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Various - BEL 90 - HET BESTE UIT DE BELPOP (1991-1999) posted by David

Electronic, Pop, Rock
Blues Rock, EBM, Pop Rock,Techno, New Beat

VOL 1. 1990

01 Noordkaap - Arme Joe (3:29)
02 Romans, The - Tell That Girl (2:47)
03 Leyers, Michiels & Soulsister - Well, Well, Well
04 Blue Blot - Bridge To Your Heart (4:55)
05 B.J. Scott - Hey Nanna (3:32)
06 Scabs, The - Hard Times (4:50)
07 Kid Safari - Heaven (4:33)
08 Tom Wolf - Only The Radio (3:30)
09 Hugo Matthysen - Blankenberge (2:52)
10 Ze Noiz - Hangin' Down (2:02)
11 De Kreuners - Ik Wil Je (3:25)
12 Pitti Polak - Poor, Stupid & Ugly (3:09)
13 Jo Lemaire - La Nuit Te Ressemble (4:07)
14 Elisa Waut - Vanilla (4:45)
15 Fats Garden - Changes (3:37)
16 Arno - Lonesome Zorro (3:37)
17 Front 242 - Tragedy (For You) (4:30)
18 Technotronic Feat. MC Eric - This Beat Is Technotronic (3:40)
19 Insekt Control - Your Fear...Now (3:49)
20 Raymond Van Het Groenewoud - Liefde Voor Muziek (3:10)

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VOL 2. 1991

01 Gorky - Lieve Kleine Piranha (3:10)
02 Scabs, The - Don't You Know (3:27)
03 Derek & The Dirt - Rosie (4:05)
04 Wigbert - Ebbenhout Blues (3:07)
05 Sunriders, The - Down On My Knees (3:00)
06 Running Cow - Gasoline On Fire (3:54)
07 Zap Mama - Brrrlak! (3:25)
08 Charles Et Les Lulus - Rhythm Of The Sea (3:15)
09 Radios, The - She Goes Nana (3:47)
10 Hugo Matthysen - Toyota Carina (3:24)
11 Wolf Banes, The - Miles Away From Here (3:30)
12 Danish Butter Cookies, The - She Said (3:02)
13 Noordkaap - Dans Met Mij (3:35)
14 Blue Blot - Hold The Line (3:13)
15 Establishment, The - White Beauty (3:45)
16 Ashbury Faith - She's An Alien (3:35)
17 Spanks, The - House Of Love (3:17)
18 Poesie Noire - Just To Be Me Again (4:42)
19 Rudolf Hecke - Blind Boys (2:57)
20 T99 - Anasthasia (4:32)

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VOL 3. 1992

01 De Mens - Dit Is Mijn Huis (3:07)
02 Leyers, Michiels & Soulsister - Promises (3:22)
03 Axelle Red - Elle Danse Seule (3:47)
04 Pop Gun, The - Dream (4:43)
05 Scabs, The - Nothing On My Radio (4:50)
06 Beautiful Babies, The - My Supreme (3:40)
07 Noordkaap - Een Heel Klein Beetje Oorlog (3:24)
08 Arbeid Adelt! - Johnnie Sexpistool (3:31)
09 La Fille D'Ernest - Tout Bouge (3:52)
10 Sands, The - April & June (4:22)
11 Pitti Polak - Silly Coïncidence (3:43)
12 Sara Beth - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (3:10)
13 2 Takt - De Koning En De Nar (4:02)
14 De Nieuwe Snaar - Bwana Kitoko (4:38)
15 Gorky - Mia (5:30)
16 Tom Wolf - Kinky When She Kisses (2:55)
17 Dirk Blanchart - L'Amour Ca Va (4:03)
18 Running Cow - Blue Caravan (3:24)
19 Ugly Papas - Saviour (3:23)
20 Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison (3:20)

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VOL 4. 1993

01 Arno - Vive Ma Liberté (4:11)
02 Pieter-Jan De Smet - Fire (4:37)
03 Noordkaap - Wat Is Kunst? (3:06)
04 A Beatband - A Jugboy=Lonely (4:20)
05 Axelle Red - Sensualité (3:48)
06 Big Noise, The - No Sex Today (3:35)
07 Volt - Train 2 Interzone (3:18)
08 Soapstone - Why Should We Wait? (4:55)
09 Ashbury Faith - Break It Up (2:54)
10 Sara Beth* & Frankie Miller - Why Don't You Try Me (4:13)
11 Choice, The - I Smoke A Lot (2:52) 12 De Mens - Irene (2:20)
13 Beautiful Babies, The - Melody Sound (3:41)
14 Pink Flowers, The - Blind Man's Son (2:37)
15 Man X - Country Roads (2:53)
16 Channel Zero - Help (3:49)
17 Milk The Bishop - Asshole (3:04)
18 Romans, The - Fire Brigade (2:33)
19 His Royal Fume - I Can't Follow You (3:54)
20 CJ Bolland - Camargue (3:43)

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VOL 5. 1994

01 dEUS - Suds & Soda (4:21)
02 Channel Zero - Suck My Energy (3:53)
03 Nemo - Bicycle Called Love (2:35)
04 De Mens - Nederland (3:42)
05 Kris De Bruyne & Band - Meisje In Het Blauw (3:10)
06 Axelle Red - Je T'Attends (3:32)
07 Wizards Of Ooze - Trippin' (3:56)
08 Groovemania - The Bomb (4:18)
09 Esta Loco - Llorar (3:57)
10 Moondog Jr. - TV Song (4:24)
11 Noordkaap - Het Zou Niet Mogen Zijn (Mensenzee) (3:59)
12 Sweater - Haunted Soul (3:48)
13 Milk The Bishop - Spinning Around (3:25)
14 Headstarts, The - Ghost Train (5:38)
15 Roland Van Campenhout - Little Sweet Taste (3:18)
16 Stuffed Babies On Wheels - 30 Seconds Impact (3:01)
17 Pop In Wonderland & Melanie - Grow A Baby! (2:48)
18 De Lama's - De Ideale Penis (5:18)
19 Dildo Warheads - Scared (2:43)
20 Clement Peerens Explosition - Dikke Lu (2:41)

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VOL 6. 1995

01 Metal Molly - Orange (4:24)
02 Frank Vander Linden - Patti Blues (2:32)
03 Mad Dog Loose - Shiny Side (2:16)
04 Sands, The - Sky Is Blue (4:12)
05 K's Choice - Not An Addict (4:47)
06 dEUS - Hotellounge (Be The Death Of Me) (6:22)
07 Soulwax - Cut Some Slack (4:07)
08 Ashbury Faith - Ladder (2:34)
09 Raymond Van Het Groenewoud - Ik Ben God Niet (Rock Versie) (3:25)
10 Belgian Asociality - Morregen (1:42)
11 Dildo Warheads - Whore (3:59)
12 Arno - Les Yeux De Ma Mère (3:37)
13 Axelle Red - Le Monde Tourne Mal (5:16)
14 Soapstone - Starfish Bowl (3:27)
15 Nemo - Popmusic (3:20)
16 Channel Zero - Heroin (3:22)
17 PPZ30 - Jumpin' Jehosaphat (4:12)
18 X-Legged Sally - Anthem - The Land Of The Giant Dwarfs (1:05)
19 Die Anarchistische Abentunterhalting - IIe Drieslagstelsel (Radio Edit) (4:38)
20 Noordkaap - Ik Hou Van U (3:24)

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VOL 7. 1996


01 Moondog Jr. - Jintro & The Great Luna (2:45)
02 Axelle Red - A Tâtons (3:28)
03 Wizards Of Ooze - Hifi (6:53)
04 Soulwax - Caramel (4:20)
05 dEUS - Little Arithmetics (4:16)
06 An Pierlé - Are Friends Electric? (3:59)
07 Mercelis - Eternity (7:14)
08 Sands, The - Candy (2:40)
09 De Mens - Maandag (2:52)
10 Romans, The - Someday Cindy (3:58)
11 Noordkaap - Satelliet Suzy (2:48)
12 Metal Molly - Silver (4:22)
13 Mad Dog Loose - Versa (3:00)
14 Boerenzonen Op Speed, The - Vliegtuig ('k Ga U Komen Halen) (3:08)
15 Evil Superstars - Satan Is In My Ass (3:32)
16 Mitsoobishy Jacson - Sun Of Aerobics (3:06)
17 Channel Zero - Fool's Parade (3:53)
18 Marcel Vanthilt & Hun Huur Tu - I Shoot Dikke Jo (3:16)
19 Pangea - Memories Of Pangea (4:09)
20 CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (3:12)

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VOL 8. 1997

01 Evil Superstars - It's A Sad Sad Planet (2:07)
02 Eden - My Boat (3:11)
03 De Bossen - Speed Queen (2:32)
04 Pieter Jan De Smet - August (5:13)
05 Cinérex - I Spy (3:59)
06 Boerenzonen Op Speed, The - Vel Tegen Vel (3:26)
07 Mad Dog Loose - Take Me Down (3:25)
08 dEUS - Roses (4:50)
09 Channel Zero - Black Fuel (3:34)
10 Soulwax - Great Continental Suicide Note (4:39)
11 CJ Bolland - The Prophet (Tyrome's Radio Spirit) (3:12)
12 Moneymax - Your Satisfaction (3:31)
13 K.I.A. - Zaterdag (3:33)
14 Arno - I'm Not Myself (4:08)
15 Zap Mama - Poetry Man (5:31)
16 Lowpass - Circles In The Square (4:37)
17 Zita Swoon - Giving Up The Hero (2:48)
18 Hoodoo Club - Beercans & Spoons (4:48)
19 Metal Molly - Small Supernova (5:11)
20 Ashbury Faith - Go Fuck Yourself (3:17)

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VOL 9. 1998

01 'T Hof Van Commerce - Dommestik En Levrancier (5:24)
02 ABN - Algemeen Beskaafd Nederlandz (3:49)
03 Evil Superstars - B.A.B.Y. (1:59)
04 K's Choice - Believe (3:30)
05 Dead Man Ray - Chemical (4:23)
06 Nemo - Starsign (2:28)
07 Thou - Swing (3:49)
08 Orange Black - Alaska (3:36)
09 Jane's Detd - Beaver Fever (2:32)
10 Soulwax - Much Against Everyone's Advice (2:48)
11 Flowers For Breakfast - A Shiny Future (3:14)
12 Zita Swoon - Song For A Dead Singer (4:10)
13 Gorki - Wie Zal Er Voor De Kleine Kinderen Zorgen (4:50)
14 Tom Helsen - All Your Broken Homers (4:16)
15 El Fish - Hangin' Over (4:22)
16 Charles And The White Trash European Blues Connection - See-Line Woman (4:29)
17 Starflam - Ce Plat Pays II (3:49)
18 Sexmachines - On Stage (3:28)
19 Vive La Fête - Je Ne Veux Pas (4:23)
20 Lords Of Acid - Pussy (3:27)

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VOL 10. 1999

01 Novastar - Wrong (4:00)
02 dEUS - Instant Street (6:13)
03 Daan - 50% (2:52)
04 Hooverphonic - Lung (1977 Happy Go Disco Mix) (3:19)
05 Zita Swoon - My Bond With You And My Planet: Disco! (3:39)
06 Sven Van Hees - Tsunami (Inside My Soul) (4:31)
07 Das Pop - Electronica For Lovers (3:18)
08 Arid - Believer (3:26)
09 Wizards Of Ooze - Bustin' Loose (3:47)
10 Sint Andries MC's - Represent 2000 Antwaarpe (4:39)
11 'T Hof Van Commerce - Mag Et Ntwa Mjir Zin? (4:47)
12 An Pierlé - Mud Stories (3:44)
13 Ozark Henry - Ocean (I'm Slipping Away From Me) (4:07)
14 Zap Mama - Iko Iko (3:20)
15 Praga Khan - Breakfast In Vegas (3:43)
16 Soulwax - Too Many DJ's (4:10)
17 Fence - Always Ultra (1:46)
18 Eden - Star (2:49)
19 Noordkaap - Pretentious Moi (4:30)
20 Cleement Peerens Explosition - Vindegij Mijn Gat (Niet Te Dik In Deze Rok) (2:36)

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Hits from Belgium from the 90's

Many thanks to David!!

Various - ARTISTS UNITED AGAINST APARTHEID - Sun City (1985) (Req)

Blues, Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock
Pop Rock, Blues Rock, Contemporary Jazz, Future Jazz, Acoustic, Electro, Synth-pop

"Sun City"

Backing Vocals - B.J. Nelson , Daryl Hannah , Gil Scott-Heron , Kevin McCormick , Lotti Golden , Robert Gordon , Steve Walker , Tina B
Bass - Doug Wimbish , Ron Carter
Congas - Ray Barretto
Drum Programming - Benjamin Newberry , Keith Leblanc , Little Steven
Drums - Tony Williams* , Keith Leblanc , Ringo Starr , Zak Starkey
Guitar - Little Steven , Pete Townshend , Stanley Jordan
Keyboards - Herbie Hancock , Richard Scher , Robbie Kilgore , Zoe Yanakis
Mastered By - Bob Ludwig /Mixed By - Chris Lord-Alge , Frank Filipetti , Jay Burnett , John Davenport , Peter Darmi , Tom Lord-Alge
Percussion [Talking Drum] - Sonny Okosuns
Producer - Arthur Baker , Little Steven
Saxophone - Clarence Clemons
Scratches - DJ Cheese , Jam Master Jay
Trumpet - Miles Davis
Violin - Shankar


01 Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City
02 Peter Gabriel & Shankar - No More Apartheid
03 Keith LeBlanc - Revolutionary Situation
04 Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City (Version II)
05 Gil Scott-Heron , Melle Mel & Duke Bootee - Let Me See Your I.D.
06 Miles Davis , Ron Carter , Stanley Jordan , Tony Williams* & Herbie Hancock - The Struggle Continues
07 U2 - Silver And Gold Guitar - Keith Richards , Ron Wood Vocals - Bono
08 Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City (The Last Remix)
09 Artists United Against Apartheid - Sun City (Single Version)
10 Artists United Against Apartheid - Not So Far Away (extended)
11 Gil Scott-Heron , Melle Mel & Duke Bootee - Let Me See Your I.D. (Beat And Scratch)

Link to download:


The artist royalties from these records are going to The Africa Fund, a charitable trust based in New York City and registered with the United Nations. The income will benefit political prisoners and their families in South Africa, educational and cultural needs of South African exiles, and educational work of anti-apartheid groups in the United States.

"Today it may seem old history, but South Africa WAS a very important political issue back in the 80's, and so it nurtured many cultural projects. Among them, Sun City is an excellent mixture of afro/world feeling and hi-tech beats, courtesy of Mr Arthur Baker himself, a mixture which would be taken to new heights a few years later by Johnny Clegg and Savuka (check the huge "African Shadow Man" LP, for instance). Don't forget to check the 12"s too (Let Me See Your ID & Sun City), with their 10' something A. Baker dub versions (ouch!)"

"The Concert for Bangladesh may have been the start of benefit albums, and for a worthy cause. Sun City though, was the most militant, and demonstrated that rock and roll was about rebellion, not the Twisted Sister "We're Gonna Take It" or the whiny punk rock "I don't wanna..." attitude, but about social protest. The Sun City album took on the humanitarian crimes (read human rights violations, lack of voting rights, "relocation to phony homelands") committed by the white-minority government of South Africa from 1948, when the policy of apartheid (rhymes with both white and hate) was first introduced. Steve Van Zandt, late of the E Street Band and Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, produced and organized this indictment of the totalitarian regime. The title refers to a whites-only "Vegas in the desert" entertainment resort symbolizing the privileges of the white minority.There are three versions of the title song, of which the opening track is the original. "Rockers and rappers united and strong" take turns singing the verses a la We Are The World, condemning Reagan's "quiet diplomacy" and phony homelands like Bophuthatswana. Pete Townshend's guitar, Ringo Starr's drums, Clarence Clemons' saxophone, and Miles Davis's trumpet contribute to the backing instrumentation.

The droning guitar and Peter Gabriel's wailing vocals form "No More Apartheid." That is followed by "Revolutionary Situation," a collage of music, bits of audio from press statements, and other revolutionary anthems compiled and edited by Keith LeBlanc and the News Dissector. Sounds of barking police dogs, protesters calling for both peace and violence, audio bits from Nelson Mandela, Piet Botha, and Ronald Reagan are put together. The ominous voice of "I am an Afrikaaner" demonstrates the powerful aura of oppression dominating the country.

The alternately energetic and laid back "Let Me See Your ID" is a series of righteously enraged raps, with even Peter Wolf and Midnight Oil's Peter Garrett contributing, with some musing, biting ironic commentary by Gil Scott-Heron, such as getting vocabulary from the media, such as Third World or casualties. On the latter, he says "nothing casual about dying, nothing casual about standing for freedom". Miles's magical trumpet-playing can be heard.

The instrumental jam "The Struggle Continues" was the first time I heard Miles Davis and this fits squarely in his post-fusion era, with support from drummer Sonny Okosuns, guitarist Stanley Jordan and keyboardist Herbie Hancock, whose instrumental solo bit is a highlight the same as Davis's trumpet was in the beginning moment of the jam.

"Silver And Gold" began life here before its inclusion on Rattle And Hum. Bono sings here without U2, aided by Rolling Stones Keith Richards and Ron Wood, about mining the above metals. The U2 frontman's voice becomes a barely contained whisper in parts, intense angst and anger in other places.

While benefit group collaborations like Band Aid, Live Aid, and USA For Africa, formed the basis of mass culture, the global village, and cultural crossover in a corporately-sponsored world, Sun City was more serious in its intent, calling for the release of Nelson Mandela and supporting the UN-sponsored cultural boycott of South Africa. Eventually, in 1990, five years after the Sun City album, Mandela was freed and became South Africa's first black African president, and I can't help thinking that Steve Van Zandt and the musicians here had a hand in that."

Read more here:
ADRIANA CALCANHOTTO - Partimpim (2004)

FRENCH REVOLUTION - Fantasia (1987)

SCRITTI POLITTI - Songs To Remember (1982)
LEISURE PROCESS - Singles Collection

Close To The Bone




The Universe Is Expanding


a missing track:
Anything Box-do you hear me anymore (mp3)


SYLVESTER - Collection

AGO - For You


Neuromantic (1981)

Ego (1988)

Broadcast From Heaven (1990)

A Day In The Next Life (1991)


Hosono House (1973)

Philharmony (1982)

Video Game Music (1984)

Nokto De La Galaksia Fervojo (Night on the Galactic Railroad) (Soundtrack) (1985)

HARUOMI HOSONO WITH FRIENDS OF EARTH - Sex, Energy and Star (1986)http://rapidshare.com/files/115283498/hososseen.rar.html

Omni Sight Seeing (1989)
a missing track:
Leather Nun - She's So Bad (from "Permanent")
TELEX Part 2.:
MICHEL MOERS - Fishing Le Kiss (1990) CD

DOUBLE / KURT MALOO ( i added some EPs, CDs) :

DOUBLE - DEVILS BALL (12") (1987)
KURT MALOO vs. DOUBLE - Loopy Avenue (2006)
KURT MALOO - Soul & Echo (1995) new download link!
!!NEWS for RE-FLEX fans from Jennifer!!:

I wanted to give you and everybody here a quick update from my corner of the Re-Flex "cheering section", as it were. ;)
I've recently renewed efforts to get my fan site ready to go live, where people will be able to ask questions of the band, and we will post the Q&A on the site. John Baxter has given me his blessing and encouragement to do this, so I'm excited and more than happy to oblige. I've been working on acquiring content such as press photos, etc., as well as trying to squeeze finishing it in between my actual work projects. But, when the site's ready to go, I'll post here again and let you all know so we can start getting get some fan input.
In the meantime, I've heard from JHP Productions that a video for the previously unreleased song "Mindless Dancing" is supposed to come out in the next couple of weeks or so. I've actually heard this song, thanks to Baxter, and I'm glad that it appears it will be included with the upcoming releases. It is one of their early, early numbers (late '70s from what Baxter has told me), and, IMO, sounds something along the lines of "Cut It" or "Whizz Kid" or the demo of "Praying to the Beat", for anyone familiar with those. It's a lot of fun and I do like it. I'm looking forward to the video, because I haven't the slightest idea of what it will look like -- though I can't help but visualise punk square-dancers whenever I listen to the song! (When you hear it, you'll understand.)
Also, according to JHP, the released materials will be as follows:

RE1 - "Movement of The Action Fraction"
RE2 - "Politics of Dancing"
RE3 - "Humanication"
RE4 - "Music Re-Action"
RE5 - "Jamming the Broadcast"
RE6 - "Re-Fuse" (box set)

Still waiting for word on any sort of a solid release date for this material, however... and waiting... and WAITING! Again, according to JHP, there is no actual date, yet.
I know that Baxter has been tied up with a number of other things, lately, as have I. So, we haven't chatted in a couple of weeks. But that's about all the Re-Flex news to be had, so far -- at least that I've been able to learn on this side of the Atlantic. I'll be sure to pass along anything further.

Until then...
"Keep in touch"! :)Jennifer / FFFPosted 2008.05.20 @ 6:20 p.m. (Texas Time!)


"NukleoN is one of synthpop's brightest talents"

"Nukleon picks up the torch from legacy bands like New Order and Erasure in the electronica dance-alternative genre. Using deep sequenced layers, strong phrasing and excellent vocals, Earth Rising evokes motifs and themes of 80’s dance alternative with fresh perspectives and well-used clichés."


Real Name:
Dan Burke



Music By, Lyrics By, Vocals - Dan Burke (tracks 04-09)
Lyrics By, Vocals - Dan Burke (tracks 02,03)
Vocals - Dan Burke (track 01)
Music By - Ross W. Beall (tracks 02,03)
Music By, Lyrics By, Composed By [Melody] - Jeff Harper (http://www.ivox.org.)
(track 01)
Remix - Jeff Harper (tracks 07)


01 Undone (5:07)
02 Realm (4:27)
03 Division (4:51)
04 Reasons (3:08)
05 Pretend We're Civilized (3:18)
06 Reasons (Post Nuklear Mix) (4:41)
07 Anonymity (4:45)
08 Jane (2:25)
09 Homewrecker (4:01)
10 Ganymede - Daylight (Nukleon-mix)
11 Synthetik FM - Technology (feat Nukleon) (2002)

Link to download:

Two tracks-"Sometimes" and "Reasons (Cloud 9 Mix)" - still missing .Please send me if you have!

"NukleoN first made his music public on MP3.com in 1999. After a while there was enough material to put together a complete demo CD using MP3.com’s CD-creation program. Near Earth Orbit also features a collaborations with artists such as simulator and Intervox as well as an interview with the NukleoN synthpop droid.
Unfortunately, this CD is out of print and no longer available. "



01 Mars
02 Lucky
03 Escort
04 Infidel
05 Sometimes
06 Homewrecker
07 Lines
08 Reasons
09 Jane
10 One More Day

Link to download:

"Throughout the CD's entirety you find yourself teleported from Morrissey-esque vocals in 'Lucky' and 'Infidel', to the Alphaville melting pot of 'Escort', and the unmistakeable tinge of New Order in 'Lines'. Do the smooth vocals in 'Sometimes' sound like Camouflage? Can I hear the fusion of Echo & the Bunnymen and New Order in 'Reason' and 'Jane'? The cunfusion! I don't know what to do except to put the CD back in and do it all over again, and again!Then a cloud breaks, unearthing the epiphany that 'Earth Rising' stands alone! The musical influences are unmistakebly there, but it is completely Nukleon and a shining example of why electronic music is a drug - It drags you back (ever willingly) for more of it's hypnotic pulsing and your quench is never thirsted ... Um, your thirst is never quenched!

Breaking with traditional reviews. I'll continue with artist comparisons simply because it is easy for most people to understand comparisons.
The album storms out with 'Mars', a seering synth anthem infused with vocal cuts of travel to mars. It hits with the intensity of an anvil dropping on your head! The only possible flaw is that it is probably a little longer than it should be, but that's just a personal preference of mine, Otherwise an outstanding example of modern synthpop.

'Lucky' bounces in with a throbbing synth bassline as Morrissey's ghost lends a hand in the vocals. Oh, that's Dan Burke, not Morrissey, sorry. I can be forgiven for getting lost in the lush Smith-like vocals because the song is as flowing as some of their best work, and their influences are lavishly strong. That said, the song is otherwise completely Nukleon in every way. A thoroughly damned good song!

'Escort' sees Nukleon changing direction with a simple bassline and a percussion track a little out of tune with the rest of the album. Is this bad? Noooooo! The song has that old traditional 'hook' that keeps you coming back for more, but without a catchy melodic synth in sight. Weird, but Dan pulls it off anyway. One can be forgiven for thinking this song belongs somewhere else - the vocal style is sometimes freakishly close to Alphaville, but the similarity ends there. Once again Dan manages to resurrect the ghost of an old favourite, Alphaville, in this song, while still managing to pull off a completely original hit. I won't even attempt to explain what I mean by that, so you figure it out yourself.

'Infidel' starts out with a completely fake marching drum, which I personally don't enjoy. It might have sounded better with the real thing, but then that just wouldn't be in keeping with the album, which is everything electronic. A driving bassline chimes in and the song is on the move ... and doesn't stop! Spurred on by 9/11, it's no wonder this songs keeps driving forward without a break in sight. Very catchy with a seering synth lead that annoyingly stays in your head after several listens. Okay, 'annoyingly' is the wrong word, but I think you get the picture ... you won't forget this song quickly.

The album moves along with 'Sometimes', and this is where Nukleon explodes into the stratosphere. Emotional. Deep. Saddening. Depressing. Hopefulness. Hopelessness. Pick an adjective and you'll find it somewhere in this song. An extremely moving track, somewhere between ballad and dance. Yes, ballad and dance! It is a completely unforgettable masterpiece! This is definitely a favourite on the album.

Out jumps 'Homewrecker' in a revamped version of the original. A throbbing bassline with driving synths keep the song intense throughout. My only gripe is perhaps the vocal snippets at the beginning which don't seem to fit in with the song, at least not for me. The volume control is a little off in places and is noticeable where the kick drum comes in at the beginning. Not a huge gripe and for the most part very tame, but sometimes I get picky. This version is immeasurably better than the original so kudos for that, and Morrissey pops his head in again near the end. :)
'Lines' slides away a little from the rest of the album and you feel an air of New Order creeping in, both in the vocals and song structure. It's not immediately catchy in much the same way as a New Order song usually isn't, but quickly grabs hold after a few spins.

'Reasons' sounds like something I have heard somewhere before, by the Doors or Echo. Well, the vocals have this Doorsey feeling to them so I can't help saying that. The music in this song departs completely from the rest of the album but still manages to fit in. I loathe to say that it sounds orchestral in parts because that would probably throw a few people off. So, let me say that the song is completely synthpop in every way, and then go on to contradict myself by saying that it sounds orchestral. If you've ever heard Blancmange's 'Waves', you'll probably understand what I mean. Excellent!

'Jane' is another reworked Nukleon song which, although very enjoyable, is difficult for me to give an objective opinion on. The original version is so ingrained in my head that an objective opinion is almost impossible for me - I simply prefer the original's endearing, untamed rawness. One thing that carried over from the original is the missing bassline. It seems a little weak, leaving the driving beat to carry the momentum on its own. That said, the song is still enjoyable.
'One More Day' surpasses the majesty of 'Sometimes'. Beautiful, melodic, and completely immersive, with lyrics that many can identify with. The message of complete hopelessness, depression and darkness is contrasted by the pleads of spurious hope and light at the end of the tunnel - that silver lining that often needs to be blatantly thrust into one's face. The song is melodic, flowing, and absolutely amazing! Majestic!

7 Minutes into 'One More Day', a hidden instrumental gem appears. A few vocal snippets burble everyday terms in a robotic tone, but otherwise the song is an imaginative instrumental done in an Alphaville style. Ahhh, the secret to those vocals I do know, but will never tell. Then, just as you start enjoying the song, it ends! Oh well, nothing a quick stop-play on the deck can't sort out!
If Nukleon is not in the minds of every lover of electronic music out there, it will be a crime. Truly enjoyable, truly memorable, and worth every cent."

"It really is a fantastic album, nice vocals and flawless programing. Earth Rising is one of those albums that you can listen to from beginning to end. Dan's vocals at times are very reminiscent of Morrisey."

"It's here at last! `Earth Rising' is the long-awaited, hugely anticipated debut album from NukleoN, one of synthpop's brightest talents. And what a cracker it is! 10 stunning tracks, including `Lucky' the huge dance floor hit, debuts rarely come bigger or better than this one.I have been following NukleoN (alias Dan Burke) since his appearance on the first Electricity compilation, and with so many different samplers and downloads it's great to have everything together on one CD at long last. Just so that things don't get boring though, there are new versions of some of the songs you may have heard before, keeping everything fresh and up to date.As I said, NukleoN is one of synthpop's brightest talents and listening to this CD you will see why. All the songs have a real dance floor quality to them, while the vocals are delivered with strength (and a touch of Morrisey!). The lyrics go from playful on songs like `Homewrecker' to powerful on `Lucky' and `Infidel', while the closing `One More Day' has an epic feel to it. Every tune on `Earth Rising' is as catchy as can be, but with an originality that makes the album stand out from the rest.Cohaagen Music have given us yet another quality synthpop CD. `Earth Rising' is sure to be going round and round on your CD player for some time to come! This is perfection, so go on and enjoy it."

More review:




NukleoN is the alter-ego of Dan Burke, an electronic musician from southern California whose main hobby, in addition to graphic illustration, is producing old-style synthpop music inspired by the likes of Alphaville, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Erasure, and many others who helped pioneer the genre. NukleoN is one of the modern breed of independent musicians, one who has built up his presence on mp3.com, a popular online indie music portal, into great proportions. Through hard work promoting his music across various portals across the internet synthpop universe, NukleoN has established himself firmly as a fixture within the current synthpop scene, despite not being signed to a record label.

Dan Burke :
"This one time, at band camp...no seriously.
Yes, I was in the High School band, and it was good (except for my brief stint attempting to play a trombone). Well, as good as can be whilst marching around in blue polyester with a horde of lisping flute players bedecked with headgear and a slightly dizzy brass section. I played bongos, yes, bongos because believe it nor not, I wasn’t yet tall enough to actually carry a snare without it banging against my knees. In retrospect, I think I would have rather taken the abuse on my poor patellas rather than play the bongos in a marching band, but as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Perhaps, it just scars you for life. At a certain point, I knew the school band was not my idea of musical expression.
My fascination with musical instruments is something I’ve had as long as I can remember. When I was but a wee toddler, my dad would buy me these plastic guitars, and I’d ‘play’ them until they broke, but there would always be another plastic guitar. I have to admire my dad’s enthusiasm and tenacity, but then again, it was probably quite interesting to watch a toddler do his very own impression of ‘The Who’.
Later on, around 4th grade, I distinctly remember being dropped off with a babysitter and being fascinated by the piano...I kept wishing everyone would disappear so I could play it...and at the time I wanted to play that piano more than play with the other kids. Eventually, I got the chance to try the piano, but I don’t think the babysitter was quite ready for young NukleoN back then.
In junior high, I took a guitar class. I’m not sure why I chose the guitar, since that meant having to carry the thing to and from school. It was an ungainly way to travel, but worth it. Besides, the price I’d have to pay to be a male clarinet or flute player was high...very high. So the guitar it was..though I certainly didn’t have guitar fingers. After countless renditions of ‘Frere Jacques’ and ‘The Irish Washer Woman’, songs nobody plays outside of ‘lessons’, I gained a stronger appreciation for music and enjoyed the guitar, but this was soon exclipsed by my discovery of percussion.
I soon joined a beginning drum class, and knew I liked this much better, and I was better at it. I remember sneaking in to the drum room before classes and going ape on the meager set the class had. I was a rock star, and it was good. Soon, we were actually allowed to play *real* snare drums in class, instead of those awful-sounding practice pads they foist on newbies. I did get a drum set at home at one point, but before that, I made due with coffee cans. Yes, coffee cans. Of varying sizes and sounds, mind you, and believe it or not, it was strangely satisfying, given the lack of anything resembling a stretched animal skin.
When my parents got an old Wurlitzer baby grand piano, I was ecstatic. I remember my first song I ever composed on a piano, and it consisted of all-black keys. I played this thing every day after school nearly without fail, composing all sorts of funny songs....when I heard my mom practicing her songs, I’d learn them by ear in short order. I took lessons of my own, but quickly got bored playing other people’s songs...I wanted to write my own and I did just that.
In college, I would occasionally skip classes so I could immerse myself in the synth club’s room full of sweet, sweet goodness. There I played the DX-7 and Juno-1 for the first time, and I was hooked. They even had a mic and a singer would often join in whilst reading from the newspaper for lyrics. Something clicked in my head, and I knew this was what I wanted to do...I wanted to write songs with synthesizers and play all the various parts and yes, add vocals as well.
In 1991, I got my first synth, a Korg M1 bought with royalties after working hard as a rookie artist / game designer in the video game business. This was the start of a long string of synth-related purchases and sales, but I kept writing songs that never got heard except by a very close circle of trusted friends. As the ‘studio’ grew, so did my songwriting, and I finally went public on MP3.com in 1999 as NukleoN, a band name I chose based on it’s scientific nature, the German sound of the ‘K’ in place of the ‘C’ in American spelling of ‘Nucleon’. Another consideration that was important to me was the .com availabilty. I didn’t want to choose something everyone else had thought of or had the .com for. Even though I’m a solo artist, I chose a name for myself mostly for a bit of ‘image’ which I could use to give people an idea of what my music might sound like, before they heard it. My name by itself doesn’t necessarily convey that.
After being on MP3.com for a while, I had the great opportunity to participate in a few synthpop compilations which led to my signing with Cohaagen Music and my impending first solo commercial release. After the twists and turns of my music career up to now, I am very excited about things to come.
I hope you enjoy what you hear."
Dan Burke of NukleoN

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Monday, May 19, 2008

BAUMANN & KOEK - Baumann / Koek (1979)

Synth-Pop, Ambient

Wolfgang Baumann and Eta Koek

Composed By, Arranged By, Producer, Recorded By - Eta Koek , Wolfgang Baumann
Mixed By - Conny Plank
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conny_Plank and http://emusician.com/em_spotlight/interview_conny_plank/)


01 Yarabbim (11:50)
02 TD-Mem (18:15)
03 Gamabol (11:39)
04 Where (5:20)
05 Sequencer-Roll (2:18)

Link to download:

"As long as I know Tangerine Dream and Peter Baumann some fans and collectors are thinking this is a Peter Baumann solo recording. To say it again: IT IS NOT! This LP was recorded 1978 by Wolfgang Baumann and Eta Koek. Both are in no releations to TD or Peter Baumann. O.K., there's a rumour that this "error" was expected or wanted e.g. for the track-name "TD-Mem", but this is not confirmed until today. But it helped selling the record.
I met Wolfgang Baumann serveral times in Kempten/Germany. He was the owner of a record store called "Francoise Records" and he was (is ?) an electronic musican, too. I remember the day I heard this LP the first time. It was in his shop (of course) and I was impressed. "What a great sound!" I sad and he told me: "Oh it's nice you say this because it's my own production I did together with my close friend Eta Koek"."


"the music is in a style similar to early 1970s Tangerine Dream and contains a track called TD-Mem." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Baumann)

Italian review:

More info:

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Synth-pop,Italo-Disco, Europop,Funk


Bert Tamaela - Guitar & Vocals
Silhoutte Musmin - Keyboards, Vocals
Robbie Brans - Drums (only in 1983) (ex Boozy, D’men)
Henny Dolsma - Vocals, Background Voclas (only in 1983)(ex Please; Rocking Tigers)
Gino Jansen - Bass (1984-1985) (ex New Laid)
Kier Van Der Werf - Guitar (1984-1985)
Roy Kuschel - Keyboards,Flute (1984-1985)
Tjalling Bos - Drums (1984-1985)

"Precious Little Diamond"

Bass - Gino Jansen (played also with Muskee:http://home.wxs.nl/~dbron/records.htm)
Drums, Other [Simmons] - Han "Swetty" Langkamp (also played with Left Hand Freddy & The Aces, Muskee Gang, Muskee)
Engineer - John Smit , Ronald Prent
Flute,Keyboards,Percussion - Roy "Koru" Kushel
Guitar - Berth Tamaëla , Kier Van De Werff
Guitar [Solo-guitar] - Kier Van De Werff
Keyboards, Vocals - Silhouette Musmin
Lead Vocals, Other [Talk Box] - Berth Tamaëla
Lyrics By - Berth Tamaëla (tracks: 2, 5) , Silhouette Musmin (tracks: 1, 3, 4, 6-11)
Music By - Berth Tamaëla

Producer - Willem Ennes (member of the Dutch jazz-rock band Solution (http://www.willemennes.nl/ and http://www.solutionmusic.nl/disc-fully.html)


01 Flirting And Showing (4:42)
02 Stealin' (4:47)
03 In The Dark Of The Nite (4:32)
04 Check It Out (4:59)
05 Dance (3:31)
06 I.C. Eyes (Special Re-Mix) (7:19) Remix - Ben Liebrand
07 Precious Little Diamond (5:12)
08 Stretching Out (5:02)
09 Regret (4:33)
10 I.C. Eyes (4:18)
11 Flirting And Showing (Special Re-Mix) (7:40) Remix - Ben Liebrand
12 Precious Little Diamond (Radio Version) (3:50)

Link to download:

The first album contains all of their hits and the whole album is balancing well between new wave,synth pop and italo disco. The vocal of Berth Tamaela is also great,similar to the style of Moti Specail's vocalist Thissy Thiers. I don't know why,but i like listening to this music in winter,especially in the evening hours.The second album is much better for summertime :)


Composed By, Arranged By, Engineer, Drums, Percussion - Berth T.*
Lyrics By, Drums, Synthesizer, Sampler, Programmed By [Computer] - Silphia Musmin*
Mixed By, Mastered By - Berth T.* , Michel 'Shelle' Dierickx*
Producer - Berth Tamaëla , Silphia Musmin*


01 You Got It All (3:51)
02 Adult Cherry (4:04)
03 Delay Delay (4:31)
04 Something Special (4:10)
05 Dance Drive (4:20)
06 Rock The Pop (4:12)
07 Typical You (4:23)
08 The Paragon (4:12)
09 Don't Run Away (3:49)
10 Let The Birds Fly (3:39)
11 Shut The Door (3:40)
12 Untitled (0:04)

Link to download:

The second album is always reminds me of Thompson twins's 1987 album ,at least in some places. Their style moved closer to pop and there's no hit from this CD,but it shouldn't mislead you! This album is very good and rare!!


Lyrics By [Uncredited] - Silhouette Musmin /Music By [Uncredited] - Berth Tamaëla
Written-By - B.Tamaëla* , S.Musmin*


01 Precious Little Diamond (5:12)
02 Flirting And Showing (4:41)
03 I.C. Eyes (4:16)
04 Stealin' (4:47)
05 Regret (4:33)
06 In The Dark Of The Nite (4:32)
07 Stretching Out (5:02)
08 You Got It All (3:51)
09 Adult Cherry (4:04)
10 omething Special (4:10)
11 The Paragon (4:12)
12 Precious Little Diamond (12" Mix) (5:12)

Link to download:



01 Fox The Fox - Flirting and showing (New Edit nad Mix by Ben Liebrand) (1983)
02 Fox The Fox - Flirting And Showing (New Re-Mixed Disco Version) (1983) Remix - Rutger "Rutti" Kroese
03 Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond (Shep Pettibone Remix) (1984)
04 Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond (Shep Pettibone Dub) (1984)
05 Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond (Ben Liebrand 12inch Mix) (1984)
06 PLD vs. Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond (Richard Grey's Ibiza Soul Mix)(2005)
07 PLD vs. Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond (Original PLD Club Mix)(2005)
08 PLD vs. Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond (Richard Grey Dub Mix)(2005)
09 Andru Donalds - Precious Little Diamond (ATB Club Remix) (2000)

Link to download:

RICO BERNASCONI - Precious Little Diamond (2008)

House, Electro

Engineer [Sample] - Chris Crusher , Herbick , Marquez Klamt /Vocals - Kai /Written-By, Composed By - M. Berth Tamaela* , T. Sylvia Musmin*


01 Precious Little Diamond (Montesano & Katuin Meets D-Troy Rmx) (7:08)
02 Precious Little Diamond (Jason Vinterra Rmx) (7:17)
03 Precious Little Diamond (Rockin Vegas Rmx) (5:33)
04 Precious Little Diamond (Dany Wild Goes Crazy Remix) 06:34
05 Precious Little Diamond (Dave Kurtis Remix) 06:50
06 Precious Little Diamond (Pompero vs. Forseco Remix) 06:17

Link to download:

Dutch funkband, formed in 1981 by Bert Tamaela and Sylhoutte Musmin.Their name came form the lyrics of shock the monkey of peter Gabriel. While Tamaela was the band's singer, Musmin wrote his lyrics and Tamaela the music. In 1984 their biggest hit was 'Precious Little Diamond',which got large success in Europe and South America. On 11 February 1984 they played with the American soul funk artist Curtis Mayfield in Groningen.One year later they played on Midem in Cannes.Their next album released by the duo Tameala and Musmin in 1989 and was not a big success as the first album.They disbanded in 1990.Fox The Fox was not a "one hit band" as some people try to suggest.
Their hits were (http://charly1300.site.voila.fr/f1.htm)

before formed Fox The Fox was a member of The Hartung Sounds around 1970.Later joined Zingara (around 1973),Boozy (1976-1979) and D'men (1980-1982)Fox The Fox (1983-1990).I don't have info about the period after Fox The Fox.

"The artist, composer, and producer Berth Tamaela or Beat-T., former lead singer of Fox the Fox is well known for among others Precious Little Diamond which was a worldwide smash hit in the 80's.

He actually began his professional music career in the early 70's and had ever performed in nightclubs in Germany and the Netherlands, until he and the drummer decided to form their own new band. At that time Beat-T. had his own home studio where he composed music for Boozy and which was fairly successful in the Netherlands. In the late 70's the band split up and Beat-T. set up D'Men who performed a great many times in the Netherlands. They even recorded an LP in the Hilversum Wisseloord studio's, however it commercially didn't turn out well.

In the 80's he met Silvia Musmin with whom he and also the former drummer of D'Men a new project Fox the Fox started. Together with producer Willem Ennes and Silvia Musmin(lyrics), Beat-T(music), re-entered Wisseloord Studio's and this time they made a record-breaking jump for Precious Little Diamond was really a record breaker.The band was noted in American and European dance-charts and was nominated for the Midem in Cannes where it also got the honor to go on stage and rocked the house. It was an incredible time for Fox the Fox; limousines,luxerious hotels & restaurants, VIP. service on airports, flying in private jets two to four times daily throughout France and Germany to perform in big tv shows. They also did several tours in other parts of Europe. Up to now Precious Little Diamond is still covered and remixed by various great artists and clubDJ's worldwide and is also used in many fashion shows. Shep Pettibone, Madonna's co-worker, and Ben Liebrand did their own remix of the floorfiller Precious Little Diamond

Until early 90's the tension was too much for Fox the Fox; they stopped and Beat-T. consciously withdrew in the anonimity. Evenso, he was still engaged in music and spent most of his time to experimenting and producing records in his own studio; he rarely leave the studio .... daylight is strange for him!

Due to the many requests, and inspired by the party people and friends on Ibiza island, he actually intended to release his new album last March,unfortunately it has been postponed until late September, 2010 ... “I’m honestly satisfied with and grateful for the succsesful period, however it will not be a succesion of ‘FoxTheFox’ , coz that’s history. My new album will sound way more funkier; it reflects the development of my music and is still danceable, says Beat-T.
So instead of enjoing the sea, he could not let go of ‘jumping’ into the Penthouse Studio in old town Ibiza to do some pre-recordings.

Beat-T presents you now three pieces of his coming solo album."

Check his current site for more:
is a practioner of alternative medicine (reflexologie,reiki etc.). Her studio is here: http://www.mychi.nl/algemeen2.html
The biggest success of Fox The Fox are:
FLIRTING AND SHOWING (1983) : no°1 01/01/1983 for one week
PRECIOUS LITTLE DIAMOND (1984) : no°2 05/08/1984
STRETCHING OUT (1983) : no°9 21/10/1984
I SURRENDER (1987) : no°5 13/09/1987


In The Dark Of The Night (1984)
Diamonds (1989)
Collections (2003)

BONUS for Bert Tamaela

BOOZY (1977)


Henk van Zeyst - drums (ex Hartung Sounds; Zingara, Roôn Rockers; Oriental Quitars in Rotterdam)
Bert Tamaela - guitar
Piet Vorenholt - Keyboards (ex Trojka)
Ade Souisa - (ex Relays, Country Square)
Marijke Verboon - vocal
Chris Kleine - Keyboards (ex Sunfish)

produced by Eddy Ouwens


01 City Boy
02 Join' Together
03 Broken Dreams
04 Memories
05 Love Sweet lovin'
06 My Love
07 Easy Time
08 Angela
09 Song Of Love
10 Just Leave
11 We Can Really Make It

Link to download:



Boozy was a disco funk band from Groningen, had two big hits in 1977 ("Angela" and "Dance To The Music")They started as Trojka by Tamaela, Van Zeyst, Souisa, Kleine and Vorenholt in 1976.They changed their name to Boozy and became more popular when Marijke Verboon - the Dutch Chaka Kahn - joined the band.They disbanded in 1979.

More info:



Q-FEEL - Q-feel (1983) (Martin Page)


Espina (1998)

Pandemic (1999)



Game Over







SCRITTI POLITTI - Provision (1988)http://rapidshare.com/files/113727914/provision.rar.html


Bangs & Crashes(remix album) (1986)

The Best Of (2001)



The Continental (1985)


Love For Sale (1988)

Boyzclub (1991)

The Heart And The Machine(1992)

The Working Model - Reverse (2003)http://rapidshare.com/files/113483607/boywo_a.rar.html


One song is missing from Fox The Fox: Man On The Run (it was a single). If you have ,message me please!