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Synth / disco music in the style of Space


QUARTZ (1978)

Tracklist :

01 Quartz
02 Beyond The Clouds
03 For Geromine
04 Chaos

Link to download:

"Beyond the Clouds" was regarded as a bit of an anthem in the disco / very early dance music scene late 70's early 80's, and was played to death in both the New York gay clubs around Fire Island, San Francisco in clubs such as Trocadero Transfer and the Sandpiper, and over in Detroit along side Italo and Euro imports during the high school party scene with nights thrown by the Charevari and Gables clan etc. Ken Collier was said to have played it along side Kraftwerk "Robots", Liasions Dangereuses "Los Ninos" etc, and i can just imagine the scene. Still played these days by the likes of Juan Atkins and Carl Craig, its really worth tracking down a copy for the lovely dark jazzy piano stabs. "


Tracklist :

01 Camel In The City
02 Discoland
03 Antigua
04 Walking On The Floor
05 After Love
06 Casablanca

Link to download:

"When it comes to music the name Quartz is relatively common. While researching for this page I found many groups with the name Quartz, particularly a rock outfit from England. This album and all those associated with it rank up there as one of the more obscure and unknown. Besides having a nice hit with "Beyond The Clouds" and the epic "Quartz," the self-titled album gives no information on who were the players on this 1978 French release. Production and writer credits go to C. Quartz, now we don't know if this an actual person or a nom de plume? The fact that there is no singers or musicians listed on it makes honoring Quartz a near impossible task. A second album in 1979, released on Polydor (first was on T.K./Marlin), yielded no disco hits. "Camel In The City" failed to chart and is nearly impossible to find. "

There's nothing wrong with the second album to my mind.The sound is similar to their first album.So worth to try it!:)


Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: New Wave, Synth-pop
Graham Lee -Rhodes Chroma,Precision Bass,Piano,Simmonds Drums,Drumulator
Lee Walsh-Vocals

"Tear You Down (12" version)"



01 Tear You Down
02 Touch
03 I Will Return
04 Shoot Shoot
05 I Still Love You
06 English Evenings
07 Winter Feelings
08 What's The Matter With Helen
09 Keep It To Myself
10 Circle Round Your Number
11 I Will Return (extended)
12 White Mask
13 Tear You Down (extended)
14 Gave You My Heart

Link to download:

Its never released on Cd format,the covers are homemade.


Tracklist :

01 Touch (extended)
02 Touch (after dark mix)
03 The Final Supper (b side)
04 Englisgh Evenings (club remix)
05 English Evenings (12'' Version)
06 What's The Matter With Helen
07 Tear You Down (extended)
08 Tear You Down (G.C.B. mix)
09 Gave U My Heart(b side)
10 I WIll Return (midnight maneuvers mix)
11 White Mask (b side)

Link to download:

English Evenings,this not a well known synth-pop band formed in 1983 and released only one album in 1985.Their music follows the sounds of that time.There are some quite good songs on this album as the first song (is a bit similar to "Relax" from FGTH) .Their album released by Safari Records was a UK based label releasing Synth-pop, Indie and New Wave during the 70's and 80's.This was the label of Toyah too. Although the producer was the famous Phil Harding (Toyah, Nitzer Ebb, Pet Shop Boys etc.) they didnt get too much succes(More info about Phil Harding

Graham Lee and Lee Walsh later produced one song for Leeds United :
"an exremely catchy pop dance song, "We are Leeds", early 1990. When you hear it for the first time, you perhaps think that it is influenced by "World in Motion" from New Orders"
( )

The Crew - We Are Leeds
Produced by Graham Lee & Lee Walsh 1990

was a member of Sly FOx which soon changed its name to One Adult (1979-80) as "Lee Valone - vocals (later to form pop duo ENGLISH EVENINGS)"
One Adult disbanded due to Rob the drummer "had taken up the offer of a job in Kuwait later that year and Lee believed he could further his musical career elsewhere. To his credit he did, quite succesfully, obtaining a record deal under his duo's name of English Evenings, releasing two singles and appearing in the studio on Saturday mornings kids telly of the day along with an airing of the video of their single 'I will return'."

Lot of stories about Lee Walsh and the band is here:

He is currently a member of The Durbervilles: Lee Walsh – vocals, 12 string guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, mouth organ; "talents of three locally based musicians who all have an established track record (variously key members of Fiat Lux, The Parachute Men, English Evenings and This"

More info on The Durbervilles:

The Durbervilles released an excellent album in 2006 (this was their third CD) where "the excellence of Lee Walsh's voice gets proper representation in the recording.". Though i have never heard it unfortunatelly, but it got very good critics: and

More info about Lee Walsh:

I found in an article belong to Lee Walsh' band The Durbervilles:
"the whole thing (The Durbevilles album) was mixed in London by sound engineer Graham Lee"
So perhaps i found Graham ? I have to ask now Lee Walsh about it.

More info:

SWEET CONNECTION - Maxi singles collection (1989)


Electronic, Pop
Europop, Italodance


01 Need Your Passion (long version)
02 Dirty Job (maxi version)
03 Heart To Heart (long version)
04 Love Bites (long version)
05 True (long version)
06 Need Your Passion (remix)
07 Dirty Job (single version)
08 True (long version)
09 Need Your Passion (7 '' version)
10 Heart To Heart (instrumental)
11 Sweet Job (instrumental)
12 Need Your Passion (nightfever instrumental)

Link to download (224 kbs):

They are well known in the italo-disco world with a few songs as "need your passion" or "heart to heart". Who will be so nice to add me more info about them?

Various - Your Secret's Safe With Us (1982)

Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Electro, Synth-pop, Indie Rock

Record Label:
Statik (Men Without Hats, The Chameleons, New Age Steppers, Gina X etc.)

Tracklist :

01 Celestial Fireworks - Go! (2:34)
02 Atom Spies - Single Dance (2:42)
03 I Scream Brothers - Tree Growing Wrong (3:47)
04 Chameleons, The - Here Today (3:58)
05 Unamerican, The - Drop (3:11)
06 Thrash! - Time Will Tell (4:30)
07 Makaton Chat - The Shape Of The Song (3:40)
08 Vets, The - World In Action (3:43)
09 Soul On Ice - Thinking (2:03)
10 Height - Looking Through Glass (4:54)
11 Seep Maier's Gloves - Ambition (4:12)
12 Pulp - What Do You Say? (3:30)
13 Indians In Moscow - Indians In Moscow (3:02)
14 Sun Yama - Subterranean Homesick Blues (2:16)
15 Fast Cakes - Red Square (4:23)
16 Sun Ya - Sub Dub (Instrumental) (2:18)
17 Blue Chips Of Asama -Haruko's Lament (2:30)
18 Pressure - Pressure (4:12)
19 Gentle Ihor - Psalm 151 (3:56)
20 Celestial Fireworks -Go! (Reprise) (1:48)

Link to download:
Its a nice compilation from Statik (label of early Men Without Hats) ,it's rather guitar ,less electro.I dont know you know these band or not,but im sure the name of Pulp you know ,you can find here an early song (track 12) !



Eagle and the child

Fear series -10 Cd

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PARTENAIRE PARTICULIER - Jeux Interdits (1986)


Electronic, Pop
New Wave ,Synth-pop

Eric Fettweis -singer, guitare, synth
Pierre Béraud-Sudreau- singer, guitar, synth

Other Members
Dominique Delaby - singer, synth (1983 - 1986)
Laurent Le Trillard - synth (1986)


Tracklist :

01 Elle Est Partie (5:04)
02 Une Autre Nuit (3:59)
03 Le Regard Fier (4:32)
04 Partenaire Particulier (4:05)
05 Tiphaine (4:50)
06 Je N'Oublierai Jamais (3:24)
07 Elle N'Aimait Pas Les Garcons (4:34)
08 Seul Ce Soir (4:24)

Link to download:

It's a pretty good french synth pop band with some hits made them popular around 1985 -1986 in French as "Partenaire particulier"(reached number 3) ; "Elle est partie" (reached number 17) and "Je n'oublierai jamais" (reached number 24). They released two albums -'"Jeux interdits" (1986) was a big success and "Le chant des vautours" (1988) -with they didn't have more success and remains the last disc of the group under its name.It seems recently they active again after taking part in round RFM Party 80 (04.03.2007) and announced want to release a new compilation Cd maybe this year with old and some new tracks
Sorry for my english!:)


Alternative Pop-Rock/Power Pop/Jangle Pop

GAWK (1985)

Tracklist :

01 Numbers
02 All in the Family
03 Feeling Around
04 Academia
05 Faith in Love
06 Bus Stop
07 Neil Young
08 500 Miles
09 Typical World
10 Like Laughing
11 Dear Alex
12 Walking Alone
13 Even the Wheelville
14 She's No Angel

Link to download:


Tracklist :

01 house of mirrors
02 Book Of Love
03 Typical Word
04 Blow Me Up
05 500 Miles
06 Kimberly Stews
07 Three Girls From Detroit
08 Doubts
09 It's Gonna Be Allright
10 Like Laughing

Link to download:

Will & The Bushmen ruled the Southern college and small venue circuits in the mid- to late-'80s. Their live shows were thrillers full of screaming guitars and smart, well-crafted pop songs. Many times a great live band will disappoint in the studio, somehow trying to bottle the lightning. That's not the case on this first Will & The Bushmen album, Gawk. Maybe they were too young to know how to screw it up, or maybe they just got it right. Remastered and resequensed for CD, with never-released bonus tracks added, Gawk remains one of the coolest rock records made during a pretty creative time in Southern music.
After releasing Gawk, and with new interest and some great reviews, the band were persuaded to move to Nashville to be a little closer to the pulse of what was going on in the publishing/production world. Their new manager was also in Nashville, and the band was soon signed to SBK who released their first major label record at about the same time they released records by Vanilla Ice and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Needless to say, views of the band and those of the label were quite divergent. SBK was convinced to pay for the next album, but license it away to a smaller label to hopefully get a little better marketing effort.
Although the band's third effort sold better, the band was soon released from their contract and soon after broke-up, just in time for their initial vinyl release and their two later CDs to become sought-after used record store items, in some cases fetching more than the original retail price.
In the several years since, between rare Will & The Bushmen reunion shows -usually around Mardi Gras in Mobile-Mark Pfaff and Sam Baylor have been more or less out of sight. Sam works in Nashville, and Mark formed a band, IGMO, that plays around the Nashville area. IGMO is working on a second album. Mark also plays around the South with the Lucky Mother Truckers (with Eric Dover of Imperial Drag) and Rollin' in the Hay and others. Mark works as a session harmonica player too--most recently for Patti Griffin, Imperial Drag, and Abra Moore. Will Kimbrough, though, has since been involved in another band, The Bis-quits, who recorded for Oh Boy Records, and has writing, recording and touring credits with Todd Snider; has toured extensively and recorded with Kim Richey and Matthew Ryan, and toured with Josh Rouse. He is also just now completing a solo record for Waxy Silver which will be out in the early Spring.

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Clive Farrington - Vocals
Michael Floreale - Keyboards
Andrew Mann - Vocals


Tracklist :

01 The Promise (3:40)
02 Heaven Knows (3:56)
03 Something Going On (3:35)
04 I Can't Stop (3:44)
05 If Only (4:08)
06 Sight Of Your Tears (3:34)
07 Wide, Wide Sea (4:05)
08 Child's Play (4:00)
09 Total Devotion (3:05)
10 Everything (4:00)
11 The Promise (long version)
12 Heaven Knows (extended inch mix)
13 Sight Of Your Tears (extended)

Link to download:

""The Promise" is the one everybody knows, but the whole CD is fine pop. Highlights include the gorgeous "Wide Wide Sea" (which should have been a single), the ballad "Everything", and "Child's Play" (another single possibility). Influences: OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Tears for Fears. Holds up remarkably well to repeated playings. A pity this was their only release."

"This is a CD I can listen to on repeat many times. Although there are a couple of obviously generic 'filler' tracks, the remainder of this work more than compensates. The music is undeniably 80's, the lyrics, upon closer attention, reveal genuine emotion; all brought together by very talented vocalists. WIR is much more than 'The Promise', they deliver throughout. A MUST for any collection!"

"I bought this CD because of the single "The Promise" when it first came out - late 80's. The other tracks exhibit a great variety style of musics - from danceable beats, funky guitar, piano fillings, synths, strings, sax, horn sections to excellent drumming; somewhat Spandau Ballet-ish, but very unique. The vocals are excellent; just listen to the harmonies. Each song is different, from the happy "Child'sPlay" to the ballads "The Promise", "If Only", and "Everything". It's too bad that this band only produced one album. I listen to the whole CD everytime - it's been 11 years and haven't got tired of it. For this reason, it's a 5 stars. Few CDs in my collection are this way (The Beatles' White Album, Led Zep 's4th album, and a few more ...). Hey, I appreciate and listen to all kind of music."

"I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be. But if you'll read more of this review, I'll make you fall for it, I promise, I promise you I will. When in Rome: Clive Farrington, Andrew Mann and Michael Floreale were part of an earlier Manchester outfit, Leisure. Leisure featured Corinne Drewery, who would go on to front Swing Out Sister. After Swing Out Sister had enjoyed their ten minutes of fame with the single 'Break Out,' When In Rome stepped up to join the ranks of one-hit-wonders. Their 1988 single 'The Promise' was by far their biggest commercial success, and the popularity and staying power of the song is evidenced by the fact that it has been the most requested song at nearly every 80's music station. They released just the one album, and promptly faded into obscurity.
Until one movie would resurrect this 80's pop band. Napoleon Dynamite, which made its debut at the Sun dance Film Festival in January 2004. Napoleon was released to theaters in June 2004. That's when the song 'The Promise' became popular again hitting the top of Billboard's Dance Club Play chart. 'The Promise,' remixed, was the first single from their self-titled debut album. It was an instant success barely missing the Top Ten in the United States peaking at #11. Months later the trio reached Billboard's pop chart's lower reaches for the last time with 'Heaven Knows'. The Promise 2006 New CD, featuring never before released versions of 'The Promise' and the newly released radio edit mix of 'The Promise 2006'. This 7 track CD also includes their classic hit 'Heaven Knows'(Ultmix mix) and includes a bonus track 'Wherever You Go.' From their new CD soon to be released"



01 the promise (o.n. 12'' mix)
02 the promise (o.n. 7'' mix)
03 heaven knows (12'' mix)
04 the promise (7'' radio mix)
05 sight of your tears ('seize her' mix)
06 sight of your tears ('percussion' mix)
07 sight of your tears (7'' mix)
08 heaven knows ('powerhouse' 7'' mix)
09 whatever the weather ('b'-side)
10 the promise ('coliseum' mix)
11 sight of your tears (12'' mix)
12 heaven knows ('big beat' mix)
13 the promise ('vatican' dub)
14 heaven knows ('powerhouse' 12'' mix)

Link to download (192 kbs):

PROMISES & DEVOTION (the B-sides &remixed)

00 Heaven Knows (Powerhouse Mix)
01 The Promise (Coliseum Mix)
02 The Promise (Ollie North Mix)
03 Everything (Extended Mix)
04 Basilca
05 Tonight
06 Sight Of Your Tears (12 Mix)
07 1000 reasons
08 Heaven Knows (Big Beat Mix)
09 The Promise (Dub)
10 Heaven Knows (Extended Mix)
11 Heaven Knows (Dub)
12 Big City
13 Whatever The Weather
14 The Promise 2002 (Twisted Dee Additive Mix)
15 The Promise (Covenant Mix) (Art Of Mix)
16 Heaven Knows (Ultimix)
17 The Promise (Coliseum Club Mix)

Links to download:

Initially Farrington, Floreale, and Mann were in the locally active, Manchester-based group Beau Leisure with part-time fashion designer Corinne Drewery. In 1984, Corinne left to form the sophisti-pop outfit Swing Out Sister with Andrew Connell and Martin Jackson. Farrington, Floreale, and Mann stayed together, adapting the name "When in Rome".
Signed by Virgin UK subsidiary 10 Records, producers Ben Rogan (who had worked with Sade) and Richard James Burgess (Five Star, Living in a Box, Colonel Abrams, Spandau Ballet) took special interest in the trio's "The Promise," issued first as a 12" dance disk. When the song became popular hitting the top of Billboard's Dance Club Play chart, Virgin ordered an album. "The Promise," remixed, was the first single from their self-titled debut album. It was an instant success barely missing the Top Ten in the United States peaking at #11. Months later the trio reached Billboard's pop chart's lower reaches for the last time with "Heaven Knows" (#95, 1990). "The Promise" also featured in the popular 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite
Floreale now lives in Dallas, Texas, and is involved in both production work and touring (2006 - 2007) with a newly formed When In Rome.


More info:


IVAN - Baila (1985)


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Various - TOKYO PROJECT : The Collection (2005) for Carla


Compiled By, DJ Mix - Mark Doyle

The first release by the Tokyo Project label, marketed and distributed by the All Around The World label and Universal Music & TV.

CD 1

01 Michael Gray - The Weekend (Juan Magan Remix)
02 Jamiroquai - Seven Days In Sunny June (Steve Mac Classic Remix)
03 Aya - Sean (Migs Salted Vocal) Remix - Miguel Migs
04 Martin Solveig - Everybody (DJ Friendly Re-Edit)
05 Mylo vs. Miami Sound Machine - Doctor Pressure (Dirty Club Mix)
06 Gadjo - So Many Times (Original Mix)
07 Supafly vs. Fishbowl - Let's Get Down (Full Intention Club Mix)
08 Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing (Jaxx Club 2002 Edit)
09 Bon Garçon - Freek U (Full Intention Mix)
10 Discrete - Love Me (12" Mix)
11 Sex On Monday - Bring Back The Love (Hold Me Down) (Soul Avengerz Vocal Mix)
12 Discrete - Always Wanted (Club Mix)
13 Fac 15 - Haven't You Heard (Eric Kupper's Believe In The Magic Remix)
14 Live Element - Something About You (12" Mix)

Link to download:

CD 2

01 X-Press 2 - Give It (Extended Club Mix)
02 Inaya Day - Nasty Girl (Riffs & Rays Remix)
03 Lil' Love - Little Love (Original Version)
04 Solitaire - I Like Love (I Love Love) (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
05 Steve Anders vs. Andrea T. Mendoza - Can't Fake It (Steven Tibet Vocal)
06 Freemasons - Love On My Mind (Full Intention Club Mix)
07 Montanas, The - Love's Just Found Me (Morjac Extended)
08 Faith Evans - Mesmerized (Freemasons Full Vocal Mix)
09 Dannii Minogue & Soul Seekerz - Perfection (Haji & Emanuel Remix)
10 Herd & Fitz - I Just Can't Get Enough (H&F's Risque Vox Mix)
11 Soul Central - Strings Of Life (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)
12 Blaze Presents UDA - Most Precious Love (DF Future 3000 Mix) Remix - Dennis Ferrer
13 Praise Cats - Shined On Me (Bini & Martini Mix)

Link to download:

CD 3

01 Xenon - Cocoon (12" Mix) Vocals - Bonnie Bailey
02 Juliet - Avalon (David Guetta & Joachim Garraud F*** Me I'm Famous Remix)
03 Scissor Sisters - Filthy/Gorgeous (Paper Faces Vocal Mix)
04 Bodyrockers - I Like The Way (Full Length Version)
05 Rockin' Rebelz - Dreamer Axe Guitar (12" Mix)
06 Isaac James - Bodybody (Dirty South Remix)
07 Jean-Claude Ades - Someday (Extended Mix)
08 Wahoo - Make 'Em Shake It (Sandy's Blackwiz Club Mix)
09 Bush II Bush - Piano Track (Original Club Edit)
10 Röyksopp - 49 Percent (Angello & Ingrosso Remix)
11 Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso - Together (Original Mix)
12 Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis (Original Version)
13 Killers, The - Mr Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)

Link to download:

From the Label
This Season's Most Stylish Club Anthems. 3CDs Compiled and Mixed by the man who started Hed Kandi, Mark Doyle.
The Collection will be is year's defining house compilation and heralds the launch of brand new label Tokyo Project. A major new venture from the team that originally brought you Hed Kandi, Tokyo Project is a brand with a passion for music and design at its core, focused on compilations, artist projects and a global club events business. The Collection is a triple album packed with exclusives such as Herd & Fitz 'Just Can't Get Enough', Dajae 'Brighter Days' and Isaac James 'Body 2 Body'. Alongside rarely compiled club anthems including The Killers 'Mr Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)'. Add to this hot hits from Jamiroquai, Gadjo, Scissor Sisters, Martin Solveig, Danni Minogue and Mylo vs Miami Sound Machine 'Doctor Pressure' and The Collection from Tokyo Project is sure to make a big splash when it lands.

"So, having flown the Hed Kandi nest, can Mr Doyle do it on his own. I would say that 9 out of 10 CD players, that expressed a preference, say that Tokyo Project is noto to be sneezed at! A good thumping number of tracks on this, some to swing your pants to and others to sit out and let others bop to. I would say that 3 discs is too many (I can easily cut it down to 2) but no doubt Mr D wanted the three to mirror recent HK offerings in its format. One star dropped because of the number of fair to middling tracks, in my view. I reserve judgement if Mr D will carry on taking my pennys off me (as Hed Kandi have well and truely blown it now, as far as I'm concerned)."

"The brain behind Hed Kandi deserve all my support to his new project. Highly recommended to all dance music lovers!!!"

"As a fan of Hed Kandi's releases up to the point when Mark left, I was eagerly awaiting something new on the horizon. I have to say that all three cd's are good, in different ways. Cd 3 is more rocky and bouncy than you'd expect it too be but it had me bopping!. I dare you not to put your hands in the air for 'Someday'. I found the other two cds grow on me paricularly cd 2 which now is a favorite whilst driving about. Really looking forward to whats up next."

"That this sheer volume and quantity of incredibly high quality dance music is actually being created - in our time - must surely rank as the 8th wonder of the world... if not the 1st...
What is even more astonishing (aside from his mixing skills) - is that somewhere in his psyche, Doyle must possess an inner certaintly and conviction - that it is possible for even better tracks, than the mind blowing ones he has already released on previous albums - to (1) exist - and (2) that the never ceasing flow of musical genius is destined to be coming his way.
If only it was so easy to attain the same level of belief in our worth and destiny...
Anyway: You poor soul... not being able to hear right now what is flowing into my being as I am listening to this album...
But hey: Maybe - if you're lucky - you'll manage to get hold of it within just a couple of days...!
[PS: If you have never experienced Mark Doyle's creations before - when you do - it would mean something to me to hear about the moment...]"

"This compilation is great and jam packed full of funky, melodic, and feel good house. Only just listened to the first 2 cd's but already have had a constant grin on my face and can't stop saying 'Wow excellent tune".
Compilations like this are rare. Typically you find that you buy a funky house album and the first few tracks of the CD are great but then they turn into a deep progressive and more trance-like style. Not that there is anything wrong with this, but sometimes you just can't beat some great funky tracks. The best tunes are at the beginning and often those DJ's selecting the tracks seem to give up later in the CD. This is not true of this compilation. Throughout the cd's the tracks keep on building and leave you thinking - surely it can't get any funkier.
Having been put off buying compilations for the last few years as I was finding I only end listening to a few of the first tracks, this CD is a great reassurance that there are DJ's out there who still value good, funky, and feel good house music. Well done guys this is a top compilation and one that will leave me smiling for hours.
If you like cool, funky house, without the hand in the air cheese of some compilations this is for you. Bring it on !"

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P. Lion


Real Name:
Paolo Pelandi

Electronic, Pop


Arranged By, Keyboards, Photography, Producer, Vocals, Written-By - Paolo Pelandi/ Arranged By, Producer - David Zambelli , Walter Verdi/ Artwork By - Phil Marshal /Bass - Paolo Costa/ Drums - Bruno Bergonzi , Luciano Goitom , Massimo Costa/ Guitar - Alberto Bonfanti/ Mixed By - Massimo Noé


01 Dream (6:03)
02 Springtime (5:38)
03 Sweet Children (1:54)
04 Happy Children (5:40)
05 Reggae Radio (4:47)
06 Kings Of The Night (5:22)
07 A Song For You (5:03)
08 Rubber Game (3:46)
09 Under The Moon
10 Happy Children '88
11 Belive Me
12 Beach Beach
13 Happy Children (instrumental)

Link to download (256 kbs) :



01 Dance With Me
02 You'll Never Break My Heart
03 Don't Go Away
04 Worn-out Shoes
05 Living In The Dark
06 Dream
07 A Step In The Right Way
08 Game Of Life
09 Good Times
10 Gladine et Jacky
11 Dream [Radio Version]

link to download:

Always the war in 1983 - this is the world of today.
In our mind there is only the money and there is nothing for you.
Then hours work
no flowers in the mind
the life runs without happiness
Every day dreams to go to a better life
but they remain only dreams.

You are the children
your life will be very hard.
You are the children
you're singing every day.
To have a friend to explain your little problem

Can you say now to have it?
Sometimes you hope it's only an illusion

Don't hope it's better so.
But children power will win

I am sure
will see sweet lovers for us.
Your fantasy will find new nice colours

But now it's time to go. You are the children

Your life will be very hard. . ..
You are the children (ad lib.)



01 Happy Children (Remix '88) (Vocal Version) (5:22)
Remix - DJ Lelewel
02 Happy Children (Remix '88) (Dub Version) (5:22)
Remix - DJ Lelewel
03 Happy Children (Original Mix) (5:58)
04 Happy Children (Instrumental) (6:31)

Link to download:

P. Lion (Pietro Paolo Pelandi, born June 29, 1959) is an Italian singer and musician of the 1980s. He took the name of "P. Lion" because of the three "P" in his name and because the symbol of his family is a lion. But his astrological sign is a lion too. He started to play the piano and write his own music very early; he claims to be very romantic and sometimes too much of a "dreamer", but he made music because he finds that this is a great way to communicate.
Very famous in Italy, he is also known all over the world for his two hits "Happy Children" (produced by Davide Zambelli, of Scotch) and "Dream". The second single "Dream" was the generic for more than 10 years of the French TV show and also radio show "Top 50".
After his first album, P. Lion took part in the Milanese label Discomagic, where there were a lot of Italian music stars such as Lee Marrow. There, he was a self producer for some singles as such as "Believe Me" and "Under The Moon" with Durium. In 1995 he released "A Step In The Right Way", an album with FMA and the publisher Allione. He collaborates as arranger on some productions such as Betty Villani or Tony Sheridan.
He was a complete artist, because he did all of his album "Springtime":
Music & lyrics of all songs by Paolo Pelandi
Produced by Paolo Pelandi & V. Verdi
Arranged by Paolo Pelandi, D. Zambelli & V. Verdi
Keyboards & lead vocals by Paolo Pelandi
Little is known about his private life, just that he divorced in 1990 after 14 years of marriage. He lives now with Loredana, her son Massimiliano, and their son Edoardo.

More info:


The QUICK - international things

HAROUMI HOSONO - philharmony


love has no name cdm

the stone


The SILENCERS - a letter from st paul

MINISTRY in the 80's



Artwork By [Cover Concepts] - Brian Shanley , Jim Nash/ Drums - Stephen George/ Engineer - David Wooley , Flood , Ian* /Mastered By - Greg Calbi/Producer - Ian Taylor , Vince Ely/ Vocals, Keyboards - Alain Jourgensen* Written-By - Al Jourgensen


01 Effigy
02 Revenge
03 I Wanted To Tell Her
04 Work For Love
05 Here We Go
06 What He Say
07 Say You're Sorry
08 Should Have Known Better
09 She's Got A Cause

Link to dowonload:

"Whether Al Jourgensen realizes this or not, 'With Sympathy' was one of the best, hippest, cutting-edge 80's dance/synth/goth/powerpop masterpieces of its time! He should be proud of this early pioneering and highly regarded synth work. WLIR and then WDRE, both popular Long Island/NYC area staple 'new wave' stations used to play the living daylights out of this now classic new wave masterpiece, and with good cause. The coolest area clubs in NYC used to play it too, as well as special 'extended remixes' of many of the songs on this album. In fact, my best friend and I were fans of Ministry after hearing 'With Sympathy', and a while later when we gleefully heard they came out with a new one called 'Land Of Rape And Honey', we bought it thinking we were going to hear more cutting-edge 'new wave' dance music. I still remember the total 'jaw dropping' utter SHOCK on our faces as the angry disjointed noise and deathly screaming now known as the 'new Ministry' came crashing through our speaker system with the first notes of 'LORAH'!!! We looked at each other with contorted shock visible on our faces, and immediately thought the CD was a misprint. The manufacturer must have made a mistake with the CD pressing, we thought. LOL! We actually went to the store, returned it, and of course realized that Ministry had indeed changed their formula as we dissapointingly heard the same wall of noise on the second 'replacement' CD we got. We must have spent an hour seriously trying to come up with theories as to what happened to 'Ministry' as a band, much of them comical. One theory surmised that Al Jourgensen became a devil worshipper, another posited that perhaps Al had an aneurysm and lost his sense of melody and musicality!!! LOL! This is one of the most memorable music moments of the 80's that I relate to lots of people who were into 80's new wave, and the funny thing is that so many of them say 'oh yeah, I remember early Ministry', what happened to them? Or 'oh yeah, thank god they changed their sound'! LOL! Hey Al, if you're reading this, is there any chance you will eventually release more cutting edge synth tunes and revert back to your roots (flame suit ON)?!?!"

"Although the first ministry album I purchased was Psalm 69, I actually found this my to be my favorite Ministry album. Although I do like the concept of Industrial muisc, too easily it deteriorates into a screed of "LIEK EYME SU ANGRY DAT EYE CUD EET GLAS!!!1111" with no sense of structure whatsoever. Here we have songs with actual lyrcial content and song structurewhich does not rely on an aggressive tone (something which cannot be said with anything after psalm 69). As a special bonus the first track has a line of lyrics that have the words NOT and ANGRY in the same sentence. So what if the synths are dated I prfer the sound of synths like this anyway. On a final note I will not touch anything after psalm 69 with a ten foot pole because it is just formless dreck and more recently obnoxiuosly topical. (I know N.W.O was but that's another story). "

"This is one of the best albums ever made in the 80s. And before Ministry went all Industrial (not that there's anything wrong with that). Effigy, Revenge, Say You're Sorry... pretty much every song is a awesome and keeps you moving. I wish I could find a CD, my vinyl is starting to get scratched!"




01 Work For Love (4:53)
02 Do The Etawa (4:04)
03 I Wanted To Tell Her (5:27)
04 Say You're Sorry (4:22)
05 Here We Go (3:20)
06 Effigy (I'm Not An) (3:51)
07 Revenge (3:49)
08 She's Got A Cause (3:36)
09 Should Have Known Better (4:30)

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TWITCH (1985)

Industrial, Electro

Tracklist :

01 Just Like You (5:00)
02 We Believe (5:56)
03 All Day Remix (6:02)
04 The Angel (6:06)
05 Over The Shoulder (5:11)
06 My Possession (5:02)
07 Where You At Now ? (12:13)
08 Over The Shoulder - (12" version)
09 Isle Of Man - (version II, bonus track)

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This was Al Jourgensen's first full-length venture into the darker possibilities of electronic music. Harsh synthesizers, brutal drums and cynical lyrics defied the easy classification of "techno-dance" when this album was released in the mid'80s. The programming is proficient and creative, taking the limited sound technology of the time into new areas. "Just Like You" and "All Day" make early use of processed vocals and cryptic spoken-word fragments. In "We Believe" and "Over The Shoulder" Jourgensen renders ominously driving bass lines and metallic percussion to project pessimistic visions of a cold, technocratic society. The album's second half is dominated by a long drum & noise piece: an interesting experiment that would lead to intriguing sound collages on subsequent albums. --Mark McCleerey

"I have really liked alot of Jourgensen's cd's (Psalm 69, Linger Fickin Good, Rabies, The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste) but for some reason I'm always drawn to Twitch when I'm in the mood for some old school goodies. I think its because the album is pure and doesn't try to be something its not, yet is a pioneer and a sign of things to come for the entire genre for over the next decade. If you like Twitch you'll probably also like Poesie Noire (Complicated - Compilated), Numb (Christmeister / Wasted Sky), Nine Inch Nails (Pretty Hate Machine), Frontline Assembly (State of Mind / Gashed Senses & Crossfire / The Initial Command), Skinny Puppy (Rabies, Bites, Remission)"

"This album has a special place in my heart. Forget what you know about present day Ministry and listen musically. Its very much an 80's sound, but even so it still was ahead of it's time. This is one of my essential albums of all time. For the price of this album you would be a fool not to own a copy. I have this, and the 'Twitched' album version myself, and plan to buy both cd copies also. Some say that there's only a few good tracks on here, but i disagree fully. "Good" is a relative term based on different criteria, but i feel each and every track has something to offer, and has it's place on this album. I hesitate NOT one second to give it a 5 for that reason. I love this album! "

"I would have given this album 4 stars except that this album is extremely influential.i can't believe how much this sounds like early Nine Inch Nails.i love NIN just as much as anybody but Trent should really be paying Al some royalties.this is a great album for those who like their music experimental and noisy.i wouldn't suggest this to any country music fans that's for sure, eventhough i do like some of the classic troubadors like willie,johnny and a big fan of ministry i love this album and like that it's his first full-length.for those ministry fans who are used to the harder guitar-oriented stuff this might come as a little suprise as it is much more 80's-tinged and electronic,far from N.W.O.,and Al's voice is less harsh during this time period as me,i am not taking anything away from that because i like the second half just as much.good stuff."

TWELVE INCH SINGLES 1981 - 1984 (1987)


01 Everyday is Halloween
02 The Nature of Love
03 All Day
04 Cold Life
05 Halloween (Remix)
06 Nature of Love (Cruelty Mix B)
07 All Day (Remix B)
08 Cold Life Dub

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Ministry's early career is either a dirty secret or a case of abandoned potential, depending on how you see things--that is, depending on whether you're a dirtbag or a wimp. As a wimp with dirtbag tendencies, I can see both sides of the question. On one hand, while Ministry's early new wave radio hits were never quite as convincing as, say, Depeche Mode's or Blancmange's, or Men Without Hats', or whosever, Ministry were the only serious entries America had in the poof-wave sweepstakes (save the one-hit Combo Audio)--and they had great hooks besides. On the other hand, later Ministry rocked, which this stuff resolutely does not. Key tracks are missing, like "Work for Love" and "I Wanted to Tell Her"--so try the album, In Sympathy. --Gavin McNett

Product DescriptionStill their best work by far, this CD contains their ground-breaking material from Waxtrax!. Tracks included here are Everyday Is Halloween (2 mixes), All Day (2 mixes) and more.

"This is a great collection of goth synth-pop. They talk about everything depressed people can relate to, yet almost every new wave fan will appreciate at least some of the songs on this CD. Songs like "Everyday Is Halloween", "The Nature of Love", and "All Day" (Remix B) are definitely some of the high points in their Wax Trax! years. However, Ministry did have their flaws as well. The synth-intro on "Halloween Remix" is just too long (it takes 3:30 minutes for the song to kick in) "The Nature of Love (cruelty mix)" just gets repetitive without all the lyrics sung, and "Cold Life Dub" has got to be the worst old era Ministry song ever written! This compilation is also missing 3 other songs that Ministry wrote for Wax Trax! "I'm Falling" (a punk new wave song that sounds kind of like latter era speed metal Ministry, only with the crunchy guitar replaced with a new wave guitar, and the shouting replaced with fake british accent singing), "Nature of Outtakes" (another remix of "The Nature of Love" which again sounds like latter-era Ministry only stripped from all crunchy guitars, but they actually shout and bark this time), and "Primental" (a voxless unfinished version of "I Wanted to Tell Her" from their "With Sympathy" album). But this is still a good buy since you still get some of their best work ever as a synth-pop band. In my humble opinion, a few of their goth synth pop songs are even better then Depeche Mode's best work. So cop this if your a Ministry fan or not and witness some of the best new wave music the top 40 charts have been hiding from you. As well as some underground oddities that will probably grow on you also."


Electronic, Rock
Industrial, Heavy Metal


01 Stigmata
02 The Missing
03 Deity
04 Golden Dawn
05 Destruction
06 Hizbollah
07 The Land of Rape and Honey
08 You Know What You Are
09 I Prefer
10 Flashback
11 Abortive

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This is a brilliant hybrid of electronic music and conventional guitar-heavy rock. The first three tracks in particular pound out the overall method: furious, punk-metal guitars over slamming, machinelike rhythms. This release exemplifies Al Jourgensen's and Paul Barker's skill at producing remarkably creative musical aggression. "You Know What You Are" and the album's title track are fist-in-the-air electro-anthems upon first listen. But upon closer scrutiny, the songs reveal themselves to be works of complex sonic architecture, with components drawn from a wide variety of sources. The same is also true with "Flashback," a techno-punk foray into loosely controlled fury. --Mark McCleerey

"I remember a friend of mine getting this CD when it came out. I was just starting to get into the industrial music scene, having just purchased some Front 242. When she started it up and Stigmata came on, I knew I had to get it for myself. From the opening scream of Stigmata, this starts hard and fast and never lets up. If you have A Mind... and Psalm 69, you can tell that Al and friends increased the guitar usage on each album. Well there are fewer guitars on this album, but that doesn't make it any less sinister or dark. I won't go into each track-the previous reviews have done an excellent job already. I would say that anyone who likes industrial music MUST have this essential recording of the genre."

""The Land of Rape & Honey" was a landmark album for Ministry for more than one reason. It was the first truly exceptional album to come from the band, and this was the album where listeners began to look at Ministry in a new light; as not just an industrial dance-beat band, but as a serious sonic paced industrial force. Though this album contains less metal elements than later releases, it still carries Ministry's trademark dark vibe with a punk rock edge. Opening track "Stigmata" became one of the band's most recognized songs for good reason. Other tracks, such as "Deity", "Destruction", "Hizbollah", "You Know What You Are", "Flashback", and the epic and catchy title track are pure industrial musical bliss. Sadly though, "Land of Rape & Honey" is out of print; but hopefully Warner Bros. will find the good sense to re-release the album with remastered tracks and all the goodies that would come to be expected."

"And one that was ground-breaking as well. It must've been shocking for the people who actually did follow all of Ministry's stuff in the '80s. The classic synth-pop singles "Cold Life" and "Everyday is Halloween", the more dated stuff of "With Sympathy", and then with "Twitch," Ministry became a Front 242-type industrial group, with a lot of techno elements and movie sampling. Then there's "The Land of Rape and Honey" which is nothing like anything done before from Ministry. I've got the domestic cassette version that doesn't include "Hizzbollah" or "I Prefer", but it still shines in that version. "Stigmata" is one of the greatest songs ever made, Ministry's shining moment. The main riff is kinda like a buzzsaw, the drums rule, and Al's distinctive vocals give it a totally unique feel. I kept on repeating this track when I got the album. There's plenty left to explore, though. For the ones who like the heavy stuff from Ministry, we've got "The Missing" and "Deity", predecessors for the "Psalm 69"-era Ministry. There's still a bunch of sampling going on with this release, especially with "Golden Dawn", which has an addictive bass in it. "The Land of Rape and Honey" and "Flashback" are two other classics on the album; those and "Stigmata" make this album worth the price. The former is a standard industrial great and the latter is a fun techno-punk-thrash type song, with some classic manic lyrics: "I'm gonna rip her flesh/I'm gonna p*ss in her face/I'm gonna rip her open/then hit her with mace". Then the ending track is a nice instrumental track that makes the end of the album worthwhile. You'll enjoy it most likely if you truly like industrial. While Al may be retiring the Ministry project soon, he'll be remembered by self-respecting industrial fans for albums he did between "Twitch" and "Psalm 69," and for some even "Filth Pig." Oh, and that reviewer below me only really likes metal snob stuff so it doesn't really matter what he says (not to get into his stupid elaboration of what someone listens to). "


Electronic, Rock
Thrash, Industrial


01 Thieves
02 Burning Inside
03 Never Believe
04 Cannibal Song
05 Breathe
06 So What
07 Test
08 Faith Collapsing
09 Dream Song

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This was the record that definitively turned Ministry from an electro-industrial dance band into a cutting-edge metal act. With distorted vocals, pounding drum machines, and ripping guitar chords, songs like "Thieves" and "Burning Inside" merged computer technology with metallic riffology, setting the pace for dozens of second-rate computer nerds to follow. --Jon Wiederhorn

"Quite frankly, I haven't bothered much with industrial music since my college years when my music taste was more daring and experimental. But one of the many great bands I discovered in that era was Ministry. It's difficult to believe that these guys (the duo of Al Jourgensen and Paul Barker) used to be a synth dance pop act in the vein of Depeche Mode (get your hands on 1983's "With Sympathy" if you don't believe me). But since their debut, which Jourgensen has all but disowned, Ministry has violently transformed into a thrash industrial act whose brand of music sounds closer to Metallica than any of their synth-heavy peers. "The Mind" is a hellish ride of sped-up guitars, aggressive rhythms, and Al's tough growl, which sounds like he's gargling on a liquid abrasive. The hard-hitting "Thieves," "Burning Inside," and "Breathe" are the best tracks that display a rough clash of loud guitars, booming drums, and slight electronic touches. But the fan's favorite is the 8-minute "So What," which has to be heard live to really absorb the track. I played this CD since Lord-knows-when, and it's just as potent as it was back in 1989. Close the door and crank up the volume to 11."

"There are some album covers you can look at, and just know the music within is going to be hard and heavy. This is obviously one of those albums. Some may argue, but I believe more than other bands, and even more than Ministry's prior album, this is when industrial and metal came perfectly together. Sure there's a few repetitive low-points, but the majority of this album is like a punch to the face. The opener "Thieves" with it's power-drill sample sets the tone, and "Burning Inside" and "Never Believe" take it from there. The next powerhouse is "Breathe", which leads to the climax of the album "So What", which includes the choice lyrics "I only kill, to know I'm alive". These tracks aren't simply heavy, they're also well written, and basically catchy. "Test" even makes rap sound good. I recommend a proper stereo for this. "


Tracklist :

01 The Missing
02 Deity
03 So What
04 Burning Inside
05 Thieves
06 Stigmata

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This is a six-song live documentation of Ministry's 1989-90 North American tour. It is arguably the band at its peak: the material is drawn exclusively from their two best albums (The Land of Rape and Honey, The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste). The lineup is a virtual "all-stars" of hard electro, including Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy, Martin Atkins of Pigface, and singer Chris Connelly. This is not mere rehash, as all the songs boast heavier guitar sounds than their studio counterparts. "Burning Inside" and "Stigmata" are distinctly different, both featuring longer arrangements and additional sound effects. There is also a rotation of singers, with Connelly taking the lead on "So What" and Ogre roaring in front on "Thieves." --Mark McCleerey

"I saw Ministry with KMFDM in Atlanta, Georgia at the Masquerade during the "Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste" tour from which this was recorded. ( Although this was not the date recorded.) Before heroin ruined the band. A great concert this was. Truly amazing, genre - defying stuff, it spits in the face of all that came before it, and all that would follow. Heavy metal , but not in a dumb hair-metal kinda way. Industrial/dance, but not in a techno-gay-bar kinda way. It's the porridge that Goldilocks chose. Ministry here are at their peak, as far as live performance goes. And it SOUNDS good, unlike some live albums you come across. Utter perfection."

"There is no live CD in existence from any artist anywhere that is as good as this one. Ministry sound better live than other artists sound in a studio. This CD is brutally good.
But more to the point:
This CD is just brutal.
This is the most intense CD in existence, period. Studio or live. Metal, hardcore, thrash, punk, techno, eletronica, industrial, classical: there is no more intense music on the face of the earth. Al J. in the big hat makes Trent Reznor look like a chipmunk.
How to cause a heart attack: 1. Wire your CD player's L and R channels through some nice marshall or peavey amps. 2. Crank them very high. 3. Insert In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up and hit play.
Your windows will break, your pets will die, your neighbors will melt and you and your friends will soon fall into a pulsating heap on the ground, stimulants notwithstanding."

"As is the case with many an industrial metal band (who put the emphasis on the meal; see Rammstein and P.H.O.B.O.S.). Ministry's raw, straight ahead sound is best experienced in a live setting. For an experiment in scuh industrial strength nihilism look no further than 'In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up', which shows Al Jorgensen and crew at their strongest and harshest. Each song on the album gains a depth and intensity that spurpasses that of their studio counterparts due, in part, to both an enhanced bottom end the players involved (which include Nivek Ogre and Martin Atkins among others). Granted, the album itself does run a bit short (standing strong at six tracks, thirty some-odd minutes), but extended renditions of 'So What' and 'Stigmata' allow for a new and fantastic experience, making the length really not an issue. Despite the fact that it was released 16 years ago, it doesn't sound the least bit dated, and still stands strong as one of the most enjoyable live releases to come out of the 90s as well as Ministry's moment of absolute perfection. "


This 70 minute + CD collects the early Ministry 12" singles and adds four previously unreleased tracks from the same period!


01 Every Day Is Halloween (6:32)
02 Halloween (Remix) (10:23)
03 All Day (5:50)
04 All Day (Remix) (6:34)
05 Nature Of Love (7:03)
06 Nature Of Love (Cruelty Mix) (6:44)
07 Nature Of Outakes (8:08)
08 He's Angry (Unreleased 1984) (3:54)
09 Move (Original Mix Unreleased 1984) (5:06)
10 I'm Falling (4:24)
11 I'm Falling (Alt. Mix Unreleased 1980) (4:04)
12 Overkill (Unreleased 1981) (4:33)

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"Way back when Ministry started out their sound showed only vague indications that it would develop to their gut-wrenching industrial hymns. What makes then this release tremendously intriguing is that you can time travel to the day when this band were experimenting with a hybrid of goth-electro beats and 80s alternative rock formulas. While you can easily hear their early influences, it's still obvious they were trying to develop coordinates of their own and did so in a rather convincing manner. If you belonged to the alterna-"crowd" of that time you will surely enjoy this, because chances might very well be that Ministry escaped your radar back then, and if that's the case, you seriously missed out on some great music. The tracks on this compilation have a retro quality of their own, but yet, perhaps surprisingly, the core of them are effortlessly listenable today as well. If you, on the other hand, happen to be a Ministry fan this album attains a very special interest. Tracing the roots of one of the premier groups of all time (heavy statement i know, but it is a very easily proven fact) can be a revelation. Sure, some of the musical creations of the band from that time might sound even a bit alien but then again that's what makes it all the more intriguing. It was to me, a long time fan of this incredible band. In fact, i'd only heard a coupla scattered tracks from their early works, and they hadnt impressed me too much. I was expecting more of the same, unrefined and raw early stuff in thsi compilation, but i wound up pleasantly surprised. The 5 stars aren't necessarily reflecting the quality of the music (allthough the music is actually on a pretty respectable level overall) but also the historical value of this CD. It was a long time overdue."

"This is basically a remastered better version of Twelve Inch Singles and if you have Twelve Inch Singles and like it, this is definitely worth a purchase. Unlike their speed metal, their early work like this compilation is basically electronic and new wave music, with a pinch of urban elements such as funk, the drum patterns, samples, and the scratching heard on Halloween. With the exception of Cold Life and Primental, you get all the singles Ministry made for Wax Trax! As well as some solid bonus materials that some how never saw the light. The best cuts for me off this album are two great mixes of I'm Falling, a song with lyrics that remind me of NWA's **** Tha Police, but I have no idea why the inlay says the alternate take of I'm Falling was unreleased when I have it on the Cold Life EP. Overkill, a punk new wave song Ministry almost always played at the end of their concerts in the early 80s. My favorite song of all time Everyday Is Halloween, a big mid 80s hit in the Chicago underground that reached out to outcasts everywhere. And last but not least, Move and He's Angry (He's Angry is a song that was going to be a PTP track but was credited to Ministry at the last moment) are solid numbers that will probably bring back memories of late 80s Front 242, especially their Front By Front album. Don't know why they were released much earlier when they didn't sound bad at all. Their good cuts to dance and freestyle to when your in a down 80s electro mood. Overall, to fans of early industrial and dark electronic music, this is definitely a worthwhile purchase. To fans of speed metal Ministry you might want to think twice before purchase, though you may want to have this so you know where Ministry came from. Overall, this is a classic album, (let's be honest, it does has it's weak spots with some of the remixes) so cop it already!"

Until Nine Inch Nails crossed over to the mainstream, Ministry did more than any other band to popularize industrial dance music, injecting large doses of punky, over-the-top aggression and roaring heavy metal guitar riffs that helped their music find favor with metal and alternative audiences outside of industrial's cult fan base. That's not to say Ministry had a commercial or generally accessible sound: they were unremittingly intense, abrasive, pounding, and repetitive, and not always guitar-oriented (samples, synthesizers, and tape effects were a primary focus just as often as guitars and distorted vocals). However, both live and in the studio, they achieved a huge, crushing sound that put most of their contemporaries in aggressive musical genres to shame; plus, founder and frontman Al Jourgensen gave the group a greater aura of style and theater than other industrial bands, who seemed rather faceless when compared with Jourgensen's leather-clad cowboy/biker look and the edgy shock tactics of such videos as "N.W.O." and "Just One Fix." After 1992's Psalm 69, which represented the peak of their popularity, Ministry's recorded output dwindled, partially because of myriad side projects and partially due to heroin abuse within the band, but continued to resurface through the rest of the decade.
Ministry was formed in 1981 by Alain Jourgensen (born Oct. 8, 1958, Havana, Cuba); he had moved to the U.S. with his mother while very young and lived in a succession of cities, eventually working as a radio DJ and joining a new wave band called Special Affect (fronted by future My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult leader Frankie Nardiello, aka Groovie Mann). Featuring drummer Stephen George, Ministry debuted with the Wax Trax! single "Cold Life," which -- typical of their early output -- was more in the synth pop/dance style of new wavers like the Human League or Thompson Twins. The album With Sympathy appeared on the major label Arista in 1983 and followed a similar musical direction, one that Jourgensen was dissatisfied with; he returned to Wax Trax! and recorded several singles while rethinking the band's style and forming his notorious side project the Revolting Cocks.In 1985, with Jourgensen the only official member of Ministry, the Adrian Sherwood-produced Twitch was released by Sire Records; while not as aggressive as the group's later, more popular material, it found Jourgensen taking definite steps in that direction. Following a 1987 single with Skinny Puppy's Kevin Ogilvie (aka Nivek Ogre) as PTP, Jourgensen once again revamped Ministry, with former Blackouts bassist Paul Barker officially joining the lineup to complement Jourgensen's rediscovery of the guitar; fellow ex-Blackouts William Rieflin (drums) and Mike Scaccia (guitar), as well as vocalist Chris Connelly, were heavily showcased as collaborators for the first of several times on 1988's The Land of Rape and Honey. With Jourgensen and Barker credited as Hypo Luxa and Hermes Pan, respectively, this album proved to be Ministry's stylistic breakthrough, a taut, explosive fusion of heavy metal, industrial dance beats and samples, and punk aggression. 1989's The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste built on its predecessor's artistic success, and In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up was recorded on its supporting tour, introducing other frequent Ministry contributors like drummer Martin Atkins (later of Pigface) and guitarist William Tucker (as well as featuring a guest shot from Jello Biafra). Jourgensen next embarked on a flurry of side projects, including the aforementioned Revolting Cocks (with Barker, Barker's brother Roland, Front 242 members Luc Van Acker and Richard 23, and many more), 1000 Homo DJs (with Biafra, Rieflin, and Trent Reznor), Acid Horse, Pailhead (with Ian MacKaye), and Lard (again with Biafra, Paul Barker, Rieflin, and drummer Jeff Ward).In late 1991, Ministry issued the single "Jesus Built My Hotrod," a driving rocker featuring manic nonsense vocals by co-writer Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers; its exposure on MTV helped build anticipation for the following year's full-length Psalm 69 (subtitled The Way to Succeed & the Way to Suck Eggs, although the only title that appears on the album consists of a few Greek letters and symbols). The record reached the Top 30 and went platinum, producing two further MTV hits with "N.W.O." and "Just One Fix," and Ministry consolidated its following with a spot on the inaugural Lollapalooza tour that summer (joined by new guitarist Louis Svitek). However, drug and legal problems sidelined the band in the wake of its newfound popularity, resulting in the clouded Filth Pig being released in 1995, too late to capitalize on their prior success. More problems with drugs and arrests followed, and Jourgensen returned to some of his side projects, recording a new album with Lard, among others. In 1999, the new single "Bad Blood" was featured prominently in the sci-fi special-effects blockbuster film The Matrix, setting the stage for the release of Dark Side of the Spoon (the title a reference to the band's heroin problems) later that summer. Guitarist William Tucker committed suicide in May 1999. The band was nominated for a Grammy in 2000 for "Bad Blood," but they lost to Black Sabbath and were dropped from Warner Bros. around the same time. They were also added to the Ozzfest tour, but they were kicked off before it even began because of a management change. To compound their sorrows, Ipecac Records announced three live albums to be released with material from the Psalm 69 tour being the main focus, but they only had a verbal agreement and when Warner Bros. caught wind of the project they stamped it out despite already having the CDs ready for printing. In 2001, the band filmed a scene for Steven Spielberg's A.I. and released the song from the film on a greatest-hits album, appropriately titled Greatest Fits. The song received a decent amount of promotion, but the single went nowhere and the group signed to Sanctuary Records later in the year. While recording new material, they released the Sphinctour album and DVD in the spring of 2002 to satisfy rabid fans who were disappointed by the Ipecac situation. The next spring, Animositisomina was released, advertised as a return to the Psalm 69 style of songwriting and featuring a cover of Magazine's "The Light Pours Out of Me." Houses of the Molé followed in June 2004. In September 2005 Ministry celebrated their 25th anniversary with Rantology. Jourgensen remixed such past hits as "Jesus Built My Hotrod" and "N.W.O. for the set; it also included live material, rarities, and the new track "Great Satan." An extensive tour with Revolting Cocks in tow followed.

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