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Electronic, Rock
Alternative Rock, New Wave

Kevin Dolan - drums
John Blake - bass
Chris Manecke - guitar, vocals, keyboards

VIDEOS with comments :

I agree with Miss Parker :
"Abecedarians sound a whole lot like Chameleons UK - which isn't so bad." -Miss Parker.



01 Smiling Monarchs
02 Benway's Carnival

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"One of the great hidden gems of electronic music, this three piece band hailing from California pulled out all the stops for their debut single on Factory in 1985. A whooshing rising tone brings the proceedings to a start, segueing into a heavy morse code synth pattern as a massive bombastic drum beat engulfs the speakers like John Bonham at the drum kit of the damned. A playful hail to the king melody announces the arrival of the title's grinning royalty, punctuated by lead singer Chris Manecke's stentorian vocals. If one were forced to make a comparison then it's the best song The Human League never wrote - who themselves at this point (1985) had lost it big time.
Factoid: Uncredited mixing duties were provided by New Order's Bernard Sumner"


EUREKA EP (1986)

Tracklist :

01 Ghosts
02 Soil
03 Beneath the City of the Hedonistic Bohemians
04 I Glide
05 Mice & Coconut Tree
06 The Misery of Cities

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"The Abecedarians' first full record wore its British influences heavily on its sleeve, so it's no wonder the band had already released a single on Factory Records -- at times, you get the feeling that all three members listened to nothing but Closer and maybe some A Certain Ratio and Crispy Ambulance material when they were first forming the band. Far from being simply copycats, though, the trio brought in a stark emotional and musical sensibility to the realm of American indie-rock of the time, avoiding either post-R.E.M. jangle or incipient punk-grunge snottiness. If anything, their peers were the likes of American Music Club and Thin White Rope, though Eureka's lengthy tracks doesn't quite reach as high as either of those two bands at their finest. Guitarist/vocalist Chris Manecke takes understandable center stage; his stringwork unsurprisingly relies heavily on digital reverb, though that isn't used as a fig leaf to cover inadequacies, as his sharp slashing on songs like "Ghost" demonstrates. As a vocalist, the Ian Curtis/Bernard Sumner style of flat projection is a clear model for Manecke, but so is the quiet intensity of the Comsat Angels' Stephen Fellows and the Sound's Adrian Borland's empathetic passion, making for an attractive overall combination. The crisp interplay of drummer Kevin Dolan and bassist John Blake (the latter of whom throws in some [at times] surprisingly funky fretless work) makes for the perfect counterpart to Manecke. Picking out highlights is a bit hard -- Eureka is consistently strong throughout -- but there are some definite breathtaking moments. "Soil" blends a relentless drive that calls to mind late-'70s Bowie with some truly haunting guitar lines, while the instrumental "The Other Side of the Fence" adds piano and synthesizer to a slightly gentler arrangement to set a definite sense of downbeat mood, much like Joy Division's "The Eternal.""

"If you love melodic music thats not too soft or not to hard, this is the album. It came out in 1986 and im still listening to it in 2005!"

LIVE AT ROXY 11.09.1986

Abecedarians opened for the Durutti Column

Tracklist :

01 Press Escape
02 Where Whitie Ain't Allowed
03 John's Pop
04 Suffrin' Tarnation
05 Ghosts
06 Spagetti Western
07 Soil
08 Misery Of Cities
09 Panic In Needle Park

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RESIN (1987)

Tracklist :

01 Dinner
02 Spaghetti Western
03 Where Whitie Ain't Allowed
04 Wild Flowers Grow From the Trash
05 Press Escape
06 Laugh at Yourself
07 Sufferin' Tarnation
08 Panic in Needle Park

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"A little more conventionally rocking than the spare impact of Eureka, Resin maintains the same level of punch and post-punk emotionalism which characterizes the Abecedarians' sound, resulting in another miniclassic to go alongside the earlier record. At a few points, Manecke's lyrics don't quite connect as they should -- while the delivery of "Dinner" is marvelous, as is the nervous crawl of the music, the lyrical combination of religion, sex and food is a bit tortured as the song progresses. This said, it's all about the general ambience to begin with, and on that level the Abecedarians are again flawless, bringing a haunting darkness to just about everything they do. Though the bandmembers work with a different engineer here than any of the three which helped on Eureka, the basic sound of the band remains almost exactly the same, a testament to how clear the trio was about its music. In a neat development, a little bit of humor creeps into things as well on Resin. The self-explanatory "Spaghetti Western," with Manecke delivering a great Morricone impersonation on guitar while archly singing about sheriffs shooting down best friends and waiting for the hangman's noose -- it's clearly not meant to be taken seriously, and helps in considering the rest of the album with a slightly lighter eye as well, especially considering other tracks are called "Sufferin' Tarnation (Surf Western)" and "Where Whitie Ain't Allowed," an instrumental aside from the movie sample which provides the title. It isn't all fun and games, though, and on songs like the forceful "Press Escape," where the sly computer metaphor of the title hints at the wracked lyrics and strong music of the track, the Abecedarians come into a power all their own. ~ Ned Raggett, All Music Guide"

AB-CD (1988)

Track 1-5: From the LP "Eureka", originally released June 1986 on South West Audio Reproductions. Re-released on Caroline Records (Carol 1342) in August 1987.
Track 6: Originally released on Factory UK. July 1985
Track 7-13: From the LP "Resin", released February 1988 on Caroline Records (Carol 1343).

Tracklist :

01 Ghosts
02 Soil
03 Other Side Of The Future, The
04 I Glide
05 Mice And Coconut Tree
06 Smiling Monarchs
07 Dinner
08 Spaghetti Western
09 Where White Ain't Allowed
10 Press Escape
11 Laugh At Yourself
12 Surf Western
13 Panic At Needle Park

Link to download:

"I had many of these cuts on their original vinyl sources, which is why - that one fateful afternoon at the record store when I held this in my hand - I didn't get it. Big mistake. MTV gave the cut 'Soil' some play on 120 Minutes (it is one of their best - good video too) and they made some nice comps to boot. I think this is kinda dark, almost what is now called goth; but this band could really play and the songs were always tight. If you remember 120 Minutes back then it was like an analog Leather Nun or Wire kinda. At the same time, if you like the classic early goth era, it is a little like 'Faith' era cure, mixed with prime Sisters Of Mercy too, but better musicianship, an American sensibility, and less drama. I wish I had this! Please re-issue the damn thing! Find it online somehow. So good. Soil, Ghosts, Smiling Monarchs, Coconut Tree...all gooood."

"AB-CD is short for Abecedarians, a short-lived Southern California band that created lush, atmospheric guitar-driven tunes that sounded like Michael Brook in a four-piece. I have seen some of their singles hanging around, but got the entire collection of studio and live productions from a guy in SoCal who found a couple of the band members and got permission to reproduce their entire work in one compilation. Wonderful unkown band."


Abecedarians opened for the Throwing Muses

Tracklist :

01 Where Whitie Ain't Allowed
02 Press Escape
03 Dinner
04 Liftoff
05 Spaghetti Western
06 I Glide
07 Soil
08 Mice and Coconut Tree
09 Sufferin' Tarnation
10 Laugh at Yourself
11 Untitled
12 Dinner (soundcheck)

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part of independent project's "archive series"; early recordings dating from '83 - '85,plus Eureka's "Beneath the City of the Hedonistic Bohemians" and "The Misery of Cities"; Resin's "Wild Flowers Grow from the Trash"; Scream's "They Said Tomorrow"; and "Benway's Carnival," the B-side to the Factory single "Smiling Monarchs." PLUS seven songs from a live gig on June 17, 1988, onto the second CD

CD 1

01 Beneath The City Of The Hedonistic Bohemians
02 Ghosts
03 John's Pop
04 Come Out
05 Classic
06 Spaghetti Western
07 Switch
08 Where's Karen
09 Soil
10 The Other Side Of The Fence
11 Wildflower
12 They Said Tomorrow

CD 2

01 Benways Carnival
02 Beneath The City Of The Hedonistic Bohemians
03 The Misery Of Cities
04 Wildflowers Grow From The Tras
05 They Said Tomorrow

live gig on June 17, 1988 :
06 Where Whitie Ain't Allowed
07 Press Escape
08 Dinner
09 Lift Off
10 Spaghetti Western
11 Soil
12 Laugh at Yourself

Links to download:

"Other Side of the Fence compiles rare mid-'80s demos, remixes and other recordings between 1983 -1985 cut by the Abecedarians before their move to Factory Records. However, the music here proves the Abecedarians were always a Factory band, at least in spirit; their instrumental interplay recalls both Joy Division and New Order throughout the collection, most particularly in the juxtaposition of subdued guitars against driving bass found in "Ghosts" and "John's Pop." ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide"

"This second release in the IPR archive series is a stunning collection of early demos and other recordings from this unique band. It includes five previously unreleased songs and demo versions of some of their other early material. Perfect for anyone into the 4.A.D. or early Factory groups, this numbered edition of 1750 copies is packaged in a die cast letterpress sleeve. Beautiful and recommended!"

Abecedarians have roots in both post-punk and atmospheric 4AD pop, much like the Joy Division/New Order axis. The group first appeared along with fellow Southern Californian bands Jane's Addiction and Kommunity Fk on the Scream compilation, signing to England's Factory label for the single "Smiling Monarchs" in 1985. Abecedarians moved to Caroline one year later for debut album Eureka, and Ab-CD Resin followed in 1988. Two compilations have since been released: The Other Side of the Fence (which collects unavailable early demo tracks on a 10" record) and Ab-CD Resin, which is the album to get considering it collects virtually all of Eureka and Ab-CD Resin, plus the Factory single.
The Abecedarians sound is characterized by lead-man Manecke's deep, rich and distinctive vocal delivery and idiosyncratic lyrics; along with guitarwork that swims in a gravy-like sea of reverb. the rhythm section is a sturdy, restrained anchor for the atmospherics their songs swim in, with the occassional synth part thrown into the mix for good measure. The band would alternate between more upbeat, poppy, synth-driven post-punk and slower, sludgier, and decidedly stranger dirgelike material. although they made a couple of great pop songs, it's the latter category of their material i find the most intriguing.
Their first official release was the 12" single "Smiling Monarchs" on Factory. One of the few American bands to be featured by the label, the single was even mixed by Bernard Sumner of New Order. This is probably why it leans so heavily towards a NO-style sound, and is in fact a bit uncharacteristic of the band. the single has highly processed guitar, and makes them out to be a synth-pop group. it has few of the characterisitics that made them special and unique, and i personally find it a bit grating, even. tragic, really, given the profile it could have given them. they would then go on to release a couple of records on Caroline, make the scattered compilation appearance, and in the ensuing years slowly but surely peter out.(

Smiling Monarchs 12 Eureka EP 1986 (Southwest Audio Reproductions)
Eureka EP (Re-release) 1986 (Caroline Records)
Resin LP 1987 (Caroline Records)
Scream Compilation LP 1987 (Geffen Records)
AB-CD CD 1988 (Caroline Records)
The Other Side of the Fence double EP 1990 (Independent Project Records)

More info:

One of my friend showed me some demos called " Tragic Symphony part I -VI". Im not sure is this belong indeed to Abecedarians, because i didn't find info on it ,neither on the net ,nor on their fan page. I cherish the hope that one of you can tell me something about it. If it is really a part of their discography,i will share with you, promise !

One more thing, there is only very few info on the net about this brillaint band. If you want to complete/corrigate this post with any info,photo etc, please do that! Thanx
from a to b
YUKIHIRO TAKAHASI - Tomorrow's Just Another Day 1983
The VELS - velocity
POLARIS - music from adventures...
burning bridges
fuel for fire
FULL INTENTION - Connected: 10 Years of Full Intention (2006)

The Bitter End
The Crypt
I will share soon two requested bands Thick Pigeons and Lake.


Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Glam

Patrick Briggs/Tommy Salmorin/Ena Kostabi/Enrique Tiru Velez/Reeka/Buz

some VIDEO of Pat Briggs


Mixed By - Don Fury (tracks: 1, 5, 7)/ Producer - Don Fury , Psychotica /Producer [Additional], Mixed By - Doug De Angelis (tracks: 2 to 4, 6, 8 to 15, 17, 18)

All songs mixed with additional production by Doug DeAngelis except: Ice Planet Hell, Stop and Freedom Of Choice mixed by Don Fury at Platinum Island. Cybernation mixed by Moby at Platinum Island.

Tracklist :

01 Ice Planet Hell (2:56)
02 The Worship (0:52)
03 Starfucker Love (4:00)
04 Little Prince (4:42)
05 Stop (3:02)
06 The Call (1:08)
07 Freedom Of Choice (3:26)
08 180° (3:54)
09 The Sleep (1:22)
10 Flesh & Bone (3:04)
11 Blue Fear (4:30)
12 What Is God (4:10)
13 La Chocha (0:20)
14 Barcelona (3:46)
15 The Future (0:57)
16 Cybernation (3:51) Mixed By - Moby
17 New Man (5:27)
18 The Awakening (3:12)

Link to download:

"Space oddity Pat Briggs, and the glam-era Bowie that he and his bandmates offer on this debut, could thrill the kidz. The theatrical overkill and heavy feel (more Man Who Sold the World than Ziggy Stardust) is balanced by the accessibility of "Little Prince" and Devo's "Freedom of Choice." Sigue Sigue Sputnik aficionados will approve." --Jeff Bateman

"This is an amazing record that I have no idea why it wasn't a bigger success. This is pre-Mechanical Animals era by Marilyn Manson, who after hearing this album and seeing the cover to this album, one might wonder if Manson grabbed his ideas from this album. Perhaps a coincidence, perhaps not. All I can say is that this is definitly a glam rock-space goth album and if you liked Manson's "Mechanical Animals" album than your shure to like Psychotica."

"This is another case of an underrated band that should have been much bigger. I saw Psychotica play live in Dallas on the tour for this album. Pat was amazing and was also a very nice guy when I spoke with him after the show. The songs are electrifying, wild, insane and free. Their cover of Devo's "Freedom of Choice," is fantastic. My favorites on the album are "Ice Planet Hell", about tough breaks in life and some of his friends dying of AIDS, "Stop," which is about someone doing him very wrong, "Freedom of Choice" and "What is God?", which questions religion and religious values. Unfortunately, Psychotica's second album was weak. They then recorded a third album which was great but never got released due to Red Ant records going bankrupt and not releasing the master tapes. Psychotic broke up shortly after. This album is excellent if you have liberal tastes and like wild glam rock."

ESPINA (1998)

Bagpipes - Dr. Richard Markoff/ Cello - Enrique Tiru Velez /Drums - Tom Brayton (tracks: 2, 4, 6) /Guitar, Bass - Ena Paul Kostabi/ Koto - Mark Stanley (tracks: 5) /Mastered By - Joe Lambert /Piano - Bette Sussman (tracks: 7, 9) /Programmed By - Doug DeAngelis /Vocals - Pat Briggs

Tracklist :

01 Ding Dong Dead (5:34)
02 Bleeding (3:37)
03 Too Late (4:18)
04 Blind (8:20)
05 Breakable (2:19) Written-By - Glampire
06 Psychopharmacologist (1:50)
07 MacArthur Park (4:52) Written-By - Jimmy Webb
08 February 14th, 1979 (3:20)
09 Soldier Of War (6:29)

Link to download:

"It is an absolute shame that Psychotica no longer exists, and that vocalist Patrick Briggs has eased back into Nightclub ownership. What an amazing vocal talent! Wild and weird, with a Marilyn Manson like gothic undertone and David Bowie Glam, I just don't understand why Psychotica never went further. They performed at Lollapalooza in '97, and that was pretty much the end. Patrick had a tendency to perform almost naked, though at Lollapalooza he wore a silver jumpsuit a'la Devo. He was on the edge of acceptable behavior, but so very talented, bringing in Pianists and Bagpipes and symphonies behind his unique music. After Espina, they recorded one more album, `Pandemic', that never got released. There are MP3's out on the internet from Pandemic, and I strongly urge you to find them and get them before they disappear. Pandemic has a Georgio Morodor (Cat People Soundtrack) remix of MacArthur Park, along with three not-to-be-missed ballads that Patrick's vocals just make you want to cry on. Valentino, Euthanasia, and Monsoon. FIND PANDEMIC! You won't be sorry. As for Espina, I think it is even better than Psychotica's self titled first CD. `Ding Dong Dead' is just good ol' goth fun, `Feb 14th 1979' is an oddball song with fun lyrics and changing melodies. But with Patrick's voice, I tend to lean towards his ballads (and I'm not a ballad lover), `Too Late' and `Soldier Of War'. Amazing CD, amazing vocals. If you like goth/glam/odd rock, don't miss this soon-to-be-gone treasure."

"Compared to their self-titled debut, Espina is a Porsche compared to a Ford Pinto. Although I love the debut album, Espina expands Psychotica's musical talents in various ways. I love the use of piano and keyboards on this album, which adds some melody to this album. I also am glad that Psychotica decided to drop the female rap vocalist. Excellent songs on this album include Bleeding, Soldier of War, Blind, and the cover of MacArthur Park. I would recomend this album to anyone who likes to listen to music that you just don't hear every day. It's a shame the band broke up."

"i love this cd! it's one the few cds i own that i can play the whole way through..pat briggs has and amazing voice that i wish more people would have the chance to hear. he sounds like a mix between jizzy pearl and marilyn manson/or rozz williams? but in a very unique way! i love this cd it's my first psychotica album but i will certainly buy more soon!"


Originally scheduled for release by Red Ant in 1999 but pulled due to their bankruptcy. Future release unknown.

Tracklist :

01 Intro
02 Fools Gold
03 Oceans Of HUnger
04 Cross That YoU Bear
05 Euthanasia
06 Contradiction
07 Harlow
08 Modern Utopia
09 Monsoon
10 Pandemic
11 Valentino

Link to download:

"After several label changes and finally settling on Red Ant, Psychotica recorded what was to be their landmark album. “Pandemic,” only to have it never be released.Pandemic opens with a melodic guitar/violin which shifts quickly into high gear with the open notes of the first song, “Fool’s Gold.” This song swings between frantic electric guitars and synthesized string ambience. Angelic voices back Briggs’ often brash voice. The album floats through deep swells and decrescendos having no defiantly climax or closing. In fact, the album cycles. The beginning of the first song, “Into,” picks up right where the last song, “Valentino” leaves off.Not only does the music take the listener through the gamut of human emotions, so do the lyrics. In “Oceans of Hunger,” Pat croons to the listeners, “And I wish you were the conscience lost forever in the war/Wish you were my spirit what went out with the storm/Wish you were the air that feeds the fire,” he brags in “Euthanasia,” “You were a slave in heaven/And now a superstar in hell” and assures him/her in “Contradiction,” “I used to be a feather in your headdress/But it beats the fucking loneliness /And I'm happy now.” The only disappointment was the song “Valentino,” where Briggs and band over-dramatize a refrain. It feels like a rough jolt from the serene sadness of the rest of the piece. It feels like a Broadway musical gone sour. This being said, Pandemic is a must for new listeners and hard-core Psychotica fans alike. Who knows what could have been, with this possible break-though album left in the vaults. Everyone should check it out because you sure can’t beat the price."

Psychotica, formed in 1994 by Paul "ENA" Kostabi and NYC Club Owner Pat Briggs, were a seminal influence in Industrial Goth, releasing 3 albums to mixed reviews and varied success. Lead singer Pat Briggs, with outrageous costumes and antics, paved the way for the mainstream acceptance of androgynous musicians in bands like Orgy and Placebo. Psychotica's fame reached its pinnacle of popularity in 1996, as a result of being on the bill at Lollapalooza with Soundgarden, Ramones, Screaming Trees and Metallica. In 1998 they released the album Espina and added guitarist Clint Walsh to the line-up. The new manifestation hit the road on a national tour with Jack Off Jill, joined along the way by Switchblade Symphony. Shortly after the tour was finished Briggs move to Los Angeles, he and Kostabi went in very different directions and eventually Psychotica was no more.

Self Titled (1996)
Espina (1998)
Pandemic (Unrealeased in 1999 until 2003)

More info:

WIN (The Fire Engines related)

Synth-pop, Pop Rock

Davey Henderson (from The Fire Engines)-vocals, guitars, keyboards
Russell Burn (from The Fire Engines)- keyboards, percussion, vocals, samples
Ian Stoddart -drums, vocals, percussion, keyboards
Emanuel Shoniwa -guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals

Simon Smeeton -guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
William Perry -keyboards, vocals

"You've Got The Power"

...UH! TEARS BABY (1987)

Engineer - Brad Davis , Trigger /Mixed By - Michael Brauer /Producer - David Motion


01 Super Popoid Groove
02 Shampoo Tears
03 Binding Love Spell
04 Un-American Broadcasting
05 Hollywood Baby Too
06 Empty Holsters
07 You've Got The Power
08 Charms Of Powerful Trouble
09 It May Be A Beautiful Sky Tonight But It's Only A Shelter For A World At Risk
10 Charms (Reprise)
11 Baby Cutting

Link to download:

"Formed by ex-Fire Engines stalwarts Davey Henderson and Russell Burn, Win was a quite different proposition to its predecessor. Superficially similar to the quicksilver pop of Heaven 17, they attempted subversion through lyrical content. Two funk-oriented singles, Super Popoid Groove and UnAmerican Broadcasting, prefaced Uh! Tears Baby, which mischievously twisted between Marc Bolan and Prince. Another stellar song, You've Got The Power was featured in a McEwan's Lager TV advert, although the company obviously missed the punchlines "to censor what's real" and "to generate fear". Win split up after a second album, Trigger Finger, after which Henderson formed the Nectarine No 9."

"The debut, Uh! Tears Baby (A Trash Icon), featured danceable rhythms, sunny vocal harmonies, glossy synths. This record actually grooved"

"After Davey Henderson was punk (The Fire Engines) and before he went ramshackle indie (The Nectarine No.9) he was part of this brief foray into powerful twisted pop with killer hooks and devil may care attitude to singing nonsense lyrics with the commitment of a football crowd. ‘You’ve Got The Power’, used in a famous McEwans lager advert, was my introduction to Win and the album’s total unflinching commitment to the cause of pop in the dark days of Stock, Aitken & Waterman was highly admirable. Beach Boy-esque harmonies combined with T-Rex hollering over clattering beats and unapologetic synths failed to generate big sales predicted, but the world was apparently not ready for songs entitled ‘Shampoo Tears’, ‘Super Popoid Groove’ and ‘Baby Cutting’.This album gave me faith in the idea that commercial sounding music didn’t have to be a bland continuation of a well-worn path."


More review:


Engineer - Stephen Chase /Mixed By - Bryan "Chuck" New / Producer - Zeus B. Held (Gina X Performance)


01 What’ll You Do Til’ Sunday Baby
02 Taboo
03 Love Units
04 Rainbow
05 Truckee River
06 How Do You Do
07 What’s Love If You Can Kill For Chocolate
08 Mind the Gravy09 Dusty Heartfelt
10 We Could Cover Up The ‘C’
11 Love Units (12” Mix) – CD only
12 What’s Love If You Can Kill For Chocolate (12” Mix) – CD only

Link to download:

"It is very difficult to rate this album becaues it is essentially shallow music, because it is pure fun throughout. Also, it is difficult to rate because it reminds one of so many other bands although the overall mix sounds fresh and invigorating. Finally, there are one or two tracks that don´t sound quite as convincing as the rest just when the album needed a slight contrast. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic eighties pop album in the most extreme sense of the term. Synthesizers abound with occasional flashes of strangled guitars. It it so filled with inspiration and excitement the album feels almost claustrophobic. One of its songs, Trucky River, has to be one of the best songs of the eighties, if not all time. Believe me. The rest (apart from one or two tracks) are almost there as well, an none of them is less than interesting. Actually, the album is so filled with hooks and catchy melodies, infectious singing and blasting sound that you feel drained after its all done. For a perfect experience, listen to the first five songs, climaxing with Truckee River.The sound production is excellent. More than that, it makes the album what it is. It is a pure masterclass in eighties production and as such a joy to hear. It is accessible and weird at the same time. It easily evokes Prince (Sign o´the Times), Bowie (Scary Monsters), latter-day Pulp as well as Womack & Womack. Soulful, incredibly melodic and wilfully eccentric this is the pop album Bowie always wanted to make in the eighties (but only got half-way there). If you found Pulp´s His´n Hers too straightforward and Different Class to dark - this might be the one for you. Soulful retro sound with a blasting "authentic" eigthies production. It works best when your hands are unfettered and you have a whole summer to look forward to."

"It's unbelievable how this album got little attention when it was given out. Very rememberable record with great tunes. Sad they have gone so unnoticed because they were quite good."

Win were a Scottish pop band from the 1980s.After the dissolution of The Fire Engines, Davey Henderson formed Win with Ian Stoddart (Bass), ex-Fire Engine Russell Burn (Drums/Keyboards), Emmanuel Shoniwa (Guitar/Bass), Simon Smeeton (Guitar/Bass) and William Perry (Keyboards) in 1983. A more determinedly pop act than The Fire Engines, Win were soon being critically praised. Despite being extremely popular in Scotland, partly due to their single You've Got The Power being used in a lager advertising campaign for Scottish brewers McEwans, they were unable to translate that into more widespread success and break through further afield. They released two albums and disbanded in 1990. Henderson is now recording as The Nectarine no.9.

Uh! Tears Baby (A Trash Icon) (London, 1987)
Freaky Trigger (Virgin, 1989)

MAMA BUBO - Planet Haj (1985)

Czech Republik
Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Minimal Electronic, Experimental

Karel Babuljak (also in Sajkedelik Šraml Band, Boothill, Kapela, Babalet etc.) - keyboards, voice, percussion
Jiří Charypar (also in Švihadlo, Babalet, Marsyas etc.) - el. guitar, voice, percussion
Vlastislav Matoušek (also in Relaxace, Yamabu etc.) - bass guitar, voice, percussion
Zdeněk Duroň (also in Babalet) - drums

VIDEO (two songs in one clip):

Tracklist :

01 Planeta Haj
02 Nemám Tvář
03 Leben und Verzeihung
04 Skončíš Jako Já
05 Smíš Mnohem Dál
06 V Čechách Najdeš Přítele
07 Baňatost (part)
08 Co To Má Být
09 Haj La Haj To Haj
10 Sen
11 Za zdí

Link to download 192 kbs:

Here is an extra outstanding new wave album from the legendary Czechis band.Unfortunatelly
i don't have english info,i've found only Czechis site and reviews. Anyhow, if you will check their video on Youtube, yow ill understand why Mama Bubo is my favourite band :)

1. Volume One (demo MC, Bubosound 1983)
2. Na Máchově jezeře (demo MC, Bubosound 1984)
3. Divný věci (demo MC, Bubosound 1985)
4. Planeta Haj (Bubosound 1985, reedice Anne Records 2000)
5. Aby se nám milovali (2EP Panton 1989)
6. Baňatost (Primus 1991)
7. Live In Praha (1985, STCV)

BAOBAB - It's Entertainment (1984)

Electronic, Hip Hop
Electro, Break Dance

Felix Felixine (born 25-11-1960 in Martinique)
Jose Thimonga (born 22-10-1956 in the Caribbean)
Patrice Ayivi (born 10-3-1958 in Bordeaux, France)

Produced and arranged by Claus Zundel · Theo Werdin

Tracklist :

01 Let's Break (ghettoblaster version) 6:29
02 N.O. J.O.B. 5:36
03 We Love To Love 5:17
04 Boxing Fight 5:25
05 Charmaine 3:38
06 It's Party Time 5:21
07 Let's Break (street dub version) 5:42
08 N.O. J.O.B. (special disco re-mix dub version) 6:32

Link to download:


N.O. J.O.B. Vinyl, 12" (1983)

01 N.O. J.O.B. (5:35)
02 N.O. J.O.B. (Special Disco Re-Mix Dub Version) (6:33)

LET'S BREAK Vinyl, 12" (1984)

01 Let's Break (Ghettoblaster-Version) (6:27)
02 Let's Break (Street-Dub-Version) (5:40)

Link to download for both 12 ":

It is very hard to find info about my favourite break band ("Let's Break" and "N.O.J.O.B" were international break dance hits), so i was very happy ,when i found Felix,who was so nice to answer my questions few weeks ago:)

So here is my short interview with Felix Felixine about Baobab :

How did you decided to start Baobab ?
In the late 70´s, we were hanging Patrice and me in a big discothec call The Palace ( it was the french Studio 54 ) there i start the band with Patrice , we start first with dancing then the music , i was DJ in Paris at the time and i did also some music produced in Italy .

Why didnt you release more albums?
Because we split in 1988, we have been at that time already 10 years together, when we started we were 18-20 years old but a decade later with 28-30 years everyone wanted to do something different.

How do you remeber your Baobab's period?
It was really really fun, we have had a funky good time.We were one of the first group straight from the street and urban culture in France and i think in Germany.Sometimes it was not easy because people were thinking that we were breakdancers straight from the USA but in fact we were street dancers with acrobatics elements from France, we are not americans we were not from the Bronx, we had our own style from Paris ( at that time were the best in France ) and it was not breakdance , in fact really different from the USA style, to follow the beat and the groove were really important for us , the B-Boys in N-Y did not care really if their moves were on the beat . We learnt Breakdance because the people expect this from us ,our style was a mix between french acrobatic street dance and breakdance, it tell you it was not easy at that time to learn it, no internet, no MTV, nothing .....if you wanted to learn something in Breakdance back in 1980-1982 you had to go to N-Y City (Bronx)...but all became different after Movies like Beat street, Breakin´ and Wildstyle ...everybody starts to dance Hip Hop..Breakdance..Locking..Poping..electric boogie...and so on..... but before nothing Man.

What was the philosophy/conception of the band?
We were in the first place dancers , then singers , rappers and comedians , we love differents types of music , we have been trying to bring them together : street attitude, funk, hiphop, afro-caribean but comedy as well specially when we were on stage( did you ever see our BOXE FIGHT...funny ) .

Where can i watch a video with Baobab?
That it is difficult because we were in the 80´s and not everydody had a video camera like today that was not a easy thing to organize, for example WE never seen our original video made by our record company for N.O. J.O.B. , so you see , i have few video footage from shows but in quite bad quality.

Are you planning to create a page dedicated to the band (myspace or so) ?
Maybe one day if i find the time then i let you know.

Id like to know what happened to you and the other two the membersafter the Baobab's years.Are you still playing/dancing together?
No we are no more Together since 1988, José is back in Martinique (Caribbean) , Patrice is living in Italy still doing HIP HOP and dancing with his Brother Fred and i´m in Germany doing Choreography for Dance Shows and Fashion Shows and directed also 2 Hip Hop musicals in Germany call TAM TAM (1996) and GHETTOBLASTER (2000) with the South Side Rockers .But i see Patrice not so long ago and we plan to do music again together but not under the name Baobab.i let you know when we get started.

More info: site of Patrice Ayivi

Friday, June 8, 2007

WHITE DOOR - Windows (1983)

New Wave, Synth-pop

Members :
Mac Austin -Vocals
Harry Davies - Synthesiser, Flute
John Davies - Synthesiser

Sue Quin - Backing Vocals/Andy Richards (Berlin,Pet Shop Boys,Prefab Sprout,FGTH,Fuzzbox etc.)- Programming,Additional Synthesisers/Dave Hassel - Programming/Des Tongue - Fender Bass/Steve Gilbert - Drums/Alan Fawkes - Sax
Never released on CD

Tracklist :

01 Jerusalem
02 Americana
03 Windows
04 In Heaven
05 Love Breakdown
06 Where Do We Go (From Here)
07 School Days
08 Behind the White Door

Bonus Disc (Singles/Mixes)

09 Way Of The World (7")
10 The Extra (7")
11 Kings Of The Orient (7")
12 New Jalousies (7")
13 Kings Of The Orient (12")
14 Love Breakdown (Long Vocal Version)
15 Love Breakdown (Instrumental Dub Version)
16 Flame In My Heart (12 ")
17 Love Breakdown (7")
18 Breakdown (Instrumental 7")

Links to download : sorry they asked me to remove the links, but you can purchase it here:

"Great electronic music performed by members of the rock band Grace"

"A legendary new romantic album"

"Superb 8-track album. 7 tracks were released as singles or B-Sides. "Schooldays" is a lovely song.(it contains many lovely songs! -salty) Album was released in a limited edition with a 12 inch copy of "Love Breakdown""

"White Door consists of two synthesists and a singer; with some guests, Windows offers lovely pop-with-a-beat. Although the UK band's material and arrangements are not extraordinary for synth-pop, the way in which the fragile, ethereal vocals and durable dance music are blended on the best tracks ("Love Breakdown" is the standout) makes this LP more affecting than affected."[Ira Robbins]

Formed by members of Stoke prog-rock group Grace."...Maybe it was the advent of punk maybe it was the bickering amongst the band members, maybe the band was frightened of success. Whatever the reasons, Grace split up in 1981, much to the shock of their hundreds of staunch followers.Individuals carried out a few splinter projects, but the only serious new contender was the formation of the synthesiser band White Door. The line up featured the vocalist (Mac) and Flautist (Harry) from the defunct Grace, together with brother John on keyboards. As White Door, they released an album (Windows) and several singles (including "Windows", "Jerusalem", and "Flame in my Heart"). Although the music represented an almost complete change of direction, the quality of song writing still showed through, and the established music press almost admitted to liking them."
White Door created sensitive, well-written, electronic music. Their last single "Flame in My Heart" ("Should have been a huge hit. The first song from their never recorded second album. Synthesisiers were still in use, but guitars made a greater appearance. A wonderful despairing love song. The instrumental riff was borrowed from Frankie goes to Hollywood's "Two Tribes". Frankie were recording in the same studios. White Door's producer, Andy Richards, ended up working with Frankie's producer Trevor Horn.) was more guitar-driven and took its instrumental riff from Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Two Tribes / One February Friday" who were recording at the time. White Door's producer, Andy Richards, went on to work with many top acts, including Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Sue Quin provided backing vocals. Their album and 3 of their singles contained original artwork by Paul Warrillow. The members of White Door still tour as Grace.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


"The Leather Nun are one of Sweden's most influential post punk bands. Influencing both Goth and Industrial."

"I can smell your thoughts"

Electronic, Rock
Style: Industrial, Synth-pop, Alternative Rock

Jonas Almqvist (vocals), Bengt "Aron" Aronsson (guitar), Freddie Wadling (bass, 1979-82), Gert Claesson (drums), Anders Ohlsson (bass), Nils Wohlrabe (guitar), Ulf Widlund (bass)

SLOW DEATH Ep (1979)

Recorded at Bagger Studios, Sweden (14 Dec 1978) and Chall Sound Studio (25 May 1979).

Tracklist :

01 Slow Death
02 Ensam I Natt
03 No Rule
04 Death Threats

Link to download:

"The Slow Death EP is monument in the swedish industrial scene. Released by Industrial Records in November 1979 and printed in 3500 copies - nowadays impossible to find.Guest performances by Genesis P-Orridge and Monte Cazazza on Slow Death. It is our cultural duty to encode this 7"."

"was 17 years old when I went into a Washington, DC record shop and came out with three or four singles that caught my roving fancy. One of them was the Leather Nun Slow Death E.P. Look at that jacket art. I believe that my young brain was thinking, “What… the… fuck?” Who was that fried-up cover model, what had happened to him? The answer seemed to be contained in the lyrics to “Slow Death”: “90 percent burns… and 55 hours to live.” And who were those biker-clad tough guys on the back? I never woulda guessed they were Swedish.The killer track was “No Rule,” an anthem to lawlessness that oozed street mayhem and violence, but in its ugly, arcane mono fidelity, seemed to be recorded in the dark ages using pieces of a shortwave radio with some scraps of bone and ligament. This, along with the creepy experimental dirges that accompanied it, was my first introduction to so-called industrial music. The 12″ rerelease of this record had a full-length track of “Ensam I Natt” instead of the joke edit you hear here. (Hey, my seven inches is still very respectable.)What became of this band? Well, let the internet be your guide. Everything else I ever heard over the years by the Leather Nun sounded cheesy and lame; however, I’d dearly love to be proved wrong about that. In the meantime, enjoy the snap, crackle and hiss. Creep out, my peeps.The provocatively horrific cover was designed by Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, of Throbbing Gristle and later of Psychic TV and Coil. Fun fact."


recorded 2/24/80 binaural stereo and 11/30/79 mono. C60 including "Prime Mover", "No Rule", "I'm Alive", "Here Comes Life", "Ensam I Natt", "Varfor Svek Du", "Search and Destroy", "Slow Death". According to the tracklisting on the cassettecover, they played a song called Varfor Svek Du? (Why did you let me down?). That was just a joke. There has never been a Lether Nun-song called that.

Tracklist :

01 Untitled
02 Untitled

Link to download:


Released under their Swedish name; "Lädernunnan". A-side recorded in Gothenburg in Oct 1981. Mixed in the B-studio of Decibel, Stockholm Sweden, Nov 1981. B-side recorded Live in Binaural Stereo at Scala Cinema, London UK, Feb 28th 1980.

Tracklist :

01 Ensam I Natt
02 Here Comes Life (Live)
03 No Rule (Live)

Link to download:


Tracklist :

01 Prime Mover
02 F.F.A.

Link to download:

506 Ep (1985)

Notes: Produced by The Leather Nun. Engineered by The Leather Nun and Johan Vävare.
Tracklist :

01 506 Viola - Niklas Rundquist
02 Fly Angels Fly
03 I'm Alive

Link to download:

ALIVE (1985)

Recorded live at Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen and Told-Kammaret, Helsingör the 4th and 5th of October, 1985. Recorded by Hookfarm, Copenhagen. Engineered by Renee Cambony. Produced by The Leather Nun. Mixing engineer: Michael Bergek. Special effects by Krister Ekbom.


01 Prime Mover
02 Fly, Angels Fly
03 Son Of A Good Family
04 I'm Alive
05 Busted Kneecaps
06 F.F.A.
07 Here Comes Life
08 For The Love Of Your Eyes
09 Lollipop

Link to download:


Produced by The Leather Nun. Recorded by Johan Vavare at Studio Decibel in Stockholm, Sweden in Sept 1985. Additional vocals and mixing at Swedish Broadcasting Corp, Gothenburgh Sweden. Engineered by Michael Bergek and supervised by Aron. Sound effects by Christer Ekbom.

Tracklist :

01 On The Road
02 Son Of A Good Family
03 Desolation Avenue (Full Length Version)

Link to download:

PINK HOUSE Ep (1986)

Tracklist :

01 Pink House (Extended Version)
02 Speed Of Life (Extended Version)
03 Lucky Strike (SMC Ål Star Blosband)

Link to download:


All titles by Almqvist. Recorded at the Swedish Broadcasting Corp, May 1986; engineered by Michael Bergek. Additional recordings at Chapel Lane Studios, Heresford Wales, July 1986; engineered by Bill Buchanan. Mixed at Guerilla Studios, London UK, July 1986; engineered by Tania Hayward.

Tracklist :

01 I Can Smell Your Thoughts
02 Jesus Came Driving Along
03 Pink House
04 Pure Heart
05 506
06 Have Sex With Me
07 Lollipop
08 Fly Angel Fly
09 On The Road
10 I Can Smell Your Thoughts (early version)
11 Son Of A Good Family
12 Pink House (extended version)
13 Speed Of Life
14 Gimme Gimme Gimme
15 Gimme Gimme Gimme (bonus mix)
16 Gimme Gimme Gimme (chop mix)

Link to download:

FORCE OF HABIT - Compilation (1987)

Producer - Bill Buchanan (tracks: 1 to 4, 7, 10,) , Leather Nun, The (tracks: 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15)
Notes: (p) 1979 / 1983 / 1985 / 1986 Wire Records

Tracklist :

01 I Can Smell Your Thoughts (4:18) Guitar - Jim Lagneforce Keyboards - Fredrik Adlers Remix - Bengt Aronsson
02 Jesus Came Driving Along (3:12)
03 Pink House (3:56)
04 For The Love Of Your Eyes (5:07)
05 506 (6:17) 06 Desolation Avenue (7:34)
07 Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) (3:54)
08 Prime Mover (4:57)
09 Death Threats (0:56)
10 Have Sex With Me (4:25)
11 F.F.A. (5:55)
12 No Rule (3:00)
13 Lollipop (4:30)
14 Fly Angels Fly (2:57)
15 On The Road (3:12)

Link to download:

"Worthwile, especially because of a good remix of "I Can Smell Your Thoughts" and Leather Nun's version of "Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)" by their legendary compatriots ABBA."


Backing Vocals - Carolina Rahm , Gitte Persson , Ki Rydberg , Pia Utbult /Bass - Freddie Wadling /Bass [Additional Musican] - Michael Krönlein/Drums - Gert Claesson /Engineer - Anders Hagström (tracks: B1) , Lasse Luffe (tracks: A1 to A6, B2 to B6)/ Guitar - Aron , Nils Wohlrabe /Guitar [Additional Musican] - Rolf Sepponen /Keyboards [Additional Musican] - Fredrik Adlers /Mixed By - Anders Hagström , Per Giöbel Other [Steel Construction Theme] - Anders Hagström , Lars Lanhed /Producer, Artwork By [Sleeve Design] - Aron/ Saxophone [Additional Musican] - Anders Juhlin/ Songwriter - Leather Nun, The Vocals - Jonas Almquist/ Vocals [Opera] - Timo Nieminen

Recorded at Studio Rocktape, Kopenhagen, February 1987. Recorded and mixed at Studio Commendante, Gothenburg, June 1987.

Tracklist :

01 Dance Dance Dance (04:40)
02 Someone Special Like You (03:56)
03 Lost And Found (03:56)
04 Ride To Live (03:04)
05 Just A Hustler (06:26)
06 Cool Shoes (04:50)
07 Summer's So Short (03:27)
08 Trail Of Pain (04:27)
09 Godzilla Is Back (02:55)
10 Let Me Be (06:23)
11 I Wish (03:27)
12 Special Agent
13 Demolition Man
14 Ride Like A Cheyenne
15 Pure Heart
16 Lucky Strike

Link to download:


Jonas Almqvist- Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Slide Guitar/ Bengt Aronsson- Guitar, Vocals /Gert Claesson- Drums /Peter Dahl- Mastering /Kim Fowley- Producer/Peter Gehrke-Kurp -Photography/Stefan Glaumann - Mixing/Michael Ilbert- Producer, Engineer, Mixing/Per Kviman- Coordination/Leather Nun - Producer/Mike Mangini - Engineer, Assistant Producer/Niklas Medin - Piano/Idde Schultz - Vocals (bckgr)/Irma Schultz Vocals (bckgr)/Stonebridge - Editing/Nils Wohlrabe-Guitar,Slide Guitar

Tracklist :

01 Ride Into Your Town
02 How Does It Feel?
03 A Thousand Nights
04 Whama-Lama-Bam-Bam-Boy
05 Waiting For Your Train
06 Reach Out
07 Velvet Sky
08 Hooked To Your Hips
09 Toxic Darlings
10 She Said
11 Red Guitars (Of Planet Earth)

Link to download:

Their second studio album -i like it very much-,contains some really good tracks .Sometimes fast (track 01,04) ,sometimes melodic (e.g the Dave Graney -like "Waiting For Your Train"),sometimes they are playing like Lou Reed (Velvet Sky). One more favourite is "Red Guitars" .So worth to listen ! -salty

RIDE INTO YOUR TOWN (12") (1990)

Tracklist :

01 Ride Into Your Town
02 Lick My Tattoos
03 Red Guitars (Of Planet Earth)

Link to download:


Tracklist :

01 Take Me Home (4:07)
02 At Your Doorstep (4:41)
03 Girls (3:36)
04 These Eyes Cannot Lie (4:54)
05 She's So Bad (4:14)
06 Big City (4:32)
07 Desperation Drive (4:34)
08 She Has A Past (4:35)
09 Even A Fool Can Learn To Love (4:22)
10 The Sun Still Shines (5:41)
11 I Ain't Turning Back (4:55)

Link to download:

"This album is a great album, my personal favourite though is the mega hard to find Leather nun album - FORCE OF HABIT - which is mega rare to find on CD. U.S version of force of habit has 10 tracks, The European version has 14 for some reason. Anyway a great band with great music, for some reason they did not blossom. A real shame."

"This record should have made them HUGE. It did not which is not comprehensible"


CD1: Studio album CD2: Live album, recorded at Cue Club in Gothenburg, March 11, 1994.

CD 1

01 A Thousand Nights
02 Pink House
03 Ride Into Your Town
04 She Has A Past
05 Girls
06 I Can Smell Your Thoughts
07 Take Me Home
08 Save My Soul
09 Lost And Found
10 At Your Doorstep
11 Bright Lights
12 Demolition Love
13 She Said
14 Just A Hustler

CD 2

01 Primemover
02 Dance Dance Dance
03 Reach Out
04 Ensam I Natt
05 Gimme Gimme Gimme
06 Desolation Avenue
07 No Rule
08 Big City
09 F.F.A.
10 I Ain't Turning Back
11 Somebody

Links to download:

"Indeed, the leather nuun were probably the most spectacular of all the swedish bands that appeared in the post-punk period. they were led by their biker journalist singer and were incredibly connected (there is even a peel sessions album with them) and they evolved musically in a few years from punky industrial beginnings into a very slick and powerful rock band. I saw them in geneva at the salle du Faubourg during the Steel Wheels tour and it was mind-blowing. This double compilation contains the singles on one hand and one live show. OK there was a live recording in the 8o's that was way better but this one is not taht bad. This live recording is simply somewhat too slick, the otehr one was more rough and rocked harder. Anyway it is the best compilation around."

"from their humble and spooky beginnings on Industrial Records, Leather Nun should have made it big - they are incredible! Jonas's vocals work perfectly with the band, producing a kind of bluesy rock mix with a hint of industrial music still peeking through every now and then!Oh, Buy it new cos it's almost $100 less than buying it used!!! Crazy world eh!"

"A band to remember! A double-cd will be re-released soon from this legendary band. Actually one of my fave band´s in the 80ies. March 11th 1994, LEATHER NUN celebrated their 15. anniversary with a big party at the Cue Club, in the center of Gothenburg Sweden. And it was special: a stroll down memory lane for the original fans, a way to pick up on some of the magic newer fans had missed out. There were films, there were strippers, there were 3 and 1/2 hours of LEATHER NUN-music performed by the band, band and guests (with old band members) and by other artists and bands. The club was completely sold out. The night was cheer magic and with a nun in the doorway as a club hostess. The gig was recorded by the national Swedish radio and broadcasted a week later. To mark the 15. anniversary, MVG Records decided to release a compilation double-CD with studiotracks on CD1 and a selection of anniversary-gig tracks on CD2. The studio-CD contains two unreleased tracks from the "Nun Permanent" sessions ("Save My Soul" and "Bright Lights"). "Save My Soul" is a good rocker based on one of the most effective riffs created by LEATHER NUN. As for "Bright Lights" it was recorded during the "Nun Permanent" sessions and then re-recorded for the compilation-CD with Carl Michael Herrlöfson as producer."

The Leather Nun were a Swedish rock group. Careening from garage rock to goth and industrial, Leather Nun became cult heroes in their native land.Leather Nun was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1979 by Jonas Almqvist (vocals), Bengt "Aron" Aronsson (guitar), Freddie Wadling (bass), and Gert Claesson (drums). The band took its name from the american underground comic Tales from the Leather Nun, although some claim that it was taken from the stage name of a London stripper.Inspired by Throbbing Gristle, Velvet Underground, Ramones and Roxy Music, Leather Nun recorded their debut EP, Slow Death, in 1979. Wadling left Leather Nun in 1982 and joined Blue for Two. A handful of singles followed before Leather Nun released their first LP, Alive, in 1985.Covering ABBA's "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" earned the group some respect in Sweden and Europe in 1986. Several successful tours followed. In 1988, Leather Nun were reviewed in Rolling Stone magazine.In 1986 the group's imported singles found their way onto U.S. college radio stations, earning substantial airplay with "Pink House", a deadpan parody of John Mellencamp's "Pink Houses".In 1987 the group released their first studio album "Steel Construction" which was critically acclaimed. Their second studio album "International Heroes" produced by Kim Fowley gained even more airplay and success.While releasing their third album "Nun Permanent" in winter 1991 their record company went bankrupt and could no longer deliver copies of the album. Being without a record company the Leather Nun continued to play gigs for a few years, but never got so successful again. The group finally broke up in 1995.The band has reunited on some occations since then.

Slow Death EP (1979, 7" EP)
Live At Scala (1980, Cassette)
Ensam I Natt (1981, 7" Single)
Primemover (1981, 7" Single)
Primemover (1984, 12" Single/UK)
Slow Death EP (1984, 12" Extended Version)
Industrial Records Story (1984, Comp. LP)
506 (1985, 7"/12" Single)
Desolation Ave (1985, 7"/12" Single)
Alive (1985, LP)
Gimme Gimme Gimme (1986, 7/12"Single)
Pink House (1986, 7/12" Single)
Lust Games (1986, 12" Mini-LP)
Gimme Gimme... Rejected Version (1986, 7/12" Single)
No Rules (1986, Comp. LP/UK)
Lust For Love (1987, 7" Flexi Single)
Sounds Showcase 3 (1987, 7" Single)
I Can Smell Your Thoughts (1987, 7/12" Single)
Steel Construction (1987, LP/CD)
Cool Shoes (1987, 7/12" Single)
Lost And Found (1987, 7/12" Single)
Force Of Habit (1987, LP)
Dudes (1987, Soundtrack LP)
Radio One Sessions (1988, 12" Mini-LP)
Demolition Love (1988, 7/12" Single)
International Heroes (1988, LP/CD)
A Thousand Nights (1989, 7/12" Single)
Ride Into Your Town (1990, 7/12" Single)
Nun Permanent (1991, CD) Girls (1991, CD-Single)
Gbg Punk (1993, Comp. CD)
A Seedy Compilation (1994, Comp. CD)
Fi-Fi Dong - A Gasolin Tribute (1995, Comp. CD)
A Thousand Nights (1995, Comp. CD)

As you can see some still missing,fell free to complete it please!!:)

More info: the official page is recently down:(
I won't be here about 3 weeks from this evening. I will continue after 20. june with your reqs (Ippu Do /Plastics and related/Gino Soccio/B-Movie/Simple Minds part 2. Data/Peter Koppes/Marys Danish etc.) and my favourites (e.g lot of Vince Clark-Yazoo/ Telex/Wall of Woodoo/Toyah etc.)