. The transition to this Gandhi is a rather fast one, I will say, but Kingsley handles it well so it is not at all disconcerting or sudden. Gandhi does mostly just does move for peace and freedom in India for the rest of the film through his speeches, marches, and hunger strikes. Kingsley is incredibly good actually, even if Gandhi becomes a somewhat simple although not a one dimensional character.

Kingsley throughout the rest of the film has this certain quiet power and passion in every way. Much of his performance actually is in small very small, and very poignant reactions shown through the face of Gandhi. He never is loud, but incredibly powerful which is a truly amazing achievement by Kingsley. The role is an incredible challenge even if it seems somewhat simple on the outside due to Gandhi being presented completely positive for most the film. Gandhi is a larger than life figure, and a well known figure, Kingsley is able to be both without no visible effort which is what makes this a great character.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maya Moore Talk About Her Other Side!

It's not in UConn or from a women basketball team we used to know about her but guess what, she talks about her own side recently from a few question that rounds thrown by her followers. We know how hard for this young athlete to handle an issue because according to report, she just recently came out to answer the series of question that keeps on following her appearances in television.

Maya Moore Talk About Her Other Side

We know how thoughtful she is because May Moore recently gave her heartfelt statements full of confidence. Here's a statement from anyone else who knows too much of her for you to know how good she is since then,
"Every night when you need her to be at her best, she's her best," Auriemma said when the Huskies' 93-62 victory against Florida State concluded. "I'm going to remember that forever."
There are few folks who knows how she play as they follow the movements and current standing of Maya Moor as we cannot hold an issue about her. However, things runs too fast on her along with her appearances in court. Try to check some more soon as we continue to follow Maya Moore after of this break.

Best Actor 1982: Jack Lemmon in Missing

Jack Lemmon received his eighth and final Oscar nomination for portraying Ed Horman in Missing.

Missing although could be an interesting story, but something is well missing. Maybe it is the foregone conclusion, or the repetition of the majority of film of just looking being lied to and not finding him.

Jack Lemmon role of Ed Horman is only to do a few things unfortunately, which may be part of the film's problems. Horman shows up desperately searching for the whereabouts for his Charlie. He does this with his daughter in-law Beth (Sissy Spacek). Horman does this he looks for his son with Beth, fights with her due to her and his son's values and attitudes about the world and governments. The changes consist of this, Horman grows more and more disillusioned with the government as well, becomes more frustrated with the lies of his own government and Chile's government.  He also, as his search becomes more hopeless, becomes closer with his daughter in law.

Lemmon's performance is limited though due to how limited Horman's actions are. The main searching part of standing around and listening to others becomes repetitive, and Lemmon certainly cannot make it very interesting. I will say Lemmon's reactions are always authentic feeling, and realistic. He is always properly frustrated and disappointed at just about everything, but these reactions simply do not result in all that much. Horman simply never comes alive as an interesting character. He is a function of the plot really. The film is unfortunately only really about American involvement with the Coup and the search for Charlie itself. It could have really gotten into the character of Ed and Beth but it really doesn't.

Lemmon does his best with the role despite Ed Horman being oddly unimportant to the film itself. The relationship between he and Beth, and he and his son is there but not given the right pull. Lemmon does have the right passion in showing Ed's want to find his son, and Ed's change to growing more disillusioned is well handled by Lemmon even if it is not exactly compelling due to the film. I will say he does have some emotionally strong moments such as the stadium scene where he really is terrific, and when he learns of the final truth about his son. Those scene are absolutely brilliantly played by Lemmon but unfortunately on a whole they do not do enough to save the overall character's treatment by the film itself, which I feel does take a back seat to the plot.

Men of A Certain Age Season 2 Episode 3 - Cold Calls Kick Off!

It is great to share a little idea about of what happened to Men of A Certain Age Season 2 Episode 3 - Cold Calls that kick off last December 20, 2010 because of the spectacular scenes that crossed the televisions of the national viewers while celebrating the winter season in United States. You can catch a few details that will give you a little idea about of what happened on the casts and characters that make us more curious of the relationship that rounds with them.

Men of A Certain Age Season 2 Episode 3 - Cold Calls

Here's the synopsis/summary of Men of A Certain Age Season 2 Episode 3:
"Joe inadvertently ends up dating two women at the same time. Owen forces his father to stop undermining this authority at the dealership, while Terry makes a wager with Marcus over who can sell the most cars in one day."
Try to watch the replay of Men of A Certain Age Season 2 Episode 3 - Cold Calls to complete the story that rounds recently on the life of Joe, Marcus, Terry, and Owen for more. Check some more soon as we continue to follow the show and give you the highlights of every episode that will mark your Monday evenings from now.

Cody Smith Gang Rape Case Update

According to the latest reports in regards with the case of Cody Smith gang rape case, the judge from Contra Costa dropped the interview taken from the poor 16-years old woman who's been on the centerfold of the issue. Our source noted that one of the police officer who is responsible for this video tape violated the right of the teenager that is why the defendant make their own moves immediately in regards with what happened with that controversial clips.

Cody Smith Gang Rape Case Update

Sad to say, this might be one of the provoking evidence from the camp of Cody Smith but somehow, the judge officially thrown this for Miranda's right of a woman.

Furthermore, one of the official person who's currently involved with the gang rape investigation noted that it is a three-hour interview which leads to interrogation rather than keeping up a few important details about of what happened to Cody Smith. The police officer who was responsible for this was only known as Sgt. Lori Curran and for now, we are currently looking for a couple of words from her about that tape and brought it in court as part of the investigation.

She might not aware of this but the right of Cody Smith to remain silent has been brook up because of this video tape. Try to check some more soon as we continue to bring you the latest updates we can get from Cody and those people around her for their statement about the new issue that crossed the line recently.

December 2010 Total Lunar Eclipse is Up!

It is great to share these few words of ours from what we've got due to curiosity about the upcoming total lunar eclipse this year as we read a couple of article from Yahoo telling about the spectacular scenes that awaits anyone of us outside of our windows. Guess what, this December, you are about to witness the last lunar eclipse that will arrive in our calendar as scheduled. This will take place today, December 21, 2010 as well last night of December 20 although we are not aware of this yesterday.

December 2010 Total Lunar Eclipse is Up

Try to check the total lunar eclipse this evening to see and be a part of this year's spectacular scenes in the sky as the moon starts to rise as early of the nighttime this day. Witness how the moon turns into red as noted by our sources as well from a few reports of NASA that give us a little idea about of what will going to happen on this evening of December 21, 2010.

According to reports, this will become visible in Central and Northern America as well in Asia but try to think of your location now and make a several changes in your schedule to catch the upcoming lunar total eclipse this evening. Try to check some more soon as we continue to bring you the highlights from national television report of this unusual phenomenon on the sky later.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sanji "One Piece"

Sanji is a pirate and the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the fifth member of the crew and the fourth to join. Since he was born in the North Blue, he is the first Straw Hat not to originate from the East Blue. Being labeled as one of the "Monster Trio," he's one of the top three fighters in the crew, the other two being Luffy and Zoro. His dream is to find the rumored All Blue which is where the East Blue, West Blue, North Blue, and South Blue meet

Sanji is a slim, long-legged, young man with blond hair, often well-dressed, and keeps his hair brushed over one side of his face. For the initial part of the series, this side was the left side. Due to his left eye not being seen, many fans have questioned the assumption that he has one at all. In the manga it was usually covered one way or another, but is seen in the anime (episodes 21, 27, 82, 128 and Movie 6 although usually very briefly and most likely due to animation errors). Later, after the two year timeskip, he switched his hairstyle so that it covers the right side.
Among Sanji's physical traits are his distinctive eyebrows. Both form a spiral but at different ends. His right eyebrow forms a spiral at the outer end, while his left eyebrow forms a spiral at the inner end. Basically, his face is asymmetrical with the position of his eyebrow spirals. This however is not fully seen due to his hairstyle. He still however gets very upset if somebody, usually Zoro, chooses to point out the spiral that is seen. A note is that in the anime, sometimes on rare occasions Sanji's other eye was seen prior to chapter 598, however the spiral was not seen.
Sanji almost always wears a black, double-breasted suit with a tie and long-sleeved, buttoned shirts of varying colors, usually orange, blue or black, with or without pinstripes. His fashion changes at times, like in the Water 7 Arc where he had no suit jacket, but a black vest over an orange, pinstriped shirt. He also wears dress shoes, mostly for his Black Leg martial arts. These shoes are extremely durable, and were designed to increase the power of his attacks, though he can very well attack without them as he did against Kuroobi. Sanji is also a chain-smoker and is rarely seen without a cigarette. During the Straw Hats' separation, Sanji starts to dress exactly like a typical okama complete with a wig and heavy makeup though reverts back to his usual outfit and appearance off screen sometime after. He is also seen to wear a orange shade in Arabasta arc.
According to Oda, Sanji most resembles a duck, is identified by the color blue, and smells of seafood and cigarette smoke.
On the thumb of his right hand, Sanji has three small scars from when he cut himself peeling apples.
After the 2 year time-skip, Sanji now covers his right eye and shows his left eye. He also grew a dark goatee and stubble on his upper lip. Both his left and right eyebrow are curled to the right. He wears a black and yellow 3-piece suit.

“ Even if it kills me, I refuse to kick a woman!!!! ”
Like Zoro, he is more perceptive than he seems, and often tells people what they need to hear instead of what they want. Hence, he is seen as one of the more hardened members of the crew and can often be as scary as Zoro at times. Unlike Zoro, however, he is not afraid to show his emotions when the moment calls for it, and is entirely capable of crying or losing his temper, which results in Sanji's short fuse and subsequent beatings of most villains (and Luffy). In fact, a running gag has appeared since Sanji's fight with Jyabura, during which he stated that when he gets angry, he "heats up". After this fight, when Sanji gets particularly angry at a villain, he appears to burst into flame. This occurs against both Absalom and Duval, though the latter example appears only in the anime. It is also seen when Luffy states he is friends with Boa Hancock when she appears to prevent a marine ship from sinking the Thousand Sunny.
He is above admitting that he is not perfect. He convinced Usopp to let him fight Jyabura, because of their differences in abilities. He admitted that Usopp was smarter (or at least more clever) than he was, but that he was stronger than Usopp in terms of physical strength, that they both had things they could not do and things they could do and because of that, they can help each other.
Sanji is also able to think one step ahead (especially during dangerous situations) before anyone else does making him quite clever. A quite suitable example is that when Robin was captured by the CP9, he somehow knew that the CP9 were going to take Robin to the station. He was seen at the station hiding before the CP9 even got there. When these events go as he planned, he has a habit of saying 'Bingo!'
Sanji absolutely refuses to attack Kalifa in battle. Added by Lotus2490 He is very amorous, constantly flirting with any attractive woman he sees, earning him the nickname "ero-cook". He has sworn to never let women be insulted or injured while he can still stand, regardless of how attractive (or unattractive) they are. This is often problematic in his fighting as he can't attack female opponents as he would rather die than hurt them (though that doesn't mean he won't resort to blocking their attacks). All of this is apparently the result of a strict upbringing. Conversely, Sanji is very abrasive and insulting to many other males throughout the series. Since, and after, landing on Momoiro island, Sanji has become even more perverted, making lewd faces when he thinks of beautiful women (primarily his crew mates, Nami and Robin) and acting strangely when he gets close to 'real' women, causing others to question his health.

Sanji considers himself handsome and charming, often comparing himself to a fairytale prince. So far, he has found nobody who agrees with him, and tends to be brought sharply back to earth by the more cynical people around him (such as being called the "Prince of the Dumbass Kingdom" by Zoro prompting Sanji to attack him).
One of Sanji's most prominent characteristics is a strong respect toward food and the preparation of food in the kitchen. Since food and sustenance play a crucial role in maintaining life, he strongly believes that a chef's work must be treated as though it were sacred. Prior to being stranded on the rock with Zeff nine years ago, Sanji thought food was dispensable, and tossed out any that had gone bad. In fact, he was disgusted by how his fellow chefs would eat leftovers from customers. However, after being starved on the rock, he came to regret his maltreatment to food. As a result, he has a strong tendency to become hostile towards those who waste food or regard it in any way that is less than his respect for it. Thus, he has a habit of beating up anyone who steals food from the fridge (mainly Luffy). This is precisely why Sanji, in his first appearance, proceeded to beat Fullbody. He also is shown to fully believe that anyone who wishes for food should be given food, be it a customer or a criminal, such as giving the starving Gin food despite the other chefs refusing to serve him.
During his time on Momoiro Island, Sanji showed his resentment to putting on a dress and losing his manhood. He bluntly declared to Ivankov that he is a man among men who was born to love the ladies and not to be friends with them. To this end, Sanji resisted becoming an okama for two long years.
After two years of living with only okamas Sanji is overwhelmed when he sees women. When Sanji sees women he is already infatuated with them. He is also plagued by uncontrollable nose bleeds, which alarmed most of his crewmates when he had a really massive one and flew outside of the coated ship.

The first time Sanji meets Nami. Added by Mauzmauz
Sanji respects Luffy as a captain, but often gets angry at him for eating too much and showing disrespect for the aesthetics of cooking; he also dislikes Luffy imitating him. However, he does care for Luffy as he is shown dragging his captain out of the water more often than any of the other crewmembers (note: zoro actually does it more).He recently gains envy of Luffy after he find out that Luffy landed on Amazon Lily while he was in 'hell'. He is constantly in physical and verbal fights with Zoro (who he refers to as 'marimo' or moss ball because of his green hair) over their differences. Regardless, the two care for and respect each other despite their rivalry like that of two brothers. During the Little Garden Arc, Sanji and Zoro unknowingly took on the same challenge of dinosaur meat hunting that the two legendary giants Dorry and Brogy started 100 years ago. From that, and the inhuman amount of power the two possess, their rivalry is similar to legendary status. However, though he spends a lot of time arguing or competing with Zoro, Sanji isn't beneath admitting Zoro is right during those rare occasions where Zoro has seen the bigger picture than everyone else (such as Usopp's rejoining).
He is rather protective of the female crewmembers and Nami likes to take advantage of him, exploiting his extreme servility. Even when her manipulation of him is brought to his attention, he claims to be happy to do so. He's also good friends with Usopp; Sanji understands him quite well. Despite this, he occasionally beats him and Luffy up when they do something immature, like eat too much food or goof off in serious situations. Sanji originally wanted to cook Chopper, and continues to refer to him as their "emergency food supply" to tease him. However, he does consider Chopper a friend, and will give him or Usopp advice when they need it. He also gets annoyed at Brook's immature attitude for burping and farting during dinner, but is not above joining Brook in perverted thoughts and cheers. In short, he cares as much for the crew as any Straw Hat should, even going as far as trying to sacrifice his own life to Bartholomew Kuma for the sake of his crewmembers despite mentioning that he meant to do so for the female members.
Sanji had a habit of getting on everyone's nerves while at the Baratie. However, he parted with everyone on good terms despite this and the entire cooking staff was upset by his departure. They have kept an eye on him ever since and used him to promote their restaurant when his bounty was released. Also, while most cannot see it, he has a deep respect towards his mentor, Zeff, who selflessly gave all his food to the young Sanji back when they were stranded. As a result, during his time on the Baratie, he exhibits little to no hesitation in beating customers who spoke ill of Zeff's former status as a pirate.
Despite being enemies, Gin also considered Sanji as a friend because he showed him the only act of kindness he ever experienced. Gin was unable to bring himself to finish Sanji off and left on the vow that the pair would try and meet again on the Grand Line if it was ever possible.
Duval initially hated Sanji for resembling his wanted poster. He was wounded in the back by someone who mistook him for Sanji. However after a defeat during a fight with him, Duval became friends with Sanji because Sanji reshaped his face to make him look handsome. However, Duval's love for his new handsome face gets on Sanji's nerves.
Sanji also developed a friendly (or sorts) relationship with the entire populace of Kamabakka Kingdom, not unlike Luffy's own with the Kuja of Amazon Lily, after being sent there against his will by Bartholomew Kuma. Ironically, this bond initially started out as "hell" for Sanji, but later improved overtime as he assimilated (to his chagrin) with their lifestyle. This relationship further bettered upon meeting their former leader, Emporio Ivankov, who aided Luffy during the Whitebeard War two years ago. Upon receiving Luffy's disguised message for his crew to lay low and strengthen for the next two years, Sanji spent the period fighting the 99 Okama Kenpo masters to retrieve their recipes for Attack Cuisine. Having succeeded in his task, Sanji was granted a lift back to the Sabaody Archipelago. In response to their pleas for him to visit them again, he gave them the finger and proclaimed he would never return, though he also asked them to thank Ivankov on his behalf.
Sanji supposedly has many people who bear grudges against him from his time at the Baratie. Essentially, Fullbody has a personal vendetta against him for what happened at the Baratie. However, this has never been taken seriously. Like all the Straw Hats, he is wanted by the Marines. Also, due to Sanji's principles, anyone who treats women and food in a disrespectful manner will earn Sanji's wrath. Sanji considers Absalom his mortal enemy for many reasons (kidnapping Nami, seeing her naked, trying to marry her, unconscious nonetheless) but mostly due to stealing Sanji's childhood dream, eating the Suke Suke no Mi and using it to peep on girls. (Yet the two were able to sympathize with each other over falling into shock over Nami's beauty.) His biggest enemy is Bartholomew Kuma who sent him to a okama island for 2 years while sending Luffy to Amazon Lily. Out of the crew he is the only one who is still bitter about the separation, mainly due to being sent to a island he considers his worst nightmare by him.
Abilities and Powers
“ Blueno, don't underestimate that guy! He doesn't have a bounty... But he's likely one of their main fighters! ”
— Part of Kaku talking to Blueno on Sanji's strength.

Sanji is considered to be one of the crew's top three fighters (despite not having one of the top three bounties, which Robin takes). While Luffy always fights the strongest enemy, and Zoro fights the second strongest, Sanji always ends up doing battle with the enemy considered third strongest.
Though he's one of the physical powerhouses of the crew, Sanji can also be a skilled tactician if need be. This was particularly evident in the Baroque Works saga, where he was responsible for both disguising himself as Mr. 3 and fooling Crocodile into believing that the Straw Hats were dead on Little Garden and posing as "Mr. Prince" to get the Straw Hats out of Rain Dinners at Arabasta. In the skypiea arc., when he and Usopp snuck onto the Maxim to save Nami, Sanji took a detour and destroyed the main engine, not knowing of the back up engines. During the Water 7 arc, he went on his own and waited patiently at the train station in case Robin were to leave. With his instincts confirmed of her departure, Sanji left Nami a Baby Den Den Mushi and a letter of his intentions, though half the letter was babble of his love for her. Even worse however the hiding place of the letter was very obvious marked with red paint, with large hearts for Nami and a threat for anyone else not to read it. During the Enies Lobby arc, he took over the fight with Jyabura and reminded Usopp, that he is better suited for being clever and finding a way to help Robin, while he himself was better suited for front line fighting. He later shut the Gate of Justice, giving the crew the opportunity to escape the Buster Call.
Sanji also had a fondness for reading books when he was younger and knows of many legends, albeit they are mostly "fairy-tale" like in nature opposed to Robin's "historic" recollection of legends. He had already heard of the legendary ingredient the Blue-Finned elephant Tuna before he saw it. He had also been familiar with the tale of Montblanc Noland through the book King of Liars, Noland. Through a book on Devil Fruits he learns of the Suke Suke no Mi, although since he had interest in only that particular fruit what else he knows on Devil Fruits is unclear.
Last but not least, Sanji is an expert cook, knowing and capable of preparing almost any kind of food with a strong sense to the aesthetics of cooking. He cooks with amazing speed and dexterity, particularly in his use of knives. Though lacking the power and technique of Roronoa Zoro with a bladed weapon, he is able to make very accurate cuts. He rarely uses them in battle, stating that kitchen knives are not meant for that purpose, but makes an exception when Wanze uses food as a weapon (and the fight took place in a kitchen), something that he, as a chef, finds unforgivable, and sees a loophole in using his knives as weapons against food.

Fighting Style
Sanji has mastered an unnamed martial art that the pirate Zeff apparently taught him. All of his maneuvers come from his legs and feet (although in episode 67 he is holding a pistol when he tries to stop "Miss All-sunday"). His legs and feet are extremely powerful, able to smash boulders and defeat creatures much larger than himself (like Bananawani and Mohmoo). His legs also imbue him with superior speed and agility, His speed may even be superhuman as he was easily capable of out-pacing the super fast CP9 member Kalifa despite ultimately being beaten by her. After spending two years running away from Okama, his sprinting abilities have reached a point where he can momentarily run under water, using a Geppou-like technique he calls the Blue Walk. Not only is he not slowed down by the weight of water as he was during the Arlong Arc, but he can run to a degree of super speed. He is also able to leap and run much farther than most humans. He has stated that the reason he fights with his feet is that he doesn't want to risk damaging his hands as he needs them to cook, though handstands aren't prohibited. This fictional martial art seemingly takes some inspiration from the Brazilian martial art Capoeira and the Korean martial art Tae Kwon Do and may have took some from the Chinese art Tan Tui and bears an almost identical line, in name and in style, to the extremely powerful and dangerous (to both user and opponent) style Blood Leg. Inspirations may also point to a French fighting style now known as Savate. Originally developed by French sailors, Savate employs similar techniques that utilize the hands to support the body and give added power to kicks, and is especially useful on a swaying ship. And the French law at this time considered hands as lethal weapons, which could lead to death if hands were used to kill someone. Possibly for this reason, Sanji's main opponents throughout the series so far were all martial artists with their own unique style (such as Kuroobi's "Fishman Karate" Bon Kurei's "Okama Kenpo", Wanze's "Ramen Kenpo" and Jyabura's "Tekkai Kenpo").
As for his actual "attacks", Sanji has a very large number of specific kicks and techniques he uses to fight with. It should be noted that he doesn't call out an attack name whenever he kicks someone or something, but for important events and fights he usually will. Most of his attacks are said in French and are usually cooking/food terms related in some way to the specific portion of the opponent's body that he's targeting or to the nature of the attack itself. In the 4Kids English anime, the attacks are changed to be funny sounding, non-existent food items that have something to do with the target area of the attack.
Common attacks are Mutton Shot (Sanji jumps and flips, and kicks with all his might into the foe's mid-region or head) and Anti-Manner Kick Course (One of Sanji's most powerful kicks where he delivers a 180 degree vertical kick upward into a giant foe's torso or back, which is usually used on those he sees as having no manners, e.g. those that attack women; a typical finishing move).
Sanji using Diable Jambe. Added by Angel Emfrbl In the Enies Lobby arc, Sanji reveals a new ability - Diable Jambe, the power to heat his lower legs to a temperature so high that they glow bright red, by spinning rapidly in place. 'Diable' means "devil" in French and it's also a type of dish. 'Jambe' means "leg", but the kanji reads diable's wind. The aforementioned attacks also have the word Diable Jambe preceding it (ex. Diable Jambe: Flambage Shot). The heat of the attack is so high that contact for one second would set a person aflame. Sanji used this ability during his fight with Jyabura, in which his attacks weren't so effective due to his active usage of Tekkai. With the heat of his new ability, Sanji overcame his inability to smash through Tekkai by burning through it instead. Using the technique "Frit Assorti" in Diable Jambe against Oars, Sanji was able to deflect his direct Gomu Gomu no Bazooka to protect Robin with a single kick. Also revealed during the Crew's battle against a Pacifista, it appears that Diable Jambe puts extreme stress upon Sanji's legs. After several uses of the technique, Sanji himself comments that if he were to use the attack one more time, his legs would break. It is unclear at this point in time whether it is Diable Jambe itself that puts stress on his legs, or the strain of kicking the extremely durable Pacifista cyborgs repeatedly.[10] After his two-year experience in "hell," Sanji becomes strong enough to break the neck of a Pacifista with only a kick, critically damaging it, and not showing any trouble. Before the timeskip, Sanji said that he would break his legs kicking the

Although Sanji fights with his legs, his arms are nearly as strong, enabling him to use an array of handstands, making him more versatile in certain situations. He is also able to use one-handed handstands. During the Skypeia Arc, while riding the Going Merry, he lifted a large mallet that must have weighed several tons before using it to slam an Impact Dial that had been set on top of a barrel; needless to say, the impact would have busted a hole on the Going Merry's deck had it not been absorbed by the Dial. His upper body is also superhumanly durable, having been known to take head-on attacks like Kuroobi's fists and half of Jyabura's Gekkou Juushigan right before counter-attacking them with his kick. His tolerance against fire is also astonishing, which would make sense since he is a cook. This would explain why he is able to utilize Diable Jambe without showing any signs of getting burned himself while the opponent gets incinerated at the receiving end. However, Oda has said that it doesn't damage him because while the Diable Jambe burns hot, Sanji's heart burns hotter.
After the time skip, apparently Sanji has gotten a lot stronger, and his attacks are more powerful, as seen in his fight with the Pacifista. Before the time skip, Sanji could only kick a Pacifista once, because another kick would break his leg, and still, it wouldn't do much damage, after the two years of training, he could take out a Pacifista with a single kick, with a single slash of Zoro as well. In addition Sanji has also gained Super-Human Speed. He is so fast, even under water he was said to look like a fishman by Usopp, who are at their physical prime under water. His Diable Jambe is now so powerful and hot that even under water it is able to scorch a large portion of the Kraken's tentacle, severely injuring it.
A comedic side-effect of Sanji's kicks is that, when directed at the face, they can make the victim more handsome by rearranging their facial structure, as seen with Wanze and Duval.
The Dream of Two Fools
Sanji realizing that Zeff no longer has his leg. Added by Angel Emfrbl Sanji was Zeff's protégé and sous-chef, and the two had a long history together. Nine years earlier, when a young Sanji was working as a ship's cook on the Cruise Obit in the North Blue, the pirate Red Leg Zeff and his crew attacked the ship. However, both ships were caught in a sudden storm, and sank. Zeff managed to save the young Sanji from drowning and the two were washed onto a rock outcropping, high above the sea. Before the storm tore the boats apart, Sanji cried out his dream to find the All Blue, and was saved by Zeff after.
Despite their good fortune, there was little food for them: a few rations had washed onto the rock with them, but there was no vegetation, no animals, and no way to reach the water to fish. Splitting up what little rations remained, Zeff ordered Sanji to sit at the other end of the island, and look for a ship. Sanji protested that Zeff was keeping a large sack for himself, but Zeff brushed him off, saying that as an adult, his stomach was bigger. Days passed. Sanji had no more food, but there was still no sign of a ship. Many weeks afterward (the exact amount of time differs between the manga and anime), an emaciated Sanji decided to take a chance, and kill the old man for his food. He did not kill Zeff, however: when he slashed open the old man's sack in a fit of rage, he discovered that there was no food inside, only treasure. To his horror, he realized that Zeff had sacrificed his own leg to save Sanji. Zeff confessed that he often lacked food on the high seas, and planned on opening a restaurant on the seas. Sanji, guilty over plotting to kill Zeff, agreed, but Zeff remarked that he was too weak to help. Soon after, a ship appeared, and they were spared from death. Because of this ordeal, Sanji pledges to never refuse food to a starving individual, no matter how evil or poor they may be. In the manga, Sanji began smoking shortly after starting to work at the Baratie in order to impress Zeff, despite Zeff's warnings that it would destroy his taste buds.

East Blue Saga
The Battle for the Baratie
Meeting Luffy and Gin
While doubling as a waiter one day since the rest had jumped ship, Sanji served a particular couple of guests to the Baratie, Marine Lieutenant Fullbody and his lady friend, Moodie. Though Sanji served them as a good chef, his slight actions and responses towards Fullbody made the Marine lose face in front of the other customers. Angered, Fullbody dared to pick a fight with Sanji. Sanji on the other hand, upon seeing Fullbody waste the food prepared for him out of frustration, beat the Marine up. As the situation intensified with Patty coming, Sanji was suddenly confronted by Zeff who was at the moment dealing with some trouble, Luffy. Seeing the mess that Sanji stirred up, Zeff immediately got into the argument as well.
Sanji giving a starving Gin food. Added by Mugiwara Franky
Just as things were going crazy as usual in the Baratie, a new development arrived. The prisoner that Fullbody and his men captured, Gin, had escaped and was then demanding food from the restaurant. Though dangerous, the starving pirate however was denied food from the other chefs and was kicked out of the restaurant. While his fellow chefs denied the pirate food, Sanji however gave the starving man food for which he gratefully ate. Luffy, who was witnessing Sanji at the time, was impressed by such a kind act and decided to invite Sanji to join his crew.[12]
Despite the Luffy's offer, Sanji refused due to his own personal debt to Zeff. After seeing Gin off, Sanji went back to work and glanced upon one of Luffy's crew members, Nami. Seeing such a beauty, he declared his willingness to become a pirate as long as he was with her. Though the declaration was mere flirtation, the scene however intensified when Zeff butted in. After a brief argument between the two chefs, Sanji continued his flirting with Nami and gave a bad impression to Usopp with his womanizing nature.
Two days after the incident with Gin, Sanji and the rest of Baratie witnessed a fearful sight before them. Though wrecked, the ship, the Dreadnaught Sabre, came before them. The ship belonged to Don Krieg, the pirate captain that Gin served under. With the knowledge of Baratie being a floating restaurant, Gin brought a starving Don Krieg and his crew before Sanji and the other chefs. As before all the chefs but Sanji refused to give food to such a dangerous person. However, no sooner had Krieg finished the food that Sanji gave him and regained his strength, did the pirate showed his true colors. Demanding food for his men, Sanji complied with Krieg's request. However because Krieg also demanded the Baratie, Sanji's efforts were hindered by the other chefs. Though Sanji's efforts to give food were hindered, Zeff instead gave food for Krieg's men.

Defending the Baratie
After a lengthy discussion, Sanji and the rest of the chefs of Baratie prepared for upcoming battle. Luffy, spurred by the turn of events, decided to join Sanji in defending the restaurant. However, before anything could happen, Don Krieg's ship was suddenly sliced up before the eyes of Sanji and the rest. Finding out that these new turn of events was caused by Mihawk of the Shichibukai, Sanji and the rest then witnessed momentarily a battle between this legend and one of Luffy's crewmembers, Roronoa Zoro. Though Zoro was skillful, Sanji and the rest witness Luffy's companion fall to the master swordsman. As the battle ended and they witnessed Luffy's Devil Fruit powers, Sanji and rest heard Zoro's vow to Luffy. With that finished, Sanji and the rest were able to concentrate on the battle with Krieg's forces.[15]
Sanji fighting against Pearl. Added by Mugiwara Franky
With his fighting skills learned from Zeff, Sanji was able to defeat a great deal of Krieg's men. One amongst them however was different from the rest. Pearl, the so called invincible wall, was significantly stronger than them. Made fiercer by a blunder by Luffy, Pearl proved to be a real threat to Sanji. Despite this, Sanji was still able to handle his own against this tough opponent. Though Sanji was getting the upper hand against this opponent, in the midst of their battle however, a new surprise developed. As Sanji and the others were fighting, Gin snuck up on Zeff and took the old man hostage. With this, Sanji was asked to surrender.
With Zeff being held hostage, Sanji was negotiated by Gin that he and the other chefs should just leave the Baratie and thus everything will be alright. Due to what Sanji done to Zeff in the past, he refused to make Zeff give up another one of his treasures. Seeing this behavior the other chefs asked Sanji what he meant by this. As he was being attacked by Pearl who took the opportunity for some payback, Sanji explained to them that in the past, Zeff sacrificed everything, including his own leg, so that he could live. Sanji explained to them all that it was his obligation to Zeff. With this, Sanji stood still and took all of Pearl's attacks, ready to die for the Baratie. As Sanji was being attacked however, Luffy did something unexpected. Luffy broke part of the Baratie much to everyone's surprise.
Angered by this sudden action, Sanji asked why. In response, Luffy told him that since the ship was the goal of Krieg and his men, destroying it would be the solution to the problem. Luffy also explained to him that Zeff didn't saved Sanji's life so that he could throw it away for the ship. As they were talking about all this, Pearl decided to attack once more. However before Pearl could strike Sanji and Luffy, Gin suddenly defeated him. Explaining himself to Krieg, Gin stated that he'll be the one to finish off Sanji.

Sanji fighting against Gin. Added by Mugiwara Franky
Told that this was a special honor for the food that he gave Gin, Sanji battled with the pirate. Despite his skill, Sanji was unfortunately overpowered by Gin. However just as Gin was about to land the final blow, Sanji found himself before a supposedly heartless pirate unable to kill. Because of Sanji's previous kindness, his opponent wasn't able to bring himself to finish the job. While this saved Sanji from being bludgeoned by Gin, it angered Don Krieg. In the scuffle that followed in which Krieg fired his MH5 bomb, Sanji was fortunately saved by the efforts of Luffy and Gin. Gin however was poisoned while saving Sanji.[19][20]
With this turn of events, Sanji told the other chefs to help the poisoned Gin. As they were helping Gin, Sanji noticed an angered Luffy decide to go against Krieg. What followed next was a battle between Luffy and Krieg in which Sanji and everyone watched. As the battle raged, Sanji was told by Zeff to watch Luffy carefully. With every turn of the battle, Sanji was amazed at Luffy's determination against such odds. At the very climax of the battle, Sanji and the others witnessed Luffy do the impossible, break Don Krieg's famed impenetrable armor. Though this was a deciding blow, Sanji and the others saw that Krieg still had a few tricks.[21]
While this did not deter Luffy from ultimately defeating Don Krieg, the outcome however caused the young pirate captain to fall into the water. Seeing this and after being told of Luffy's weakness, Sanji fortunately dove in and rescued Luffy. After a few moments with a slightly less poisoned Gin, Sanji gave the defeated crew of Don Krieg a little boat in which they can use to retreat in. With everything done, Sanji awaited an unconscious Luffy to tell all that happened. Though Sanji still refused to go with Luffy when he woke up, he however shared with him about his dream.

Leaving the Baratie
As Sanji and Luffy then decided to have well deserved meal, they came before a surprising incident. Apparently, every chef there thought that Sanji's soup was disgusting. Though this got to Sanji, in truth, they were just making an excuse so that Sanji could go with Luffy and fulfill his dream of finding the All Blue. As Sanji was pondering about all this outside, he noticed a strange sight.
Sanji tearfully thanking Zeff as he leaves with Luffy. Added by Mugiwara Franky
The spectacle that crashed into Sanji and into the restaurant, was one of the Luffy's traveling companions, Yosaku. Due to Nami taking the Going Merry during the battle with Don Krieg, Luffy's crew and traveling companions were forced to part midway and thus unable to fully aid Sanji and the rest. With Yosaku back, the bounty hunter asked Luffy to come with him back to the others for an urgent matter. As Luffy decided to accompany him, Sanji finally decided to become Luffy's chef.
After a few moments with the other chefs and with himself, Sanji packed his stuff and went to go with Luffy and Yosaku. As he was leaving, Sanji was met with one last surprise. Zeff, a man who usually belittled Sanji one way or another, asked Sanji to take care of himself. Completely moved by this, Sanji fell to his knees crying and thanked Zeff for everything he done for him. With an emotional Baratie behind, Sanji left with Luffy and Yosaku aboard his small ship, the Shimashima Shopping.[22]
Destruction of Arlong Park Edit
Sanji feeds Mohmoo Added by Lotus2490 While Johnny, Usopp and Zoro were on their own, Sanji, Luffy and Yosaku headed to meet up with the rest of the crew. Yosaku told Luffy and Sanji about Fish-people. Ignoring him, Luffy began doodling what he imagined fish-people look liked to Sanji's amusement, and what Nami would look like if she was a mermaid (though all he did was draw hair on his horrendous sketch, causing Sanji to demand Luffy to destroy it). Sanji then cooked them lunch which was interrupted by the arrival of Momoo. Keeping to his oath, Sanji almost fed Momoo, then kicked him for trying to eat his hand with the food.
Using Momoo to lead their boat toward Arlong Park, the three were flung right into Zoro. Johnny found them shortly after, claiming having seen Usopp get stabbed to death by Nami. Before he and Yosaku left, Nami shows up and Sanji upon seeing Nami again greeted her in an ecstatic manner causing Zoro to insult him, but Sanji retaliates that his "Love is a Hurricane". Nami then confirmed the facts of Usopp's death, which causes Zoro to attack her and Sanji to defend her. Still actually alive, Usopp ran to meet up with the gang, while Luffy slept and Zoro commented on his own views of Nami, which made Sanji become angered and the two prepared to fight, only to have Usopp's face come in between the impact.
Nojiko appears, and after Sanji claims she had to be Nami's sister, because they're both so beautiful, she tells the crew the story of Nami's past. Once Nami breaks down and asks Luffy for help, Sanji, Usopp and Zoro join him on the march on Arlong Park.

Sanji defeats Kuroobi. Added by Lotus2490
After Usopp began his fearful run from Chew, Sanji became distracted watching Zoro fight Hachi and takes a powerful punch from Kuroobi and blown from the impact through a wall many yards away. Sanji gets back up after Zoro's fight is done claiming that Kuroobi's strength doesn't compare to the kicks he received from Zeff. In order to save Luffy from drowning, Sanji dives into the pool. Kuroobi follows Sanji into the water, demonstrating that Sanji's movement is slowed down underwater, while fish-people remain unaffected, if not stronger, by beating him up and preventing him from surfacing. Grabbing Sanji, Kuroobi pulls Sanji up, then down quickly so that the severe change in water pressure would crush Sanji's body. Thinking quickly, Sanji remembered that fish die when their gills are blocked. Sanji does this and escapes from his grasp.
After assuring Zoro that Luffy was alive, Sanji challenged Kuroobi to a battle on land. Kuroobi accepts but is quickly defeated by Sanji's kicks. He and Zoro then fight against Arlong, but the two were both defeated, agreeing that only Luffy could win. While Zoro kept Arlong distracted, and with minor interference by Hachi, Sanji dives back into the water and frees Luffy's body, then watches Luffy battle Arlong together with Nojiko and Genzo.

Arrival at Loguetown
After regaining Nami, Sanji and his fellow crew mates sailed towards the Grand Line. Along the way, they decide to stop by Loguetown for last minute supplies for the journey ahead. Knowing the need of his fellow pirates, Sanji bought some food, among which was an Elephant Tuna. Though the shopping trip was relatively uneventful, something suddenly happened as the day went on. Sanji's captain had suddenly been captured.
In the midst of their trip around Lougetown, Sanji's captain had been captured by an old foe of his, Buggy. Having been caught by this old foe, Luffy was going to be executed by Buggy on the same execution platform that Gol D. Roger died on. Seeing Luffy in danger, Sanji and Zoro immediately tried to rescue their captain. Though they weren't able to reach Luffy in time, Luffy was nonetheless mysteriously saved by a bolt of lightning. Regardless of how it happened, Sanji regrouped with his fellow crewmates to escape Buggy and the Marines stationed in Lougetown.[23]
As Sanji and his two companions were escaping, they were momentarily stopped by Captain Smoker. Despite the brief road bump and the sudden appearance of a mysterious storm, Sanji and the rest were able to regrouped back on the Going Merry to begin their new journey into the Grand Line. As the Straw Hats sailed through the storm, Sanji pulled out a barrel for which he and his fellow crew mates could have a little ceremony. Swearing their dreams upon breaking the barrel, the Straw Hats sailed towards the Grand Line.

Baroque Works Saga Edit
Into the Grand Line and a New Enemy
After going through a storm and a slight detour, Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats went up the Reverse Mountain to enter the Grand Line. Though they were able to climb successfully up the mountain, they unfortunately hit a snag as they entered the Grand Line, a giant whale was blocking the entrance. While Sanji and the rest of the crew were able to stop the ship just in time, Luffy's special seat however was broken in the process. Due to the ensuing reaction that came from Sanji's captain from this, Sanji and the majority of the crew except Luffy unfortunately got swallowed by the whale in retaliation.
Within the whale's stomach, Sanji and his fellow pirates found out that an old guy named Crocus had made his home within the whale. From him not only did they learn that of a way out of the whale, but also of the whale's story. The heavily scarred whale, Laboon, was bashing his head on the Red Line in hopes of being reunited with a group of pirates that left him fifty years ago. While Sanji and the rest couldn't do anything about this problem, Sanji's captain however gave the whale some new hope to look forward to.[24]
After the situation with Laboon and getting some antics involving on how to travel the Grand Line, Sanji and the rest of the crew's company was soon joined by two more, the beautiful Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9. The two were suspicious looking people that tried to take Laboon's meat earlier. Through certain circumstances, they required the aid of the Straw Hats in getting back to their home at Whiskey Peak. Despite the suspicious nature of the individuals, Sanji and the rest took the two aboard.
Sanji being entertained by some pretty girls from Whiskey Peak. Added by Mugiwara Franky
After experiencing some of the abnormalities of the Grand Line, Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats came to their suspicious passengers' home of Whiskey Peak. Upon arrival, the Straw Hats found to their surprise a rather warm welcome. Instead of the generic fear towns have towards pirates, the inhabitants of Whiskey Peak greeted the pirates happily and treated them to a big party. The party in particular pleased Sanji as he was able to meet alot of pretty girls. In no time at all, the party soon tuckered out Sanji and most of the Straw Hats, not knowing of the real danger that lurked in Whiskey Peak.[25]
As events occurred, Sanji along with Usopp were soon rudely awoken and dragged to the Going Merry by Luffy. Despite not knowing fully what exactly was happening, the both of them instinctively let their guard up the moment they realized an opponent snuck aboard the Going Merry threatening Miss Wednesday. Though initially on the offensive towards her, Sanji immediately fell in love with Miss All Sunday the moment he got a better look at her. After this brief encounter, Sanji and Usopp soon learned the whole truth about Miss Wednesday's secret identity, princess Nefertari Vivi, and her plight. Knowing this, Sanji pledged to help Vivi as he and the rest of the crew sailed towards the next island.

A Mission of Espionage in Little Garden
After some sailing, Sanji and the rest of the crew reached their next destination, Little Garden. Noting that they didn't properly restock their food supply while in Whiskey Peak, Sanji hoped that they get properly resupply in this jungle island. As most of the crew was going out to explore, Sanji asked Zoro to get some meat. The simple request however turned into a heated squabble as Zoro proclaimed that he would do so since Sanji was incapable of doing so. Spurred on by this, Sanji challenged Zoro to a hunting competition to see who can catch the bigger prey. With this, the both of them went into the jungle to hunt.
As Sanji ventured through the jungle, he encountered a dinosaur. Defeating it, he returned back to the Going Merry with his prize. However while waiting at the ship as time passed, Sanji noticed that something might be wrong as nobody else but him had returned. Setting out into the jungle once again, Sanji discovered by chance a house completely made out of wax for which he momentarily enjoyed a cup of tea in it. As he was leaving, he heard a Den Den Mushi ring. Answering it, he was surprised to find out that he was directly talking to the leader of Baroque Works, Crocodile.

Sanji pretending to be Mr. 3 Added by Lotus2490
Realizing that the house he was in was the base of one Baroque Works' agents, Sanji pretended to be Mr. 3 for whom Crocodile mistook him for. Talking to Crocodile in this guise, Sanji tried to convince the Shichibukai that he had accomplished his mission in eliminating Vivi and the Straw Hat pirates. As he was talking, Sanji was momentarily taken off guard as Mr. 13 and Miss Friday, the Unluckies, appeared. After defeating these two and finishing up his false report to Crocodile, Sanji took the Eternal Pose to Arabasta that was meant to be given to the real Mr. 3 by the Unluckies. Knowing that there were Baroque Works agents on the island, Sanji then rush off in search for the rest of the crew.
Eventually, Sanji regrouped with the rest of the crew together with a pair of giants they befriended. To his joy, Sanji not only found out that both Vivi and Nami were safe, but he also got to see a nice sight from Nami caused by the battle with Mr. 3 and his group. After explaining things about his talk with Crocodile to the rest of the crew, Sanji revealed to them the Eternal Pose he swiped much to their delight. With this and after a slight argument about who won the hunting competition, Sanji and the rest of the crew set sail for their next destination. With a little help from the giants in defeating a giant goldfish, they were able to finally leave Little Garden.

Adventure in a Doctorless Kingdom
Sanji and Luffy beleaguered by lapahns. Added by Juracuille Sanji was one of the most devastated upon hearing that Nami's disease could possibly be fatal. Once he and the rest of the Straw Hats arrived on Drum Island in search for a doctor, he decided to depart with Luffy and Nami on their quest to find the witch living in the abandoned castle who could possibly save Nami's life. Along the way, he and Luffy encountered an infant Lapahn, and easily defeated it. However, this invoked the wrath of an entire herd of enormous adult Lapahn, who attempted to assault the two. During the ensuing struggle, Sanji protected Luffy and (more importantly to him) Nami, at the cost of becoming critically injured. In the end, after the Lapahn caused an avalanche, the wounded Sanji was carried alongside Nami by Luffy to the top of the mountain where the doctor lived.
Upon regaining consciousness, Sanji attempted to capture Chopper, hoping to turn him into a stew for Nami to make her feel better. Once he witnesseed Chopper's transformation, though, he expressed shock along with Luffy that the reindeer was a "monster". However, once Luffy claimed that he wanted to recruit Chopper into his crew, Sanji seemed to go along with his desire.
As Luffy continued to chase after Chopper, Sanji and Nami listened as Dr. Kureha informed them of Chopper's sad past. As she finished her story, Chopper burst into the room, informing her that Wapol had returned.
Sanji joined Luffy outside to defeat Wapol and his minions Chess and Kuromarimo. When Luffy ran inside to get Nami's jacket, though, Sanji and Chopper were left to fend for themselves. Kuromarimo launched bits of his hair onto Sanji, which clung onto his body. The hair was then lit on fire by one of Chess's flaming arrows. After Luffy and Chopper began their counter-attack, Dr. Kureha pinned Sanji to the ground, making sure that he didn't battle so that he wouldn't agitate his already wounded body. Even without his help, though, Luffy and Chopper managed to deal with the tyrant king and his two followers.

War in Arabasta
Sanji defeats a Bananawani. Added by Samirdurand Sanji was below deck when the rest of the crew rescued and met Mr. 2 Bon Kurei. When the crew landed, Sanji was apparently assigned to go get desert attire for the crew, which resulted in him buying dancers outfits for Vivi and Nami. Throughout the desert, Sanji got annoyed with Luffy's ability to lose their food (first with the Kung-Fu Dugongs, then with the Warusagi Birds). When the Straw Hats came across the Sandora Lizard, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji easily defeated it.

Sanji and Mr. 2 fight. Added by Black Leg Sanji
Upon reaching Rainbase, the crew separated to escape the Marines. He and Chopper were the only ones who were not captured by Crocodile. After they decimated the Baroque Works Millions, Sanji introduced himself as "Mr. Prince" and made it seem like he had been captured to lure Crocodile outside with a Baby Den Den Mushi. Using Chopper as a decoy, Sanji then somehow destroyed the bridge to Rain Dinners and found Vivi, who was sent to go find help. Sanji then fought Bananawani to get the key to the cage the rest of the crew were in. Instead, Sanji kicked Mr. 3's wax-wax ball out of one of them, whom he 'persuades' to make a duplicate key. The crew then raced to the Alubarna, the capital of Arabasta, on a Moving Crab. When the crew provided a distraction for the remaining Baroque Works officers agents so Vivi could get past them. Sanji and Chopper were chased by Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas. Sanji leaves Chopper to go check on Usopp and Eyelashes, who were followed by Bon Kurei.
Sanji sets off to save Vivi from Bon Kurei. He initially has the advantage over Bon Kurei's Okama Kenpo and outright ridiculous use of his Mane Mane no Mi. Bon Kurei then turns into Nami, which he reconignizes as Sanji's weakness. As Nami, Sanji could not bring himself to attack Bon Kurei. Sanji then sees Bon Kurei's weakness: he can't use his Okama Kenpo in Nami's form. After Bon Kurei uses his swan slippers, the battle reaches its peak where Sanji has a slight advantage over Bon Kurei and ends it. Sanji then delivers the 'final blow' to Bon Kurei after saying he wouldn't. Sanji and Zoro then help defeat the billions in 'two seconds' and helps Vivi get to the clock tower.

Skypiea Saga
Rumble in Jaya
Though depressed at not having the beautiful Vivi join the crew, Sanji and the rest of his crew mates came across a new development. Another beauty, Nico Robin, a.k.a. Miss All-Sunday from Baroque Works, had stowed away on the Going Merry and to Sanji's delight asked Luffy to let her join his crew. To his joy, Sanji's captain agreed and thus Sanji wasted no time in making Robin feel right at home. Not long afterwards, a massive ship fell from the sky. From a brief search of the sinking ship by his captain and an explanation from Robin, Sanji and the rest of his crew mates learned that the ship fell from an island in the sky called Skypiea.[31]
Sanji exploring the St. Bliss. Added by Mugiwara Franky
Needing more info on the matter, Sanji joined the expedition team consisting of himself, Luffy, and Zoro. Using special diving suits made by Usopp, they explored the sunken ship. As they were exploring the ship, their search was suddenly cut short as the ship was suddenly clamped and filled with air, and a bunch of other people appeared. After taking care of the intruders within the newly created air pocket, Sanji and his companions encountered a monkey-like person bursting into the room. Although his captain initially got along with the person, they unfortunately got on bad terms with Masira when they found out they were after the same thing.[32]
Fortunately, Sanji and his two crew mates were able to escape from Masira as well as from a giant turtle that ate the ship. As Sanji and the others were about to deal with Masira and his crew, they all suddenly found themselves in the presence of shadowy silhouettes of creatures much larger than normal giants. After apparently escaping from the creatures and getting rid of a little stow away, Sanji and the rest learned of Jaya from an Eternal Pose that Robin stole. Needing more info on Skypiea, Sanji and the rest sailed to the island.
Arriving at Jaya at the port of Mock Town, Sanji and the others learned that they had landed at a lawless town filled with pirates. Unable to join either Nami's group or Robin in exploring the place due to Usopp and Chopper's begging, Sanji stayed behind to guard the Going Merry. After the rather uneventful wait, Sanji and his two companions were surprised to find that Luffy and Zoro were heavily wounded. Although Nami's group proved unsuccessful in getting any information, Robin however was. Learning that a man by the name of Montblanc Cricket might know something, Sanji and the others headed off to the other side of Jaya.
After encountering and escaping from a brief encounter with Masira's brother, Shoujou, Sanji and his fellow crewmates came upon Cricket's home. There they had a little misunderstanding with Cricket and Sanji had a brief battle with him. However in the middle of the battle, Sanji and the rest found out that the old guy suffered from decompression sickness. Taking care of the old guy, Sanji and the rest were able to clear things up with him and his two proteges, Masira and Shoujou.[36]
One of the troubles Sanji's group faced in searching for the South Bird. Added by Mugiwara Franky
As Sanji and his fellow crewmates explained their problem on how to get to Skypiea, they learned that Cricket was a descendant of Montblanc Noland, a guy known for being a liar in Sanji's home seas. Showing interest in the story and Cricket's dream, they convinced him to help them out. Later as the Saruyama Alliance and the Straw Hats were dining on Sanji's cooking, they realized that they needed something important to aid them, the South Bird. This bird as explained to them by Cricket, was needed to find a Knock Up Stream needed to help them get to Skypiea. Having been told this, Sanji and his fellow pirates quickly went in search for the bird.
Teaming up with Nami and Usopp, Sanji and his fellow companions found that searching for the bird was harder than expected. It is also revealed in a gag scene that Sanji is terrified of spiders. Despite the antics, Sanji and his fellow pirates were able to catch a South Bird thanks to Robin. With the bird, they headed back to Cricket's. Upon returning however, they discovered that while they were away Cricket and his proteges were robbed by some pirates that Luffy encountered in Mock Town earlier. As Luffy went off to get Cricket's gold back, Sanji and the rest stayed behind to heal the Saruyama Alliance's wounds and repair the Going Merry.
After a long wait for Luffy's return, Sanji and his fellow pirates were able to set sail on the newly modified Going Merry escorted by Masira and Shoujou's ships. Arriving at the designated place for a Knock Up Stream, they waited until the conditions were just. As they maneuvered the Going Merry through the waves into the right position, the Straw Hats encountered a certain pirate and his crew that Luffy met at Mock Town. The pirate and his crew had come to claim the new bounties issued on Luffy and Zoro during Arabasta. To Sanji's disappointment, he didn't get one despite his efforts. This encounter with this pirate however was short as the Knock Up Stream suddenly started to burst. Riding on the propelled Going Merry, Sanji alongside his fellow pirates went up into the sky as well inadvertently escaping from the pursuing pirate.

Adventure in a Sky Island
Arrival at Angel Island
After surviving an intense trip up into the sky, Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats arrived in an ocean of clouds. Experiencing their new surroundings for the first time, Sanji and the rest soon encountered hostilities. Due to the lack of oxygen in such a high altitude environment, Sanji, Luffy, and Zoro were easily beaten by a masked assailant. Fortunately, the Straw Hats were saved by a the sky knight, Gan Fall and his pet bird, Pierre. After being saved by this strange knight, Sanji and the rest maneuvered the Going Merry across the White Sea until they reached Heaven's Gate. Upon entering, they were allowed to be transported to Skypiea by a sky shrimp without paying the gate watcher, not knowing that they would be entering illegally.

Arriving at Angel Beach, Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats soon befriended two locales, Conis and her father Pagaya. The former of the two entranced Sanji with her beauty. As the Straw Hats were entertained and informed of local stuff by the two, Sanji noticed that Nami, who had decided to try out a dial powered device known as a waver earlier, had gone out of sight. It was then that the pirates learned of the forbidden place called Upper Yard. Fearing that Nami may have gone there, Sanji immediately wanted the rest of them to look for her. However before the pirates could do anything, they were intercepted by the White Berets.
Having been accused of entering illegally, the Straw Hats were forced to pay the fine. Despite their initial cooperation, they were put into a dire situation when a recently returned Nami unintentionally knocked down the White Beret leader with the waver, McKinley. Seeing the situation, Sanji along with Zoro and Luffy immediately subdued the hostile White Berets. Though they defeated them, they unfortunately got a higher penalty than what they started out with. Realizing the situation they were in, the Straw Hats decided to set sail so as to not bring any trouble to their hosts.
As Sanji was preparing for the journey ahead at Conis' house, he along with Luffy and Usopp learned of a new development. Aside from the fact that Nami had put on a shirt over her bikini top, Sanji and his two crew mates saw the Going Merry and the rest of the crew on it being taken by a large sky shrimp. From their hosts, Sanji and the remaining two pirates learned that the rest of the crew were being taken to a sacrificial altar in Upper Yard to receive judgment from the priests. They on the other hand, were to be tested as they attempted to rescue their captured crew mates at Upper Yard. Having no other choice, Sanji and his two companions decided to head to Upper Yard to rescue the rest of crew.
Sanji and the two remaining Straw Hats are told by Conis of what she did. Added by Tipota
Lead by Conis to a dock for gondolas, Sanji and his two companions were instructed how to get to Upper Yard and given a gondola, the Karasumaru, to use. As they were lead by her, they noticed that she and everyone else they met along the way were acting very strange. To their surprise, Conis revealed to Sanji and his two companions that not only was it her that called the shrimp that took the Going Merry, but she was also helping them so selflessly as it was her forced duty to Skypiea's god, Enel. Despite this revelation though, the pirates were more concerned that Conis was now going to be target for telling them such things. It however was too late, Enel exacted his judgment on Conis for telling them the truth in the form of a gigantic lightning volt.
Fortunately, Conis was saved at that moment by Gan Fall. With the knight promising to take care of Conis, Sanji and his two companions headed out to Upper Yard.

The Upper Yard Forest
Sanji struggles to fight Satori Added by Samirdurand As Sanji and his fellow pirates sailed through the Upper Yard Forest in search of their kidnapped crew mates, they eventually came upon one of the so called trials. Entering a part of the forest filled with lots of balls made from island clouds, they soon encountered one of Enel's priests, Satori. Upon encountering the priest, not only did Sanji and his companions find out that Satori had some form of technique that allows him predict where their attacks would come from, they also found out that the guy had some sort of trick that allows him to deliver massive blows with a simple touch. Adding to that fact that the priest had also hidden all sorts of surprises in the clouds found throughout the area, Sanji and his two companions found the guy to be very challenging as he knocked them off the Karasumaru and set their boat adrift.
As they struggled fighting with the priest, Sanji and Luffy were able to get a chance when Luffy messed up one of Satori's attack. In the smoke of the explosion, Luffy was able to capture the priest, and said that the ability to predict attacks is useless if the attacks could not be dodged. Restrained, he began begging for mercy, claiming the odds of two versus one was "unfair". Sanji became enraged reminded Satori about the kidnapping of Nami and Robin (Zoro and Chopper as well), that Satori had no right to talk of fairness, and told Satori of his own challenge...of "love". With Luffy still restraining Satori, Sanji compared his attack to tenderizing meat and was able to K-O Satori with a single attack. Having defeated the priest, Sanji and his Luffy pressed forward after Usopp relocated the lost Karasumaru. With this, they continued their search not knowing of the consequences their actions have caused.
As they continued their search, Sanji and his fellow pirates found the rest of the trip uneventful except a brief meeting with the guerilla that attacked them earlier, Wiper. Eventually, they were able to reunite with the rest of the crew at the sacrificial altar. Seeing the state their ship was in, and having too many questions, Sanji and the rest of the crew decided to camp out for the night. As they discussed the events that unfolded, Sanji and the rest learned something important from Nami, Upper Yard was the long lost part of Jaya mentioned in Montblanc Noland's tale. Realizing the truth to the tale, Sanji and the others decided then that as pirates they should search the fabled gold mentioned as well.
Sanji and Usopp electrocuted by Enel on the Going Merry. Added by Mugiwara Franky
After a night of discussing things and dancing with wolves, Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats went ahead with the plans they made. With the Going Merry somehow mysteriously fixed, Sanji joined the team consisting of himself, Nami, and Usopp. With the ship, they were to navigate it out of Upper Yard and dock it as close to the ruins where the gold was said to be. As they were sailing to the designated place, Gan Fall, who had joined the pirates' company through some events, explained some things about Skypiea and Upper Yard. From the former God, they learned about Skypiea's history, the use of Dials in warfare, and Mantra, stuff which explained some of the mysteries they dealt within the sky island.
Though their trip out of the Upper Yard Forest initially appeared uneventful, Sanji and the companions with him had an unexpected meeting, Enel appeared before them. With the God before them, Sanji and Usopp were easily knocked out cold by Enel's powers. Though unconscious, they were protected by Nami and Gan Fall from Hotori and Kotori. Later their wounds were tended by Conis, who came into Upper Yard with her father and a Shadian girl.
Final Moments in the Sky
Sanji struck by Enel's Goro Goro no Mi while trying to protect Nami and Usopp. Added by GMTails After recuperating through a series of events, Sanji awoke to find that Nami was no where in sight on the Going Merry. As he looked around, he spotted her on a flying ship hovering over Upper Yard, the Maxim. Seeing that she needed rescuing, Sanji woke up Usopp and they both attempted a rescue mission. Using Usopp's devices, Sanji and his fellow pirate were able to climb aboard the soaring ship. As the two split up in order to locate Nami faster, Sanji came across some important looking gears within the ship.
After messing with the Maxim's gears, Sanji arrived just in time at the top deck to save Usopp and Nami from Enel. Though he was shocked by Enel for doing so, Sanji's actions down below however put a wrench in the God's plan. As Sanji lay unconscious once again, Usopp, who was able to secretly stay aboard, took the electrocuted chef off the Maxim and back down to the rest of the Straw Hats. Though he had been rendered unconscious again by Enel, Sanji woke up upon hearing the legendary golden bell of Shandia ring as Luffy finally defeated Enel.

After the whole ordeal and some recuperating, Sanji and his fellow pirates decided to hold a large party with everyone on Skypiea in celebration. After several days of nonstop partying, Sanji along with the rest of the crew were woken up by Luffy to get ahold of some gold. Learning from his captain of some gold located in the belly of the giant snake, Norla, Sanji and a few of the crew journeyed into the sleeping beast's belly to gather some much sought after treasure. As Sanji and the rest were preparing to leave with their "stolen loot", they saw a bunch of Skypieans and Shandians carrying what they believe was a huge cannon. Believing the people were going to get them for stealing, Sanji and the rest immediately left in a hurry towards the Going Merry, not knowing that the cannon that the sky natives were carrying was actually a golden pillar that they were planning to give to the Straw Hats as a reward.
After escaping aboard the Going Merry, Sanji and the rest of the crew were taken to Cloud's End by Conis. There, they were transported back down to the Blue Sea by a Balloon Octopus. As they floated back down, they heard the ringing of the golden bell that was rung in honor of Straw Hats.

CP9 Saga
The Davy Back Fight and Aokiji
After their adventure in Skypiea, Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats finally returned to the Blue Sea. After navigating through some of the Grand Line's dangers and a discussion with what to do with the gold they gathered from their previous adventure, Sanji and the rest soon came to their next destination. While Luffy and two others decided to explore this new island, Sanji and the rest decided to stay behind on the Going Merry. However as they were preparing things, they soon came to face with a new danger. A giant ship had trapped the Going Merry between its anchors and its crew, the Foxy Pirates, were itching for a fight with the Straw Hats.[49]
Facing this new foe, Sanji and those with him soon learned that the Foxy Pirates wanted to challenge the Straw Hats to a Davy Back Fight. Knowing what a Davy Back Fight is, Sanji along with Robin explained what it was to Zoro and Nami. With this knowledge, Sanji and the rest also realized what had happened to some pirates they had met earlier. Knowing that their pride as pirates was on the line, Sanji decided to partake in the sport as his captain accepted the challenge in the distance with a gunshot. With this, Sanji and his fellow pirates entered into a Davy Back Fight with the Foxy Pirates.
After some pre-game formalities, Sanji and his fellow pirates decided on what Davy Back Fight games they would participate in. Along with Zoro and Chopper, Sanji decided to participate in the second round of the Davy Back Fight games, the Groggy Ring. As Sanji and the rest awaited for their turn and watched the first round of the games, they soon learned of the Foxy Pirate's cheating ways. The most devastating of their tricks, the Straw Hats witnessed was from their captain, Foxy, who had eaten the Noro Noro no Mi. With this Devil Fruit, Foxy caused the Straw Hats to lose the first round. Having won the round for the Foxy Pirates, the sneaky captain then took away Chopper thus taking one of Sanji's teammates for the next round. With Chopper taken away, Sanji along with Zoro were forced to not only participate in their event with one man short, but also forced to face against three of most gigantic members of the Foxy Pirates, the Groggy Monsters.[50]
Sanji being nominated as the ball for the Groggy Ring by Zoro. Added by Tipota
Following the rules of the game, Sanji was unfortunately made the ball of the Straw Hat team. His role was that if he was dunked into the Straw Hats' buoy, the Groggy Monsters would win. For his opponents, their ball was the biggest member of the team, Big Pan. While Sanji and Zoro were more than capable to handle the situation they were in, their team however suffered a major setback. Due to their rivalry with one another, they spent most of the match arguing with another rather than working together, a trait their gigantic opponents were masters of.
To make matters worse, the referee of the match was a member of the Foxy Pirates who would "unfortunately" look the other way at certain times thus giving the Groggy Monsters chances to use illegal weapon. This made Sanji mad however despite his protests, he was unfortunately given a yellow penalty card for attacking the referee. With Sanji and Zoro's inability to properly work together, the Groggy Monsters' teamwork, and the crooked referee, the two of them soon found themselves being hammered by their opponents. As the two of them were beaten to a bloody pulp, they however decided then to stop bickering with one another and defeat their opponents.
Standing once more to their opponents, Sanji and Zoro were then pitted against the strongest attack the Groggy Monsters could deliver, Monster Burger. However thanks to them finally deciding to work together, they were able to counter the attack successfully and turn it into their advantage. In the middle of the fray also, Sanji kicked to his delight Pickles, one of the Groggy Monsters, towards the unsuspecting referee who decided to not watch the match as the Groggy Monsters were cheating. With practically all of their opponents neutralized through their teamwork, Sanji and Zoro did one last team attack which ultimately resulted in Zoro dunking Big Pan into the Groggy Monster's buoy. Having thus won the match, Sanji and Zoro were able to win a match for the Straw Hats in the Davy Back Fight and get Chopper back.
After his and Zoro's event and getting Chopper, Sanji and the rest of the crew watched on as Luffy partook his turn in the Davy Back Fight, the main event, Combat. Despite Foxy's tricks, Luffy was able to defeat the trickster to the amazement of Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats. Having won the final round against Foxy, the Straw Hats were given the choice of picking one of the Foxy Pirates. Despite the sexy Gina, one of the Foxy shipwrights, catching Sanji's eye, Luffy instead chooses to take Foxy's Jolly Roger. After taking the symbol and giving the pirates a new one made by Luffy, the Straw Hats bid farewell to the Foxy Pirates.
Having dealt with the Foxy Pirates, Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats decided to go see Tonjit, a friend that Luffy and those with him made earlier. However when they arrived to Tonjit's house, an unexpected guest was also awaiting there, Marine Admiral Aokiji. Though this Marine initially appeared to be non-hostile to the Straw Hats, even helping Tonjit out, it soon became clear that he was a threat to them particularly towards Nico Robin. Before they knew it, Sanji and half of the crew were fighting against the Marine. However due to Aokiji's Hie Hie no Mi Devil Fruit powers, Sanji ended up getting his leg frozen along with Luffy's arm and Zoro's sword.
As Aokiji then froze Nico Robin, Sanji and the rest retreated to thaw themselves out while Luffy dealt with the Marine. After thawing out his leg, Sanji along with Zoro decided to head back to help Luffy. By the time, they got there however, Luffy was completely frozen but thankfully still in one piece for the rest of the crew to thaw out. Though the encounter with the Marine had left Sanji and the Straw Hats worn, they fortunately were able to survive it. After some time for Robin and Luffy to recover, the crew decided to continue on with their journey.
The Incidents at Water 7
As Sanji and the rest of the crew were heading to their next destination, they came into a little trouble with a giant frog and what appeared to be a train running on water. After the brief encounter, they were explained what was the deal with the frog, Yokozuna, and the train, the Puffing Tom, by the nearby train station manager, Kokoro, and her granddaughter, Chimney. They also informed that their next destination would be Water 7, a city famed for its shipwrights. Learning about this, the Straw Hats decided to venture to the city in search for a shipwright to join their crew. Sanji himself personally wanted to find a hot female shipwright to join them.
Eventually, the Straw Hats reached the fabled city of water. Some time after docking at a peninsula near Water 7, Sanji decided to go shopping upon finding that most of the crew went on ahead. As he was shopping around for supplies, he caught a glimpse of Robin accompanying a masked person into an alley. However, just as he was about to catch up to her, Robin and the masked person had somehow vanished while briefly out of Sanji's sight. The mystery of what Sanji had encountered was further deepened when he met up with Chopper and learned that the masked person was not Chopper in human form. Remembering what Aokiji said about Robin before, Sanji feared the worst. With nothing else to do, he and Chopper decided to go back to the Going Merry and await for her there.
Upon arriving back on the ship, things just got worse. First, Sanji learned from Zoro that a shipwright who examined Merry deemed it incapable of being repaired. Next he learned from Nami that Usopp had been attacked by a gang of ship dismantlers called the Franky Family, while carrying two thirds of the money the Straw Hats exchanged for the gold they got from Skypiea. Together with Chopper and Zoro, Sanji went to where Nami left Usopp. Instead of Usopp, they found a trail of blood. Joined up by Luffy then, Sanji and the rest went to the hideout of the Franky Family, figuring that Usopp went there to retrieve back the money. Sure enough, they found the heavily beaten Usopp in front of the Franky House.
Sanji, Luffy, Zoro, and Chopper march to the Franky House to take revenge for Usopp. Added by Mugiwara Franky
Enraged by what the Franky Family did to Usopp, Sanji and his fellow Straw Hats decided to take revenge. Barging into the gang's hideout, they completely pulverized the Franky Family. Unfortunately, the money was long since gone, having been taken by the gang's leader, Franky, to somewhere. With nothing else to do about it and Robin still unaccounted for, Sanji and the rest returned back to Going Merry to face the hard truth, they had to part with Merry.[56] Though Sanji and most of the other Straw Hats accepted that this was the only decision, only Usopp however went against it. With feelings raging between Usopp and Luffy over the matter, Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats were powerless to prevent Usopp from deciding to leave the crew and challenge Luffy for ownership of the Going Merry.
Incited by this turn of events, Sanji could only but argue with Zoro over which one of them could've prevented such a thing. Regardless however, the duel between Luffy and Usopp came. Though Sanji and the rest witnessed Usopp put up a valiant effort against Luffy, the outcome still came in favor for Luffy. As the dust settled from the duel, Sanji prevented Chopper from helping Usopp fully. Understanding the situation how Usopp's pride would be broken if he as the loser was treated, Sanji explained to Chopper this awful truth. With the crew shaken up by this whole incident, Sanji and the rest left Usopp with the Going Merry either way and rented a room in the city.
Knowing that Robin was not around during this terrible affair, Sanji awaited for her at the penisula to tell her what happened. Despite his waiting, Robin did not come. Returning back to the hotel momentarily, he decided to look for her in the streets with Chopper aiding him. Just as the two were about to head off, they learned some troubling news from Nami. Iceburg, the mayor of Water 7 and president of the Galley-La Company, was just recently shot. The man was an important figure that the Straw Hats needed in regards to ship transactions. Apart from this, the two later learned, while searching for Robin, of more troubling news. The yearly high tide called Aqua Laguna was coming to hit Water 7 soon.
Fearing that Usopp may not know that Aqua Laguna was coming, both Sanji and Chopper warned their former crew mate indirectly about the impending danger. After their little charade, the two continued their search for Robin. As they continued searching, things got even more hectic. It was identified that Robin was involved with the Iceburg's shooting. Because of that the whole city became frantic in search for Robin or any of her associates. Fortunately, because Sanji and Chopper weren't identified as being associated with her, they were able to continue searching for her without much bother. As they searched, they eventually came across with her.
Sanji and Chopper are bid farewell by Robin. Added by Mugiwara Franky
Though Sanji and Chopper finally found Robin in the midst of the chaos, she tells them what they've feared upon learning about her involvement with the whole incident with Iceburg. She really was responsible and now she wants to part ways. With this turn of events, Sanji and Chopper were left questioning of Robin's "apparent betrayal". Though she stated her reason, Sanji however refused to accept it. As he sent Chopper off to tell Luffy and the others of what just happened, Sanji decided to investigate further the real reason behind Robin's actions.[60]
Figuring that Robin might leave Water 7 via the next sea train departure, he waited for her at the train station. Eventually, his wait bore fruit as she arrived at the station at the next departure accompanied by some Marines and some World Government agents. Also with her were two captives, Usopp and some guy with a punk hairstyle. Seeing that the sea train was about to depart and that the others probably wouldn't be able to arrive in time, Sanji left a note to Nami describing his actions and stowed away on board the Puffing Tom.

On board the Puffing Tom
Having stowed away on board the Puffing Tom in pursuit of Robin and Usopp, Sanji was soon discovered by the government agents on the car he was on. Fortunately, he was able defeat them and their leader Jerry. Battling across to the next car, Sanji was able to reunite with his former crew mate Usopp and someone quite unexpected, Franky. Despite all that happened before in Water 7, Sanji freed the two. Moving to the roof of the car to hide from the rest of the agents and Marines, Sanji then contacted Nami via a Den Den Mushi to report the situation and was then informed by her the real reason behind Robin's actions. Having learned about what really happened, Sanji was more than determined before to rescue Robin from CP9.
With this news, Sanji was joined in the rescue by Franky who was moved by their story. Usopp on the other hand, didn't join Sanji due to his fight with Luffy. Instead however Sanji was joined by Usopp in his newly formed alter-ego Sogeking. Together, the three of them increased their chances of rescuing Robin by tricking most of the agents and Marines on board into the train's last two cars. With the cars filled, they detached the cars and left their would be foes behind. Continuing on, they eventually came across the dining car and the government agent guarding it, Wanze.
Sanji's knife handling vs. Wanze's Ramen Kenpo. Added by Lotus2490
Deciding to fight this chef, Sanji let Sogeking and Franky go ahead to save Robin. As Sanji fought against Wanze, he came to a little trouble when Wanze donned his sticky Ramen suit. Fortunately however, Sanji was able to counter this by slicing the suit up with his culinary skills. With this obstruction out of the way, Sanji presided in punishing this chef for his blasphemy against the culinary arts and his insults against Robin.
After beating Wanze and reuniting with Franky in the next car, Sanji came across the CP9 agents that took Robin. Meeting these government agents, Sanji found them despicable in their treatment of a fellow agent defeated by Franky and view in justice. Just then Sogeking and Robin came from the car ahead. While Robin refused to be rescued, Sogeking however managed to get her in the midst of the CP9 agents using a smokescreen. With Robin with them, Sanji and his companions proceeded to detach the previous cars in order to escape. Despite this however, the CP9 agents still managed to pursue them. Add to that, Robin still refused to be rescued. With all that was happening, Sanji and his former crew mates were only able to finally get some distance away from the agents thanks to Franky sacrificing himself.
Blueno opens an air door behind Sanji. Added by Mugiwara Franky
Despite Franky's sacrifice however, Robin was still taken back from Sanji and Sogeking via one of the agents' Devil Fruit power. Though beaten and explained furthermore why Robin left with CP9, Sanji continued to try to rescue her until the agent completely left with her. Completely separated from Robin, all that Sanji and Sogeking could do now was wait for their pursuing allies to pick them up.[64]
Rescuing a Nakama from Enies Lobby: The Wolf and the Hunter Edit
Sanji versus Jyabura. Added by Mugiwara Franky As they arrive at Enies Lobby, the Rocket Man lands on Oimo's back. All of them, except Luffy, ride Sodom and Gommorah to the Courthouse. As they wait for the bridge to be activated, they line up on the roof and convince Robin to accept their request of saving her. When Kokoro hears that the bridge was only lowered halfway, she helps by using the Rocket Man. Luffy drags them all down as he jumps onto the train and they crash-land in the Tower of Justice. After they land, Fukurou appears declaring that a key is needed to un-cuff Robin. The crew decided to fight individually and set out in search for the CP9 agents. Sanji confronts Kalifa, and requested to teach her how to make tea. Later, Kalifa attacks Sanji, who will only defend himself due to his chivalry. Later he is seen, by Nami and Chopper, under the effect of the Awa Awa no Mi and tells them "I won't kick a woman, even if I die". He recovered from the Devil Fruit's powers when the fountain falls on him. He takes over for Usopp, who had been defeated and stated that he is the hunter, whilst Jayabura is the Wolf. He defeats Jyabura with his new skill called Diable Jambe and takes his key. Later, he is seen with Zoro cheering for Usopp's sniper skills as he shoots at Spandam and Marines. He and Zoro carry Usopp to the tunnel to escape. They almost drown when the tunnel floods but are saved by Kokoro, who ruined Sanji's dreams of beautiful mermaids because Kokoro is a mermaid, and ugly. As they steal their escape ship Sanji disappears, and is revealed to have turned the lever to close the Gate of Justice. Unfortunately, their escape ship explodes. They hear a voice telling them to jump over into the sea and when they realize that it was Going Merry, they jump together and finally escape.
The Going Merry's funeral. Added by Mugiwara Franky
With the Going Merry, everyone has managed to escape Enies Lobby safely. However, after escaping, Iceburg arrives in a Galley-La just in time to pick up the Straw Hat Pirates as the Going Merry suddenly breaks apart. Luffy then gives the Going Merry a viking funeral by burning it as the crew tearfully says goodbye (though Sanji and Zoro managed to maintain their diginity).
After Enies Lobby
Sanji grieves over his ridiculous picture. Added by Lotus2490 Sanji helped cook for the festival the Straw Hats and allies were having, which incidentally drained almost all of their remaining Beli.
He received his first bounty of 77,000.000 and is nicknamed "Black Leg," in contrast to his old mentor Zeff, who was known as "Red Leg". However, Sanji is horrified to see his picture on the bounty poster. The marines weren't able to obtain a photo of him (someone left the lens cap on the camera) and thus used a horrendous composite sketch.
In a flashback, Sanji informed Luffy about Usopp rehearsing what to say to rejoin the crew, and a delighted Luffy wanted to go get him. Zoro, however, believed that Usopp's behavior was disrespectful to Luffy's rank as captain and threatened to leave the crew if Luffy allowed himself to be pushed around. Eventually, the crew agreed with Zoro, and decided to only allow Usopp back if he acknowledged his wrongdoing and apologized.
After waiting for the Thousand Sunny to be completed, the Straw Hats (with the newly added Franky) were forced into a hasty departure without Usopp. He cried out in joy when Usopp apologized for being stubborn and asked if he can re-join the crew, of which everyone happily accepted.
Sanji was then seen defending the Thousand Sunny from Garp's attack.
Whitebeard War Saga
Adventure on Thriller Bark
Brook accepts Luffy's offer. Added by Mugiwara Franky After sailing for some time on the Thousand Sunny, Sanji and the rest of the crew came across a mysterious barrel floating on the ocean. Upon opening it, a flash shot up from it. After braving a storm that mysteriously came afterwards thanks to Nami and Franky, Sanji and the rest of the crew found themselves in the presence of a ghost ship.
Making sure that nothing would happen to Nami who decided to tag along Luffy in exploring the ship, Sanji climbed aboard along with them. There they met a skeleton named Brook whose being made Sanji ask a lot of questions.[65] Luffy instead asked Brook to join his crew which in turn the skeleton accepted. This shocked both Sanji and Nami. After climbing back down to the Thousand Sunny, Brook suggests that they eat dinner, which Sanji agrees to cook. Over dinner, Sanji was deeply appalled by Brook's bad manners as the skeleton explained his past.[66] Just as Brook was about to perform before Sanji and the rest of the crew after dinner, a ghost appeared and some clanking sounds were heard. These sounds were caused by the gates of the island that suddenly appeared, Thriller Bark, closing. These events prompted Brook to head to the island before Sanji and the rest of the Straw Hats' eyes.
Franky then showed the other Straw Hats his present which Nami, Usopp, and Chopper decided to test ride. After crashing into the island and hearing Nami scream, Sanji decided to go ashore and find her. However before Sanji and the rest could go to the island, they were stopped by an invisible thing.[67] The thing grabbed Sanji's leg as he was jumping overboard and slammed the cook to the side of the ship. It then proceeded to trip up Sanji and lick Robin. The thing later left Sanji and the rest baffled.
After the Thousand Sunny got caught in what was apparently an unbreakable spider web, Sanji and the rest descended to the island. There they met the Cerberus which didn't intimidate Sanji.[68] After Luffy tamed the beast, Sanji and the rest met two more of the island's creatures. Luffy caught the "Geezer Tree" while Franky caught the unicorn. Sanji, along with Zoro, then stopped Luffy before he could ask the "Geezer Tree" to join the group.
Sanji vs. Absalom Added by Lotus2490
Later as Sanji was scolding Luffy, he and the rest came across some ghosts whose strange abilities affected Franky, Luffy, and Zoro. After they recovered, they pressed forward. Sanji and the rest encountered some Zombies and defeated them with a combo technique(600,000,000 Beli Jackpot).[69] The group then met with a old man who looked like a Zombie and asked them to defeat Gekko Moriah who had stolen his shadow, so the group headed for the mansion. During the first fight inside the mansion, Sanji was kidnapped and brought to Moriah to have his shadow put inside Inuppe. The rest of the crew later find him on the Thousand Sunny along with Zoro and Luffy decorated by the zombies. After finding out what had happened to Nami, Sanji is more then determined to stop her wedding with Absalom. After the crew splits up, Sanji, along with Usopp, Franky, and Zoro, end up in Perona's room. When it is revealed that only Usopp can stand up to Perona's ghosts, Sanji makes his way to the wedding chapel to save Nami. There Sanji engaged Absalom in battle to stop Absalom's intended wedding to Nami. He was able to defeat him with ease due to his rage, but got hit a few times and was even stabbed through the heart to protect Nami.
Sanji later teamed up with other members of the crew to take down Oars.
Sanji and the Strawhats vs. Oars. Added by Tipota
Sanji landed the final blow in flipping Oars over, taking out his legs with an Anti-Manner Kick Course. After Robin's shadow is taken, Sanji is furious enough at Oars and Moriah to use Diable Jambe to combat Oars. He ends up redirecting a giant sized Gomu Gomu no Bazooka from hitting the unconscious Robin. He is later beaten down after a team move with Chopper by a Gomu Gomu no Gatling Gun from Oars. Things were looking dire as the Straw Hats could not beat Moriah.
Luffy soon manages to knock down Oars in his Nightmare Luffy form, but this is still not enough to defeat the behemoth. Luckily, the entire Straw-Hat crew, including Brook, woke up soon after to take Oars down once and for all. Sanji contributed by kicking the rudder chain of Thriller Bark around Oars, so that they could straighten Oars' spine to the point that it wouldn't be able to withstand Luffy's Gigant Bazooka. After Luffy defeated Moriah in his Shadow's Asgard form (which nearly cost Sanji and the other shadowless people their lives, had their shadows not returned to them) and subsequently passed out, Bartholomew Kuma appeared to kill the Straw Hats and the Thriller Bark Victim's Association.
Sanji vs. Kuma. Added by Genocyber
Not even one of Sanji's kicks was able to damage Kuma (due to the fact that he is a cyborg, which no one knew at the moment), and so, Kuma decided to give the group a choice: Either die, or surrender Luffy to him. After refusing, the group was knocked out cold by Kuma's Ursus Shock. When the attack didn't knock Sanji out, he began to bargain with Kuma for Luffy's life to stop Zoro who was doing the same thing, knowing that Zoro's dream was far too important for him to just give up his life. However, after he asked Zoro to tell the crew to find a new cook, Zoro knocked him out. After the rest of the crew awakened, Sanji found a heavily wounded Zoro standing in the woods.
After this, the crew and the Thriller Bark Victim's Association prepared a party to celebrate their victory over Moriah and his zombie army. Sanji learned from the Risky Brothers, who also witnessed what he and Zoro did to protect Luffy, that Zoro took in all of Luffy's pain and exhaustion from his fight with Moriah. Sanji told them not to tell any of the Straw-Hats this, even though Robin had spied on them without his knowledge. As the feast continued, Brook told Sanji that he also saw what happened, and asked him for a song request that Brook would play on the piano. But before Sanji could say anything, Brook began playing Binks' Sake. When the Straw-Hats prepared to sail away from Thriller Bark, Sanji was ecstatic to go to Merman Island so he could see the mermaids. So much in fact, that when one of the Risky Bros told them that mermaids do not wear panties, he and Brook got massive nosebleeds.
The Nightmare of Duval
After leaving Thriller Bark, Sanji became more upbeat on their journey to Fishman Island, particularly considering the comments made by members of the Rolling Pirates about the existence of mermaids around that area. Sure enough, the chef is in heaven when the Straw Hats rescue one after arriving at the Red Line. But Keimi immediately ask for his and the other crew's help for the rescuing of her partner Hatchan from the grip of the slave trader Iron Mask Duval. Although Sanji initially believes this as a means to get on a mermaid's good side, this would turn into a personal nightmare.
Sanji kicks Duval's face. Added by Aldarinor
Upon arriving at the Flying Fish Riders' base to free Hatchan, Sanji helped defeat the Flying Fish Riders with the other Straw Hats, before learning that Duval's has a grudge against him, because Duval looks exactly like Sanji's highly inaccurate wanted poster and his life was ruined by Marines and bounty hunters trying to arrest him. Sanji then proceeds to running up to Duval and kicking him in the face. However, Duval responds by having his Flying Fish riders capture Sanji in a metal net, before diving underwater, in an attempt to drown him. After Keimi saves him, resulting in him getting a large nosebleed from his perversion, Sanji counters by attacking Duval with his face-rearranging kick combo Parrage Shot, in order to destroy the one thing he can't stand looking at; the face of his horrible wanted poster. The beating renders Duval's face beautiful, ending his grudge against the Straw Hats and Duval now calling himself "Handsome".
An Incident on Sabaody Archipelago
At this time, Sanji remains on the Thousand Sunny as the other Straw Hats go about on the Sabaody Archipelago. When he gets a call from the rest of the crew out in Sabaody Park that Keimi had been kidnapped by Fishman/Merman hunters, he decides to call in Duval's favour and the Flying Fish Riders to help find her again. He took part on the conflict Luffy initiated by attacking a World Noble in the Sabaody Slave Auction House. With Duval and his Rosy Life Riders' arrival, the Straw hats escape on their Flying Fish. Meanwhile, Sanji berates Luffy for falling asleep in such an intense situation.[70] He also learned the truth about Gold Roger's execution from the Silvers Rayleigh when they regrouped in Shakky's Rip Off Bar. Apparently Roger gave himself up, as opposed to the Marines' claim that Roger was captured.
Roger contracted a serious illness which couldn't be cured, and spent three of his last four years traveling and eventually conquering the Grand Line. After being dubbed the "Pirate King", Roger gained fame and fortune although it didn't matter due to his impending death, so he disbanded his crew, and surrendered himself to the Marines. While the Marines wanted to make an example of him, his lack of fear before his execution sparked "The Great Pirate Age".[71]
After telling his story, Rayleigh decided to coat the Thousand Sunny free of charge, but said it would take three days. To make up for this, he said he would be going to a different location, and gave everyone Vivre Cards to find him. Zoro suggests they split up, and regroup later to avoid capture due to the Admiral arrival on the archipelago, while Sanji notes it's an ironic statement from him. As the Straw Hats depart, they say farewell to Shakky, Keimi, Pappug and Hatchan as they decide to split up only to be confronted by a soldier who appears to be Bartholomew Kuma.[72] The Straw Hats battle with the cyborg, who can fire beams out of his hands as well as his mouth. Sanji notes that while they last encountered Kuma when they were worn out, now there at full strength, as Luffy activates Gear Second.
Sanji, Zoro and Luffy land a combo called Gomu Gomu no Diable Mouton Jet 600 Pound Cannon to slow "Kuma" down momentarily. Zoro notes that their opponent may not even be the real Kuma as he demonstrated none of his Nikyu Nikyu no Mi abilities thus far and is instead a replica Pacifista. This presents a problem because it means there's more than one with Kuma's level of strength.[73][74]After much intense fighting, the Straw Hats finally manage to do significant damage on the Kuma clone and the Monster Trio deliver their finishing blows to it. Sanji uses a 'Diable Jambe: Flambage Shot' to give it serious damage, as Zoro activates his Asura technique to use his 'Asura: Makyuusen', right before Luffy activates Gear Third and finishes it off with a 'Gomu Gomu no Gigant Rifle'.[75] As they rest, they contemplate how such a powerful opponent could appear right so early while they're waiting for the ship to be coated. Sanji gets up and notices the Kuma clone has "PX-4" written on its arm, but before he could work out what it meant, a broadaxe-wielding warrior named Sentoumaru appeared and ordered a Pacifista entitled "PX-1" to capture them. Seeing little choice, the Straw Hats chose flight instead of fight, and Sanji, Nami and Franky ran together, however PX-1 ambushed them, as Kizaru: one of the 3 Admirals appeared and attempted to kill Zoro, who was exhausted from the previous battle and still nursing injuries sustained during the events at Thriller Bark. However, Kizaru's attack is deflected by Silvers Rayleigh. After the two engage in small talk, Luffy orders his crew to escape as in their current state, they cannot hope to match either Kizaru, Sentoumaru or another Pacifista. Kizaru attempts to come after Usopp, Zoro and Brook but Rayleigh confronts him again, this time using his sword. Seeing them in danger from PX-1, Sanji runs back telling Franky to protect Nami and kicks the Pacifista as hard as he could, and narrowly avoided his laser beam. However, PX-1 makes a direct hit on Sanji and leaves him unconscious.[76] He awakens just as the real Kuma appears and vanishes Zoro, he is later vanished when he tried to attack the real Kuma.

Straw Hat Separation Adventure: Kamabakka Kingdom
Sanji in "Hell". Added by Tipota Because of Kuma's power, Sanji has landed on Momoiro Island in Kamabakka Kingdom, where the land is pink and occupied by transvestites (both animals and humans). Sanji was seen running away in horror from a group of pursuing transvestites asking him if he was 'one of them'. They chased him across the beach and through the castle. Later, it appears that somehow the transvestites caught up to Sanji and forced him into being "one of them". Sanji is then seen in a frilly dress, a curly wig, high-heeled shoes, and thick make-up frolicking with the transvestites. The veins on his head and arm suggest this may all be against his will.
Sanji's reaction to Luffy's news, with Ivankov overlooking. Added by Sables
Sanji is seen again back to his old self after somehow snapping out of his okama trance when trying to convince Ivankov that he is part of Luffy's crew. Ivankov does not believe Sanji because of his badly-drawn wanted poster. Ivankov also declares that he will refuse to tell Sanji anything about Luffy since there is the slightest chance of him being a spy for the government and the marines. When Sanji is exhausting from his tense conversation with Ivankov, one of the okamas urged someone to put a dress on Sanji again. Sanji responds by giving the okama audience an angry stare. The okamas give Sanji a thumbs-down when he declares that he won't put on a dress again and that he is a manly man who loves ladies. Sanji then battled Ivankov for a boat but didn't prevail. Ivankov then hands Sanji a newspaper since the news of Luffy has already been made public. While Sanji reads the newspaper he then finds something quite interesting about Luffy in the article.
Iva then asks Sanji what he found out in the article, but Sanji will not answer, much to Iva's annoyance. After Sanji realizes that the "Attack Cuisine" of Kammabakka Kingdom has enhancing properties, he tells Iva to give him the recipe hoping to use it to help his crewmates. Iva bluntly says no to Sanji's request and gives the cook a challenge to earn the recipe. He says that since Sanji refuses to learn the Newkama Kempo, the cook will travel around the island and defeat the 99 masters of the Newkama Kempo, each time he beats one he will claim one of the ninety nine Attack Cuisine recipes. The catch is that the island's inhabitants will pursue him nonstop and try to dress him up again. If he wins, Ivankov will grant all his wishes, including giving him a ship, if he loses, there is no guarantee that Sanji will keep his manhood. Knowing that he cannot meet up with Luffy again with his current fighting skills, Sanji eagerly accepts the challenge saying that it will make him stronger.

2 Years Later
Straw Hat Reunion
Sanji sees a REAL woman after 2 years of "Hell" Added by LordRayleigh Two years have passed and Sanji has conquered Ivankov's challenge and changed which eye his hair covered in the process. The okamas then give Sanji a ride back to Sabaody Archipelago. After arriving to their destination, Sanji is overjoyed to see real women again. The okamas bid Sanji farewell and say that they hope to see him again someday. Sanji responds by declaring that he will never return to Momoiro Island while giving the okamas the finger. Sanji thanks them for taking him back to Sabaody Archipelago and tell them to give Ivankov his best before running off to find Nami and Robin exclaiming that he has returned from "hell." After arriving to Shakky's bar, Sanji is furious that Zoro was the first to return and happy that Nami has returned as well. He also thanks Duval for protecting the Thousand Sunny. During a conversation with Rayleigh, Sanji comments that Luffy must have gotten stronger training under the first mate of the Pirate King. Sanji also wonders how Nami have grown during these two years while having a nose bleed. He is later seen asking a fisherman for some fish, but the fisherman was worrying over a green-haired man who had accidentally gotten on a pirate ship. Sanji, suspecting it was Zoro, showed the old man Zoro's watend poster (covering up "wanted" and his bounty value) and asked if that was the man. After the fisherman confirmed it, Sanji told the fisherman not to worry. Soon after, a large galleon burst from the water after being cut in two by Zoro.

Sanji and Zoro defeat PX7. Added by Whiskey13
Sanji then gets reacquainted with Zoro, who said that he wanted to go to the beach and fish. Sanji angrily stated that it would be a pain for the crew to search for him if he ended up getting lost and forced him to return to the Thousand Sunny. The two then started their usual bickering with Sanji threatening to pummel Zoro with the legs he trained during the two years in "hell." He then spoke to Franky on the Den Den Mushi who told him to meet at the beach on Grove 42.
After getting a call from Franky, Sanji informs Zoro of the Straw Hats' meeting place, which is in Grove 42. He and Zoro start their usual arguing with Sanji speaking to Zoro like a child and Zoro saying that he will cut Sanji later. They hear a commotion coming from a nearby grove. When they go to investigate, they find Luffy, the Marines, the Pacifistas, and the crew of the Impostor Straw Hat Pirates. After reuniting with Luffy, Sanji and Zoro quickly destroy a Pacifista with a Diable Jambe kick and a slash, respectively. The newly reformed Monster Trio then proceeds to the ship. On the way, they meet Rayleigh. When Luffy told Rayleigh that he would become Pirate King, Sanji just smiled along with Zoro.
The Straw Hats descend to Fishman Island. Added by GMTails
As the Monster Trio continue to run away, they encounter more Marines. Perona aids the trio by fending off the Marines with her Negative Hollow. Sanji started staring perversely at her causing Perona to wonder if he was sick. Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy are then picked up by Chopper and a Giant Bird who then flew them back to the ship. Upon seeing Robin and Nami for the first time in 2 years, he suffered a massive nose bleed. Later when Boa Hancock aids the Strawhats by intercepting a Marine ship, Sanji "turned to stone" simply at the sight of her and quickly became jealous of Luffy when he heard that he was friends with Hancock and was sent to the all-female Kuja island. He then suffered a pain in his heart when he 'sensed' his okama friends helping him. With the Marines held back by the Strawhats' new allies, the crew submerged and heads for Fishman Island.
While sailing under the ocean, Sanji and the crew marvel at the site of the underwater world. As Nami started to explain the properties of the resin that was used to coat the ship, Sanji got another massive nosebleed just by seeing Nami move. Sanji propels himself out of the coated ship and had to be grabbed and pulled back in by Luffy. When Franky told the crew that they owe a debt to Kuma for saving them from Kizaru and protecting the Thousand Sunny for two years, Sanji woke up and once again expressed his bitterness of getting sent to Momoiro while Luffy was sent to Amazon Lily. Brook attempts to cheer him up with a song, but Sanji declines because it will make him feel worse.
Journey to Fishman Island
As the ship descends further, the Strawhats marvel at how dark it has become and how deep they have gone. However, with the help of their seacow, the Caribou Pirates catches up with the Straw Hats and prepare for battle. Caribou quickly sets foot on the Thousand Sunny. Before his crew can follow, his seacow, which turns out to be Mohmoo, fled in fear after seeing Nami, Sanji, and Luffy, leaving Caribou behind. The Straw Hats then tie up Caribou as he begs for mercy. When Caribou looks at Nami in a perverted way, Sanji kicks him. He then promptly suffers another huge nose bleed from looking at Nami and has to receive a blood transfusion from Chopper. As they approach the gigantic 'underwater waterfall', Sanji regains consciousness. Sanji and the crew then encounters the Kraken. To fight the Kraken out in the sea, Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy use Flutter Kick Coating. Sanji displays his new skills and techniques to give Luffy an opportunity to land a knock-out punch. The Monster Trio defeats the Kraken, but because they're not wearing life-lines, they got separated from the other Straw Hats as the ship goes down the "underwater waterfall". Sanji eventually makes it back, though Luffy's and his coating had popped so they had to share Zoro's. He along with everyone else were startled to hear an undersea volcano beginning to erupt.
While the rest of the crew was trying to get the ship to safety, Sanji was looking at pictures as a part of his rehabilitation therapy until the volcano erupted. He asked Nami how far it was until Fishman Island and had yet another nosebleed after looking at her. Once they had gotten to Fishman Island he began thinking about all the mermaids and his uncontrollable nosebleeds came back. Chopper told him it would be best for him not to meet the mermaids because seeing them would cause him to lose too much blood and kill him. Sanji then proclaimed that he would rather die while giving perverted looks at mermaids than live a long life and not get to have his dream come true, much to Chopper and Usopp's shock. Then, burning with passion he proclaimed loudly he that will meet them.
The crew then encounter a gang of sea monsters led by Hammond, who gives the Straw Hats two options: join the new Fishman Pirates or die. Luffy rejects Hammond and the fishman prepares to attack. Franky activates Coup de Burst and the ship flies through the bubble surrounding Fishman Island. The ship then falls into a current and the Straw Hats got separated.
Adventure in the Underwater Paradise Edit
Sanji burst into tears when he sees the mermaids. Added by MrAnimefan Sanji, Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper are seen again in Keimi's house meeting and getting reaquainted with Keimi. Keimi introduces them to some of her friends, the killifish mermaid quintuplets. When Keimi informs them that they are in the Mermaid Cafe's female dorm, Sanji almost got a nosebleed while in her apartment but controlled himself, saying he had vowed not to get a nosebleed or pass out while on Fishman Island. Keimi then takes the four Straw Hats to Mermaid Cove where Sanji meets the objects of his dreams, beautiful mermaids. As a mermaid takes his hand and greets him, Sanji starts to cry out tears of joy, saying he had found the All Blue, and that this is the day that he would die and could not know such a level of happiness otherwise.

Major Battles
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• Sanji vs. Fullbody
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• Sanji, Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Franky, Robin, and Brook vs. Oars
• Sanji vs. Kaen Kabuto (offscreen)
• Sanji vs. Shimatori (offscreen)
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• Sanji and Usopp vs. Cowballs
• Sanji, Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Chopper vs. Shiki
• Straw Hat Pirates vs. Golden Lion Pirates
• Sanji and Brook vs. Boxer Penguin, Kill Rabi, Big Tree and other animals (offscreen)
• Sanji vs. Scarlet
• Sanji, Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Franky, Robin and Brook vs. Flying Fish Riders
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• Sanji, Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brook vs. PX4
• Sanji, Nami, and Franky vs. PX1
• Sanji vs. Emporio Ivankov
• Sanji vs. 99 Newkama Kenpou Masters (unseen)
• Sanji and Zoro vs. PX7
• Sanji and Straw Hat Pirates vs. Surume
Filler Battles
• Sanji vs. Reik
• Sanji and Chopper vs. Whetton
• Sanji vs. Boo Jack
• Sanji vs. Heaby
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• Sanji, Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, and Robin vs. Governor
• Sanji vs. Zoro
• Sanji and Usopp vs. Salchow and Arbell
• Sanji vs. Largo
• Sanji vs. Caroline
Early One Piece
The Green Databook revealed that Sanji's original name was going to be Naruto. However as there was a manga with the same name about to be serialized with Jump, Oda changed the name.
Anime and Manga Differences
A scene of young Sanji beginning to smoke during his early days at the Baratie was not shown in the anime, possibly because it showed a child smoking and implied that smoking was a way of seeming mature.
Like all of the Straw Hats (save Luffy) his location revealing was extended. It showed that he was treated by a what appeared to be a beautiful women named Elizabeth. Sanji then followed her, only to discover that "she" was an okama. Unfortunately for him, due to a miscommunication between the two of them, Sanji is interpreted as an okama and is soon seen running away. The anime version shows Caroline (the substitute Queen of Kamabakka Kingdom) turning Sanji into an okama.
In the anime, the rules of the Davy Back Fight were changed and Sanji participated in the Donut Race together with Luffy. They made it to the coral area assisting Nami's crew in the process.